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Story Notes:

Special Thanks to Tuneesha Regu and Sally for the inspiration for this. I hope it lives up to your expectations!

All recognizable characters and locations are the property of Showtime and CowLip. No infringement is intended. The original plot and detail therein belong solely to the author. Although it has an Anti-Michael tag, it's more like Michael just being Michael as I see him (and many others as well... LOL). ENJOY!!



Justin and Brian crashed through the loft door after another fucking family dinner. It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't the fourth one this week. Jennifer, in all her excitement at Justin's return to Pittsburgh after going to New York and achieving his goals of securing an agent and having two sold out solo shows, had let it leak to Debbie that Justin was back for good. As a result, Brian and Justin hadn't had a moment alone since Justin's plane touched down five damn days ago unless it was to sleep and shower.

"Oh, fuck!" Justin moaned as Brian slammed him into the now closed loft door. He didn't even mind the mild pain the force engendered so anxious to get Brian into him.

"I'm gonna fuck you... I'm gonna fuck you all night long," Brian said in that sexy singsong voice Justin had missed with every fiber of his being.

"Less talk, more action, Stud. Do it," Justin whispered, biting down teasingly on Brian's bottom lip.

That was all it took for the brunet to start stripping his coveted prize right there at the entrance of their home. As Brian's hands busied themselves, Justin's moaning whimpers inflamed him. He fucking couldn't wait to finally be free of their clothes. Before he flung Justin's 501s to the furthest corner of the elegant space, he had the presence of mind to grab the lube and condom he knew was hidden within the pocket. Flashing a lascivious look in the blond's direction, he began to slip off his own clothes.

Justin wasn't in the mood to be patient anymore. His hands began tearing at the offending objects obstructing Brian's magnificent body from his view. He lost all patience when it came to Brian's button down shirt, not giving a fuck if it was Prada or Nada. As Brian began to free himself from his jeans, Justin slid to his knees. Closing his eyes momentarily as if saying grace over food, Justin opened his mouth engulfing Brian's member in the wet heat.

"Damn, I've missed you," Brian moaned as Justin swallowed around the head of his cock before pulling back. He picked up speed on his descent, humming against the base as he constantly sucked and slurped around the steady hardening appendage. "If you keep that up, Sunshine, I won't last."

Justin released Brian's dick in short order to murmur, "Good," before resuming one of his favorite pastimes.

Brian chuckled at his man's impatience but couldn't deny he was feeling much of the same. Grabbing a fistful of Justin's hair while keeping the hot mouth around his cock, he began to lead Justin -- still on his knees -- to the couch in the center of the loft. Justin's mouth followed Brian down as he flopped back on the couch to get into a more comfortable position. When Brian felt himself almost at the pinnacle of no return, he stopped the hungry twink from devouring him again.

"Get up. I want you to ride me," Brian commanded, using the tone he knew would increase Justin's level of horniness.

Justin's lust-filled eyes darkened even as he moved hastily to obey the demand. He was as eager as he was the first time Brian ever fucked him but this time there was no nervousness. The anticipation of sliding his ass down the pole he'd been dreaming about for the last six months since he'd seen Brian was a potent aphrodisiac in and of itself. Sure they had video chats and phone sex including their favorite toys but there was nothing like feeling a stiff dick inside of him and having someone who knew how to wield it. Brian was the ONLY one he let into his ass so he was definitely anxious to be fucked again.

As Justin was beginning to mount up, they were rudely interrupted by who other than... The Bruckners.

"What the FUCK?!!!!" Justin exclaimed, fuming at the unwanted visitors while still poised to sink down onto Brian.

"What the fuck are you two doing here?" Brian spat just as angrily.

"I mean REALLY! Do you have NO concept of boundaries?"

"I tried to tell you Michael that we were probably coming at a bad time," Ben said averting his eyes from the scene in front of him. Michael had no such qualms.

"Well at least we came," Michael said smirking at the irate couple.

"You really are a..." Justin began but Brian cut him off.


Michael swallowed. It had been a long time since he'd heard that tone from the brunet he considered his best friend. Admittedly, Brian had every right to be pissed off. But he and Ben were there now and it was obvious they weren't going to have sex so... "The guys and I are on our way to Woody's and since with all the family dinners and Justin's business dealings as well as you running Kinnetik, we all thought it would be a great time to get together since you both are always so busy when we call," Michael rambled.

"We were busy NOW, Michael," Justin said through gritted teeth.

"Well now you're not, Justin. So there's no time like the present, right?" Michael smiled especially enjoying the irritation Justin was displaying. "We'll just wait here while you both get dressed."

"I'm NOT g--" Brian started but was silenced by a single finger on his lips.

"Brian, although I am inclined to agree with you, Michael has effectively ruined the mood. And no matter what we say or do short of kicking his ass, which Ben won't let happen, he's not going to leave. So we might as well go, have a drink or fifteen and then we can come back and fuck in peace. Otherwise, if it's not him, it will be ALL of them and we definitely don't want them here. They'd never leave so let's just go do this," Justin said quietly noting the smugness of Michael's countenance even though Justin was sure he couldn't tell what was being said. "Please."

