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Author's Chapter Notes:


Who's ready for the big sex scene? Well, ready or not, here it comes! Plus, extra, bonus content, Brian discloses a bit more about his brother, Ben, Lindz talks with her father about getting custody of Gus and Justin experiences another bout of PTSD that Brian lovingly helps him through. This, and so much more in the continuing saga of The Lucky One. . . Enjoy! J.S.T.


BOHIC - Bend Over Here I Come



Chapter 9 - BOHIC


Closing the bedroom door, Brian steadily walked Justin backwards to the bed. As the backs of Justin’s legs hit the edge of the mattress he let himself collapse down in anticipation of the ravishment to come. Brian didn’t disappoint.


Brian slowly stripped Justin of his clothing, and as each piece was removed, it was like watching an erotic striptease. As each new expanse of skin was revealed, Brian eye-fucked the nubile blond lounging on his bed. The promise of more intimate contact was more than evident in every look and movement Brian made. When Justin was completely naked, Brian divested himself of his own confining garments, and then slowly lowered himself onto Justin’s body covering him completely and peppering his face with soft wet kisses.


A low moan slipped from Justin’s lips as Brian licked a wet trail from the blond’s slightly stubbled jaw down his neck. His hands grasped the strands of Justin’s thick, sunshine bright hair in his frenzy. Brian proceeded down the luscious landscape of his flavorful blond, leaving a trail of nipping kisses and soft flecks of tongue, until he managed to capture a tantalizing nipple between his teeth. Feeling the fine hairs surrounding the areola, Brian sucked and pulled them between his lips, tugging gently and causing Justin to arch into the touch.


The scent and taste of Justin’s skin felt like sweet nectar to Brian’s taste buds. The younger man’s skin was still warm from the sunshine he’d been in all day. He even smelled like sunshine - hot, musky, slightly sweaty but with a tanginess that Brian couldn’t place. He’d been longing to set himself free, to let himself touch and taste every single centimeter of this man, ever since he’d first set eyes on him. Now, Brian was finally going to get his chance. He wanted to savor every moment of this journey of discovery, although his dick had other priorities and was egging him on to hurry things along.


Giving in to that sense of urgency just a little, Brian moved further down the lightly sculpted torso to run his tongue between the ridges that delineated each ab; reveling in the strength of these muscles in such a slimly built man. The younger man’s skin was so incredibly smooth, Brian’s  tongue just glided along across the pale planes, dipping into all the nooks and crannies along the way until suddenly the texture of Justin’s skin changed drastically. Brian could feel the skin change, the landscape now fluctuating between slick and bumpy. Pulling away just far enough so he could see what was causing the change of sensations, Brian saw that he’d come across the section of scarring on Justin’s left hip. The change in texture was even more noticeable against his sensitive tongue than it had been when he’d touched that spot the night before with his fingers. Brian couldn’t help it - he had to taste and caress the scar tissue with his tongue and kiss it with his soft lips, wishing that the man he held in his arms had never been subjected to the pain that would have gone along with the gash in his skin.


“It happened a long time ago, Brian,” Justin whispered after Brian had spent several minutes longer laving at the site of the injury. He gently raised up Brian’s face so the beautiful man could see the sincerity in his eyes. “I want to move on and let those memories go, Brian. You shouldn’t dwell on them either.”


Brian managed a weak smile but nodded his head in agreement and then went back to his task of tasting the whole of Justin Taylor, quickly moving away from the scar tissue that Justin had said he wanted to forget. Moving more to the left, Brian’s lips found the edge of the darker, honey-blond pubes. He took a few hairs between his lips and pulled as he buried his nose in the musky locks. Justin’s tumescent cock brushed against his cheek, jumping at the contact.


Like a heat seeking missile, Brian’s salivating mouth made contact with Justin’s throbbing cock. Taking the tip between his lips, he gave it a gentle suck and swirled his tongue along the slit and the flare of the mushroom head. The horny brunet moved his hands to Justin’s hips just as he took all of Justin’s cock into his mouth and down his throat and anchored the blond’s lower body to the bed. As Brian pulled his mouth upward, he let the wetness of his saliva dribble down the throbbing shaft. With an audible pop, Brian lifted his head from the tasty treat.


