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Author's Chapter Notes:

Gus runs off on horseback as a result of hearing Brian and Lindsey arguing over him. Everyone runs after him to try to save the boy just as a huge storm hits. What will happen to our sweet boy and how will the adults react to this setback? Read on to see . . .

Screwed the Pooch - Messed up real bad.

Chapter 14 - Screwed the Pooch

The three stunned adults wasted no time in running after Gus and the horse that was clearly much too much of a handful for the eight-year old boy. What-ever-the-fuck had been the reason for their not so little spat was quickly forgotten. The important thing at the moment was to get to Gus before he was seriously hurt. The boy was sliding all over the horse’s broad, unsaddled back, unable to grip strongly enough with his thighs to keep control of the high-spirited beast. How the child had even managed to get a bridle on the horse who was more than 15 hands tall was a mystery to the adults, but they really didn’t have time to ponder that little miracle while they were racing to catch up to Pashka and Gus.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.38.14 PM.png

Even Lindsey and Brian, the two fastest runners, really had no hope of catching the galloping gelding, who was taking full advantage of having an inexperienced rider on his back. He was kicking up his hooves, throwing up his head gleefully, his tail held high and his big velvety nose flaring as it huffed at the ozone-tinted air that accompanied the approaching storm. As the raindrops fell in nearly blinding sheets, the sky was split open by an angry bolt of lightning ripping across the rapidly darkening horizon. The bright flash of light startled the unruly horse, causing the animal to rear up, his front hooves raking at the air as a high-pitched whinny rent the night.

Unbelievably, Gus somehow clung to the horse’s back even when it rose up almost vertically. The child grappled onto the horse’s long mane, holding on for dear life, but dropping one of the reins in the process. The skittish gelding was already in a dead run when it’s hooves hit the ground once again, running off down the long dirt road heading towards the small one-lane bridge that transversed the river about a hundred meters from Britin’s driveway.

photo (1).JPG

Gus did the only thing he could and pulled with all his might on the one rein he still had ahold of. The lightning crazed horse fought against the rough control but as it’s head was pulled around to the right, it’s body inevitably followed, causing the large beast to turn and run in a big curved circle. It didn’t slow him down much, but it did allow the pursuing adults to catch up to the wildly careening animal.

“Gus! Gus!” Brian and Lindsey yelled in unison as they ran up to the edge of the roadway.

Brian made a wild grab for the spooked horse’s free rein, but missed as Pashka dodged abruptly to the left. Instead of running straight down the road, the horse was now heading almost directly across the road, aimed at the almost flooded bridge. Brian was pelting across the roadway surface and Justin was coming up from behind the group but Lindsey was now the closest. Unfortunately, Lindsey made the amatuer mistake of stepping directly in the path of the agitated creature just as another flash of lightning ripped across the sky.

Pashka again reared onto his hind legs, his front hooves flailing wildly at the noisy and fluttering obstacle that had appeared out of nowhere in front of him. The hard iron-shod hoof connected with a thud against Lindsey’s temple and the woman crumpled to the ground. The yapping, gangly Great Dane puppy, barking at the horse’s feet, didn’t help calm the situation any - Pashka looked down on the menacing dog with wide, red-veined eyes, and pranced nervously in place for several seconds, it’s tiny brain working frantically to figure out a way of escape.

In the meantime, the momentary pause allowed both Brian and Justin to move in closer to the animal, barricading him against the railing at the edge of the bridge so he no longer had a free path down which to flee. The addition of more flapping humans did nothing to calm the frightened horse, though. He couldn’t run, so he continued to rear, alternately striking out with his front hooves and then kicking up his back legs, trying to get away from the scary two-legged phantoms.

The wildly lurching horse finally managed to unseat the terrified child, plummeting him down onto the hard-packed surface of the dirt road. Gus’s head hit the ground before the rest of his little body and he lay limply right at the feet of the now terrified gelding. Brian was trying futilely to grab onto the dangling reins of the bridle in order to pull the horse away, but it was rearing and stomping around so frantically, shaking it’s head crazily, that the leather straps kept dancing right out of his reach. Justin was busy simply trying to avoid the lethal rear hooves and therefore wasn’t capable of reaching the boy.