Brian closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose in exasperation. All he wanted was a quiet evening at home with Justin to rekindle what they had going. Off and on, doubts assailed him for no good reason other than the 357 miles separating them. When he visited New York everything always felt new and exciting between them. There was evidence of that now that Justin was back but Brian still needed some assurance that it wasn't just the distance that kept the heat alive in their -- God there's that word again-- relationship but that it would be the same or more than when he left in pursuit of a career. Now that Justin has what he wanted, would Brian still be enough? He was close to finding the answer to at least part of his question until these damn Bozos barged in while they were about to fuck. Fucking bastards!

"Fine, Justin. We'll go but when we get back..."

Justin kissed him softly before leaning back gracing him with a smile. "I'll be prepared to saddle up again for my favorite stallion."

"I'm going to hold you to that," Brian said, pressing his forehead against his lover's as a way to maintain contact before sighing deeply. "Alright we'll go but you two are going to get the fuck out."

"Uh-uh, Brian, no way," Michael protested. "If we leave, you'll just start trying to fuck again and everyone is waiting on us at Woody's. Besides Justin doesn't have anything we haven't seen before."

Justin's smiled with a wicked gleam in his eye. "Michael, what my partner is trying to say is that he doesn't want you to feel intimidated by looking at my size and then comparing it to yours is... well it's not MINE."

Brian snickered. "Good one, Sunshine. So if you don't mind and if you MUST wait, it will be out in the fucking hall." Turning his back on Michael and Ben, he said, "Come along, Sunshine. I'll let you wash my back."

Justin smirked at Michael before dutifully following Brian into their bathroom to shower and change. After a sufficient time getting dirty from mutual blowjobs and then clean again from using the shower for its intended purpose, Brian and Justin finally emerged from the loft ready to get the night over with.


Arriving at Woody's about fifteen minutes later reminded Justin of the old tv show ‘Cheers.' He felt like Norm as everyone he knew didn't hesitate to greet him or slip him their number; or give an offer for a threesome. To Justin, it was just good to be home. He and Brian walked hand-in-hand over to the corner of the bar where the pool tables were. As usual hugs and kisses -- some which lingered from Emmett just to piss Brian off -- were passed around and beers or Beams ordered. It was business as usual until Emmett started talking.

"So guys, we were thinking of having a little pool tournament. And since you both have joined us, this seems like the perfect time," Emmett smiled looking at Brian and Justin.

"Why would you EVER think that this is the perfect time for any such thing, Honeycutt?" Brian sneered.

Before he had a chance to answer, Michael just couldn't contain his comment. "Don't mind Brian's bad mood. Ben and I interrupted he and Justin just when they were about to..."

"Read," Ben interjected causing everyone around the pool table to laugh.

Although it was well-known that Brian and Justin were educated and enlightened men, no one at the table or within the bar for that matter, could imagine the two of them doing anything other than fucking whenever they were together.

Justin shook his head at the stream of bawdy jokes which followed Ben's statement. He saw Brian about to explode so he figured it was time to rein the conversation back to the original topic. "So about this pool game. What are the terms?"

That brought Emmett back around. "No terms really, it's just for fun. The idea is that each couple plays while basically attached to each other."

"What the hell does that mean?" Brian asked while rolling his eyes at this asinine idea.

"What it means, Mr. Kinney, is that you and your partner have to be joined while taking the shot. It will be like you two are playing together, literally. The shortest partner will be in front, the tallest in back. Both of you have to hold the cue together and shoot together. Think of it as foreplay with pool balls. We'll call it the ‘Tawdry Tournament.'"

Brian rolled his eyes at the tall queen. "Have mercy! How the fuck does he come up with this shit?"

"Any position?" Justin asked getting an idea of what Emmett was talking about.

"As long as the shorter man is closest to the table, yes," Emmett confirmed.

"Fine," Justin said. "We're in but we'd like to place a wager."

"Justin what the fuck are you doing?" Brian asked. He was not in the mood to play a fucking game; he was in the mood to play a ‘FUCKING' game with Justin... alone.

Justin lowered his voice so that only Brian could hear. "Did you enjoy having Michael and Ben arrive at the loft just as I was about to ride your cock?"


Justin nodded. "Have you enjoyed all of the many interruptions this week? Mom calling; Debbie calling and demanding we join her every night since I've been back; Emmett and Drew dropping by for no reason; Blake and Ted dropping by for every reason, have you enjoyed any of that?"

Brian shook his head. He honestly had not. In fact, if it weren't for Justin he probably would have fired Ted, locked Emmett away and thrown Michael down a flight of stairs all for the sake of peace, quiet and Sunshine. "What do you have in mind?"

Justin smiled wide at him and turned back to the guys. "Brian and I will play your game and when we win, we get peace, quiet and EACH OTHER. NO MORE unannounced, unwarranted and uninvited visits. The constant phone calls will STOP. When our phones are off, they are OFF. Do NOT send my mother or Debbie around to bang on the door until Brian and I are about to lose our fucking minds. Michael, at the end of this game, you WILL hand over your key to the loft. Honestly, there is NO reason for you to still have it after all these years."

"Wait just a fucking minute. I'm NOT giving you my key," Michael's ear-splitting whine caused all activity within Woody's to cease. For five minutes there was not a sound -- no talking, no moving-- just staring before it registered with the patrons that nothing was going on.

Brian spoke low so that all of them including Justin had to bend to hear him. "You will, Michael. Not that it matters much because by the time you even THINK about coming to the loft and pulling the stunt you did today, the locks and security code will be changed."

