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“Okay, thanks Alfred! I will tell them. Love to Mildred.” Ted hung up the phone, fist pumping into the air.

“Well, Schmidt, what has put that high-and-mighty, I’m-fabulous-in-my-nerdy-sort-of-way look on your face?” Brian asked, smirking.

“Brian, behave,” Justin admonished mildly. “I take it you’ve received some good news, Ted.”

Ted smiled while rolling his eyes in good nature at Brian. “The best. In fact, several facets to make the best of the best best news!”

“Well Theodore, don’t keep us in suspense, especially since if I hear you utter ‘best’ one more time in succession I might slug you,” Brian demanded, although there was a definite twitch to his lips.

“Well first, I… Jennifer, you need to be included.” They waited for her to join them, leaving Emmett and Daphne to their own conversation. “That was Alfred Schultz on the phone. Justin, I am pleased to tell you that even after taxes you are $840 thousand dollars richer. The sales from the condos went through and have been paid in full.”

“And the sale of Taylor Electronics?” Jennifer asked. She could barely contain her excitement. Justin would never have to worry about money again and she couldn’t help but be incredibly happy about that.

“That has also been finalized, to the tune of... twelve million dollars. The new owners also wish to offer you a share, if you choose to take it. As your financial advisor, I would suggest you take it. I’ve seen their business model, and I have to say that although I know nothing about the electronics business as a whole except how lucrative it is, the fact that they’re branching the business out will yield you untold dividends. They’ve also put a few failsafes in place that makes this a wise investment.”

“What type of failsafes?” Brian asked. He was genuinely curious about what their plan was, in case the stock market crashed.

“They would buy back your shares dollar for dollar should the market crash and the stock plummet. Although, I’ve never seen such a risk taken, they are that sure that if such a thing were to happen that they would stay afloat. I know that between the four of them, they have already poured two-hundred grand into refurbishing the business. Speaking of which, they will be ready for you to take ahold of their advertising within two months, Brian,... if you’re willing to come out from under Vanguard. They absolutely refuse to work with Gardner Vance in any capacity.”

“Ah, Mr. Kinney. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that very thing,” a new voice joined in.

“Senator Baxter?” Justin gasped. “What are you doing here?”

She reached out and touched his shoulder lightly and briefly. She had been told of his continued aversion to touch during her reports on his progress. “I’ve been keeping tabs on your recovery, young man. Although, I know that there is a theory about how politicians will use anyone to get votes, rest assured that it is only that I genuinely care about you. You made quite the impression on me during our first meeting. Your mother and I have been in conversation almost weekly since all of this happened. A pleasure to see you again, Jennifer.”

“And you as well, Diane. Have you met up with my uncle yet, since you’ve been in town?”

“Yes. He’s actually parking the car now. Of course, we had a run in with Virginia this morning as well. I don’t think I need to tell you how that meeting went.”

“Not at all. If ever there was a marriage that should never have taken place…”

“I know. And as I recall we all said the same about your marriage, dear. I still find it funny that in all the years I’ve known George and that woman, I had never met you, only heard of you. But anyway, some good did come out of that travesty of matrimony, after all. I mean, look at Justin.”

The young man blushed at the Senator’s compliment before clearing his throat. “Thank you for being here.”

“Oh, Justin. There is no place else I’d rather be than watching justice be served on those who hurt you. And I’m going to make sure that those others will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This case is much more personal for me than you know.”

He didn’t have a chance to ask her how so, with the arrival of George and Vic. “Nice to see you up and out, Sunshine, even if it’s for this occasion,” Vic said, ruffling Justin’s hair had he had done so many times.

“Thanks, Vic. Hello, Uncle George.”

“Hello, Son. So how goes it today so far?” Everyone filled him in on the Defamation hearing and what had gone on with this case so far. He listened and then chuckled. “Well it looks like I arrived just in time then.”