Glancing up at his erotic feast, Brian saw that Justin’s head was thrown back, his hands clenching the bedspread. Brian’s eyes smoldered and he smirked a bit knowing that what was coming next would drive the gorgeous blond over the brink. With a bit of pressure on Justin’s hip, Brian indicated that he wanted the boy to roll over. Justin more than eagerly complied with the silent request.  


Brian inched his way up Justin’s back, dragging his hands along the blond’s body as he went. Once he reached the tempting expanse of neck, Brian nuzzled his face in the honeyed hair, inhaling Justin’s unique scent. Moving his head a bit further down, Brian nipped and licked at the nape, working his way down the spine, sucking and licking each vertebra as he went. His hands added to the pleasure as he caressed Justin’s sensitive sides, working his way to the coming banquet.


Brian’s tongue flicked across the top of Justin’s ass crack, teasing the blond. Worshipping the beautiful and bountiful globes with kisses, bites and soothing laps of his tongue, Brian finally pried said globes apart, eager to get to the much anticipated treasure lying within. Flattening his wet appendage, Brian took his first taste of the sweet pink pucker. The taste was musky and like nectar to his taste buds. That first taste was enough to make Brian’s cock violently twitch and ooze precum.


Making his tongue more pointed, Brian started to circle around the naughty pink pucker, drawing circles with his saliva and every so often grazing over the sensitive, twitching hole itself. When Justin’s low moans turned into much louder whimpers, Brian changed tactics and instead of licking, began nibbling and sucking on the delicate folds of flesh. Before long, Justin’s ass was thrusting back at him, begging for more. Brian obliged by stabbing his tongue deeply into the delectable warm depths, delving as deeply as he could and then slowly withdrawing, adding a gentle bite to the tender skin at the entrance before diving in again.


With each new invasion, Justin was moving closer and closer to a glorious release. Brian’s tongue felt so wet and strong. Despite the fact that he was far from being a virgin, he’d never experienced the intimacy of having his ass eaten before. In addition to the incessant, slippery poking, Brian’s hand had somehow worked it’s way down between Justin’s groin and the now damp bedsheets and was stroking his rock solid dick in sync. The dual stimulus was too much. Before he knew it, Justin was thrown into a momentary sexual blackout.


Brian felt the relaxation of Justin’s hole and decided to add even more effort. The next time his tongue slipped inside, Brian let his index finger join the party. The long digit was able to reach much further than his tongue alone, exploring the intimate recesses, finding his lover’s inflamed and ready prostate with ease. Keeping up the tongue fucking, Brian added in a tender finger caress to that sweet spot, instantly bringing Justin back to the present with a loud “Ahhhhhh!” as the younger man arched up, impaling himself even more fully onto Brian’s finger.


Brian lifted his head enough to look up and see Justin flailing around, sweat dripping down the center of his back, his finely shaped hands clutching at the bedding while his moans got louder and more desperate.


“Ready for more, Little Boy?” Brian asked, his low voice sultry and full of suggestion as he slid up Justin’s back and rubbed his dick between the blond’s tempting ass cheeks.


Justin wasn’t even able to respond, he was so deep into the throws of passion. Brian chuckled quietly, loving that he could make his lover this incoherent. But he wasn’t even near being through with Justin Taylor. Brian wanted all of him - Now! He couldn’t wait even a second longer. As Brian reached for a condom from the bedside table, he thought briefly about just pulling Justin up to his knees and plowing away until completion. He could see in his mind’s eye how utterly intense it would be to slam into Justin again and again, fast and hard, over and over until they both collapsed. But, although normally Brian would have just gone for it, he hesitated. The image of those expressive blue eyes seemed to override everything. For some inexplicable reason, this encounter seemed different from all the previous fucks Brian had experienced. He longed to see the passion in those baby blues. He wanted this time to be more than just a fuck. Brian wanted to feel something beyond the simple momentary thrill of an orgasm. He knew this time needed to be more, different. He suspected that this time, with Justin, would be soul shattering.


