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Author's Chapter Notes:

Tonight is the night...the night when all the barriers come down and two lonely men who are forced by war to be in a strange land without family or friends finally admit what has been brewing since they locked eyes for the first time.    

Private Taylor followed his Sarge down the wide staircase to the second floor of the large country estate they were now having to stay at until further orders. He did a fine job of hiding his growing anticipation at the prospect of being alone in the large guest room that he would share with the Sergeant while they stayed at the estate. They had just reached the second floor landing when the door opened across the hall from the one that Sarge was moving towards. The young mistress of the house stepped out and greeted the soldiers. She did her best to hide the disappointment she felt when she realized that both beds in the guest room would be occupied this night. Before she could say anything, Brian spoke to her.

"Mademoiselle Aimee, I hope you will not mind but I have one man more than you have beds available upstairs so I have asked Private Taylor to use the spare bed in the room you so generously offered me. I haven't known the young man long but I suspect he is very neat and will not cause any damage...right Private?" Brian winked at the young man.

"Yes Sir," Justin responded quickly with a snappy salute.

Aimee concealed her disappointment as she smiled at both men and wished them a pleasant evening and then turned to re-enter her own room. She had been hoping to come up with some excuse either that evening or in the morning to spend a bit of one on one time with the handsome Sergeant that she credited with saving her virtue, but it was obvious it wasn't going to happen. She sighed deeply as she closed the door behind her. C'est la vie, she decided. She had long since accepted whatever fate threw at her. One had to learn to live each day as it came...if it came...when one was living through a war.


Brian had been the first to use the comfortably large bathroom that was in the guest room. It had a fairly modern toilet with a chain pulley hanging down and a large clawfooted porcelain tub that could easily accommodate two grown adults. The pedestal sink stood next to the commode and had a large stand next to that to hold several towels and washrags. Bars of lavender scented soap stood in molded swans located on the sink and a small table next to the tub. Brian had luxuriated in the warm clean water as he lay in its depths. It was the cleanest he had felt in months. He had lain in the water and tried to telepathically summon young Taylor into the room to join him, but apparently the young man wasn't getting the message. When Brian came out of the bathroom with the towel around his waist and using another to dry his dripping hair, he could see Taylor in his underwear sitting on his bed and staring at the Sarge for several seconds longer than necessary. 

Brian was disappointed, but not that surprised, that the young man hadn't made any moves yet. It was probably wise of him not to approach a Commanding Officer in too friendly a way without an open invitation to do so. He appreciated the blond's caution. It showed that he wasn't careless or reckless. Brian knew he was right about the young Private's proclivities, but he also knew he would have to make the first move or nothing was going to happen. He tossed the towel he was using on his hair to Taylor, who was sharp enough to see it coming and caught it easily, and reminded him that he could use a good hot bath too. Justin blushed slightly and thanked Brian. He tried his best to tear his eyes away from his Sarge's truly beautiful bare chest and stomach as he stood up and moved to the bathroom. 

The bathroom was still steamy from Brian's hot bath as Justin drew more hot water. He began picturing the Sarge laying in the tub naked and then scrubbing himself all over. The image began causing a disturbing reaction between the young Private's legs. He stood in his skivvies and told himself to calm down. If Sarge had wanted him he would have made a move by now. The man had been stark naked and Justin knew he had communicated his feelings, or at least he thought he had. Obviously Sarge wasn't that interested. Justin turned the water off and moved over to the towel rack. Just as he reached out to lay the towel that Sarge had thrown at him onto the rack, his heel slipped on the wet tiled flooring and his foot went out from under him. He fell back, pulling the rack with him. The sound it made wasn't particularly loud but it reached the bedroom. 

Brian heard a soft thud and the rattle of the rack as it hit the floor. He didn't think twice as he jumped up from the end of his bed and ran for the bathroom. He didn't bother to knock either as he threw open the door, only to see poor Justin in a heap in front of the sink with the towel rack in his lap. The young man looked up at him with embarrassment. Brian started to laugh as his eyes traveled down the boy's body, but it died in his throat as his eyes reached Justin's crotch. The gap in his boxers had spread wide open and Brian could clearly see the full erection the young man sported between his legs. It was an inspiring sight to the man who had not had any male contact in far too long. Justin realized quickly that Sarge was staring at something and he followed the man's eyes. When he looked down he could see that his hard-on was almost fully exposed.