"But Briannnn," Michael began to plead his case, "think about it. Don't make such a rash decision based on a twink who may or may not stay this time. What's wrong with you?"

"I could ask the same thing about you, Mikey?"

Justin knew this was about to escalate so he forged ahead. "Brian and I would like two weeks without forced interruptions. It's one thing if our careers have to take center stage or if there is some emergency with the family but what we have endured this week was just plain harassment, regardless of the intentions." He looked pointedly at Michael who had been their biggest and most pesky pain in the ass. "If you want Brian and I in this game, then these are the terms. Take them or leave them. Personally, I hope you leave them so Brian and I can go finish what we were doing before we were so rudely interrupted."

"Hmm... no access to Baby for a week?" Emmett mulled it over.

"Two," Brian clarified. He could see the wisdom in what Justin was doing. This type of incentive would certainly make them play harder than ever.

"Well, it's fine by me," Emmett said. "As long as when you're out and about, you let me know so we can catch up. Okay, Baby?"

Justin smiled wide. "Sure, Em. That would be great. I just need that option right now."

Emmett nodded as did Ted and their respective partners. Ben also agreed but his partner did not. Michael scoffed before he spat angrily, "I don't understand why you need the option. And Brian, why are you letting him restrict you like this? I mean come on, for fuck's sake, he's been in New York, how long? A year? You've been doing just fine without him."

"Be that as it may, Mikey, this is what Justin and I want. What you think about it doesn't compute. You should really worry about winning this ‘Tawdry Tournament' as Emmy-Lou calls it and stop worrying about what happens if you lose. Which you most assuredly will." Brian smiled at the last.

"What makes you so sure you'll win, Bri?" Ted asked.

Brian reached out and snagged Justin around the hips. Turning Sunshine around to face him, he looked down into the blue eyes while grabbing a handful of ass and said, "I've got the best incentive here tonight to win. And keep in mind, Theodore, when I want something bad enough I NEVER lose."

Ted looked at the couple in front of him with a small smile, happy that Justin was back. He'd watched Brian and had many conversations with Justin enough over the past year to know how miserable they were without each other. He would've sworn Brian had hot coals in his ass from the extra pep in his step when he was going off to New York- not that he would ever tell him that. He and Emmett had numerous conversations about Brian and Justin and both agreed that it was time for Justin to come back home. Getting Michael to agree... well that was something that would never happen. The shorter man was constantly trying to manage his suburban heteronormative life while trying to keep tabs on Brian. Ted knew that trying to talk sense into Michael was like talking to a brick wall and expecting an answer -- it just wasn't possible. So Ted and Emmett had given up trying and from the sounds of Michael's incessant whining, Ben had too. And that made Ted sad for the Professor.

It was decided that Ted and Blake would play Brian and Justin first. Then Emmett with Drew would play Michael and Ben. Finally the winners from each of those games would play.

Ted situated Blake in front of him, making sure every part possible were touching, From their shoulders even to their widened stance, they were perfectly poised and balanced ready to take their shot. Brian and Justin had agreed to give them first break as part of their strategy. Not only would they have their pick of if they wanted solids or stripes but it would put their chosen balls in various positions where they would be able to distract the other couple.

It also helped that Brian and Justin had a private wager among themselves. With both of them still horny and unsatisfied due to the untimely interruption back at the loft, this was a perfect opportunity for Justin and Brian to heighten their awareness of each other. When Brian issued his challenge of making Justin come in his pants before they reached home and Justin countered with the same bet, the game for them was really on.

Ted and Blake moved seamlessly around the table, sinking the solid with a pretty steady rate until it was time to sink the five ball from an extremely awkward position in between the middle and corner pocket without creating a scratch. Ordinarily, the trick shot would be a piece of cake for Ted alone. Brian and Justin had seen Ted make that particular shot many times. However, with a partner it would be more difficult as was proving the case with Ted and Blake. Blake who was a left hand shooter while Ted was a right-hander, couldn't quite bend over far enough on the table. He was not only height challenged but he also wasn't that flexible. It also didn't help that in his incessant efforts for trying to find a comfortable way for he and Ted to sink the orange ball, Blake's ass was rubbing constantly against Ted.

Brian chuckled at Ted's obvious discomfort. He'd even thought he'd seen Ted's eyes roll into his brain a couple of times. He'd definitely heard a hiss and growl emitting from the normally staid man. Justin pinched Brian which made the tall brunet laugh all the more.

"Blake, if you keep rubbing against Ted like that you're going to have a lot more trouble than just sinking the five ball," Brian teased.

Blake blushed feeling the ‘trouble' in his backside that Brian was referring to. "Well what can I say, Brian, except that Ted has a not-so-soft spot for my ass," Blake said laughing.

"Yeah. I guess it's the power of a twinkie," Brian said still chuckling at his friend's continued issue.

"You would know, Stud," Justin teased him while reassuring Blake at the same time. "We blond-haired, blue-eyed twinks definitely hold a certain charm, don't we Blake?" he winked at his new partner in crime.

"Yes, Justin, I'd like to think so. It must be a brunet thing." Blake laughed and twitched his hips onto Ted once more causing a visible shiver to race through the accountant. "Teddy honey, it doesn't look like we're going to be able to take this shot from where the cue ball is. I know separately we could but not like this. It looks like we have no choice but to scratch this go round and hope we get another shot."

