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Author's Chapter Notes:

Brian's giving it ANOTHER try - this time he's convinced that he needs to deal with Hobbs first. His creative solution might just come back to bite him in the a** though. I kind of struggled with this chapter - it just didn't seem to flow the way I'd like, but at least it's written and we're moving on. I did enjoy the way the bathroom scene turned out though - you'll see.  I hope you don't all hate it. Thanks for reading! Enjoy! TAG


Chapter 18 - The Hobbs Variable.


'It's like 4D calculus,' I keep thinking, 'there are just too many variables. The only way to solve this problem is to somehow get rid of at least one of the variables.'


I'd been thinking about the same thing for days now. Ever since the last reset I'd been trying to figure out how I'd gone wrong. I mean, I pretty much know what Justin wants - lots of sex, just enough romance to keep him happy and not too much doting or coddling. I could handle the family by easing Justin into the mix slowly. I thought I'd even managed to figure out how to keep Craig under control, knowing that all it took was patience. But even then, I hadn't yet managed to keep Justin safe. The variable I hadn't taken into account this time was Chris Hobbs.


Fucking Chris Hobbs. What the hell was the prick's problem? The first time around, he'd claimed to be incensed by me dancing with Justin at the prom. I always thought it had more to do with the hand job Justin gave him and with his subsequent outing when he and his friends had visited Liberty Avenue. But, even when he didn't have any of those justifications, he still kept coming after my man.


This last go round, Justin hadn't gotten around to the hand job or the outing, let alone the Prom. And, if anything, Hobbs had been worse this time than before. His bullying had been more insistent and started sooner. I have a tough time reading the guy because I can't really get around how much I hate him. But, the few times I've seen Hobbs when he wasn't trying to bash Justin - like that time at Craig's funeral - I always did get this closeted gay vibe off him. So, is that the real problem? Is Hobbs really a total homophobe or is he just jealous? And, can I use that insight to take Hobbs out of the equation this time?


"A penny for your thoughts, Mr. Kinney," a sultry tenor voice whispers into my ear as I finally snap out of my revery and notice the hot young blond intern who's come into my office carrying some boards for my review.


"I don't believe my thoughts are worth even that much, Sunshine," I answer him, sliding my chair away from the desk, grabbing his wrist and pulling him down onto my lap, all in one swift motion. "But now that you're here, all the sudden my brain is filled with much more interesting thoughts".


"Such as . . . ?" Justin prods.


"Such as, wondering how hard I can get you just by kissing you without even touching your crotch?" I offer, kissing down the side of his sensitive neck as he arches back to give me full access. "And, how you're going to be squirming the rest of the afternoon, trying to hide that hard on from all your co-workers. How you'll be dripping in your pants, thinking about me and how much you want my hot, hard cock up your tight little ass. But, since you made me swear that there'd be no hanky-panky in the office while you were working as my intern, I guess that there's nothing that can be done about this little problem, Sunshine."


I end my teasing with a hard little bite just below the collar of his shirt where nobody will see it. He moans so erotically at that point, wiggling his ass against my groin at the same time, that I almost cum in my pants right then and there. Justin never does play fair, the little brat.


"It's no problem, Brian," he teases back, grabbing my hand and bringing it down to rub against the fabric covering his swollen cock. "I'll just take care of this not so little problem in the washroom before I head back to the Art Department. You can even watch if you like."


Fuck, this boy is so enticing. He's grinning at me mischievously as he saunters away from my desk towards the door, presumably heading towards the men's room a few doors away. He's like a drug that I just can't seem to get enough of and I desperately need another fix right now. Why did I agree that I wouldn't fuck him at work? I guess I'll take what I can get though, since I simply can't resist.


I jump up out of my desk chair and obediently follow that swaying ass down the hall, into the men's room and then lean back against the door to ensure our privacy as Justin proceeds to undo his fly and pull out that delectable, thick cock of his. I'm mesmerized at the sight. He's leaning against the edge of the bathroom counter and stroking himself slowly while he watches me watching him. When his tongue peeks out and runs across his bottom lip suggestively I hear myself whimper like a baby.


