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Author's Chapter Notes:

We join soldiers, Brian and Justin, as they continue their leave in the countryside of merry olde England.  I want to take a moment to send out a special thank you to one of my wonderful readers from that part of the country who provided me with invaluable tidbits of info to help with this chapter.  I owe you a lot Jackie, my friend.      

The countryside was simply breathtaking as Brian drove he and Justin down the country roads. The engine of the old 1937 Brough Superior Motorcycle with attached sidecar hummed along as they traveled the roads that had been recommended to them by the more than friendly inhabitants of the hotel pub the night before. The boys had enjoyed a brief nap, which they took after their healthy workout to release all the pressures they had been under for so long. Once they had settled in after waking they changed into some comfortable civvies and visited the pub for a refreshing drink or two. They ordered their drawn beer and asked about food. The young lass who took their order flirted outrageously since every one in town already knew about the two American servicemen. Word spread fast in these country villages.

Wartime rationing had eliminated many of the fancier dishes they could have prepared but villagers were quite fond of the Americans, by and large, and were more than willing to come up with something good and filling. Two beers later the men had a plate full of roasted chicken with mushroom sauce, some roasted potatoes and carrots, and some trifle with sliced fruit at the bottom. The men dug in, smacking their lips in appreciation. A couple more beers followed. Most of the patrons had kept a respectable distance while the soldiers ate their meal but soon began pulling up chairs and chatting about the end of the war and what they thought of England. Many ideas were thrown at them of places to visit and sights to see. When Brian mentioned renting bicycles for his companion and himself, one of the pub patrons asked about the noticeable limp of the young man. Justin admitted he'd been injured but was healing fast and thought he could handle the riding if they went slowly or got a tandem cycle.

Another patron, a big burly man with a thick gray beard, mentioned that he had an old Motorcycle in his barn that he hardly ever used but was still in tip top running order. It boasted a sidecar that would be perfect for the young man and they would be welcome to use it for the same rental fee that the man at the cyclists shop was charging. He questioned Brian as to his ability to drive a cycle. When Brian assured the man he could handle any machine with the slightest of instructions, the deal was set. The next morning the sheep farmer had the cycle waiting outside the wide streets in front of the hotel when Brian and Justin emerged. The men had decided to keep their room and paid for all four days in advance. They decided to take day trips to different spots and spend the nights at the hotel. They'd already found the room more than adequate for their needs, some unknown to the proprietors of course.

This first morning of their getaway, they motored down to the village square which was lined with a wide variety of different little shops tucked inside lovely old honey colored stone buildings. Their destination was a small cafe that had been recommended the night before. Three snow white geese stood guard outside the shop and the couple could see customers bribing the strutting birds with little pieces of breads as they exited the cafe in order to escape being pecked. Apparently the birds knew which way the wind blew since they didn't bother with guests going into the cafe, only those leaving. Brian made a mental note to retain a few scraps in case he would need to use bribery to escape too.

The shop inside was cool from the crisp early Summer air that flowed through the open windows. There were a dozen small tables scattered throughout the room with a long bar to the side with stools around it. A young and very attractive lad in his late teens approached the couple as they took a seat at an empty table. He wiped his hands down his starched white apron and asked for their order. Brian was a little surprised by the almost flirty way he addressed Justin as he took his order after Brians. He laughed to himself thinking, 'damn, we're everywhere'. Justin noticed his wide grin.

"What's so funny Brian,"

"Oh nothing...just happy to be able to do whatever we want with no one barking out orders."

Justin nodded his head in agreement. The boy soon brought their orders of eggs, muffins, and marmalade. The men would have killed for a coffee, but that was still scarce in the country. They had a nice cup of tea instead. They enjoyed their meal and then headed back to the hotel. The staff there had promised them a hearty picnic lunch to take along for their journey so they picked up the basket and stashed it in the sidecar, along with a hotel blanket and towels. Now, an hour or so after rising in the morning, the boys were on their way to their first destination.

The couple had decided they wanted to picnic near water. It sounded so peaceful after having only spent time near water when one was trying to cross it to continue fighting or blow up bridges over it. It would have sounded maudlin in a different time and place, but not at this point in their lives. The whole idea of the trip was to remind themselves of what life could be like when death wasn't hanging over your shoulder every minute and there was no enemy to be worried about. They drove on towards the Northern part of the Cotswolds to a tiny little town called Shipston-on-Stour. The town was located on the River Stour and the surrounding area was all rural. The men wanted to spend as much time as possible alone. This sounded ideal to them.