“You’ll see in time, my darling boy. You’ll see,” George answered mysteriously, as he watched the Hobbs family make their way back into the courtroom. He smiled viciously and narrowed his eyes as the Mrs., Clara stopped short upon seeing the new additions. He made his way over to her in the company of Diane.

“George, what are you doing here among those people. I doubt that Virginia would approve,” she said haughtily.

Both George and Diane released an indelicate snort at her pronouncement before he answered. “No, she wouldn’t. But then the she-wolf is probably off licking her own wounds somewhere. I’m surprised you aren’t with her.”

“Of course I’m not with her right now. I’m here to support my husband and son in this blatant act of revenge on Justin Taylor’s part. Really, that it should have even been allowed to happen in the first place makes me question who we have as judges on the bench.”

“Funny, I feel the same way, since it was your whelp who got away with blatant attempted murder simply because he is sexually confused.”

“I resent that remark!”

“And I applaud it, since he’s correct,” Diane stated. “If you and your idiotic, boorish husband didn’t instill such entitled and warped sensibilities into the boy, perhaps he would have been much better off.”

“How dare you? And just where is your child, Diane, that you can make such pronouncements?!”

“Dead! She’s dead, you heartless bitch! But then you know that, since it was your father who killed her! And why? Because she refused his disgusting advances because she was gay. He figured he would rape her and teach her what it was like to take a real man instead of… only he didn’t stop there, did he? He had to make sure that she couldn’t speak of the horror of what he’d done to her. So don’t stand there and tell me that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, since it’s clear that your son is as emotionally unstable as that bastard’s DNA which runs through your own veins,” she hissed. “George…”

“Clara, it gives me great pleasure to hereby ban you and your odious family from Belle Aire Country Club, permanently.”

“You can’t do that! Virginia will never allow it!”

“Wrong! She has no say in it since she received her own revoked membership papers this morning. The one thing both you and she have oft forgotten in your quests for power and esteem is that my family founded the place. And it’s been passed down from generation to generation through my bloodline, so as one of the oldest living members of my family, with Jennifer Alwin and her offspring next in line… and yes, that includes Christopher’s victim, Justin Taylor, it is my decision as to whether you stay or go. You have your husband and son to thank for turning you into the social piraha you always should have been, even if you were born a blueblood. Your belongings and that of your family’s will be waiting for you on the curb of your doorstep by the time you arrive home. Good day, Clara.”

As he turned back to join the others on the other side of the vast courtroom, he took immense pleasure in seeing her shock, anger, and helplessness as he meted out his own brand of justice to the Hobbs family. He knew beyond doubt that, even if they were able to go to another club for application, they would be refused. George Schickle not only wielded enormous power as one of the founding families within their little corner of their world, but he was also powerful globally, having his hand in almost everything beyond the pickles that made him a household name. He knew and acknowledged that he couldn’t do much in terms of how the law worked, but he could ruin the Hobbs family socially, and ultimately financially. With any luck, for once the jaded judicial system would take care of the rest.  



Mel was surprised to see her assistant standing by her. “Rosalee, what are you doing here?”

“I tried to call you, but I know you that you were in here all day. So I took the chance that you all were on recess. How’s it going so far?”

“I think it’s going okay. Brian and Justin were gems. Plus, Brian won the Defamation case and now Craig is sitting in a jail cell for contempt of court.

“Well that’s a plus. Perhaps justice will really be served this time.”

“I think so, but what are you doing here?”

“Oh, This came for you. It was certified, return receipt requested, so I figured it was important and that you should have it right away.”

Mel took the letter, noticing her mother’s handwriting. She was almost afraid to open it. Her mother was the type just to send a regular letter to berate her and have it certified just to make sure Mel couldn’t say she didn’t receive it. Taking a deep breath, she opened the letter and immediately felt the color draining from her face.

“Hey Smelly Mel, I need to…” Brian began, but immediately stopped at the look of both shock and horror on her face. “Mel? Hey snap the fuck out of it and tell me what the hell is wrong.” Brian demanded, concern and rising ire lacing his voice. Admittedly, he had never seen Mel stunned silent before, but the tears forming in her eyes… well now that had him worried a bit. If he was considered inhuman, then so was she most times.