With his other hand, Justin reaches down and cups his balls, never breaking the steady rhythm with which he's caressing himself. Never breaking eye contact. I'm not even sure how it happens, but the next thing I know, my pants are sagging below my ass and I'm standing there with my own dick in my hand, my rhythm matching Justin's as I stroke myself too. The little twat is relishing this now and he's thrilled at how totally in control he is at the moment. His smile just turns up a few degrees brighter and then he starts sucking on two of his fingers.


My breathing is already ragged, but then I watch as he takes those two dripping wet fingers and snakes his hand up under his shirt to play with his nipples, and I hear myself panting. My own hand follows suit. I mimic his motions, my nipples already hard little nubs and oh so sensative. I'm watching as he pinches and rolls one of his and then he moans so loudly it makes my dick jump at least an inch out of my hand. That stimulates him in turn so that several beads of precum start to leak out the wide slit at the head of his cock and I growl as he swipes his thumb through the liquid and then starts to pump his fist even faster along that solid rod.


Even from across the room I can tell how close he's getting. His skin is flushed that delicious pink color he turns when he's aroused and he throws back his head with a throaty groan as he speeds up our mutual pace. I can't take my eyes off the beautiful, lustfilled blond vision in front of me. He's thrusting wantonly into his fist now, little happy mewling noises pouring out of those cotton candy pink lips that I'm longing to nibble. Then I watch as he momentarily stills, before I hear an 'Ahhhh' and see pulses of thick creamy cum arc towards me, landing on the floor tiles between us. The smell of sex and the sight of Justin's glowing ecstatic face are all I need to bring me to my own climax.


Justin beams at me, watching as I shoot and licking his lips with a self satisfied glint in his eyes. He doesn't say anything as he tucks himself back into his slacks and turns to wash his hands. I can only slump against the door, trying to catch my breath while I admire the impish grin on my blond's face in the mirror.


"Mr. Kinney," he says in a low sexy voice as he steps past me, winking when I move so he can pull open the door.


"Taylor," I respond as he walks past me, bumping his shoulder against mine.


Fuck, he's gorgeous and sexy and has a great sense of humor and . . . I'm still going over Justin's attributes in my head as I finally fold my dick back into my pants and move to the basin to wash up. Fuck, I love that man. Can you believe that even after all this time he can still get me so turned on that I'll jerk myself off in the men's room at work and still somehow feel like its one of the best orgasms I've ever had. That boy is fucking dangerous. And amazing.


It's only when I go to dry my hands that I hear movement coming from the farthest stall and realize that I'm not alone in here like I thought. I listen for a moment to the grunts and other straining noises before I realize just exactly what my little peeping tom is up to. Then I quietly pad over to the stall and gently push open the unlatched door just as Scott, one of the junior ad execs, takes a final stroke at his pulsing dick and shoots his own load into his hand.


"Scott," I say with a knowing smile as he looks up at me, embarrassed as all hell.


"Um. Hey, Brian," he manages as he hastily wipes his hands off with some toilet paper, avoiding direct eye contact.


"I thought you were straight, Scott," I comment, rolling my lips in to try and contain the shit eating grin that's aching to break out on my face at the knowledge that even this homophobic prick can't resist my boy's charms.


"I am!" Scott insists as he rudely brushes past me and practically runs out the door.


"Yeah. Right. You keep telling yourself that, buddy," I throw out at his retreating back.


I shake my head as I stroll back to my office, unable to believe that Scott Hamilton, the one coworker who'd had the guts to make a derogatory comment about my sexuality, was caught red handed getting his jollies off to the sight of a couple gay boys masturbating. Leave it to Justin to turn out even the straightest of straight guys. At least I won't have to listen to any more snarky comments from Scott after this. Next time he tries I'll simply remind him about our little bathroom encounter. I just have to remember to do it in a way that won't antagonize him too much - I don't need another Chris Hobbs situation on my hands right now.