Once they arrived, the cycle motored down the broad streets of the village while the tall windows in the old brick and stone buildings winked at them as they passed by. Ivy climbed the outsides of the buildings that were pushed up against each other side by side, giving the homes a feeling of stability. These plants had thrived here for countless years. An occasional old car or bicycle would pass the boys as they lumbered on to the outskirts of the town. They had been told of a very old bridge that crossed the river and an even older gristmill with a large water wheel that stood back from the main road. They were assured that the river could provide some good swimming at this time of year.

Brian followed the directions he'd been given and the couple soon spotted the bridge. The grassy mounds on both sides of the river provided plenty of places to stretch out in the early afternoon sun. The river was lined by trees with thick green foliage that often poked out over the water itself. There was a lone fisherman perched on the riverbank to one side. He stretched out in a ricketdy old chair with his feet propped on a tackle box. His hat was pulled down over his eyes and he looked to be asleep. The couple had arrived at the perfect time. Most folks were busy with work or chores and the young ones were still in school. The banks on the other side of the bridge were deserted. Brian also had been told that the grist mill was in that direction.

By this time the men were feeling hot and sweaty from their ride. They needed a soothing cool down. The water, as it burbled along the rocks, was more than inviting. Brian drove to the side of the bridge and parked the cycle. Justin clambered out of his seat and dug down for the basket. Brian gathered up the blanket and towels. The men began hiking along the river's edge until they came to a spot some ways off that was more secluded than previously seen. The trees were thick here along the riverbank and one couldn't see the bridge any longer. Brian could see the large stone building of the grist mill in the distance with a huge water wheel attached. The men made sure no one was about and then stripped to their shorts. They ran into the water, gasping as the coolness hit their skin.

For the next half hour or so Brian and Justin splashed about with wild abandon. They both felt like school boys again, although their thoughts were hardly childish when their eyes would linger down to the healthy packages they sported between their legs, which couldn't be missed as the cotton of their underpants clung to their wet skin. They wrestled each other in the water and let their spirits run free. Even if someone had spotted them they would have only seen two soldiers who were simply happy to be alive. They were careful not to get too intimate out in the open in case they were observed, but they still enjoyed each others touch in subtle ways.

Eventually the couple could feel a gnawing at their stomachs. They had worked up an appetite. They waded back to shore and plopped down on the large woolen blanket the hotel had provided. They wrapped the fluffy towels they'd brought with them around their shoulders and started patting themselves dry. Justin flipped his wet hair and watched the water spray all over Brian's face. He laughed in a way that he hadn't in ages. The sound was beautiful to Brian. Brian used his towel to snap at Justin's back side as he jumped up to escape punishment. Seconds later the two men were rolling in the grass, each trying to pin the other down. Brian, being bigger and stronger, got the upper hand. He squatted over Justin's heaving chest as the young man tried to contain his laughter. Brian had never wanted to reach down and kiss anyone more in his life, but common sense prevailed. Instead, he shook his hair in Justin's face and jumped off.

The couple walked back to the blanket and settled down again. They smiled at each other, their secret longing passing between their gaze into one another's eyes. Brian removed the soaked bandage from Justin's thigh, which was hardly needed anymore anyway and replaced it with a new bandage. The wound was all but healed by now. Brian turned to the basket and began removing the goodies inside. There was crusty bread with a jar of jam to go with it. They had packed some cold chicken and slices of duck breast and roasted rabbit to go with slices of roasted potatoes and fresh carrots. There were berries in a bowl and a bottle of wine. The men dug in and were soon full. One appetite was sated, now for the other. They repacked the basket and pulled on their pants and shirts. They began walking in the direction of the mill.

They could see the water wheel slowly turning from the force of the river water passing by, but they saw no one around. Apparently the old mill was no longer being used. The ivy that was climbing everywhere actually covered part of the door leading inside. Brian and Justin approached and called out. No one answered. It was what they had hoped for. They strode up to the door and pushed it open. The air inside was musty. The place had definitely not been used in some time. The large room had big stone slabs and machinery inside. The floors were made of stone. There was a table and chairs nearby and a couple of cots for workers. The small windows around the circular room were clouded over with ancient dirt making it impossible to see in or out. It was gloomy inside with what little light could pierce the clouded glass.

Brian looked around the place while Justin admired the machinery used for grinding grain into flour. In a corner, Brian found a dozen abandoned flour sacks stacked against a wall. He pulled them apart and laid them on the floor. Brian knew what he wanted and he had waited long enough. The bags smelled of the flour that had filled them at one time but otherwise were not too bad.

