All's Fair In Love And War by mandagrammy

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In this chapter, Brian and Justin continue to enjoy each other during the late hours of the night but one careless mistake could bring every thing to a crashing end...maybe.     

The men of Sergeant Kinney's squad were beginning to feel the restlessness of soldiers who were well aware that their comrades were fighting and dying in other arena's of the war that they had been thrust into. It wasn't that they were eager to risk their lives again, nor that they didn't enjoy the perks of being able to relax a bit for a brief time in such a pleasant home. It was the feeling of being put on hold and not contributing to ending the suffering of both soldiers and civilians who were caught up in the insanity of this war. It had been four days already and they were still being told to hold fast and wait for further instructions. Brian wasn't sure how much longer he could keep his men busy enough to forget what waited for them in the coming days. 

As for the Sarge and his newest recruit...they relished every moment that kept them in this magical place. It was a miracle that they had ended up at this charming French estate at the same time while the war continued to rage all around them. For this brief moment in time, they could pretend that they were lovers who were on a vacation and enjoying the French countryside....as long as they only indulged the fantasy in the privacy of their shared bedroom in the wee hours of the night. Brian had made it a point to assign Justin to guard duty only during daylight hours. He had always treated his men equally, but in this one instance he indulged in favoritism. He had to have Justin in his bed at night. He was careful to also assign a couple of the other men only to daytime guard duties to deflect suspicion. 

Nights with Justin had proven to be more than Brian had anticipated. Almost from the first moment they touched, Brian had felt something more than the physical relief he got being with another man. This was entirely new to him. He told himself it was the war that made him feel this way. Everyone knew that war made everything more dramatic and sharpened all the senses. But Brian had never felt an emotional connection to a single sex partner, whether extremely brief or lasting for more than one fuck. With Justin, he felt the need to stay connected, whether with their bodies, or with words, or even just seeing his smiling face. He never seemed to tire of hearing Justin talking. It was hard to believe the young man was practically a kid. He seemed so much more mature. He didn't talk like a child. He had dreams and thoughts worth listening to. In short, being around Justin was a pleasure.

Another thing that Brian admired about young Justin was his discretion. His maturity in understanding the reality of their situation was amazing for one so young. He was every bit as skilled at being nonchalant and disconnected when he was with Brian outside the privacy of their shared bedroom. There were no secret touches or glances...no double entendres that would give a clue as to their true relationship. Nothing even hinted at the passion that passed between the Sarge and young Taylor in the middle of the night. Not one member of their squad would have believed it if someone had revealed their secret. Nothing disturbed the status quo until the fifth day.

The first three nights that Brian and Justin spent alone in their room were spent kissing, giving head, and exploring one another's bodies. It was on the fourth night that Brian tentatively asked Justin if he knew that they could actually fuck each other. He really wasn't sure if the young man was aware of how far they could take their passion and he also wasn't sure if Justin would want to go all the way even if he did know it was possible. When he broached the subject during some heated foreplay, the lustful look in Justin's eyes came close to answering the question. It was his words however that sealed it.

"I've never gone so far, but I want to feel everything you have to offer me. I've heard it can be painful at first." He looked anxiously at Brian, waiting for reassurance.

"It can be...I mean, it usually is. You're letting someone go where no one has gone before and it hurts for everyone, whether you're a virgin man or woman. But Justin, once the initial pain is over the feeling can change to intense pleasure...if it is done right. You never let someone fuck you unless you trust them completely. I've only trusted a couple of guys enough to allow it, but I can still remember the unbelievably good feeling it brought me. It is your choice Justin, but I can promise you that I will be extremely careful, and I'll stop if you want me to."

Justin had been laying beside Brian on the single bed. Brian had already been playing with his ass for quite some time, giving the young man a delightful rimming job. He was primed and he could feel his entrance tingling as if waiting for something more...bigger and better. He reached forward and planted a hot searing kiss on Brian's lips, forcing his tongue inside that delicious mouth. As he pulled back he whispered.

"I do trust you Brian. I want you to be the one to take away my virginity. I want to feel what you felt." He smiled warmly at his more experienced lover.

Brian kissed him back and then pulled Justin onto his stomach. He grabbed a pillow from the top of the bed and placed it under Justin, helping to raise his lower body off the mattress. Brian crawled up behind Justin and spread his legs apart. He slipped his hand between Justin's legs. He caressed Justin's swinging balls and moved up to the hardened cock that jutted into the air. He spit into his hand and slathered Justin's hole thoroughly. He began gently by inserting only a single digit into the tight confines of Justin's ass. Justin involuntarily fell face down into the pillow with a soft squeak. Brian paused. He kissed all around Justin's pale globes, taking tiny nips every few seconds. His one hand continued to play with Justin's cock and balls while the other utilized its finger to tease Justin's ass into opening just a tad.