Justin looked up quickly and their eyes finally met. Brian didn't say a word. He reached his hand down to give the young man a help up. Justin rose and stood in front of his C.O. His cheeks were still flushed, but not from embarrassment any longer. Slowly, almost cautiously, Brian reached out his hand and placed it on Justin's cheek. He rubbed the palm softly along the skin noticing how smooth and hairless the cheek was. His hand moved slowly down and around until it was wrapped around the back of Justin's neck. Brian began to pull Justin's face closer to him. The movement was slow and deliberate as he stared straight into Justin's deep blue eyes, as if looking for any signs of fear or reluctance. All he saw was a growing darkening of the eyes as Justin felt himself succumbing to the spell of lust Brian was filling him with. Brian saw the open invitation and decided then and there to accept it. 

Brian's mouth clamped down on Justin's. Their hot breaths mingled as both men swiftly opened their mouths and began to explore the warmth each offered inside. Hands suddenly took on lives of their own as both men started touching and testing each others flesh. Their kisses deepened as their hands pinched, poked, prodded, squeezed, rubbed on chests, arms, necks, shoulders, and backs. Soon both men had lowered their arms and they began filling their hands with round firm buttocks. As they continued to kiss, they both grabbed onto the other's rounded globes and used their hands to pull their bodies closer together. Somehow, Brian's towel had dropped from his waist and lay in a puddle on the floor at his feet. Justin's cock had slipped through the gap in his boxers and was aimed straight at Brian. As their bodies connected, they both could feel the rock hard rods that touched each other. 

Brian began moaning softly as he rubbed his front against Justin. Justin echoed the sound as he did the same. Both men relished the feel of another man's hard cock against his skin. It had been too long for both of them. They continued to knead asses and rub cocks together for some time, reveling in the feelings it gave them, but soon it was not enough. By now they had been forced to stop kissing to gather more oxygen into their lungs. Justin spoke first.

"I want to taste you...please," he begged huskily.

Brian stepped back and leaned against the bathroom wall. He kicked the towel away. Justin knew what it meant. He slipped down to his knees on the floor. He grabbed a handful of what he thought was the most magnificent penis he'd ever seen. Brian watched as the young blond played with his new found toy. He ran his hand up and down the length of the hard-on and then gently placed the tip of his tongue right at the slit . He tasted the heady pearl drop that waited for him there. It inflamed Justin further. He began piercing the slit with his hardened tongue and then licking all around the head of the cock with his tongue flattened. Each time a shiny drop appeared, Justin would stab at it again.

Brian threw back his head onto the bathroom wall and closed his eyes tight. The sensations were overwhelming. Justin was literally teasing his cock. He licked, he poked, he nibbled, but he had not engulfed Brian. Just as Brian thought he couldn't wait any longer, Justin suddenly opened his mouth wide and encircled the tip of the cock-head with his soft lips. Justin may or may not have had much experience in giving head...Brian didn't really know...but he certainly was skilled at it. He had covered his teeth perfectly and suddenly swallowed all of Brian in one fell swoop. His tongue danced along the underside of Brian's cock. After some moments at that task, Justin pulled back until he had only the cock-head between his lips again. He put his tongue to good use once more, poking and prodding, and then went down on Brian again. 

Justin repeated this torturous procedure over and over while playing with Brian's ball sac with one hand and probing between the older man's ass cheeks with the other. Brian's breath had become ragged and harsh. He was now doing his best to hold back. The feelings were just too good to give up willingly. Finally, Brian realized he couldn't hold back any longer. He tapped Justin on the head. Justin peered up with his mouth half full.

"Watch out! I'm going to shoot!" Brian huffed out.

Justin's lips curled up into a smile. He engulfed Brian to the hilt again and began sucking the man off with gusto. Within seconds, Brian let out a low groan and released the explosive orgasm that had been building up inside him. Justin swallowed gratefully and continued to suck until there was nothing left for Brian to give him. He pulled away and stood up. Brian pulled him close and kissed him with deep gratitude, tasting himself on Justin's lips. Brian had plenty of experience before this but he could not ever remember feeling such an intense orgasm before. This young man was truly talented. If he was really lucky he would be able to partake of Taylor's talent more than once. For now, it was time to offer the young man equal time.

