All's Fair In Love And War by mandagrammy

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Brian and Justin return to the barracks in London and wait the few weeks that they have left before returning to the States.  They and their Unit enjoy the last few weeks they have in this far away place that has given them so many memories.  Then an unpleasant surprise awaits just days before they are all scheduled to leave.  This is the next to the last chapter.  I hope you will enjoy.    

There was a bittersweet feeling in the air as Brian and Justin rode the train back to London. Their brief holiday was more than they could have asked for, but now it seemed far too short. Their love for each other, which had left both men completely surprised at first, was now rock solid. That last night in their hotel room had changed everything. As they lay completely spent from the most intense lovemaking session so far, they began opening up to each other with total candor. By the time they had finally drifted to sleep, there were no more questions about how they felt about each other. Brian made it clear that he wanted Justin in his life from that day forward. Justin made it just as clear that he wanted nothing more than to be with Brian for as many years as life would grant them.

The two men knew they would never be accepted as a loving couple no matter where they lived when they returned home to the States. They knew they would have to live a lie if they wanted to have gainful employment and live safely in society, but they also knew they would do whatever it took to be together. They had made the decision together for Justin to join Brian in his hometown of Pittsburgh since the older man already had his degree from the University there. Of even more importance to the couple was the fact that Brian was already well established in the underground gay community of his hometown. Every city had one, but Brian was right at home in his and actually a bit of a star among the folks there. This way they would have a secure home base where they could feel safe in being themselves, at least part of the time.

Justin hadn't left much behind. He knew he'd miss his mom and sister, but he had no desire to see his father again and the feeling was mutual. Knowing his mom, and judging by the constant stream of mail that he received from her, she would be more than happy to visit Justin no matter where he settled down. Justin knew that all she wanted for her son was a shot at happiness and he suspected she'd love Brian once she saw how happy the man made him. Justin had learned from Brian that they had an excellent school for art studies in his hometown and the G I Bill would provide the necessary funds for Justin to be able to afford the studies. Now all the couple needed was the chance to get back to the States and receive their discharges from active duty so that they could begin a life together.

Once the two men returned to the barracks and met up with the rest of their Unit, they were inundated by question after question about their trip to the country. Most of Brian's other men were country boys back home so they had elected to stay in the big city. London had a lot to offer the men and it would be soon enough to get back to simple living. Private Cowlip could see clearly that his Sarge and the young Private had a much more interesting holiday than they were openly talking about, but he kept his counsel to himself. He was happy for the man who had kept him alive during this last couple of years. What the others didn't know was none of their business anyway. They still had several weeks before the Unit was scheduled to return to the States and all the men of the Unit were going to make the most of it.


Brian and Justin did their best over the next couple of weeks to see each other in private settings without sending out any signals. Private Cowlip had even helped the couple by letting the other men believe that he had spent the day with the Sarge and Justin at various places when he had in fact gone off on his own, leaving the couple to their own devices. It had been incredibly frustrating for the couple, especially during the nights that they had slept in the barracks so close to each other and yet unable to touch. But desperation combined with a strong will to have what one wanted made for some very clever thinking. The couple would certainly be taking home some vivid memories of their days in London.

One great memory came from a visit to the part of the world wide famous British Museum, which had been forced to close down and store a great many of their works of art due to the interruption of the war. Slowly but surely things were being restored and a limited amount of viewing was being allowed. One section of the museum contained large pieces of sculpture and while visiting there, Brian dragged Justin behind the ropes of a huge carving of a general on a horse when the room was totally empty of other visitors and proceeded to give a most undignified blow job to the young man. Brian was fairly certain that the properly bred English would have been scandalized if they had known, but he simply had to have a taste of his blond and the need couldn't be denied.

Justin got his turn the next evening when they visited a London theatre in the West End and sat in a box in the balcony. The high booth was curtained just enough that Justin was able to slip down in the darkened theatre and come up between Brian's outstretched legs. One good blow job deserved another was his motto for the day, and when the audience burst into thunderous applause for the brilliant act on stage Justin felt rightly proud as he brought his lover to a mind blowing orgasm at that same moment. It hadn't been difficult since Justin had already been giving Brian a hand job that had the poor man ready to burst anyway. When Justin surreptitiously slipped back into his seat, he gently wiped a tiny pearl droplet from the corner of his mouth and grinned into the dark. Brian was relieved that his heavy breathing could never have been perceived in the noisy theatre.