Mel blinked twice, trying to keep the tears she felt clogging her throat at bay. This wasn’t the time or place to fall apart, but she knew she needed to give Brian an answer. She didn’t like that he was concerned, but she liked that she was causing him worry at a time when they should all be focused on Justin even less. She pulled back when he reached for the letter. “It’s fine. I’ll deal with it later. Right now we need to…”

“You need to tell me what the fuck is going on!” he cut her off through gritted teeth. Noticing they were attracting unwanted attention, Brian half-dragged Mel over to a quiet corner of the courtroom. “Look, I know that we are probably never going to be the best of friends, but I thought we were at least developing some type of… well something, where you understood that you can trust me.”

“It’s not that, Brian. It’s that we should all have our heads in this game. Chris Hobbs is up next on the witness list and we all can’t afford to be distracted by what he and his idiotic puppet-master are going to say.”

“That’s fair, but why don’t you tell me what that letter says so that I can try to get a handle on the situation while you deal with this. I can’t believe that I’m about to ask you this, but please Mel… let me help?”

She felt those fucking tears clogging her throat again, hearing the near desperation in Brian’s voice. She was learning just how loyal Brian was to those he considered important to him through watching his interactions with Justin since the bashing. If she was honest with herself, she’d noticed it even before then, but she would never tell him that. She knew it wasn’t a matter of trusting Brian, but that he’d already had so much else to deal with right now. But… Making a split-second decision, she handed him the letter and watched as he scanned it quickly. Folding it and putting it into his jacket pocket, he reached out and squeezed her hand. She cleared her throat. “Brian, I can’t leave today.”

“I know, but it has to be soon. Let me call her and find out the particulars. Do you think she will talk to me?”

“She might, but my mother can be stubborn as hell when she wants something, and she wants me.”

“I get it, more than you know. Joan is a lot like that too, especially right now. But let me see what I can find out and I’ll let you know. Plus, I need to call Cynthia.”

“Why?” Mel asked, genuinely confused.

“First, because I don’t trust anyone to make travel arrangements as fast or efficiently as she can. I just need to know whether you want to fly into Fort Lauderdale or Miami.”

“Lauderdale. But Brian…”

“No buts, Mel. Let me take care of it.” At his stern look, she finally relented, which gratified Brian. “Glad we’ve come to an understanding about this. In the meantime, I think you’d better get back over there and have a pep talk with Justin. Tell Em to keep him calm until I get back. I’ll let you know all the particulars at the next recess. Do you mind if I tell Ted?”  

Mel’s mind was racing with all of what Brian was saying, and that of what he didn’t say. She didn’t know what Brian was up to, but she knew she would have to leave the matter in his hands. He wasn’t going to accept anything else from her. Her job was to take care of Justin’s situation and in turn, he was willingly taking care of hers. Strangely, the control freak within her didn’t balk at the idea, which had to mean something. “No. In fact, she knows Ted, having hoped that at one time he and I could make a go at a relationship.”

Brian snickered. “You and Theodore? Well no wondering who would have worn the pants in that relationship.”

Mel chuckled. “Shut up, asshole. I’ll have you know that Ted can be very butch when he wants to be.”

He was relieved that he could put her at ease in some way. Mel in tears was something Brian didn’t think he could handle right now. It was all he could do to keep himself from flying over to the other side of the courtroom to break Chris Hobbs’ face. So this, even though the situation was fucked up, gave him something else to focus on, which was a good thing. “Yeah well, I guess Bellweather learned that lesson the hard way, didn’t he? So, I’ll let Ted work his magic on her and get all the information I need to proceed. Meanwhile, you focus on this.”

“Oh shit, what about Lindsay?”

“What about her?”

“She’s going to have a fucking coronary when I tell her.”

“Let’s just deal with this right now. We’ll worry about Lindz and the temper tantrum she’s likely to throw once everything is in order.”