That starts me thinking about our boy Hobbs again. Considering how much of an impact Justin had on Scott, I have a new appreciation for what might be going on in Hobbs' head. If Hobbs is the closet case I take him for, I can only imagine how hot and bothered he'd get over my sexy blond bombshell. The question is, how can I use this knowledge to protect Justin.


It seems like trying to keep Justin away from Hobbs actually did more harm than good. Maybe that afternoon hand job created just enough of a connection between Justin and Hobbs that the jock actually restrained himself for a little while at least. That would explain why the bullying had started so much sooner this last time when Hobbs didn't get his hand job. So, is the answer to encourage contact between my blond and the homophobic jock rather than to try to keep them apart?


Fuck that! No way can I stomach the idea of my Sunshine anywhere near that monster. I'd end up killing the asshole for sure if that were to happen and I've already determined not to try killing Hobbs or even trying to physically hurt him. My experience with taking out Craig has proven that killing someone isn't likely to solve my problems or fix things so that I can finally stop this time warping shit. So what are my other options?


Besides, there's really no reason to try to befriend him - the only reason I've settled on that course with Craig is because he's Justin's father and I know how much having his father remain part of his life means to him. I have no such concern with Hobbs. What I really want to do is just get Hobbs' attention directed somewhere other than Justin. It doesn't seem right to just redirect it to some other kid that he'll end up bullying. But, if not that, then what?


I'm distracted from my search to come up with a distraction for Hobbs, though, when Sunshine texts me that its now after 6:00 and he's hungry. I know where my priorities lie - first, feeding the boy and then, taking him to the loft for a few hours of fucking before I have to return him to suburbia. Hobbs and his closeted hang ups will have to wait.


As we stroll into the Diner, I notice that Michael and the rest of the gang are, unfortunately, already seated in the farthest booth. Well, whether I like it or not, I guess it's time to start on the 'easing Justin into the family' part of my plan. With my hand resting reassuringly at the small of Justin's back, I resolutely guide him towards the booth and slide in after him before Michael even looks up from the comic he's reading.


I've long since mastered the technique of getting Justin introduced to the family. Before you know it, Deb has officially bestowed the 'Sunshine' nickname on her newest 'boy', Mikey has been warned not to call him a trick, Emmett has been told to keep his hands off my blond and we've all moved on to the more important task of eating dinner. I'm busy fondling Justin's thigh and sundry other parts under the table as he finishes off a huge serving of apple pie a la mode, when the bell over the door dings, ushering in a noisy group of younger guys.


"Boys, boys! Quiet down, now. This is a diner not a fucking playground," Deb admonishes as she shoos the group into the large front booth.


The boys pour into the booth like a litter of eager puppies tumbling over each other. In the middle of the group I happen to spy a familiar, if unwelcome, face - Cody Bell, future ringleader of the Pink Posse. I unconsciously find myself pulling Justin closer to protect him from this part of his possible future that was/will be so painful. But my Sunshine, thankfully, isn't yet full of the hatred that might drive him to hang out with that angry and violent group, and he just looks up at me with his adoring crystal blue eyes and smiles while he scarfs down his last bite of pie.


Fucking Chris Hobbs! Cody and the Pink Posse are just another legacy of the bashing that Justin has to look forward to if I don't find a way to stop Hobbs. I can already hear Cody spouting some hate filled rhetoric even from his far off booth. He's probably the only person I've met who's more violent than Hobbs himself.


That thought hits me, immediately. I may have just come up with a possible solution to my Hobbs dilemma. Cody is dying for a target for his anger and Hobbs needs someone other than Justin to focus his own closeted frustrations on. It seems like a match made in heaven to me. Now, I just need to find a way to bring these two lovebirds together.


As Justin and I head towards the Diner's door I hear Cody's voice loudly proclaim, "It's time to kick some straight ass. We need to act before they get the chance."