The couple took several shopping trips to Oxford Street where the diverse trade offered plenty of things to drool over and dream of owning. Brian seemed to enjoy his visit the most to the famous Harrod's where he showed Justin the kind of clothing he intended to own some day once he was firmly established in business. Justin was duly impressed by Brian's well developed taste in clothing since all he'd seen the man wearing for the most part was his various uniforms. Justin could easily see Brian dressed to impress as he worked in some office somewhere, making his mark in front of his boss. Actually, Justin was convinced that Brian would be master of his own business someday. He was already convinced that there wasn't anything that Brian Kinney couldn't get done if he set his mind to it.

Justin wasn't the only one who was super impressed by the man in his life. Brian was just as proud of Justin. He had purchased some art supplies for Justin on one of their shopping trips and the young man had taken full advantage of them. Justin knew he couldn't draw what he truly wanted to. He longed to create a drawing of Brian laying stretched out naked on his bed with that come hither look that the man had long ago perfected, and which always turned Justin into mush the moment he caught a glimpse of it. Justin also knew that such a drawing would speak volumes about the way he felt about his Sarge. Instead he contented himself with sketches that he made all over London of both the sights and the people. He sketched each of the men in the Unit and presented the sketches to them as souvenirs. It made it easier for him to present a special sketch of Brian to the man himself. Only a trained eye could see that there was much more passion put into Brian's drawing than the others.

The days were swiftly dwindling down and it soon was the last week before the men were scheduled to leave for home. Brian made up his mind that he wanted one last night of unrestrained pleasure with Justin before they left the Country. He was able to arrange one last 24 hour pass for all his men, including himself. He had planned carefully. He had chosen a rather discreet hotel located some distance from where the military men and women were based and in an older section of London that had received little damage during the war. He had paid attention when some of the men discussed favorite out of the way places to take their lady friends where no questions were asked once you paid for your room.

The reservation was made and now all he needed was for Private Cowlip to assist one last time, which the man did willingly. He spread the word that he and young Taylor were going to pick up some girls and make a night of it. The Private then said good bye and good luck to Justin once they were far away from the barracks. Justin took a taxi cab ride to the hotel and went to the prearranged room that Brian had been given. That night, Brian and Justin renewed their commitment to one another. The moment Justin walked into the tastefully appointed old hotel room, Brian gathered him up and closed out the world by firmly locking the door behind him.

"I've been dying to touch you all day," he whispered hotly in Justin's ear, causing goosebumps to rise on the young man's pale skin.

"Then don't waste another minute, Sarge."

Brian had no intention of wasting a single precious minute. He captured Justin's mouth with all the hunger of a man starving for far too long. In no time at all he had Justin quivering all over, with a hunger that matched Brian's own...heartbeat for heartbeat. Brian quickly undressed Justin, taking time to kiss the young man's naked flesh as he pulled the undershirt from over his head. Justin's breath kept catching in his throat as Brian sucked on each exposed nipple, bringing them to hardened peaks. Justin felt almost faint from the extreme pleasure that Brian was giving him as he slid Justin's pants from his hips down to the floor. The minute the underpants slid down, Justin's full cock sprang free and Brian again wasted no time as his mouth engulfed the shaft, taking almost the entire length in with a single movement.

Justin had been so horny just from the anticipation before he even arrived that he was forced to warn Brian of his impending orgasm only a few minutes after being tongued and licked from tip to balls on his throbbing cock. Brian didn't care. They had all night. He continued sucking and licking until he could hear Justin's growl above him at the same moment he felt the heated cock in his mouth twitching. Seconds later Brian accepted Justin's release with eager gulps. He continued sucking until he could feel Justin's body giving way. He rose quickly and wrapped protective arms around the sated young man. He walked Justin over to the bed and waited for him to lay down.