For about thirty seconds, the air around the violent scene calmed slightly and the rain seemed to let up just enough that Brian could clearly see the entire spectacle: Gus and Lindsey lying practically under the agitated horse’s hooves, with neither he nor Justin anywhere close to being able to protect them. The atmosphere all around the tense group was charged but almost silent for several heartbeats. Then there was a flash of light so close by that the humans felt the electrical current on their skin before their eyes even registered the light, followed almost immediately by an extremely loud clap of thunder as the tall oak tree at the edge of the road about twenty meters away burst into flames.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 2.41.55 PM.png

The horse became further spooked by the crackling noise of the fire taking over the nearby tree. His stomping hooves were getting closer all the time to where Lindsey and Gus lay in the gravel and mud. Lindsey, coming to her senses right then and seeing the gelding’s actions, wrapped her arms around Gus and then rolled them both off to the side. This unfortunately saved them from the horse’s hooves but, as they rolled underneath the protective guardrailing of the bridge, it landed them into the churning waters of the storm swollen stream.  

Lindz and Gus fell about twenty feet, landing in the cold creek water, and floated downstream for a couple of meters before she was able to grab hold of a boulder sticking out of the raging waters. Taking quick action, Justin ran to the streambank and jumped in, ready to assist mother and son, while Brian, who had finally snared one of the horse’s dangling reins, pulled the horse safely off to the side. The former Marine swam with strong, sure strokes towards the pair holding tenuously to the rain slicked rock. Lindsey handed Gus over to Justin’s waiting arms and watched as the brave young man headed towards the nearby bank with her precious son in his arms. The woman, who was still dizzy and slightly disoriented from getting kicked in the head by a two ton beast, knew that she couldn’t make it to the side of the river on her own. All Lindsey could do was hold on with her remaining, tentative strength, watching to make sure that her child at least was safe.

Within moments, Justin had made it to the side of the river. Justin grappled his way along the side of the rocky streambed, pulling himself and Gus from the waters. Brian reached down to assist Justin and his son. With help from Brian, they eventually managed to get a still unconscious Gus up the bank to safety. Brian gingerly held his son to his chest as Justin turned and prepared to immediately dive back into the water. But, to both Brian and Justin’s horror, before Justin even got back to the edge of the overflowing creek, they helplessly watched as the young mother was lost in the angry waters of the stream as a large tree branch barrelled down and caught Lindsey by surprise.  

A look of shock and horror marred both men’s faces after witnessing Lindsey being swept away by the branch and the violent currents; not knowing if she was dead or alive. The rain continued to pelt down around them without mercy. They stood together, arms around each other and Gus and just waited, frozen in space and time, without knowing what to do next.


An hour later, they were still all standing around at the side of the road, but now there was a small blockade set up and the road nearby was teeming with emergency vehicles and personnel. An EMT had looked over Gus and given him a clean bill of health. The boy, with his father and Justin standing nearby, was sitting on a camp chair under a canopy tent that had been erected by the Sheriff’s office while they were all being questioned by a deputy. Everyone was draped with blankets that the EMT had handed out and they looked like a bunch of half-drowned rats.

“Mama’s going to be okay, right Dad? I mean, she is coming back . . . isn’t she?” Gus finally asked the question he’d been holding back ever since they had pulled him out of the water.

“I don’t know, Sonnyboy . . . I hope so, but . . . I don’t know,” Brian answered as truthfully as he was able to, all the while watching the obviously hopeless search effort going on down at the riverside.

“Don’t worry buddy, no matter what happens, we won’t leave her behind,” Justin assured his small friend, hugging the boy to his side to comfort him.

It didn’t seem like there was anything more the three of them could do, and by this point Gus was shivering so badly in his wet clothes that his teeth were audibly chattering, so the threesome started the long trek back to Britin. Justin wasn’t quite sure that he was welcome, but he couldn’t rest until he made sure that Gus was safe and that Pashka got a good once over himself. Both the shaken youth and the quivering gelding had been through quite the traumatic ordeal in the past few hours.

The three parted ways at the house, with Brian taking his son inside to get him into dry clothes. JB seemed torn by which group he should follow, choosing at the last minute to stay with his young master and attentively trailing Gus into the house. Justin was intent on making sure everything was okay in the barn, even though he was just as wet and cold. Even from the driveway, Justin could see that several of the outer stall doors were flapping around in the wind from the storm - probably scaring the shit out of the high-blooded horses inside. He stopped inside the barn just long enough to pull on a pair of tall rubber boots before he headed around to the paddock area and spent the next twenty minutes trying to secure all the stall doors while he waded around in the muck of the horses’ runs in ankle-deep mud.