Mel nodded her head and moved back over to their table. She gave Emmett Brian’s instructions regarding Justin and then asked Ted to go over to Brian. By the time she was finished, Judge Lano was re-entering the courtroom.

“All rise…” the bailiff intoned the usual litany to bring the court to order.

“Please, be seated. Mr. Palmer, you may call your witness,” Judge Lano said.

“I call Christopher Mark Hobbs to the stand.”

The cocky young man stood hurriedly, smirk firmly in place, and made his way to the stand. Mel kept her eyes on him, noticing the ways his eyes changed when he regarded Justin, before he could mask them. She decided that she would definitely be addressing that look when it was time for cross-examination. As the young man was being sworn in, Justin leaned over to ask her where Brian was.

“Don’t worry, Justin. He’s just taking care of something for me and should be back in a few minutes.”

“Is everything okay?”

“Not so sure, but all I can do is trust Brian to do what he does.”

“Then don’t worry, Mel. Brian will fix it.”

She smiled at the young man’s surety in his partner’s ability to fix things. She began to wonder what had caused Justin to be able to have such faith in Brian on such short acquaintance, and yet, whereas she had been with Lindsay for ten years, it seemed that she didn’t know the woman at all. The more she saw how Brian and Justin’s relationship worked, the more she realized that hers with Lindsay, although complex in its own right, was in fact, one dimensional. And it seemed that it was all facing towards Lindsay being happy, but Mel being left grossly dissatisfied. It was something she would have to pick apart later when she was alone and could really think about it.

“So Chris, when was the first time you realized that Justin Taylor was different?” Palmer asked.

“There had always been suspicions, since Justin was more interested in being friends with girls instead of fu… I mean, sleeping with them.”

“Perhaps it was just that no one interested him?”

“No. That wasn’t it. I mean, take his hag, Daphne. She’s a hottie with luscious titties, but Justin never looked at her; never felt her up. I mean her nipples are as big and mouthwatering as grapes, how could he not…”

“Mr. Hobbs, that is both inappropriate and offensive!”

Chris smirked. “Well Mr. Palmer asked...”

“He did not ask for a play-by-play meant to degrade a young woman publicly. One more stunt like that and I will happily put your foul-mouthed, boorish self in a cell for contempt of court. Are we clear?” Judge Lano narrowed her eyes on Chris’, making him swallow hard.

She knew exactly what he was trying to do, and it was evident by the smirk on his own father’s face. If they could get a rise out of Justin in any way, including insulting and shaming Daphne, then they could possibly prove that Chris was provoked into defending himself because Justin was sure to beat the hell out of Hobbs. She looked over at Justin’s angry blue eyes and nodded slightly at the man holding him close, trying to calm him. If looks alone could kill, Chris Hobbs would have been dead and buried before anyone had registered that the lethal look in Justin’s eyes had killed the little bastard. For Daphne’s part, she too looked like she was ready to put a period to young Christopher’s existence. It wasn’t difficult to see why or how Daphne Chanders and Justin Taylor were friends. They were beyond loyal to each other and it was then that Judge Lano knew that if either of them murdered the asshole on the stand, no one would ever have a hope of finding the body.  

“Your honor, I apologize for my client’s crudeness…”

“Get on with it since I don’t bit more believe in your apology any more than I would ever buy his. Once again, Mr. Palmer, if Chris Hobbs tries any stunt like the one he- or you for that matter- just pulled, he goes to the slammer. Now continue!”

Dale nodded his head, upset that his strategy of self-defense was going to be a no-go. This is exactly what he hated about picking up cases that his father began. Right now, he was only working with the barest minimum of facts and it was almost impossible to get the truth out of Hobbs and son. The fact that Chris Hobbs hit Justin Taylor was always undisputable, but it was the why that has always been in question. From the way the plaintiff made it sound, the attack the night of prom was unprovoked… and sadly, Dale was beginning to believe that it truly was.