Brian threw off the robe he had been wearing while waiting for Justin, revealing the wonderfully toned body underneath. Justin looked up at the beautiful creature who hovered over him. Brian laid his naked body next to Justin. They turned on their sides so that they could face each other. Brian's hand came up and caressed Justin's features. Justin took hold of Brian's hand and turned it over. He kissed the thick pad next to the talented thumb. Brian's fingers were long, slender, and could work magic better than a magician. They were both soft and strong at the same time and could make Justin's body feel things that he had never even been able to imagine before. He turned Brian's hand over. The tanned skin was smooth, yet very masculine to the touch. The veins stood out in stark relief. Justin licked along the line of dark veins. His lips kissed each hard knuckle that could bring a great deal of pain if he used them in anger, but brought Justin untold pleasure when he used them to knead the skin during a massage before or after they had made love. Justin loved every part of Brian, but his hands were a particular favorite because of all they could and had brought to Justin's life.

Brian waited patiently for Justin to finish making love to his hand and then he wrapped the long fingers around the back of Justin's neck and pulled him in for another deep kiss. Justin could still taste himself dancing on Brian's tongue and the heady flavor stimulated his manhood all over again. Justin reached down and caressed Brian's rock hard shaft. He could feel the droplets of pre-cum as they stuck to his fingers. He brought his hand back up to his lips and seductively licked the drops off as Brian watched. Brian was inflamed. He reached down and grabbed Justin's top leg and threw it over his own. He spit into his hand and reached between Justin's legs so that he could get Justin ready. He swirled saliva all around the waiting hole and then pressed some inside with one of those long fingers that Justin had been admiring. He wriggled it around, causing another sharp intake of breath from the blond.

When Brian could feel Justin relaxing, he withdrew his finger, and raising Justin's upper leg even higher, Brian slipped inside Justin. He made sure he was firmly seated before he paused to administer a few more delicious kisses to the happy blond, then Brian wiggled around enough so that he could gain as deep a penetration as possible. Once he knew he was at the right angle, he began to fuck Justin with repeated deep and satisfying strokes. Justin thrilled to each strike against his prostate that brought another wave of pleasure to his body. Brian was in no hurry. He would speed up, then slow down, then speed up again. He wanted this to last as long as Justin could take it. Time passed and the sweat from their exertions began to bead from head to toe. Justin was almost crying from the intensity of his pent up feelings. Brian knew it was time to let go. He began speeding up again, only this time he didn't pull back. It took every ounce of will for Justin not to scream out his joy as he exploded all over Brian's heaving chest. Brian filled up Justin immediately after with an orgasm that shook the man right down to his toenails. Brian gathered Justin back up into his arms, Justin's creamy white liquid serving as a glue that bonded them. They kissed over and over as they waited for their hearts to settle back into a normal rhythm.

"I love you Justin. Don't ever doubt that, do you understand me?"

"I love you too Brian. I'm sorry it took a fucking war for me to find you, but I'll never be sorry I did."

The men lay together, as lovers often do, for a long time rebuilding their energy for another go around which happened twice more before the morning light. They each returned to the barracks separately the next day fully satisfied and ready to face the return home. And that was when their plans were turned upside down. Word was waiting in the form of a notice for Justin. Because of his injuries, and despite the fact that he was all but healed, he had been scheduled to leave the very next day with all the other men who had received injuries and been hospitalized in the last days of the war. Brian and the rest of his men would return a few days later on separate transport. The only other thing that they knew for certain was that the ship that they were returning on would dock in New York City. There was no word as to where Justin would end up after that. Brian's ship would also dock in New York, but as to whether he and his men would end up in the same place as Justin...no one had a clue.

Brian felt like the wind had been knocked out of him when Justin came to him with the message he had been given when he had gotten to the barracks before Brian. He was certain that Brian could fix the problem, but by the next day Brian was still working with futility in getting Justin held back until their ship would leave. The need to rein in his anger and frustration over this unexpected separation made Brian physically ill, but nothing could be done about it. The entire Unit waved good bye to the young man who had become like a mascot to the older, more experienced soldiers since that first cold morning in the French forest when they laid eyes on the greenhorn youth. Only Cowlip saw the pain that flashed briefly between young Justin and the Sarge as the jeep drove the Private to the docks to board his ship home. And he wasn't telling.

To be continued...........................


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