It's the vigilante's call to action and it galvanizes my decision too. I hand my keys to Justin, kiss him lightly on the cheek and tell him to bring the Jeep around while I take care of something. He bounces happily out of the door, excited by the mere prospect of driving my car for the first time. I saunter over to the large front booth and wait until its occupants notice my presence and quickly fall silent.


"You ready to practice what you preach?" I ask, staring into Bell's surprised eyes.


"Fuck, yeah!" Bell exclaims, pounding his right fist on the Formica table top in his enthusiasm. "I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. But, what's it to you? You got a problem with queers sticking up for themselves or something?"


"No. But I do have a problem with a homophobic jock who has been bullying a friend of mine," I reply calmly. "He's got a violent streak and I can guarantee that if he keeps on the way he is, he's gonna hurt someone someday. I don't want that to be my friend. So, if you're serious about this 'taking action' shit, this is the guy you should be looking at. He could definitely use a bit of a warning that he's not the only badass out there. Interested?"


"Hell yes! Just tell us where to find the prick and we'll show him exactly what happens when the fags strike back," Bell enthuses, buoyed by the sycophantic encouragement of his entourage.


"The guy's name is Chris Hobbs. He plays football for St. James Academy," is all I have to say before they launch into making plans that I don't want to know about, and I quickly leave.


After that I kind of forget about Cody Bell, Chris Hobbs and the rest of it for a while. Everything seems to be going so well for Justin and me right at the moment. Okay, admittedly I've backed off trying to get him to come out to his parents for now and we're still sort of sneaking around, but as long as I'm getting my regular dose of Sunshine I can't complain too much. Would I like to have him in my bed every night? Fuck, yes. But, I guess I can deal with sharing him with his parents a few nights a week, too, if that's what it takes to fix this weird ass situation.


Then, the last week of October, I'm forced to start thinking about it again by a random comment Justin makes as we're leaving work one night on our way to Woody's for a drink and some pool with the guys. We've just gotten into the Jeep when Justin tells me he can't come over tomorrow night for our usual Friday night pot, pizza and porn fest. I'm not too upset by this - he IS allowed an occasional night off from hanging out with me, even though I'd love to keep him to myself forever, although I'd never tell him that for fear of scaring him off.


"You're standing me up, Sunshine? Leaving me to get stoned and beat off all alone? Whoever you're standing me up for better have a damn big cock or you'll be sorry that you skipped out on me."


"I'm not standing you up for a guy - besides it wouldn't matter how big his cock was, your's is perfect so I don't need to be out looking for more. It's just that Daphne's making me go with her to the fucking Homecoming game tomorrow. She has this crush on some new guy and needs me to play wingman for her or something. Unfortunately, he’s a football player which means I’ll have to hang out with the jocks all night and you just know that’s going to be sooooooo much fun. But, it’s Daph, so I’ll do it even though I’ll be fucking bored out of my mind. Anyway, blame her for having to beat off alone, not me," Justin complains, pouting at the thought of missing out on four of his favorite addictions, food, pot, porn and me.


“You keep away from the jocks,” I try to warn him, failing in my attempt not to sound like an overprotective parent. “They’re all a bunch of homophobic pricks and bullies.”


“It’s so sweet that you care,” he teases with that annoyingly impish grin as I try to swat at his perky little ass when he scoots out of the car and runs off towards the front door of Woody’s.


“Brat!” I yell after his retreating form, following nonetheless so that I can enjoy what time I do have with my blond, but worried too over the idea of letting Justin voluntarily spend time with the very group of jocks that are likely to start harassing him.