“Let’s move on the equipment room incident… Chris, why did you let Justin continue to molest you?”

“Objection! It wasn’t molestation in the eyes of the law since both parties seemed to consent to it, as evidenced by the ejaculation of Chris Hobbs into Justin Taylor’s palm; there was no unevenness in station, meaning there wasn’t anyone in a position of power during the incident to make a case of aggressive pestering or harassment,” Melanie argued.

“Sustained. Mr. Palmer, I have to ask, how long have you had this case?” asked Judge Lano.

“I was only called in due to the gag order placed on my father for an unrelated case your honor.”

“That’s not exactly true and both you and I know that. But for the sake of argument, let’s just go with it. How much were told about your youngest client, Mr. Palmer?”

“Only that he was a straight-A heterosexual student being accused of hitting a fellow straight-A homosexual student after Justin Taylor made repeated sexual advances towards Christopher Hobbs. Now Justin Taylor is suing for damages caused by his own actions,” Palmer stated arrogantly.

“Two things: you should probably look into the ‘straight-A’ comments made by your clients, since there is evidence that states Chris’ educational records were consistently changed by a former teacher at St. James Academy, who also happened to be his coach and cousin. Secondly, your client was captain of the football team, a situation that has been mentioned by the plaintiff’s side a few times, while Justin Taylor was not an athlete, but an art student. Now if we were to talk about persistent harassment, I think we could look in any dictionary and find a picture of your client’s face- actually, both of them- glowering back at you as they are doing to me right now. So that said, we don’t have to really wonder who the aggressor in all of the related contretemps was, now do we? We already know that Hobbs hit Taylor, but a reason of molestation would really be reaching, don’t you think?”

Palmer rolled his eyes, having his own thoughts discerned so quickly. “Fine, your honor. I will discontinue with this particular line of questioning. May I continue?”

“You may, but be advised that you’re not allowed to tread that particular road again. Am I clear?”

“Yes, your honor.” He took a deep breath, pissed beyond belief at being publicly reprimanded by a woman like that. Refocusing on the task at hand, he knew he had no choice but to move on. “Chris, why did you bring a bat to the prom in the first place?”

“It was an oversight on my part. In all honesty, I had forgotten that it was even there. I’d only remembered when I went down to the car to get some much needed air from seeing the two fa… gay people dancing and ruining the vibe of what was supposed to be a celebration.”

“Why only remembered?”

“I was drinking most of the night. I had been indulging pretty much the entire afternoon beginning at the Senior baseball game earlier that afternoon.”

“And so you spent most of the day and night impaired?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that I was a fall-down drunk but yeah, I was nicely buzzed,” he answers nonchalantly.

“So up until Mr. Kinney arrival, how were things going at the prom?”

“Things were great I guess. Allison and I were dancing. I kept trying to cop a feel but she kept pushing my hand away. The front of her gown was really low; it wouldn’t have taken much effort for her to let me tweak a nipple. But anyway, I called her a cocktease and went to refill my flask of the spiked punch.”


“So when exactly did you leave the ballroom?”

“I’m not exactly sure, but I know I was tired of the pervs and how captivated everyone seemed to be with them dancing.”

“Mr. Hobbs, did you mean to hit Justin Taylor?”

“No. I honestly don’t even remember most of what happened that night, before getting my knee cap busted in by the bastard’s boyfriend.”

“Thank you, Mr. Hobbs. No further questions but reserve the right to recall. Your witness.”

Melanie smirked when Christopher was making to move off the stand. He looked longingly at his seat. She smiled wide and said, “So you must have thought that I was going to give you the same courtesy that Mr. Palmer gave Justin Taylor in not questioning him?”

“The thought did cross my mind. I mean that would be fair wouldn’t it? Otherwise, it could make you look like you’re bullying me,” Chris said with a smirk on his face.

“Oh there aren’t going to be any mistakes by the time I’m finished, young Mr. Hobbs. So why don’t we just get to it. “When did you first realize that you were attracted to Justin Taylor?”