Brian was finally able to get Gus bathed and put to bed pretty easily. The boy was utterly exhausted after his long day. As soon as Brian was assured that his son was warm and dry, he immediately started to wonder if Justin was still on the grounds. Pulling on a dry jacket, Brian headed back out into the storm, which seemed not to have abated at all.

“Justin? JUSTIN!” Brian yelled when he couldn’t find the younger man anywhere inside the barn. “Justin, where the fuck ARE you?”

Just then Brian heard hammering on the outside of the south wall of the barn and, with a resigned sigh, he marched back out into the rain once again. Brian found Justin beside the barn repairing a damaged plank of wood and resecuring the latch that was supposed to hold the upper portion of the stall door closed. Just as Brian neared, an unforgiving gust of wind whipped around the end of the barn and grabbed onto the unsecured door, hurling it towards the back of Justin’s head. Brian intercepted it at the last minute and pushed Justin quickly out of the way before it hit him hard across the back of his skull.

“Shit!” Justin muttered as his shoulder hit the wall of the barn where he was thrown, missing getting gashed by the heavy wooden door by only inches.

Brian reached out and, without saying anything, pulled Justin back to his feet, wrapping his arms around the smaller form and holding on tight while they stood together with the rain still pelting down on them. “I got you,” Brian finally whispered, as his lips ghosted over Justin’s.

“Brian . . . wait, we need to talk . . . about Ben. I know what happened to your brother. Gus showed me a picture of him today and I finally realized who Ben was. I was . . . I was there . . . Ben wasn’t killed by friendly fire, Brian. It was a sniper. And he died trying to get his men out of there safely. He did everything right. It wasn’t anyone’s fault.” Justin spoke tentatively but seeing that he had Brian’s full attention, he continued with more strength. He started from the night of the raid and forged straight through to the day he wound up on Brian’s doorstep.

“. . . so when I found your picture, I knew I had to come and find you . . . to thank you for saving my life more times than I deserve.”

Brian grabbed the back of Justin’s head and rested his forehead against the blond’s, looking into his eyes for any hint of deceit. The clear blue eyes showed nothing other than pure honesty and heartfelt sincerity.

Still holding the back of Justin’s head with his hands, Brian caressed the golden threads of wheaten hair, the balls of his fingertips massaging the scalp. At the same time, Brian’s other hand found its way to Justin’s hip, pulling him closer until their hard cloth-covered dicks touched.  

Brian leaned in to place sweet, nibbling kisses along Justin’s full lower lip. Justin slipped out his tongue to lick along Brian’s upper lip and wrapped his arms around Brian’s slim waist, increasing the cock on cock contact. Justin let his hands slip down further to caress the round globes of Brian’s beautiful ass. Brian’s arm snaked further around Justin’s waist, pulling the smaller body as close to his own as was physically possible, all the while never relinquishing contact with those perfectly soft, coral-pink lips.

“You know, Sunshine, you’re making it very hard for me to stay mad at you,” Brian admitted when he finally stopped for a breath. The only reply he got from the gasping blond was to feel Justin begin to slowly grind his hips against Brian’s thigh, clearly demonstrating that no words were really needed anymore. This suited Brian just fine, as he had no idea of what to say to Justin at the moment anyway.

Justin’s strong, calloused hand trailed around the back of Brian’s neck and pulled the taller man down far enough so that their wordless lips were once again locked together. For innumerable minutes, the kiss was interrupted only by the occasional nip of teeth as one or the other’s lips were taken hostage before they could try and escape the intense coupling. Breathing became almost irrelevant. The need to stay connected overrode any mere physical form of gratification. The cold runnels of raindrops cascading down from the eaves of the barn onto their sopping wet clothing didn’t even register. Neither did the gusting wind or the repetitive pounding of the loose stall door slapping woodenly against the stable wall. The only thing that was important at that exact moment was staying acutely aware of the one warm body pressed against the other.

It was only when Brian started to move forward a step, intent on pinning Justin’s writhing body more firmly against the wood siding of the barn so that he could get better leverage to ravage the blond properly, and his prada boot squelched in the sucking mud of the horse run, almost pulling all the way off, that Brian realized they were still outside in the middle of a storm.

“Sunshine, what do you say to moving this little dalliance out of the rain,” Brian proposed with a chuckle, his hand pushing back the drenched blond locks off Justin’s forehead at the same time.

“Well that works perfectly for what I have in mind, Mr. Kinney,” Justin replied with a cheeky grin, twining his fingers with Brian’s and tugging the larger man after him through the closest open stall into the relative calm of the musty barn.

