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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter simply continues on with the last day of our lover's vacation.  I hope you will enjoy the day as much as they did.    

The morning of the last full day of unrestrained enjoyment for the Sarge and his Private dawned clear as a bell, with the blue of the skies matching the blue of the young man's eyes. They had awakened with Brian's strong arm resting comfortably across Justin's chest and Justin's hands laying along that arm as if to capture it there for all time. Brian's eyes opened reluctantly at first, but not before his conscious mind had already become alert. He hadn't wanted to move a muscle. He could feel Justin's heart beating under the palm of his hand and it felt incredibly stimulating. It was almost impossible for Brian to remember a time when he could have cared less if the man he'd just fucked was still in bed with him in the morning or not. Now, with Justin, he craved the feeling of the young man's warm body next to his when he awakened. It never failed to bring a smile to Brian's beautiful features.

It was only when Brian had felt the urge of Mother Nature that he gave in and opened his eyes. He was laying on his stomach looking in Justin's direction. His eyes opened to the sight of Justin looking back at him all wide eyed and grinning from ear to ear. He had no idea how long the blond had been watching him, but it sent an unexpected shiver of pleasure throughout Brian's body. There was something so gloriously enchanting in Justin's smile. It made Brian feel like a king knowing that he was the cause of such a happy look on Justin's face. In that instant Brian knew he wanted to put that look on Justin's face for years to come. If he could only wake up to that look every morning, Brian knew there wasn't anything he couldn't get in life if he set his mind to it. Justin inspired that in him.

Justin had been watching Brian for some time. When he first woke up he had started to move until he realized that Brian's arm was holding him in place. His slight movement had caused Brian to unconsciously tighten his grip just a hair so as not to lose his hold on Justin. Justin could tell from Brian's even breathing that he wasn't awake yet. Justin turned his head to the side so that he could look at his lovers face in repose. Brian was so beautiful. It was almost enough to bring tears to Justin's eyes. How could he have known when he had enlisted right after leaving his father's house that he would find such a man as Sergeant Kinney waiting for him. At the time, his mind was only centered on the chance to escape his old life. He never would have guessed that his new life would be waiting with open arms. He already knew that Brian was his future. He had no doubt about it. He was pretty certain that Brian felt the same way. He had made up his mind that whatever Brian asked of him once they got back home, he would accept with open arms.

The two men had talked about countless things in the wee small hours of the night and during their holiday escape. Justin had given Brian a picture of his family and the final days before his enlistment. Brian could easily relate to having a father who felt justified beating his boy down for not being what he wanted in a son. It made Brian feel even closer to Justin. He laughed when Justin told him about getting caught with his swim trunks down, literally, in the pool. Brian denied ever getting caught in circumstances like that, even claiming that his father still had no idea who his son really was. Justin felt sorrow knowing that Brian still had that hanging over his head. Justin was somehow relieved that his homosexuality was out in the open with his family. At least he knew where he stood with no surprises waiting for him. His mom had stood by him and saw him off to boot camp with the sad kiss of any mother who loved her son. He wanted to see her and his sister again, but he wanted to be with Brian even more.

As both men lay almost nose to nose with their heads on adjoining pillows, they set aside any fears or concerns about what the future held for them. This day was all theirs and they intended to enjoy every moment of it. Justin rose up on his elbow and moved slowly towards the warm inviting mouth that silently beckoned him forward. His lips touched Brian's silken lips with a feathery touch. He pulled away. Brian brought his hand up onto Justin's golden head. He caressed the soft short hairs at the neck. He wondered briefly what Justin would feel like with a full mane of luxurious hair rather than the short military cut he now sported. He wanted to feel the hair slip through his fingers. He contented himself with the feel of soft ends that belied the bristly look of the cut. His long fingered hand snaked around the back of Justin's neck and he pulled the young man back for a more satisfying kiss.

This time Brian clung to Justin's lips and he began pressing Justin's face firmly to his own. Justin felt the heat rising in his groin. All thoughts of morning relief flew as the two men felt their manhood swelling as a result of the kiss that built in intensity with each passing second. Brian had finally coaxed Justin's lips apart and his tongue searched for a way to meet with Justin's. There was no hesitancy and the men were quickly tasting of the flavor of one another with unabashed enthusiasm. After a bit, Brian knew he wanted no more delays. He needed that special connection that he shared only with Justin, and he could sense that his lover was more than ready.

Brian rolled onto his back and lifted Justin forcefully by his underarms so that the young man's slender legs were now straddling Brian's lower torso. Justin slid back just enough to give Brian's solid cock a chance to pop up free in front of him. Justin reached down and gathered both his own impressive cock and Brian's into a single hold. He literally had both members tightly and safely ensconced between his two hands. He began stroking them together, causing untold pleasure ripples through their groins at the same time. Brian's head was thrown back with his Adam's apple bobbing up and down from deep swallows followed by gasps for air. Justin could feel his own body beginning to tingle inside. Suddenly Brian reared up and grabbed at Justin's hands, forcefully stopping his movements.

"Stop," he whispered hoarsely. "If you do that one more time, I'll be done for the morning. I'm not ready to end this."

Justin stopped. He understood. He wanted more too. He let Brian go and laid down on his chest. He began kissing that perfect unblemished skin with tiny sounds accompanying each touch. He slowly rubbed his perfectly rounded ass up and down the length of Brian's upper thighs. After a bit Justin sat back up. He lifted his buttocks and scooted forward just enough. He could feel Brian's hardness pricking at that tender spot between his ass cheeks. Justin leaned forward on his knees and reached back to position both Brian and himself perfectly. Brian held onto Justin's forearms as the young man began descending with slow and careful movements. He stopped every inch to let the rapturous feelings of engulfing Brian settle into his mind, then move downward again. He was finally seated firmly and completely.