Ted nodded in agreement but he was doubtful they would get another shot. He'd played with Brian and Justin for years and by themselves they were damned good. He would just have to see how they measured up playing as like this. If the glimpses of their sex life he'd peeped were any indication, this would be considered an easy win for the Dynamic Duo.

Brian took Justin in his arms, first giving him a lingering kiss for luck. Justin wholeheartedly and unstintingly returned the gesture. The kiss was so hot Emmett, Ted, Blake, Drew and Ben found themselves immediately drawn to the display as were other patrons who expressed interest in the game going on.

Michael cleared his throat, annoyed at what he felt was unnecessary overkill. "Today, people. Jesus, don't you two ever get enough?"

"Well we might have had enough if you had fucked off, Michael," Justin said raising his eyebrows and focusing his eyes in challenge at the fidgeting militant midget. Redirecting his attention to his partner, he said low into Brian's ear, "Well, Stud, that was some kiss. Are you ready to win AND lose?"

Brian smirked. "I doubt either of us will be walking away losers by the time this night is through. Just be prepared to give me a big reward when I make you come with your clothes ON while we gain our freedom from family for two weeks."

Justin turned around facing the pool table, fitting himself into Brian's well-toned body snuggly. He wiggled his ass against the bulge he knew was still there from earlier, teasing both Brian and himself in the process. "You ready?"

Brian closed his eyes at the sensations Justin's tight ass was engendering. The hot and cold chills of arousal were already beginning to lick up his spine from the shorter man's nearness alone. Add to that the small things that made Justin enticing: the smell of his hair, the feel of Justin's soft skin resting next to his on the pool cue, the heat of his body pressed against Brian. All of it served as a reminder that Justin was sin and sex all neatly wrapped up in an innocent looking blond. In reality Justin was ten percent angel and the rest the devil with a pitchfork in the form of a perky, addictive bubble butt that Brian didn't have a chance in hell of resisting. And the damn boy knew it!

Refocusing his attention on the matter at hand, Brian quelled his thoughts. No sense in letting the game between he and Justin end before it even began. If Brian's thoughts kept going the way they were, he would cum loud and long and in public no less. That was just unacceptable. "Ready, Jus." When Justin bent over at the waist, arching his back like a cat and re-adjusting his stance so that his ass was pressed even more against him, Brian bent over slightly onto Justin's back and hissed in his ear. "You're gonna pay for that later, Sunshine."

"I look forward to it...Sir," Justin whispered enjoying the slight twitching of the cock behind him.

Brian chuckled low while positioning himself to mirror Justin's stance with only a slight variation since he was so much taller. Interlocking their fingers, Brian kissed Justin's temple once more right before they sunk their first ball-- the nine-- into the corner pocket. From then on out moving together around the table was child's play to them. At least until they had the identical shot on the other end of the table which had stomped Ted and Blake.

The thirteen ball was situated right between the center and corner pockets. If hit too far to the right, it would go into the wrong hole-- being the center pocket. If tapped dead center, the ball would either stay where it is or bounce of the baize and into the center pocket on the other side of the table. Therefore the only choice left to them was to make one small adjustment so that the cue ball would tap the side of the thirteen ball with hopefully enough force that it would coast into the corner pocket without taking the cue ball with it. It would be an easy shot if made alone but with a partner...not so much.

"Brian, let me up a minute. I have an idea," Justin said.

Brian groaned a bit already missing Justin's warmth even though he knew it was coming back. He surveyed Justin as the young blond surveyed the table. Brian had seen that look in Justin's eye a hundred times as he walked around looking at the shapes and angles the other striped balls laid in.

Brian smiled as he registered the dreamy look in his partner's. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Sunshine?"

"I believe I am, Brian. You know great minds and all that. Let me in again, Stud." When Justin re-situated himself firmly into to the warmth of Brian's body again, he rose up on tiptoe and placed one knee on top of the table while leaning over as far as he could. The result was that it would allow Brian to fully drape himself across Justin's back in order to reach the ball while still keeping to the rules of the game. It also showed off Justin's flexibility since his knee was just about level with his shoulder. "We can shoot anytime, Brian."

"Looking at you bent over like I'm definitely likely to shoot... a LOT," Brian said in his ear as he pressed himself even further into the widened V of Justin's legs. He could practically feel their cocks rubbing against each other through the material of his jeans and Justin's favored black cargo pants. "Time to pull the trigger, Sunshine."

Justin's fingers tightened marginally onto Brian's as they took aim together and launched the white cue ball at a medium speed. They held the position as the ball knocked into the thirteen ball with enough force to get the orange and white striped ball moving while the cue ball moved in the opposite direction. Brian and Justin kept a watchful eye on both balls knowing that if they sunk the one they were aiming for, the cue ball finding its way into any hole would result in Ted and Blake reclaiming the table. In any other circumstance the idea of that would have been fine but after the week they had endured at the hands of well-meaning friends and family, Brian and Justin needed this win for their sanity. Feeling like animals on display at the zoo for the sake of everyone else's peace and harmony was no longer an option.

The thirteen was steadily moving where Brian and Justin had wanted it to be as the cue ball slowly rolled to a stop just on the edge of the center pocket on their side of the table.