Brian walked into the bedroom and checked the door. It was locked. He had no doubt that no one would be bothering them tonight but one couldn't be too careful. He could always claim he locked it absent mindedly, if any questions came up. Justin had followed him into the bedroom. Brian walked over to Justin and pushed the young man down onto one of the beds. 

"My turn," he said, grinning lustfully.

Brian pulled Justin's boxers off of him and dropped them to the floor. He knelt down at the end of the bed and spread Justin's legs apart. He immediately began licking up Justin's right leg from his calf to his thigh. Justin sat up on his elbows and watched as his silky haired C.O. made quick work of first one leg and then the other. The tiny pale hairs on Justin's legs caused his skin to tingle as Brian's tongue danced across them. Brian decided quickly to repay Justin's torture with some of his own. He ran his tongue through the curly hairs of Justin's pubes, wetting them down. He grabbed hairs and gently yanked on them with his teeth. He ran his tongue between Justin's legs getting as close as he could to the upright cock, yet never quite touching it. He used his fingers to raise Justin's full almost hairless ball sac and flick his tongue all around its circumference, still avoiding the pole that jutted above it. 

Justin fell back on the bed. He wanted to weep. The feeling of Sarge's tongue was sparking every nerve ending in his lower body, but his poor manhood was feeling desperately deprived. More than anything, Justin wanted the feel of that silken tongue on his shaft. He whimpered as quietly as humanly possible for the man to give him mercy...to wrap those warm lips around his cock and suck for dear life. He knew that if Sarge waited too much longer he would be unable to withhold his orgasm and he would not get to share himself fully with the man who was bringing him so much pleasure. Brian's senses began to warn him of the same thing. He could see Justin tensing up. He stopped his movements as quickly as he had begun them.

Brian waited for a moment and then got a firm hold on the base of Justin's cock. He placed his lips on the tip and suckled like a baby at the breast. Justin's hips automatically jerked upwards, trying to force his cock into Brian's open mouth. Brian grinned around the truly beautiful penis and then slowly lowered his mouth downwards until he had the tool completely engulfed. Brian knew it was time to get serious. He began fucking Justin's cock in earnest...rising and falling over and over, sucking his cheeks in with each stroke. He didn't have to work too hard. Justin was already too far gone to hold off for any length of time. With a mighty push he spilled out his seed into Brian's throat as the man gulped it all down like nectar from the gods. 

Both men were now breathing hard from their efforts. Brian slid up beside Justin to lay down next to him. The bed was narrow but they were too close to each other to fall off. Brian turned and smiled at the flushed young soldier. He reflected on how no one had ever tasted better. Nor had anyone felt so good to him as he explored his body. This young man was one in a million and Brian congratulated himself on being lucky enough to get the young man into his squad. It was war time and this was the military so there was no way of knowing how long they would be in close proximity of each other, but one thing Brian was sure of...he wanted to have more sessions like this with his young Private. He knew he was taking his life into his own hands, and young Taylor's too for that matter, but Brian was starved for what they had just shared. In truth, he wanted more...much more. In the past he was happy enough just to get a good blow job or fucking and then move on. For some strange reason, he didn't want this to be the one and only time he shared sex with this young man. He knew he'd have to be extremely cautious, but if Taylor was willing he already knew he was going to take the risk.

Justin saw his Sarge smile at him with a look of total satisfaction. He felt shamelessly proud of himself for bringing that look to the man's face. He knew he could be heading into untold misery for giving in to his desires, and that his Sarge could be in even worse trouble for messing with a subordinate, but he forced himself to dismiss the thought. If Sarge wanted him again he would be there in a New York minute. He had felt something more than physical with Sarge. The sex was great, but there was something more. Justin couldn't put his finger on it, but he knew that it would kill him if he could never touch this magnificent man again. He prayed Sarge would want him as much as he wanted the Sarge. 

The men rested for a bit longer and then got up. Justin went back to the bathroom to take his bath. Brian joined him and the men talked for what seemed ages as the older man sat outside the tub and occasionally gave the Private a scrub on his back or shoulders. Once they were both back in the bedroom, Brian unlocked the door and they each climbed into their own bed. Brian kissed Justin one last time before turning out the light and settling in for the night. Their talk had confirmed one thing for certain. There would be more nights like this whenever or wherever it was safe to do so. 

To be continued.......................

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