“Objection! That… that’s just an inappropriate question! Chris Hobbs has already stated that he is a heterosexual male, your honor.”

“Your honor, I beg to differ. This is a very relevant question, in that the equipment room incident was the catalyst for a series of aggressive incidents on Chris Hobbs part. That scenario alone spawned the locker room fight, unwarranted suspensions twice from school twice within two weeks, continued and unchecked harassment, including but certainly not limited to vandalism and arson of Justin Taylor’s school locker, then the resulting outing of Chris Hobbs’ darkest secret in public on Liberty Avenue. If for no other reason than to discredit the fact that he could’ve stopped Justin Taylor, but didn’t when they engaged in that little experiment, the matter of attraction still needs to be addressed,” Melanie finished, noting the changes in Chris Hobbs’ facial features as she named each episode. He went from anxious, to gleeful, to angry, and back to anxious all within the time it took for her explanation of why the question should be allowed.”

“Overruled, but counselor, I don’t think I need to remind you to tread carefully, do I?”

“No, your honor, you don’t. As a lesbian myself, I realize that the question of sexuality is a very sensitive one. Regardless of how I feel about this young man and his actions, I will still try to treat him with the utmost respect regarding this matter.”

Judge Lano nodded her assent. She knew what it was really taking for Melanie Marcus to ask this specific question, even if the other occupants didn’t. Although she was not personally acquainted with Ms. Marcus’ current life partner, she was aware of the rumors and innuendo surrounding Lindsay Peterson and her continual obsession with Brian Kinney. Although Lisa wasn’t a part of the WASP nest per se, she still had many dealings and friendships within that world. One of those friendships was the font of knowledge named Rebecca Tucci, who was Lindsay’s first real lesbian lover. It was Lindsay’s chronic itch for dick that was the real reason they broke up. Every year, before she even met Melanie, Lindsay would have a lost weekend to frolic in the pond of penises before going back happily into her own little sapphic heteronormative relationships. She had to wonder if Melanie knew Lindsay’s secret, and if so, why she still stayed.

“So, Chris, please answer the question,” Mel ordered him.

“I wasn’t… am not,” Chris belligerently stated.

“Then why let him jerk you off?” Melanie had expected the defense counsel to jump up at the crude terminology, but he didn’t. She reasoned that everyone, even the uptight assholes sitting at the table, could live with that description.

“I wasn’t thinking. It was just the thrill of having another hand on my penis besides my own.”

“I guess I could buy that reasoning, if it was the only one. According to several students, whose affidavits we are in possession of, and the testimony of Daphne Chanders which is both transcribed and videotaped, your obsession with Justin Taylor was happening long before the incident in the equipment room.”

“That’s bullshit!”

“Language, Mr. Hobbs,” Mel snickered, thinking of how many times Lindsay would reprimand her on her own. “I understand that you believe it is an untruth, but that brings me to the question of why you were staring so hard at Justin when he was getting dressed in the locker room. I’ve seen Mr. Taylor’s piercing and I have to say that unless you are looking for an extended period of time, it is not exactly too noticeable. A small loop of a barbell, is a piece of jewelry that comes in many sizes, but Justin Taylor picked on of the smallest ones due to the imprint it might leave when donning his school shirt. How is it that you noticed it?”

“I- I…”

“And Mr. Hobbs, why was it such a big deal to you? Is it that you didn’t like it? Or that you didn’t like it because of the man Justin was seeing and thought that he may have done it for his attention? Or was it that you wished you had the nerve to do it yourself?”

“None of the above! Would you…”

“No. I won’t. Because if I give you a chance to really think about it, you will find ways to avoid the questions and we aren’t having that. Now, let’s backtrack a bit. What was your reaction to hearing that Brian Kinney had dropped off Justin Taylor at school on the morning of September 20th?”

“It was the same as everyone else, I guess.” Chris shrugged.

“And that was?”


“I can imagine so, but you were also angry weren’t you?”