"Justin, come here," he called to his lover.

Justin hurried over, only to find Brian laying on the pile of sacks stark naked. It didn't take a genius to guess what was on Brian's mind. Justin didn't hesitate. He had worked up as big an appetite as Brian. He pulled off his shirt and removed his pants very quickly while toeing off his shoes. He stood over Brian in nothing but his black socks. Brian reached for Justin's hand and pulled him down to his knees. They faced his other on their knees. Brian scooted closer so that his body was lined up against Justin's, inch to inch. Brian pulled Justin's face in close and laid his lips gently against the blonds. He worked his lips against Justin's very softly and slowly, letting the feeling spread throughout their bodies as the tension slowly built. Justin slowly parted his lips and felt the silken tip of Brian's tongue as it played along his teeth and then met Justin's tongue.

Brian tasted Justin. He tasted even better than the day before. Brian wanted more. He broke away from Justin's mouth and let his tongue taste of Justin's skin. He trailed his tongue down Justin's neck, moving around to the ear lobe. He traced Justin's outer ear and then tickled the inside, causing tremors in Justin's body that Brian could feel. Brian's tongue slid from the ear down to Justin's pecs. Brian tasted the sweet salty skin of his lover as he went in search of Justin's nipples. He found them one at a time and gave each a good work out until the tiny buds stood up firm and proud. Justin pulled Brian's head up and kissed him with the same tender emotion.

"My turn," he whispered.

Justin gave Brian's body the same taste test. He was more than satisfied just as Brian had been. When he had Brian's nipples standing at attention, Justin slid to the floor pulling Brian down with him. Brian took over again and began to lick his way down Justin's chest until he reached his favorite destination. Justin lay on his back and Brian spread the young man's legs wide. He licked and sucked every part of Justin's crotch, pulling balls into his mouth gently and flicking his tongue around the hard nubs. His tongue eventually found its way to Justin's perineum and he began rimming the blond for all he was worth. He poked with his tongue, causing Justin's muscles to relax visibly from the sheer pleasure he was receiving.

Brian's hard on was beginning to ache. He reached down and gave it a pull or two to release some built up tension but his cock knew what it wanted. Justin was almost ready. Silently, Brian indicated what he wanted. Justin turned to his side and Brian raised the young man's damaged leg. He slipped his lower body into the gap and brought his cock up against Justin's exposed hole. He supported the raised leg with one hand and spit into his other so that he could ready his cock for its invasion. Once all was prepared, Brian slipped into Justin with little trouble. Justin let out a small squeak and pushed his hips forward so that Brian would be further impaled.

Justin fell back and let all his concentration center on the delicious feelings Brian was delivering with each stroke inside. He could feel Brian's hand encircling his cock and the internal and external pleasure he was receiving from his lover was almost too much to bear. Even the slight ache in his thigh had vanished completely. He wanted to do something for Brian, but his mind couldn't handle anything else. He began riding the waves as Brian brought him to the top time and again, always slowing down at just the right time before pushing the limits again. Ancient flour particles danced in the air around them as they pushed and pulled against each other as one entity.

Suddenly Justin felt an overwhelming need to sneeze. His body was being pushed to the limit again and he tried to ignore the need. Without warning his whole body shook as a huge sneeze burst forth causing his lower body to slam into Brian's crotch hard. The deep penetration brought forth Brian's orgasm, which had been teetering on the edge all along. The sound of the sneeze still hung in the air as Justin felt his own orgasm reach it's pinnacle and he began spewing like a fountain. Brian collapsed to the floor, his body in an L shape to Justin's and his cock still buried deep in its home. He waited till he could breathe steadily again and then propped himself up on an elbow.

"Bless you," he laughed.

"Thanks," Justin blushed.

Brian pulled out and brought himself up so that he could lay stomach to stomach with Justin again. He looked into those clear blue eyes which were now moist from the intensity of his feelings. He reached for Justin's lips again and kissed him softly once more. Brian couldn't believe how hard his heart beat whenever he was so close to this exquisite specimen of manhood. He had decided long ago that love was never going to be in the cards for him, but he'd be damned if he knew any other word to describe his feelings for Justin. As they lay together on the flour sacks on the cold stone floor of an ancient mill in the countryside of England, Brian told himself firmly that nothing was going to get in the way of he and Justin being together once they got to the States...that is if it was still what Justin wanted once they were back home.

To be continued...........................

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