All day on Friday I have this annoying feeling that something's wrong. You know that little voice in the back of your mind that keeps whispering that you forgot something or you need to be somewhere you're not. I keep picking up my phone and looking at it like maybe I'd missed an important call but there's never anything on the display and the fucking thing doesn't ring once all afternoon. Out of sheer annoyance I pick it up and call Mikey at about 4:00 pm just to make sure the damn thing is working. Michael's whiny nasal voice answering on the other end of the call, proving that my phone does work after all, does nothing to relax my nerves though


One thing calling Mikey does is earn me an invite to meet up with him and Dr. Dave at Woody's after work. Since Justin's abandoned me for the evening I figure I might as well go even though it means I'll have to make nice with Dr. Dreary. I briefly contemplate going out and trying to find Ben. I wonder if I invite him along to the bar tonight, will it hurry things along so that my best friend will dump Dr. Dolt sooner rather than later? But, I won't do it - with my luck I'd probably just screw up Mikey's life, too. So, I simply grin and bear it through several rounds of drinks with the Doc, although that does little to distract me from the uneasy feeling I've still got.


It's not even 9:00 pm when Dr. Dull announces he's got an early appointment in the morning and he drags a grinning Michael off to his boring lair with him. It's too early to hit any of the clubs so I'm just wandering around Liberty Avenue, smoking and trying to come up with a way to entertain myself, when I see a carload of loudmouthed boys driving by and guess who's hanging out the front passenger side window - dear old Cody Bell.


The car stops at a light a half block away and Cody leans out the window, whooping like a hyena, and pounding his fists against the vehicle's roof. Then another car full of equally rowdy teens pulls up next to that first one and the entire vicinity is treated to a round of boisterous high fives and fist bumps as the two groups noisily greet each other. Fucking, overly enthusiastic teenagers!


"Hey, Trey! You guys up for some fun tonight?" I can't help hearing Cody yell to one of the new arrivals, his voice clearly audible even over the noise of the traffic. "We're heading out to the burbs to find us some straight jock ass that's just asking for a whooping. You guys wanna join us? The more the merrier."


"You still on that kick about the 'Gay Community Bashing Back'?" the second boy asks.


"Hell, yes!" Cody hollers, reaching inside and pulling out a Louisville Slugger bat which he brandishes in front of him. "Let's see how the fucking jocks like being on the receiving end for a change!"


"Right on, dude!" some random voice from inside the second car replies, the sentiment accompanied by a cacophonous series of hooting and cheering in support of the idea.


"Cool! Just follow us. We're going to bust up some lame ass Homecoming party out at St. James' Academy. There should be plenty of straight jocks available for ass kicking," Bell directs, sliding back into his seat as the light changes to green and the caravan of angry youth drives away.


"Fuck!" I toss my cigarette into the gutter and start to jog back towards where I parked the Jeep. When I'd made the suggestion that Bell pay Hobbs a visit, I never thought he'd bring a fucking army with him or that he'd plan on busting up the school's Homecoming game - a course of action which seemed likely to start a fucking riot. Yeah, now I remember that I always did think he was an idiot. Why the fuck did I think it was a good idea to get Bell and his violent femme cronies involved in this?


And the worst part of the whole plan, at least from my perspective, was that all this shit was coming down around my Sunshine's unsuspecting ears. I did NOT want Justin to be involved in any of this. Remind me to kill Daphne tomorrow - why'd she have to choose tonight to suddenly decide she's got the hots for a football player? And, even if she did, why's she dragging my blond with her into this mess.


I'm in the Jeep and already trying to weave through traffic on my way to stop a second Stonewall Riot from erupting at the St. James' Homecoming game.



Chapter End Notes:


I know - another cliff hanger! Please don't hate me and come after me with a baseball bat. I'll try to get the resolution chapter up asap. Writing has been difficult for me lately as I'm working full time and taking 12 credits at school as well. But, I have my trusty iPhone and type away whenever I get a moment. I really miss the halcion days of summer back before I got a job. I used to sit and write for 10 or 12 hours at a stretch. Those were the days. But, since it's getting to be winter here, I guess having a job and therefore the ability to pay for heating will be appreciated so I kinda have to work. Alas, poor readers, you'll just have to wait a bit between chapters for the time being. Sorry. TAG



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