Taking a deep breath while he retook control of his urgent needs, Brian raised himself enough so that he could reach down and flip Justin onto his back. The vibrant blue eyes he’d just been thinking about gazed up at him from beneath the dark blond lashes and pierced his heart.


Brian brought the condom pack to his lips, grasping the edge with his teeth and lifting an eyebrow in inquiry. Justin acknowledged his willingness to move forward with a shaky but happy smile. As Brian ripped open the packet and pulled out the latex disk within, Justin took it from his hand and sensually rolled it down Brian’s long, thick beautiful cock. Reaching over to the nightstand for the tube of lube, Brian squirted a dollop in his hand and caressed his latex covered cock. He then added another squirt of lube to his fingers and rubbed some into and around Justin’s spasming hole. Lining up his dick, he gently pushed his way through the first ring of muscles and then waited for Justin to relax. After a few brief moments, Brian felt the muscles soften and, after a tap on his thigh from Justin, he pulled back a bit and then pushed in further - past the second ring, grazing the swollen gland. Brian continued to pull back and push in until he was fully seated, balls deep inside the hottest, tightest hole he'd ever had the pleasure of plowing.


Justin was already grasping at Brian's hips and wrapping his legs around his waist, frantically trying to urge his lover on. Brian was happy to comply. With wild abandon, the impassioned brunet let his instincts take over, thrusting away with everything he had, enjoying every single vibration and throb that each pounding thrust incited.Throughout all, the mesmerizing blue of Justin's gaze never lost its focus on Brian's beautiful hazel orbs. The two men stared at each other, their eyes saying a myriad of things that their lips were too shy to utter.


Their love making seemed to go on forever and at the same time it all came to a climax much too soon. Brian's aim was exquisite, allowing him to hit Justin's sweet spot over and over and over again. It didn't take long before the little tingle in his gut blazed into a smoldering fire which then erupted along every nerve and fiber of the young man's being. With a high pitched keen, Justin came, his jizz shooting out of his dick like a rocket, spraying himself along the breadth of his lover's chest and even hitting Brian under his chin. The tight clutch of his spasming hole was easily enough to bring Brian to the edge as well, causing the older man to shoot buckets into the restraint of the condom. He then collapsed onto his hot and sticky lover, placed his arms on either side of Justin’s head, carding his fingers through the sweaty golden strands as he caught his breath.


Once Brian’s strength returned, he lifted himself from this human cushion and reluctantly removed his cock from the welcoming warmth, taking care to keep the condom in place until he could toss it on the floor. The sense of loss was so great, that Justin let out a mewl of disappointment at the feeling of emptiness. Brian, feeling a reciprocal loss, returned to his original position atop his lover and placed soothing kisses on Justin’s softly parted lips in comfort. They laid there together, arms and legs entangled, for a long time before either man felt the need to speak, let alone move. Eventually, however, Brian thought that he must be getting too heavy. He slid off his perch on top of his sated lover until he was stretched along the length of Justin’s right side. Justin automatically rolled into Brian’s warm body, not yet ready to let go of the closeness, and hooked his leg around Brian’s longer limbs.


The new position exposed Justin’s left hip to Brian’s line of vision. His fingers trailed down, tracing curlicues all along the luscious expanses of pale skin, leaving sense memories of touch over Justin’s shoulder, arm, side and then stopping at the injured and inked hip. This time, though, Brian’s fingers were drawn not to the long scar, but instead to the tattoo showing the set of dog tags. From this angle, Brian couldn’t read the names on the tags, but he knew they would be from people Justin had once loved and then lost. His fingertips traced the lettering as if he could garner the meanings of the lives this picture represented through only his touch.


“My brother Ben was a Marine,” Brian found himself confessing before he even knew he planned to speak. “I wonder if anyone has his tag tattooed on them. His death, it was . . . hard . . . I can’t get it out of my mind that he was probably shot by his own men. It’s . . . it pisses me off so much. I can’t seem to get past that. I’m still so angry . . . so lost, whenever I think about him dying so far away and to think it was all a fucking huge mistake . . . Do you think anyone has his name inked on their hip? Does anyone other than me miss him the way you miss these . . ."