Neither could help the sigh of relief as their main nemesis hung in the balance. The only thing that saved them now, was that the thirteen had finally found its way into its intended hole while the other still stood on the cusp of another, just shy of falling in. But they wouldn't worry about that now. It was enough that they had made it past the dreaded fifth ball for the stripes whereas Ted and Blake were stuck on the solid fifth ball. After Brian helped Justin straighten up and massaged his hip and thigh to relieve any lingering soreness, the play continued with Brian and Justin sinking all of their balls plus Ted and Blake's remaining balls and the eight ball to win the first stretch of the tournament. All the teams congratulated the winners and while able to take a break during the next game, Brian bought a cranberry spritzer for both Blake and Ted. As recovering addicts, it was one of the safest drinks other than water available at their favorite watering hole.

As Brian and Justin watched the other game commence, they were engaged in their own game involving some verbal cues but mostly nonverbal prompts resulting in sharp intakes of breath, bitten bottom lips and an session of eye-fucking that would even make the most seasoned porn star and the whore of Babylon- whoever he now may be- blush like an untried virgin. Quite a few times Emmett stopped them from sneaking off to the bathroom (with Michael emphatic approval) stating that if they played the game right, they would be entitled to weeks of uninterrupted fornication so they could wait another hour or two. So they continued to flirt and fuck with everything but their dicks while watching Michael play pool like a man possessed. Justin couldn't resist commenting on it.

"I never figured Michael for a pool shark," Justin said it as he smirked watching Michael trying to emulate some of the moves Justin had during his and Brian's game.

"He isn't but he's got something to prove." Brian smirked as he continued to look on.

"I won't tell you my thoughts on that statement," Justin said, folding in his full lips in a way similar to how Brian does.


"You might be tempted to use the ball gag on me and after the last time you did, I told you never again."

"Aww, come on, Sunshine, you know you enjoyed it."

Justin snickered. "Yeah I did but I couldn't boss you around like I wanted to. You weren't pounding my ass like I wanted you to. Instead you went about trying to torment and torture me by denying my orgasms."

"You weren't playing fair with me that night either."

"What do you mean? We were at my art show." Justin raised an eyebrow at him even while sporting a devilish little grin which told Brian he knew exactly what he was talking about.

"Shall I name all the men AND women-- even fucking lesbians-- checking out your ass because you wore THOSE pants that I asked you not to?"

The pants Brian referred to were a pair of brown leather pants which felt butter soft to the touch and molded Justin's ass the same way. Brian had wanted him out of the fucking things the minute he saw them gracing that tight perky ass. His reaction was visceral and he couldn't help the lesbianic feelings of jealousy and possession bubbling to the surface. Every time someone looked at Justin in those fucking pants, Brian wanted to smash something. It didn't matter if they were male or female. Then to make matters even worse, the front view made his mouth water so he knew it was happening with others too. Just as the pants molded the back of him, they hugged Justin's cock and caressed the muscles in his legs lovingly. Brian was close to losing his shit several times that night but held it together for Justin's sake... until they got back to Justin's apartment. Needless to say, the pants made a quick exit into the garbage once Brian literally tore them off.

Brian looked over at Justin, seeing the violent shaking of his near silent chuckling. Justin leaned in closer singing, "You so care about me... you love me soooo much."

Brian couldn't help but smile and nod in agreement. "Yeah, I do, you twat. But you are NEVER to wear leather in public again unless it's a coat or boots."

"Or jockstrap?" Justin asked with false innocence.

Brian closed his eyes at the vision of Justin in his leather jockstraps. The twat had them in various colors: red, blue, black... He still wondered where the fuck Justin had managed to find on in emerald and tangerine. Part of him wanted to take a scissor to them all but DAMN, if the twink didn't look fucking HOT in them. "Okay, the leather jockstraps can stay as long as I am with you when you have them on."

Justin smiled that bright sunshiney smile almost blinding and mesmerizing Brian... and everyone else looking at them. He leaned closer to Brian, throwing his arms around the taller man's neck before whispering, "I wouldn't have it any other way." Then he kissed Brian as if it was going out of style within the next six seconds.

"DO YOU MIND?!" The kiss was rudely broken up by a very irate Michael Novotny-Bruckner.

Justin answered calmly. "No I didn't mind kissing Brian at all but since we're forbidden the bathroom or any other type of PRIVACY for the moment, I thought Brian and I should take advantage of our penchant for PDS... you know. Public Displays of Sex. Feel free to tune us out, Michael, since you really should be concentrating on your game." Justin turned his back and went back to kissing Brian, ignoring the whining and complaining going on behind him.

Justin was much more interested in what was going on in front of him. Brian's dick was poking him in his abdomen, proudly seeking his warmth. Justin rose up against it, creating as much friction as their clothes would let them. He slid a hand down between them cupping Brian through the rough material of his jeans. He was fully aware that Brian didn't have on any underwear-- a long standing habit for when hanging out with the guys at Woody's or at Babylon. Although Brian had willingly abdicated the title of Stud of Liberty Avenue, everyone still respected him as the King, never to be replaced. As a result, Brian still held to his own standards which included everything one would expect Brian Fucking Kinney to be as a living legend in the gayborhood. And Justin was still his undisputed Prince or in certain circles the Twink King. So it was not unusual or repulsive to see Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor practically fucking out in the open. In fact based on their PDS as Justin termed it, many were now hooking up in the same bathroom that was forbidden to Liberty Avenue's reigning royalty... well at least for the night. Before long both Brian and Justin were moaning into each other's mouths while the onlookers continued to watch and gawk, including Ted and Blake. Even Emmett and Drew peeped over in between rounds of playing pool.