When Brian felt Justin was ready, he eased a second and then a third finger inside. He used all his digits for maximum movement. Suddenly he pulled them out. He heard the audible groan the loss forced from Justin. It had only been uncomfortable to have the new objects inside for a minute and then Justin had begun to enjoy the feeling. If it felt this pleasurable with fingers, he could only imagine how Brian's magnificent cock would feel. Before the thought went any further he felt Brian's cock head at his entrance. Brian had prepared his erection with as much spit as he could and was now more than ready to make his invasion. He pushed his slick tip in a quarter of an inch. Justin gasped, throwing his hand over his mouth to stop the noise. Brian froze.

"Are you sure about this, Justin?"

Justin looked back. "Oh yes!" he declared, turning around and burying his face in the pillow to stifle any other sounds that might escape him. Brian pushed forward another half inch. 

"Relax your muscles, Justin," he instructed quietly. 

Justin concentrated on his ass. He forced his muscles to relax. Brian felt the slight give. He pushed forward another half inch. His cock head was finally out of view. Justin was visibly shaking, but he reached back and grabbed onto Brian's thigh. He was pulling him forward, not away, and Brian knew he wanted more. Brian pulled back a tiny bit, then pressed forward again. After the third time doing this, the inner ring of muscle gave way and Brian felt himself sliding in with less resistance. Justin's moans were muffled, but he was still pulling Brian towards him, encouraging his lover to move forward. Brian pulled back again and then pushed forward all the way. He waited for Justin to stop shaking and then began a rhythm of fucking that he knew would bring the young blond untold pleasure. 

Brian knew he had won the day when Justin turned his head and began moaning in a tone that had nothing to do with pain. He began bucking back onto Brian's cock, forcing the shaft deeper with each movement. Brian was still holding onto Justin's cock and pumping it in time with the pumping of his ass. Justin began to feel a tightening deep in his gut. His whole body began to stiffen with the effort to hold back his orgasm. Brian felt himself reaching that plateau that brought such a thrill to his body at the same time. With only a few more pumps, Brian spilled himself into his young lover while Justin released himself into the towel that Brian had so thoughtfully laid over the bed before they started. 

That was the end of Justin's virginity and the beginning of his feeling that Brian was going to be more important to him than any other human being in the world. It was also the beginning of something in Brian that he couldn't put a name to. When he lay beside Justin that night and saw the tears of gratitude in the beautiful young man's face, he felt a tug at his heart that he had never expected to feel for anyone as long as he lived. The notion that he might fall in love with someone was just plain crazy. He knew that, but he also knew that Justin was not just another fuck. That night, as they fell asleep in their separate beds, both men were silently praying that the world would not interfere in their being together for a long time to come. Realistically it was a vain hope, but it was there, nonetheless.


The next day, the fifth day at the estate, had dawned clear and cloudless. Once again, one would think everything was perfectly normal around the French country estate. There were no outward signs of a war raging only miles away. Brian knew that their time at the estate was about to end. For the first time since joining the service, he prayed that no new orders would come through for a while longer. The day moved ahead much like all the others had done. Men were posted as guards, men had a good breakfast, men were assigned duties, and men talked about what they would do when the stupid war ended. Justin had awakened a lot sorer that morning than previous days, but with a smile he found harder to suppress this time. Brian assigned him duties in the barn since it was a one man assignment and he could nurse his tender ass without questions or being observed. 

Lunch time finally arrived. Aimee had finished up in the kitchen and set the table with the children's help. Seasonal fruits, platters of cheese, fresh baked bread, left over slices of meat, and wine waited for the hungry men that had been working hard to improve neglected gardens and animals on the land in return for the royal treatment they had been receiving. Aimee found the Sergeant going over maps in the parlor and asked that he call his men to the table. Brian smiled at the lovely girl and hurried off to gather the men. He soon had all but Taylor heading for the house. He told the last man passing him that he'd be right in as soon as he found the young Private and not to wait on him. 

Brian wasted no time heading for the huge barn near the house. He knew if he hurried he would have a few extra moments alone with Justin. The moment he entered the cavernous building he could hear Justin near the back of the barn where the cows were kept. He hurried back and spotted the blond head bobbing up and down as he gathered hay in a pitchfork and tossed it into a stall. Brian stood for a minute and watched the sun glinting off Justin's hair from a ray that peeked in through a crack in the wall. Bits of hay stuck in his hair and he was glistening with sweat from his labors. He had removed his shirt and the muscles worked in his back as he bent and rose over and over. Each time he bent to his task Brian flashed back to the previous night's enjoyments of those firm rounded buttocks. The memories caused a painful swelling in his groin. 

Brian knew it was risky, but last night's images overcame his common sense. He had to touch Justin, if only for a few minutes. He snuck up behind the busy young man and threw his arms around him, pinning his arms to his sides and causing the pitchfork to fall to the ground. Justin let out a surprised squeak and tensed up, ready to fight. Before he could do more he heard Brian's voice in his ear.

"You look good enough to eat, Justin. I could easily skip lunch."

Justin laughed. Brian loosened his grip so his lover could turn around in his arms. Brian moved the two of them over into an empty stall so that they would be out of the line of sight from the barn door. He wasted no time in capturing Justin's lips with his own. The kiss deepened and both men could feel the full arousals their activity was causing. More than anything, they wanted to drop to the ground and fuck right then and there. Brian knew they couldn't go that far like this, but he wanted it so badly. If he couldn't possess Justin in the barn he could at least feel him. He quickly unzipped his pants and then Justin's. The men continued to kiss while jerking each other off as rapidly as possible. They were so worked up that it didn't take long. The fear of discovery added just the right amount of spice to make their mutual orgasms intense and rewarding. 

It had probably been only ten minutes since Brian entered the barn, but they both knew they needed to hurry and join the others. Someone was bound to come looking for them. After all, there still was always a chance of some stray German soldier showing up with weapon in hand. Not knowing someone's whereabouts for too long was unacceptable. Justin quickly knocked the hay around enough to disguise their ejaculations and they rearranged their clothing quickly. They gave each other one last deep kiss as they stepped out of the stall. They had only taken one step when they heard the noise a few yards away. 

Aimee stood stock still, a look of surprise on her face. The lovers stood in front of her frozen in place. Brian felt his heart sink. There was no telling what the young lady had seen or heard. For the first time in his life, he couldn't think of a thing to say. It was Justin who made the first move. He calmly walked over to the girl.

"Mademoiselle? You needed us for something?"

Aimee shook her head ever so slightly and then seemed to gather her wits about her. She looked each man squarely in the face. Then she turned back to Justin.

"Oui, Monsieur. I came to gather some more milk from our old cow. The urn of milk was spilled by Alexandre and they need more for their meal. I did not mean to interrupt anything."

"No! No! You didn't interrupt anything. We were just about to come in for lunch. I...ahh...I was showing the Sergeant how much fun it is to pitch hay. Ahh, well...ahhh, I guess we should get in before all the food is gone. Right Sarge?"

Brian finally snapped out of it. "Right, Private. Do you need any help in milking, Aimee?"

"No," she answered. "You go on in to lunch. I can handle things here. I'm sure you are both starving by now." 

There was something about the way they young lady smiled as she spoke that told the men that she might be young but she wasn't naive. Brian knew that he had to say something. 

"You go on ahead Private. I'll be with you in a minute."

Justin hesitated. If they were about to be exposed, he didn't want Brian to take all the heat alone. Brian's face told him not to argue. He nodded to Brian, then Aimee and turned on his heels gathering his shirt from the nearby stall door as he left. He prayed that Brian's charm would work on the mistress of the house. When Justin was out of sight, Brian turned to Aimee. 

"I'm not sure what you thought you saw, but......"

"Monsieur Kinney, please stop. I can assure you that I have no doubt of what I saw and heard. But I can also assure you that you have nothing to be afraid of. In truth, I am relieved. I was beginning to think I had lost my ability to charm an attractive man." She gave a small giggle. "Monsieur, you have nothing to fear from me. I am well aware of the attitude of most men. I had a dear, dear friend at school in England who was like you and your young Private. He was arrested when he was caught with his lover and the truth came out. I next heard that he took his own life by hanging himself in his jail cell after his parents told him he could never come home again. This happened just weeks before I was forced to return home. It broke my heart. He was a fine man who deserved better. I will not judge you, mon ami, nor will I reveal your secret to another soul. You can rely on my discretion."

Aimee had walked over to Brian. She now stood on her tiptoes and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. Brian began breathing normally for the first time since seeing her standing in the barn. Crisis averted, but it was a warning he must not ever forget. Never again would he take such a dangerous risk. He could not give up Justin, but he would never put the young man in such jeopardy again.

To be continued..........................................    

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