“Every single loss is mourned, Brian. Every single soldier we lose is remembered. I . . . If I had room on my body to remember everyone we lost over there, I would be covered in tats. But, you should know that we never leave anyone behind. Your brother won’t be forgotten.” Justin reached his hand up to cup Brian’s cheek in his palm, trying to provide whatever comfort he could even though he knew from personal experience that there would never be a way he could compensate Brian for his loss.


“I can’t even look at Ben’s pictures anymore. I had to put them all away. Everytime I think about him, see his photo, I feel so empty . . ." Brian admitted, his voice now so soft that Justin, who was only centimeters away, could barely hear the words.


“Brian, I need to tell you something . . . I didn’t just show up here out of the blue. I had a reason for coming to Pittsburgh . . .” Justin was ready to confess everything - he knew this was the perfect opening to let him explain about the photo and bare his soul to his angel. “Brian, I came here for . . .”


*Bang, bang, bang*


“DAAAAAAD!” The reverberating pounding on Brian’s bedroom door and the clamoring for Brian’s attention by Gus, effectively ended the moment of intimacy and interrupted Justin’s confession once again. “Daddy, Grandma Deb says you and Justin need to get your asses downstairs for dinner NOW! She said if you don’t come out of there, she’ll bring up the screw driver, jimmy the lock and drag you downstairs by your dick *he he he*,” Gus relayed Debbie’s less than polite demands with a laugh, not in the least embarrassed by the situation.


“Guess that means we have to get moving, Sunshine. Hold that thought,” Brian whispered, leaving a tender kiss on Justin’s temple as he rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans. “I’ll be right down, Sonny Boy!” Brian yelled through the door while he held out his hand to help Justin up from the bed.




“Daddy, It’s me - Lindsey . . . I’m doing fine, Daddy, but I need to talk to you about my son . . . I’m not sure that living with Brian is the right environment for him. I don’t think that Brian is a very good influence on Gus . . ."


Lindsey had been livid ever since she’d met up with Brian and his latest trick arriving home early that morning. How dare Brian expose their son to a string of random men that would be in and out of Brian’s bedroom faster than Gus could learn their names. She was the one who should be in Gus and Brian’s lives, not some skanky man-whore. And the fact that Brian was letting this vapid little blond whore spend time with her son, talking and laughing and playing with that mutt together, was completely unacceptable. Brian would barely even let her into the house to see her own son, but he’d let some nobody spend hours with Gus? She wasn’t about to stand for that kind of shit.


Lindsey had thought through several scenarios of what she could do. She’d finally settled on the most efficacious means to get what she wanted - Ron Peterson. Her father was well-connected and wealthy. She knew she could get him on her side and he would get her whatever she needed. If anyone could take down Brian Kinney, it was her father.


“Daddy, I really need your help. I want to get custody of Gus back from his father . . ."




After dinner Gus had been put to bed and Debbie had sauntered off to her own suite of rooms. Brian and Justin lounged on the patio enjoying a nightcap in front of a small fire pit, Brian’s long arms wrapped securely around the smaller man’s torso. Both men were relaxed and enjoyed the sounds of the night and the feeling of closeness. After their bedroom activities earlier in the day, the desperate need and sense of urgency they’d always felt for each other had subsided a bit, leaving them feeling mellow. They watched as the flames in the pit snapped and crackled. The chirp of crickets and the croaks from the tree frogs in the distance all worked together to create a bit of magical nighttime music.


The peace of the evening and the comforting feel of Brian’s arms around him after the rather busy day lulled Justin off into a light doze before very long. He wasn’t completely asleep, simply drifting along in a haze, listening to the sound of Brian’s heart beating next to his ear and the quiet sounds of the night. It was probably the most peaceful he’d felt in years. Justin only blinked and purred a little when Brian gently shoved him off his chest to get up and see to the fire. He heard more than saw Brian moving around the firepit, getting two big logs from the woodpile at the far side of the patio and bringing them back to the fire. After a little bit more noise, the sounds indicative of Brian stirring up the fire and the logs being placed on top, Justin’s cozy, warm pillow - Brian’s chest - was back. As soon as Justin was once again wrapped up in the security of Brian’s warm embrace, he let himself drift off to sleep.