Giggling like a school boy instead of the seasoned Marine that he was, Justin led his willing playmate towards the pile of straw bales stacked against the far end of the main aisle. He pulled an old horse blanket off a hook on the wall as they passed by, and then tossed it over the nearest contiguous bales, creating a neat little raised bed, just perfect for the two horny men. Justin then turned and forcefully pushed an unprotesting Brian down onto the makeshift pallet, falling on top of him in the process, and proceeded to whisper every little dirty thing he planned to do to Brian’s body hotly in his ear.

Hearing Justin’s filthy suggestions caressing along his ear, Brian grabbed ahold of the neckline of Justin’s shirt and, with a loud rip, tore it away from his Marine’s hot and sweaty chest in a lust induced frenzy. Brian’s tongue instantly latched onto the first dusky-colored nipple he could get access to. He slowly made teasing circles around the sensitive nub, until it was a hardened pebble between his lips, allowing him to take a satisfying little nibble that elicited a deep moan from the young blond. Rolling them both over so that he now had his blond lover trapped beneath him, Brian ran his eager nose along Justin's sweaty chest and underarms enjoying the clean, manly aroma, letting the musky scent drive him even more wild while his hands continued south.

Justin’s hands were almost as busy, only going slightly slower in an effort to remove Brian’s designer shirt without the accompanying ripped fabric. He managed to get the first four buttons undone the correct way, before giving up and biting off the last two so he could get to the warm olive-toned skin under all that unnecessary clothing as soon as possible. He felt such an amazing sense of relief when his hands were finally able to caress the broad expanse of Brian’s well-toned chest that he almost lost track of where he was headed. For several long seconds Justin simply let his hands run softly over every inch of the heated skin, wallowing in the silky texture of Brian’s smooth chest, his firm abs and his well-formed shoulders.

“Brian . . . Brian. Fuck, Brian. I’ve wanted you since the first morning I found your picture,” Justin panted, his hips automatically shifting in order to help out as Brian unzipped his jeans and started pushing them over his ample rear.

“Don’t worry Sunshine, you’ll have me . . . all of me. Now just relax and enjoy it,” Brian whispered, standing up briefly so that he could rid himself of his pants as efficiently as possible.

The glorious sight of Brian standing naked above him was almost more than Justin could handle. “You’re so beautiful, Brian. Fuck! I thought you were too gorgeous to be real when you were only a photograph. But, seeing you here, in the flesh, My Angel, you’re breathtaking. You are . . . you’re a fucking god-damned angel, Brian. My Angel. Mine . . .” the impassioned younger man moaned as his skin flushed with an electric tingle and goose bumps arose along his shoulders and arms.

“Yours . . .” Brian murmured in response without even thinking about it as he shook his rain-wet hair, letting droplets fly every-which-way, before he crawled back up onto the bed of straw bales and stretched himself out over the expanse of his lover’s creamy lengths, his body pushing for more than intermittent involuntary declarations of love. “Put your legs up . . . on my shoulders. That’s it . . . I’m going to fuck you now, Sunshine. I’m going to fuck you so well and so hard that you won’t be able to walk back to the house when we’re done. And you, Sunshine, are going to scream my name so loud that the fucking horses bolt. Are you ready?” Brian intoned lustily just before he bit off the top of the condom packet he’d fished out of his discarded pants’ pocket and adroitly rolled it down the shaft of his cock one-handed, all the while peppering the sleek alabaster skin of his boy with wet open-mouthed kisses wherever and whenever he could reach.

Crazed with passion and completely unable to take it slowly, Brian placed his sheathed cock at Justin’s pulsing entrance. There was no time for any further preparation. Both men wanted and needed this right now - their urgency was almost palpable. A moment later, Justin felt the blunt tip of Brian’s heated flesh push eagerly against his puckered hole before it insistently slipped slowly past the first ring of tight muscle, causing him to hiss at the initial pain. Despite the small sounds of discomfort he couldn’t hold back, Justin felt his hips thrust upward, his back arching erotically as his body strove to force his lover deeper and deeper, the need to feel all of Brian at once driving him to transcend any slight pain as he strove towards the pleasure he knew was waiting.

Soon the sounds of unadulterated pleasure echoed off the stable walls. Brian thrust in and out of his strong young lover’s body, frantically chasing what could very well be the best orgasm he’d ever have the pleasure of experiencing. He was overwhelmed by the sensations he was experiencing as his cock kept delving into the wondrous depths of his generous lover, every ridge and twist of the welcoming chanel gripping his cock with an unearthly warmth that seemed to radiate out through his whole body.

The repetitive in and out, the pulsing thrusts, the gripping and pulling as he pummelled into that willing blond body was like pure ambrosia. Brian had never experienced such heights of pleasure, no matter how many male bodies he’d penetrated or how many mouths he’d fucked. This - this right here - was something different. This was what it was all supposed to be about. This was the ultimate delight. This feeling was the epitome of true happiness. Brian couldn’t fathom how he’d managed to go his whole life without even coming close to experiencing such bliss. Everything else up to this moment was only practice for the ultimate in pleasure that he was now being subjected to as he continued to revel deep in the inner sanctuary of his intense and generous lover.

Brian couldn’t hold back much longer. Based on the sounds emanating from Justin, the youth wouldn’t be able to hold himself back more than a few moments either. Brian took the blond’s weeping cock in his hand, gave it a couple of pulls at the same time he thrust himself deeper into Justin than he thought was possible. The twin stimulation was just enough to push Justin over the edge. Ropes of thick white come erupted, shooting out and decorating Brian’s chest, the horse blanket and the barn wall next to them with images of love. All the while, Brian could feel the younger man’s body trembling in his arms even as his own body started into its own sweet, evocative, convulsions of delight. Brian answered with his own release moments later, accompanied by a low satisfied growl. Somehow even the bales of straw under them seemed to quiver as the world went temporarily black outside while the colors inside Brian’s brain exploded in bright splashes of orange, red and yellow.

“Fuck . . .” Brian panted, collapsing on Justin, “Fuck, Justin . . . Love . . . You. . .”

And, if the monumental orgasm Justin had recently succumbed to hadn’t taken his breath away, Brian’s unconscious declaration would have done it. “My Angel . . .” Justin gasped, as his heart pounded unrelentingly in his chest from the brunet’s mere words.

Several minutes of staring intently into each others’ eyes ensued, before both men had recovered their senses enough to realize that they had descended dangerously close to lesbionic sentimentalism. With an uncharacteristically joyful laugh, Brian jumped up off the psuedo bed and enthusiastically pulled Justin after him. He flung open the big main door at the front of the barn and, naked as a couple of mole rats, the normally stoic older man led his unresisting lover outside, back into the rain. With a childlike abandon, Brian embraced Justin and started dancing around the grass-covered yard, giggling and laughing in a way he hadn’t let himself in more than two decades, spinning his dance partner around and then dipping him, almost bending him in half, as his blond tresses came precariously close to sweeping across the soiled, rain drenched ground.

During all this light-hearted frivolity, Brian lost his footing in the slick grass and puddles of mud. His arms wheeled, trying to catch his balance. Unfortunately, he landed ass first in the closest mud puddle, a shocked look on his face which then turned to mirth. Justin, at first almost as shocked as Brian by the older man’s tumble, eventually reached down to help Brian up, laughing all the while. Brian accepted his hand but, instead of taking the assistance, he pulled his laughing lover down on top of him and immediately rolled Justin under him, slipping and sliding in the mud around them. Justin, caught off-guard, did nothing to stop his fall. Brian followed up with a handful of mud squelched intentionally in Justin’s face. As soon as the young blond caught his breath, he retaliated with his own fistful of mud slung into his lover’s unsuspecting, yet beautiful, face. The two continued to wrestle around for a few minutes more, the two beautiful naked bodies rolling around wantonly in the mud with complete abandon, before Brian decided that catching their death of cold wouldn’t exactly be an attractive look for either of them. Using all his strength, Brian pinned Justin’s body under his own and kissed him silly until his wrestling companion finally gave up and relinquished control under the pressure of the onslaught of Brian’s lips.

Finally breaking apart, the lovers laughingly headed back into the barn and gathered up their discarded clothing then headed toward the main house. There was still a lot that needed to be resolved, but there would always be tomorrow. For now, Brian and Justin simply wanted to relish the closeness that they’d captured and enjoy the joy they had discovered. It was enough for the moment. They’d deal with whatever else needed to be dealt with at some later time. For now, the shower and then Brian’s bed was calling and there was nowhere else either man wanted to be.

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks to everyone who is reading and especially to those who have taken the time to leave a comment/review. Sorry that we've been remiss in responding to reviews - TAG is useless at responding to reviews and there's some confusion about who else will reply, but we're working it out. We DO love all our readers and cherish each and every review. There should be one last chapter and then this wonderful collaboration will be finished - Thanks again to all who read and enjoyed our joint endeavor! J.S.T.

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