Brian pulled away from Justin's mouth to intake much needed air. "Curse your bleeding heart and idealism, Sunshine. We were supposed to be home again and I was supposed to be balls deep in you long before now."

"I know, Brian. But think about what happens when we win. That's the only bargaining chip we had to play and it was either this or Debbie and mom banging down the door again also just as we were about to fuck. They have no fucking boundaries."

Brian groaned as he shifted his pelvis into Justin's abs again. "Okay but they really need to hurry up with this game, Justin. My patience is being stretched way too thin."

"You mean your libido," Justin laughed. "Don't worry. If it's any consolation I'm in orgasm denial purgatory too. But if you'd like, I can solve your problem right now."

Brian almost succumbed to the temptation but he really wanted to push Justin to his limits later tonight. If he blew his load now, he wouldn't get the chance. "Nope. That's okay. I'll wait and take it out on your ass later."

No sooner than Brian had finished that statement did the game end. Michael and Ben had won by two balls. Another round of congratulations was to be had for the winners. Emmett was a little down about it and being held by Drew, pulled Justin to the side.

"Sorry, Baby. Drew and I really worked hard to win. If we would have, we would have mandated you and Brian have your time. I know we've all been pains in your asses this week but whenever we tried to stop it, Mr. Novotny-Bruckner had a whole lot to say."

"I can just imagine..."

"Not really, Justin," Drew interjected. "A lot of it wasn't nice but mainly he questioned your reason for coming back. Ben tried to curtail the conversation but you know Michael."

"He's like a yapping chihuahua when he takes an idea into his head, especially when it's the WRONG one," Emmett said.

"Yeah, I know. But honestly he's the least of my worries or focus. I came back FOR Brian. Not because he asked me-- he never would-- but because I love him and no career is worth the sacrifices we've BOTH made for each other this year. Now I can work from wherever I choose to. I'll have to make periodic trips for meetings and shows. I've already booked eight commissions so no, Michael really doesn't even register on my radar. My life is here, my friends and family are here but most importantly MY MAN is HERE. And all those who don't like it can suck a dick, as long as it's not mine nor his."

"That's my Baby," Emmett gushed, pulling Justin in for a hug.

"Emmett." The stern warning was given by none other than Big Bad Brian. The three of them just laughed.

"Oh calm down already, Mr. ‘Jealousy is for Lesbians.' We've just finished an interesting talk."

"Yeah well last I looked and heard, talking does NOT require touching," Brian said.

Justin shook his head. "Look at me, Brian." When he did, Justin continued. "Where am I?"

"Mars," Brian answered sarcastically. "What the fuck kind of question is that?"

"I'll try a better one then. Who am I here with?"

"Peter Pan. Who the fuck else?"

"Since I don't run around with men in tights, you tell me." Justin placed his hand on the back of Brian's neck, bringing their foreheads together. Justin felt the slight tremor tear through Brian's tall frame and smiled brightly. He wet his lips, running his tongue over them until Brian couldn't help but focus on them which was exactly what Justin wanted. "Stop being an asshole. I'm with YOU. I'm YOURS so deal with it. End of fucking story. Now we have a game to win so that I can prove that to you in PEACE." With a last peck to Brian's lips and the tip of his nose, Justin moved off toward the table, pulling out his cell phone in the process.

Brian's first inclination was to fire off a quick retort which would deflate the twink's ever over-sized ego. But then he thought about it. Justin was not only giving the words he wanted to hear but his actions were answering every question Brian had been asking these past six months. Justin was HERE and by all of his actions, he was staying around for good. With that knowledge firmly to the forefront of his mind, he relaxed his stance a bit.

Emmett noticed the change immediately and commented on it. "It's nice to see you're finally getting it, Brian. That boy loves you with everything he has and everything he dreams. He's grown up and by the looks of it, so have you."

"Fuck you, Honeycutt. I've been grown for a very long time."

"Perhaps in dog years but emotionally you've been stuck in adolescence for as long as I've known you. And don't call me Honeycutt."

"Damn, that's a first."

"What? I've told you not to call me that for as long as I've known you."

"Not that, Emmy-Lou. This is the first time I've been compared in ANY form to a dog and number two, I actually can acknowledge what you're saying and not feel panic."

"See, Brian. It's okay to love someone. The sky hasn't collapsed and there aren't a bunch of naked headless horsemen galloping through the streets; the Apocalypse has NOT occurred. Now you both need to win this game. Warn Justin though, that whatever he tries, Michael will try to use. That's how he won the last game."

Brian smiled. He'd thought so but he was so pleasantly distracted that he wasn't paying attention. "Don't worry, Em, Justin has so many moves he could've have been a backup dancer. Michael won't be able to keep up with the Rubberband Man."

"Strangely, I'm intrigued and weirdly turned on by that statement." Emmett shivered. "Drewsie, Honey, it's time for us to get a drink so we can watch the game."

And with that, they moved off toward the bar while Brian moved behind Justin. Brian bit down gently on the shell-like ear and knew Justin had closed his eyes to savor the feeling. Brian couldn't help the slight smile gracing his lips. Justin was always so responsive and quick to heat up. It was one of the things he loved about him.

