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Author's Chapter Notes:

The war is over and Justin is about to be released from the hospital.  Everyone is ready to have some well deserved down time after surviving the war.  How will Brian and Justin celebrate their time off before rejoining the real world?    

Brian was relieved that his attempts to discover Justin's future with the Unit brought no suspicion to him as to his true motives. There was nothing odd about a C. O. being concerned about one of his own men...as a matter of fact, it would have been odd if he hadn't shown concern. It was no one else's business but his own that there was a lot more to his concern than simply a Sarge keeping tabs on one of his men who had been wounded, which was expected of men who had fought and risked their lives together. Brian showed just as much open concern for the seriously wounded Private Smith who would be saddled with permanent injuries thanks to the land mine. At least he had survived and only one of Brian's men would end the war in a casket, the thought of which brought a stab of anger to the Sergeant. After some trouble due to the overwhelming paperwork involved in shutting down a war and setting up restoration for a new beginning, Brian was finally able to get the news he needed to hear.

Private Smith would not be going home for some time, but Private Taylor was going to be released in two to three days and would be sent home with the remnants of his Unit. The men were not near as high on the list of priorities for shipment Stateside as many of the other men so they could expect to spend at least the next month in England. Some of Brian's men grumbled loudly at the delay in getting back to their loved ones and the lives they'd left behind. Some, like Brian, didn't have that much back home to miss. The men would have lots of free time in England while not on duty, so for those men the delay was not such a burden. Private Crockett, for one, was thrilled at the delay. It would give him more time with his English sweetheart. Brian was simply happy to know that he'd have more time with Justin where he could keep an eye on the young man. Brian, who had never been insecure about any person since his youth, still didn't feel a hundred percent certain that Justin would still want to be with him once the reality of a life with no war over their heads set in. Would Justin want to live near...or for that matter...with Brian back in the States? Did Justin plan on leaving the service immediately? They had talked about lots of things, but what a man said while still struggling to survive and what he said after the threats were all over were not always the same thing.

Brian had heard plenty of sad tales of war time romances gone bad. He knew that Justin felt something special with him, but the kid was still very young. What if he decided he needed to spread his wings a little before settling down with any one man? Brian knew it was something he might have felt if he had been in Justin's shoes. It had taken him all these years to know that he could be happy with one special man. He had already tasted a wide variety of men so he knew what he was looking for and saw it all in Justin. Justin said he felt the same way, but would he with time on his hands to really think things over? All these doubts and questions plagued Brian, but at least he still had time with Justin before they shipped back home and the real world intruded. Time enough then to face what kind of future they would have.


Brian and his men spent as little time as possible in the barracks set up for returning GI's waiting to be shipped home. London was a town on fire. The celebrations over the war's end brought out the best in everyone and they wanted to share it with as many people as possible. Some folks spent as much time as they could in as many pubs and nightclubs as they could. Some men did their best to hook up with as many delectable English roses as they could. A few, like Brian, were more interested in having some private peaceful time away from all the hubbub and chaos. Once Brian was able to pick Justin up from the hospital and bring him back to the barracks, he was desperate for a chance to spend some one on one time with his man. Getting that private time was the tricky part. Brian was clever, in addition to his many other attributes, and when he wanted something bad enough he could be brilliant.

The day after Justin rejoined his Unit, Brian made a general announcement that he wanted to do a little sight seeing in the country and would anyone like to join him. He deliberately made it sound as if the trip would be about as exciting as going bird watching. He wasn't surprised when everyone piped up with excuses for being unable to join their Sarge on his field trip. Cowlip barely raised an eyebrow when young Taylor chimed in with how he had no plans, having just gotten out of the hospital, so he might as well accompany the Sarge. Brian congratulated himself on his inspired tactic. He had inquired around and discovered that there were plenty of private places out in the Cotswolds and being somewhat of a tourist spot, a logical place to want to visit.

Brian set about securing train tickets from Paddington Station for both he and Justin. The ride would only be an hour and a half long, but once they arrived they could rent some bicycles and visit some of the many small and centuries old towns and villages with quaint limestone buildings and rolling hills and valleys. They would make a real trip of it by renting a room at some old inn and getting a taste of the history of this Country that had welcomed American soldiers with open arms. They had a four day leave, so they might as well make the most of it...and if Brian could find a way to relive his nights with Justin in their magical French estate, he'd sure as hell do that too.

The next morning, bright and early, Brian and Justin donned their dress uniforms and made their way to Paddington station. They brought along a small valise each with a couple of changes of clothing and some toiletries. They needed and wanted nothing more. They considered wearing their civvies but knew that they'd get more respect in uniform. Few questions would be asked of Americans getting a last look at a foreign Country before returning home. The ride to Moreton-in-Marsh was quick and pleasant with the view from the railcar fascinating. Brian had heard that there would be plenty of accommodations available since the flat area around the town had been transformed into a major airfield to accommodate the war.

Once the men arrived, they made haste to make inquiries for a good place to stay for a few days. Once a couple of locals had directed the men to the two storey stone building that housed a favorite inn and pub called 'The Cock and Crow' they hurried to the site at the end of an old cobblestone street. Men and women could be seen moving in and out of the glass fronted doors that probably led into the pub by the sounds pouring out whenever the door swung open. Brian and Justin took the large wooden doors to the left and found themselves in a pleasant room that served as lobby to the inn. A plump young lady with milk white skin sat behind the massive desk with a large open book in front of her. She jumped off her stool as the two handsome young soldiers approached her.

"Good afternoon. May I be of help to you," she asked. Luckily the men couldn't read her thoughts as to what kind of help she would like to offer.