Justin paused to take in the overwhelming feeling of being one with someone who mattered more to him than anyone else in the world. Soon the urge to feel more took over and he looked down into Brian's warm eyes and smiled. Brian felt his heart lurch. There was such trust in Justin's eyes, such confidence in Brian bringing him so much happiness. Brian began moving his hips, slowly at first and then with more intensity. He would give Justin what he deserved. He pulled Justin's face down to his and connected on another level as his mouth took the same possession his body was experiencing. Brian moved his hips in a way that allowed him to hit that special spot inside the young man over and over again. Justin felt it as his insides began to hum. The low hum slowly built until it was almost a shout. Justin jerked up and threw his body backwards, using his hands to support himself on Brian's knees. Brian held onto Justin's thighs as he gave a last mighty push upwards. Justin bit his tongue to keep from shouting out loud. His cock jerked and threw an arc of sweet release across Brian's long expanse of stomach and chest. Brian's release was captured by Justin's vibrating walls.

Justin fell forward again and kissed Brian tenderly, softly. His breath was coming in short gasps to match Brian's. The men spent a long time like this, Justin laying on Brian's body fused by the sticky fluid between them. Their hearts beat in time with each other and brought them untold comfort as they reveled in being alive and so close to one another. It was only with the greatest of reluctance that they finally parted. They only had this one day left. Tomorrow they would take the train back to London. They got up, cleaned themselves up as best they could, and took turns at the bathroom down the hall. They dressed quickly and went out for a morning brunch. They stopped at a small cafe in the center of town where they enjoyed some classic bangers and mash that had become even more popular during the war years. While satisfying their second hunger, they set out their itinerary for the remainder of the day. This time around they just wanted to visit as many of the small villages that the area boasted as they could. The idea of breathing the free air of a country that had successfully fought off the invaders of the war gave them enormous pleasure. It was the closest to home that they could get at this time.

With plans made, they took their map and hopped aboard their trusty motorcycle. A few members of the town smiled at the two carefree American soldiers as they went off on another of their adventures. Many people reflected on how soldiers often became like brothers during a war. That had obviously happened in this case....the older 'brother' showing the younger one a bit of the world before going back to their old lives. They were impressed and had taken an immediate liking to the personable young men. A couple even waved good bye as they trundled off down the road, bouncing along to their next destination.

They began their tour of the area by heading for Broadway, the jewel of the Cotswolds. They rode down High Street, a beautiful road lined with red chestnut trees and buildings that reflected the varied history behind the village. There were magnificent Georgian buildings and humbler edifices that hearkened all the way back to Roman times. They saw Tudor houses and churches that had been welcoming worshipers for a thousand years. There were a number of art galleries and museums since this area had been home to many artists and writers for many ages. Brian stopped at many so that Justin could enjoy the offerings, all completely out of their price range.

A mile and a half from the village they came across Broadway Tower, one of the highest points in the country. You could see thirteen counties from its fifty five foot towers that pierced the blue skies above from the mock castle that lay between them. The late 18th century building had a colorful past and was fascinating to view from the rolling green lands that surrounded it. The men continued their journey, visiting many beautiful gardens in small towns and villages throughout the area. They stopped at a local pub for some tea and cream cakes and continued on with their adventure. They next journeyed on to Chipping Campden and its gilded masterpieces of limestone buildings that were grafted together and yet distinct from each other by their individual embellishments. They visited the ancient Market Hall where trade goods had been sold on a daily basis for hundreds of years.

The couple began to feel hungry so they stopped at a place called the Crown and Trumpet where they had a delicious meal of smoked chicken stuffed with bacon, wild mushrooms, and brie. This, along with the fresh steamed vegetables and bread and butter pudding for dessert was more than satisfying fare and plenty of fuel to continue their activities. They traveled through sleepy little villages like Snowshill and Stanton that had no commercial value other than their beautiful old homes and peaceful landscapes. Their final stop for the day was in Cheltenham. The town had been a popular tourist attraction since a discovery of salt crystals in a stream just outside the city in 1716. It had become known for its soothing spas, world famous horse race track, and many cultural events, which of course had been toned down during the war. People were now once again making plans to continue with the excitement that brought so much attention to the area. The couple looked forward to a little spa treatment. They visited one location that was still in business and 'took the waters'.

As the sun was setting on the beautiful countryside that the couple traveled through, they each tried to absorb all the memories they could from their few days of complete relaxation. Every once in a while, when there were no other signs of human beings or vehicles on the road, Justin would reach over and lay his hand lovingly along Brian's leg. Brian knew that Justin was taking a chance with such familiarity but it felt so good, even in those few moments, that he couldn't bring himself to brush the hand away. He couldn't help wondering if they would ever be free anywhere to openly express their feelings for one another. It was a cold world that allowed them to risk their lives for the freedom of others and yet would never give them those same freedoms. But they were still young. Maybe times would change. Brian hoped, if they did, he and Justin would live long enough to see it....and even more importantly, that they would still be together when that time came. For now, they made their way back to their hotel. They had one last night to be together with no prying eyes to witness their joyful union as two men deeply in love with each other, as they were meant to be.

To be continued....................

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