“Why would I be angry?” Chris’ agitation made his voice sound strained to everyone listening, including his lawyer.

“I don’t know, which is why I asked, but let’s move on to the practice on the football field later that afternoon. According to Ms. Chanders, she and Justin were sitting in their usual spot along the low brick wall by the bleachers. Are you familiar with the spot, Mr. Hobbs?”


“Good. And what position did you play on the team?”


“Objection! Your honor, I don’t see what this has…”

“Your honor, Mr. Palmer, I promise that you will with my next set of questions. What I am doing is establishing a timeline which is something both the prosecution and defense in Mr. Hobbs’ criminal case neglected to efficiently do,” Melanie argued.

“Overruled, but get there quickly counselor.”

“Yes, your honor," Melanie assured Judge Lano, before reiterating her question to the witness. "So Chris, you were the quarterback?”

“I just said that.”

“Which also means that you have a pretty accurate throwing arm, correct?”

“I suppose so.”

“On the contrary, Chris. This isn’t the time to be modest. You’ve performed approximately sixty ‘Hail Marys’ in which you employed a method called ‘threading the needle’ with a success rate of 45 intended passes caught over the last three years since you became starting quarterback for St. James Academy, correct?”

“Yes. So?”

“So, I contend that there was absolutely no way you accidently hit Justin Taylor with a wild football pass during practice while he sat talking with Daphne. In fact, one of your classmates made a derogatory statement that morning to Justin before you arrived at school and Brian said something to him. The recap of that threat was what prompted you to throw the football at Justin, wasn’t it?”

“No one threatens my friends!”

“But Justin hadn’t.”

“So I hit the pansy by default. What of it?”

“What of it is that you let Justin Taylor jerk you off in the equipment room not even six school days later, Chris.”

“I didn’t let him do anything!”

“So you told him to stop, then? You pushed his hand away or cold-cocked him in retaliation for touching your little weenie?”

“Look lady, you try having a hand touching you when you’re horny. You just don’t stop…”

“On the contrary, Chris. If it’s a hand belonging to a person I don’t want touching me, I’m punching them in the eye. So again, I ask, why the violent reaction to the nipple ring but not initial the sexual contact?”

“Okay, fine I’ll admit it. I didn’t like that Justin had gotten it to impress him.”


“Because Justin…”


“Okay, so he made me question myself.”

“In what way?”

“I had always liked girls. There was nothing other than football that I liked better than humping a chick and making her scream in pleasure or pain… it didn’t matter, but then here comes Justin with his soft fucking hands and voice that rippled right through me…”

“You liked what he did to you that day?”

“Who wouldn’t have?! Regardless of it was a girl or guy, it didn’t matter at the time. I just wanted to get off and I will admit that it was the best jerking off I’d ever gotten. When I opened my eyes and realized who it was, I panicked. I got the hell out of there quickly. But it didn’t end… I would… I would crave that feeling all the time and I HATED IT! Not even being with Marylou could make me forget about it.”

“So why stalk and harass Justin?”

“Because if he didn’t do that to me, I would never have a reason to question myself!”

“Why were you really on Liberty Avenue that night?”

“I was looking for Justin. I had heard about the guy he was seeing again and I wanted to reassure myself that he was some dorky kid who I could get Justin away from if I wanted to feel his hand on my dick again.”

“But what you saw was Brian Kinney?”

“Not at first. At first I saw that tall guy sitting over there with Justin and some other older dorky guy. The idiot wearing a comic shirt didn’t even factor in. It wasn’t until I pushed Justin that I came face-to-face with ‘god’ as I had heard him referred to as by several girls. I couldn’t dispute the claim.”

“How did you feel seeing Brian and Justin together?”

“Pissed off!”


“Because he had him!”

“Who had whom?”

“Justin had Brian!”


“And I wanted Brian!”

“But I thought this was about Justin?”


“It was until… All I knew was that if I couldn’t have either of them, then they shouldn’t have each other.”



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