"So, Mastermind, what's the strategy for this round of the Tawdry Tournament?" Brian blew into Justin's ear and was gratified by the tremor which raced through the younger man.

"In reference to them or us and our wager?" Justin checked his phone one last time before returning it to his pocket.


"Well in that case, I intend to pull out all the stops. There's no way Michael can keep up with me."

"Don't be too sure. You know Ben is into yoga and all that ‘Earth is mine, Energy is yours,' bullshit. There's no way to tell what he's taught Michael in the bedroom."

"Oh ye of little faith in the King of Twinks. All I will say is remember Babylon and just follow my lead."

"Yes, Sir."

"Hmm...," Justin purred as he turned himself around to face Brian. "I like the sound of that."

"Yeah well don't get used to it. I'm determined to make you my sub by the time the night is over."

"Don't count on it. If I submit at all, it's because I want to. Other than that I am perfectly happy being your ready, willing and able bossy bottom."

It was time for the last stretch in ‘Operation Freedom' to get underway. As with Ted and Blake, Brian and Justin allowed their opponents to break before the play began in earnest. Just as with the last game, Brian called stripes so Ben and Michael had the run of the table first.

While Justin and Brian were watching Michael and Ben play the green, Justin was once again pressed firmly into Brian. He subtly pressed his pelvis back into Brian's still hard cock. It always seemed to amaze Justin that Brian could maintain a hard-on for any given length of time or if need be, he could let it grow soft. It was like one of his superpowers. The other was his capacity for love, which Justin would never say aloud. Brian demonstrated that capacity everyday even if after the desired results are received, the people who his generosity benefited ended sometimes without so much as a thank you. And that was one of the many reasons Justin fell in love and stayed in love with Brian Kinney.

Justin refocused on the table. The way Michael was leaning was dangerous and could do permanent damage to his back if he wasn't careful.

"Hey Michael, you should really watch how you're standing. You could really injure yourself. "

"Gee, thanks but NO thanks, Justin. Ben and I are going to win this game."

Justin shrugged. "Suit yourself. I was only trying to be helpful."

"Yeah well your brand of ‘help' we don't need." Although if Michael were honest and not so haughty, he would readjust to alleviate the slight twinge he felt in his lower back. Getting old was a bitch!

The angle was a little tough for Michael because of the height difference between himself and Ben. He was perched much like Justin was when they won against Ted and Blake. Michael's legs weren't as long as Justin's so it made it more difficult to keep the toe of his boot on the ground, while draping himself completely over the table for the best possible extension. The seven ball almost smiled and taunted Michael with its position in the upper middle section of the long pool table and this was NOT an easy shot to make. The ball was required to make it down to the end where Ben and Michael stood to enter the corner left pocket. After lining up the shot as best they could, Ben and Michael hit the cue ball with as much force as they could muster, launching the white into the burgundy ball. The targeted ball sailed down to the other end of the table as it was intended. However, their victory was short-lived. The sneaky cue ball scratched by entering the right corner pocket at the other end just as Michael, Ben and the rest of the company watched the burgundy ball sail easily into the diagonally placed hole next to the shooters.

"FUCK!!" Michael muttered through gritted teeth.

"Don't worry, baby. We'll get another shot. Look how scattered Brian and Justin's stripes are," Ben crooned in Michael's ear.

"Yeah well, I hope so. I just hate to lose to that little shit. He's already so smug and assured that he'll have his way in the end."

Justin smiled overhearing Michael and Ben's private conversation. "Ready?" he asked Brian.

Brian was also studying the table and wondered how the hell they were going to pull it off. The only positive spin he could see was that because the cue ball scratched, their first shot could be set up however they wished. Unfortunately, the other balls were so scattered, it made sinking more than one ball at a time next to impossible. "Yes, let's do this. The worse that can happen is that we'll have to escape to the house and our commutes will be longer for the next two weeks which means less time for fucking."

"Wait... you kept it?" Justin asked unable to keep the shock from his voice. He felt Brian shrug behind him.

"It seemed like a good idea."

Justin couldn't help the bright smile on his lips as he turned over his shoulder to look at his lover. Reaching a hand behind Brian's head, he brought their lips together in a searing kiss which curled his toes in his sneakers. The knowledge that Brian had kept Britin made Justin so incredibly happy even as it took the pressure off to win this game. Win or lose, Justin and Brian would have their freedom for at least two weeks, their means of escape already assured.

"Who knows we still have it?"

"Only Emmett, Theodore, Cynthia and Jennifer but they won't say anything. When I needed time to myself after the visits to you, the four of them always knew where I was and they kept my secret."

Justin kissed him quickly again before saying, "Alright, Mr. Kinney, let's show these amateurs how to REALLY play pool... our way."

Brian smiled and entwined his fingers with Justin's as they stepped up to the table. Emmett retrieved the white cue ball from the corner pocket and rolled it over to Brian who snatched it up, balancing its weight in the palm of his hand. After a little discussion on the best approach to the yellow striped nine ball, they decided to reenact the same position used to win against Ted and Blake since lining up the shot was almost identical. Meanwhile, Justin and Brian's own private competition was about to heat up once again.

"I swear having you bent over like this is going to make me buy a pool table for both places, Sunshine," Brian whispered in Justin's ear. Every time Justin pressed his ass a little harder against his groin, he had to suppress the groan looming in the back of his throat. However, he couldn't resist growling in Justin's ear when he wiggled on last time before hiking his knee on the edge of the pool table. "Stop moving your ass like THAT, Justin. I'll--"

"Cum?" Justin asked innocently, unable to suppress the tell-tale giggle that told he was doing it on purpose.

Brian placed a firm slap to the perky ass transforming the annoying giggle to an enticing moan. "Now we're even, Sunshine," he said before covering Justin's body with his own.

They cleared the nine in the desired pocket easily while evaluating what to do with the blue and white ten ball down at the other end. Fortunately, it laid side-by-side with the eleven ball, making them easy to set up for a trick shot. Brian and Justin moved into the area where Ben and Michael had recently vacated and decided on another variation on the shot Michael tried. This time, Justin extended the leg raised over the table, resting this head on the green in a way that would allow for him to see the action while giving his partner full control of the stick action.

Brian's smile was wicked as he took in the reactions of those around them. Justin's flexibility was never in doubt for him but to see how it was perceived by the others made him both amused and jealous at the same time. Michael's look was particularly amusing at that moment.

"Close your mouth, Mikey. Unless Ben would like to take you into the bathroom and make good use of it," Brian said, raising a sardonic eyebrow in the process.

Emmett couldn't stop his comment if he tried. "Well for those of us who always wondered what your sex life was like behind closed doors, I believe we have an answer."

Brian outright laughed at that. "Told ya, Emmy-Lou. I don't call him the ‘Rubberband Man' for nothing."

Positioning himself, Brian couldn't resist the urge to rub his cock against Justin in a most provocative manner. He heard the groan escape the bendy blond and filed the position away to use for later tonight. Brian gripped the pool cue, holding it steady as Justin flipped his hand over to entwine his fingers with Brian's. The cue ball sailed down the table sending both the ten and eleven balls into the opposite corner pockets. The velocity of the hit made the white ball roll back to the center of the table and prepared another trick shot for Brian and Justin. The twelve and thirteen balls were easily placed in the right center holes. The fourteen ball went into the center pocket on the left. The made quick work of the fifteen ball which left only the seven and eight ball left on the table.

As far as their personal competition was concerned, Brian and Justin were on fucking fire. Between the downright dirty images Brian provided through his words and Justin's corresponding movements against Brian's cock, the arousal between them was palpable. Justin decided to push the envelope with Brian a little more and he knew exactly how to do it.

"I think you'll be extremely grateful for my penchant for cargo pants now, Brian."

"I still hate them, Sunshine."

Justin snickered. "But you won't in a moment." He handed the pool cue to Emmett asking him to hold it for them. Justin's leg snaked its way up the side of Brian's while he precariously balanced on one foot. Seeing this Brian, gripped Justin against his body even as Justin's leg continued to rise. When it bumped into Brian's arm, he said simply, "Hold my leg and bring it up to your shoulder."

Brian's eyes widened at the request but trusted Justin to know what he was doing. When the small foot touched his ear, Brian nearly jumped since he wasn't expecting it. But when Justin shifted the tiniest fraction, Brian gasped at the closeness of their groins. It was almost as if nothing was between them. Justin's hardened cock pressed eagerly into Brian's, their faces were so close, Brian wouldn't even have to bend to kiss him since Justin was literally perched on the toes of his remaining foot. Brian was never more grateful to Jennifer Taylor for making Justin take dance lessons so many years ago-- exercises and stretches which Justin still practiced as part of his daily routines. Justin chose that moment to flatten his foot against the floor and then rise up on his toes again. Brian closed his eyes at the sensation wishing for nothing more than to be naked with the most amazing lover he'd ever had.

"Emmett, give me the fucking stick. NOW," Brian growled.

"Sure but how, are you going to shoot like...that?" Emmett couldn't cover his amazement at Justin's comfort being in such a position. "When I said you could use any position, I had no idea what the hell I was in for watching the two of you."

"That makes two of us, Em," Brian muttered.

"Bend me back onto the table, Brian," Justin instructed. His voice was as breathless as Brian's was becoming. Every movement the other made, was felt deeply in their individual cores. Justin knew he was risking the contest between he and Brian but fuck he was so damn horny. Brian's whispered words of what he wanted to do and the idea of having a ‘playroom' installed in the new house turned Justin into a wanton needy mess. They weren't all the way heavy into BDSM but there were many elements they liked about it. Justin wanted Brian to tie him up so since that wasn't possible just then, he'd done the next best thing. And when Brian lowered Justin onto the table he couldn't suppress the sigh as their groins were brought even firmly against each others. "It's time for you to take the shot, Brian," Justin whispered against the lips which hovered above his own.

"Fuck you're beautiful like this, Sunshine. All open and mine," Brian whispered back.

"Yours. Always." Justin leaned his neck up to capture Brian's lips. It was as if no one else existed in the space; as if they weren't standing in the middle of Woody's surrounded by friends, acquaintances and strangers just the same. It was just the two of them until the annoying whine broke the spell.

"Will you two stop fucking around and take the fucking shot already?" Michael bitched at them. He was the ONLY one within the building not happy with the display Brian and Justin were putting on.

"Calm down, Mikey. We're taking it," Brian said, his eyes never leaving Justin as he said it. The meaning in Brian's words were meant for Justin alone although everyone else thought they were talking about pool. