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This is a beautifully written story set in 1944, featuring Brian and Justin as gay soldiers in WWII serving in occupied France. One of my favorite stories from this amazing author - Lorie

It is the Winter of 1944 in occupied France. The allies have landed and slowly, so slowly, made their attempt to push to the borders of Germany. Sergeant Brian Kinney is too busy trying to keep his men alive and do his duty to worry about anything else, much less a personal life. Everything changes one day when one of his men, recently killed in an ambush, is replaced with a raw new recruit, Private Justin Taylor. The kid looks like he's barely out of High School and totally wet behind the ears. The Sarge is not happy, especially when without warning Sergeant Kinney finds himself fighting a different kind of war than the one on the battlefield.

I am dedicating this story to my late father who served bravely and honorably in WWII and the Vietnam War. I am also dedicating this story to all the GLBT men and women who also served with honor, but in silence throughout history. Many thanks go to the amazing Eka for her brilliant banner and to my friend Pat for her beta skills. 

Rated: M
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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.    

1. 1. Waiting for the New Recruit by mandagrammy [Reviews - 3] half-star (2576 words)

Sergeant Brian Kinney is in command of a small squad in charge of spotting pockets of resistance by the Germans as the Allied forces continue their advance through France to reach the Rhine River.  One of his best men, a sharpshooter, has been killed by enemy fire and is about to be replaced.  The Sarge isn't thrilled to see what is obviously a raw recruit about to join his squad.  But is there more to this kid than meets the eye?



2. 2. The French Estate by mandagrammy [Reviews - 0] (2855 words)

Sergeant Kinney's new recruit is tested by fire and earns more than a little admiration and respect from his commanding Officer.    

3. 3. Brian Gets an Inkling by mandagrammy [Reviews - 0] (2832 words)

In this chapter, Brian's men go about their duties following commands from higher ups as they secure the estate and road.  That evening Brian begins to suspect that there is more to learn at this estate than he ever expected.    

4. 4. All the Comforts of Home by mandagrammy [Reviews - 0] (2989 words)

Brian's men settle in for their first night at the Beaulieu estate. It's a welcome change from their usual meals and sleeping arrangements and they welcome it. They're happy, but Brian is frustrated. What is it about his newest recruit?    

5. 5. The Barrier is Broken by mandagrammy [Reviews - 0] (2869 words)

Tonight is the night...the night when all the barriers come down and two lonely men who are forced by war to be in a strange land without family or friends finally admit what has been brewing since they locked eyes for the first time.    

6. 6. A Secret Discovered by mandagrammy [Reviews - 0] (3072 words)

In this chapter, Brian and Justin continue to enjoy each other during the late hours of the night but one careless mistake could bring every thing to a crashing end...maybe.     

7. 7. One Last Night by mandagrammy [Reviews - 0] (1958 words)

Brian and Justin have one last night at the Beaulieu Estate, but morning brings unwelcome but necessary news.    

8. 8. VE Day and the Aftermath by mandagrammy [Reviews - 0] (2418 words)

I must give a warning with this chapter.  There will be pain and suffering and the violence that comes with war.  This chapter moves forward to the final days of the war in Europe.  It is what happens right after VE Day that brings so much pain.  I apologize ahead of time for any tears, but remember...it isn't over yet.     

9. 9. Finding Private Taylor by mandagrammy [Reviews - 0] (2292 words)

In this chapter, Brian worries about finding Justin after the young man is shipped quickly back to England without his Unit in order to be taken care of after receiving wounds from an exploding land mine. Will he be able to find Justin and spend any time with him?    

10. 10. Some Down Time is in Order by mandagrammy [Reviews - 0] (2635 words)

The war is over and Justin is about to be released from the hospital.  Everyone is ready to have some well deserved down time after surviving the war.  How will Brian and Justin celebrate their time off before rejoining the real world?    

11. 11. A Day by the River by mandagrammy [Reviews - 0] (3022 words)

We join soldiers, Brian and Justin, as they continue their leave in the countryside of merry olde England.  I want to take a moment to send out a special thank you to one of my wonderful readers from that part of the country who provided me with invaluable tidbits of info to help with this chapter.  I owe you a lot Jackie, my friend.      

12. 12. Magical Places With Each Other by mandagrammy [Reviews - 0] (3114 words)

It is the second full day of Brian and Justin's magical adventure together in merry old England and the two men are feeling more connected than ever before.  Join them as they explore the countryside a little further.    

13. 13. One Last Day to Make Memories by mandagrammy [Reviews - 0] (2510 words)

This chapter simply continues on with the last day of our lover's vacation.  I hope you will enjoy the day as much as they did.    

14. 14. Memory Making in London Town by mandagrammy [Reviews - 0] (2939 words)

Brian and Justin return to the barracks in London and wait the few weeks that they have left before returning to the States.  They and their Unit enjoy the last few weeks they have in this far away place that has given them so many memories.  Then an unpleasant surprise awaits just days before they are all scheduled to leave.  This is the next to the last chapter.  I hope you will enjoy.    

15. 15. A Wondrous Journey Through Time by mandagrammy [Reviews - 5] half-star (4254 words)

The war has ended and now, so has our story. This is the final chapter of the adventures of Sergeant Brian Kinney and his beloved Private Justin Taylor. I want to thank each and every one of you who have supported this story and joined me on this journey. I am deeply grateful for all your comments and readership. I owe a huge debt of thanks to Eka for the wonderful evocative banner and my dear friend Pat for her beta help. I hope you will enjoy the way I've brought our lovers to their last day with us.