Meanwhile, Brian was also drowsing, enjoying the feel of the warm, pliant body leaning against him and the pleasant warmth emanating from the fire. He couldn’t believe that he was here, fucking cuddling with another man, and it hadn’t sent him running yet. Shit! Brian hadn’t ever felt this relaxed and comfortable with anyone before. He tried not to think about it too much though, worried he’d spook himself away. If he just listened to the fire crackling and didn’t think too much about how intimate this scene was, he could ignore the little voice in the back of his mind telling him this wasn’t for him, this wasn’t possible for Brian Fucking Kinney.


Just then the largest of the logs he’d added to the fire started to catch. It was a big pine log, probably not very well seasoned yet since it had only been chopped down at the beginning of the summer. Brian wasn’t at all surprised when the flames licked up the end of the log, eventually reaching a pocket of sap which boiled and then exploded into a fountain of sparks with a series of loud popping noises which sounded like repetitive rifle fire.


Justin heard the loud cracking even in his sleep. It was almost the same sound that a rifle made as the bullets shot out, breaking the sound barrier as they hurtled through the intervening space heading for a target. He instantly leapt to his feet, his body awake before his mind had managed to orient itself. The ongoing popping sounds triggered memories. Justin remembered the way you wouldn't actually hear the crack of the bullet until after it hit because it was traveling so fast. By the time you heard that sharp noise, it was almost always too late to duck. But you always did duck, instinctively, that sound demanded that you act.


While his mind was still catching up to the reality around him, Justin sensed that he wasn’t alone. Someone - probably one of his men - was there with him and the other man hadn’t been as quick on the uptake as he was. Without even thinking about it, Justin tackled the man standing next to him and forced the larger man down to the ground, covering his body with his own to shield him from the sniper attack. Justin was too late, though. He felt the pain of a bullet slicing into his hip, the searing fire, the pain jarring through him, spreading from his hip throughout his entire body. He screamed at the pain.


“Justin! Justin, wake up! Shit, wake up, please, Justin!” Brian was yelling, trying to get the smaller but still heavy man off of him where he’d been pinned to the ground after Justin tackled him. “Justin, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s only a dream . . ."


Brian muttered streams of endless nonsense, trying to reclaim his young lover’s attention and ease him back to the reality of the moment. He was so lost, not knowing what to do or how to respond to this latest dream/nightmare/vision that Justin found himself stuck inside. Justin might be smaller than Brian was, stature-wise, but the kid was strong and tenacious. Brian couldn’t free himself from the blond’s vise-like, protective grip. It took several minutes, and the fire dying down a bit in the meantime, before Brian felt Justin’s breath slowing down and his desperate grip loosening enough that Brian could finally roll them both over and eventually stand up. He pulled Justin up with him, hugging the sweet, tortured man to him as tightly as he could, trying to fend off the onslaught of memories.


“Shhh. It’s okay, Justin. It’s okay. I’m here,” Brian found himself still whispering platitudes to the trembling man held in his arms.


“B-B-Brian? Where . . . Where am I?” Justin fought against his disorientation, trying to reconnect to this reality, this now, but still having trouble.


“It’s okay, Justin. You’re here with me at Britin,” Brian softly said, not wanting to further spook the young man. “You fell asleep while we were sitting together on the patio after having made love all afternoon. Everything is okay. I’m here and you’re here with me and everything is just fine. It was just a dream,” Brian continued to hold Justin, rubbing his hands in circles along the distressed man’s back. Eventually, the trembling stopped and Justin relaxed into his arms.


Glancing up at his brunet angel, all dazed confusion gone and replaced with kindling arousal, “Mmmmm . . . Making love?”


Brian shook his head, amazed that he had used those very lesbianic words - it was so unlike him. He couldn’t deny them, though. Maybe for the first time in his life, Brian Kinney really did understand the difference between fucking and making love. However, this was no time for deep philosophical musings. Instead of letting himself get caught up in such abstract thoughts, Brian swooped down, sucking in those succulent raspberry lips for another heated, toe-curling kiss.


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