"Yes Ma'am," Brian answered. "My friend here and I only have a little time left in your wonderful Country before we return home and we thought we'd visit some other places besides the usual tourist attractions. We were told you had just the kind of place we'd like to stay in."

Brian openly flirted with the girl, which caused her to visibly twitter. She giggled.

"Yes, Sir. We have some lovely rooms, but we only have one available at this moment. Many of the men who work at the airfield stay here and will be going home soon, but a couple of them left just this morning. The room is a double," she hastened to add, praying the handsome young men wouldn't turn around and leave or ask for directions to a different establishment where they might get separate rooms.

Brian looked at his companion. "You don't have any trouble with sharing a room with me, do you Private Taylor?"

"No Sir. It would probably be more economical anyway." Justin looked at the giggling girl.

"Oh yes," she hurried to reassure them. "I can definitely give you a discounted rate since we have nothing else available." She would deal with her dad over the lowered price later. For now she was just glad the young men were staying. She dinged the little bell on her desk and a boy of twelve or thirteen came running.

Brian took the proffered key and the young lady's suggestion as to where they could rent bicycles and get a good meal. The couple climbed the thickly carpeted stairs to the second floor where the rooms sat above the large pub. Brian turned the key and the men entered a very old fashioned room full of wool and lace. Brian had heard about how the Cotswolds were famous for their excellent wool. The whole area had prospered for centuries thanks to sheep that grazed in the area. There were two rather large beds sitting side by side with a small table between. An antique lamp with tasseled fringes stood on the table with a hand blown glass ash tray in front of that. A settee with a soft white wool coverlet stood across the room from the beds with a large wardrobe next to it. A full length mirror on a swinging wooden frame stood near the door. All the comforts of home. A piss pot and spittoon could be seen on the floor tucked behind the mirror's stand. The bathroom was down the hall so the pot might come in handy during the night. Towels and face rags were laid out on a nearby stand with a built in place for the large water basin. A jug of water waited next to the basin. All the comforts of home, but Brian had other things on his mind.

"This is certainly a pleasant enough place Taylor. I think it will do nicely. I don't know about you but I could use a little rest before checking out the sights," Brian declared loudly just before watching the young boy close the door behind him. You never knew about small towns like this.

Brian hurried back to the door and turned the lock. As he turned back into the room, Justin came limping to him and launched himself into his lovers arms. They didn't waste any time talking. They didn't waste any time at all. Too much time had already been wasted. Two men had never removed clothing faster in their lives. Once the last article of clothing was divested, they simply stood and stared at each other. They drank in the beauty that faced them. Justin still had a bandage around his upper thigh, but it was less than half the size as before. Justin was healing faster and better than the doctors had expected. Youth and good health was on his side. He was more than ready to be touched.

Brian reached out his hand and ran it lovingly down Justin's cheek. His finger traced the full pouty lips that turned up with Brian's touch. Justin opened his lips and sucked the fingertip into his mouth. He rolled his tongue around it, giving off shivers through Brian's body. Such a simple move, but its effect was immediate. Justin looked down and saw Brian's manly cock begin to rise. Justin sucked the whole finger in pulling their bodies closer. He could feel Brian's hardening cock as it rose between them. In no time Justin's cock joined Brian's. Brian decided that this game should be tit for tat and he brought Justin's hand up to his own lips. He licked the tip of Justin's finger and then began to slowly devour the digit a quarter inch at a time. Soon both men were sucking on fingers and grinding cocks and hips together.

They soon reached down and gathered one another's rock hard shafts in their free hands. Moans from deep within began to spill out, muffled by the full mouths. The lovers soon knew that this foreplay was not going to be enough. Justin wanted something thicker and tastier in his mouth. Brian felt the same. The men moved in unison over to the nearest bed. They lowered themselves on the coverlet and Justin quickly covered Brian's body in a sixty nine position. Brian pulled Justin's cock into his mouth and wrapped his hands around the creamy white bubble butt above him. His palm prints showed pink on Justin's back side as Brian pulled Justin's cock into his mouth over and over.

Justin began going down on Brian with all the fervor of a man long denied his greatest wish. No meal had ever tasted half as sweet as the taste of Brian's rigid cock. His mouth slid all the way down to the base as he nuzzled the tickling hairs of Brian's pubes. He smelled so good. He smelled of fresh soap, musky heat, and manly sex. Justin couldn't get enough as he breathed in deeply with each downstroke. Justin fucked Brian's mouth, Brian fucked Justin's mouth until both men could feel the shaking as it began to build somewhere deep inside. Neither man wanted it to end, but it had been too long since the last time they had touched. Their need outweighed their wants. They needed the release that each was offering the other.

Brian began to poke into Justin's hole while kneading Justin's ass and accepting every inch of his lover's cock over and over again. Justin cupped Brian's balls and rolled them between his fingers while speeding up his movements sliding up and down the stiff pole he was latched onto. Involuntary tremors warned of what was coming. Almost at the same moment both men felt themselves tumbling over the edge of the world. They released their long held loads and offered them up to their partner. The men drank greedily.

Justin fell to the side and lay there as Brian reversed his position, bringing his upper body to join with Justin's. He reached over and pulled the young man close to him. Their sweating bodies stuck together as they began kissing, savoring the flavor of themselves on the tongues of the other. They began kissing each other on the cheek, the neck, the shoulder, the chest. They brought their lips back together. All they wanted was to feel each other breathing, hearts beating close together. They had made it. They wanted to revel in their survival. Tonight they would hang around town, have a good meal, and plenty of drinks, but tomorrow they would visit the countryside and see what other kind of mischief they could get themselves into.

To be continued.......................

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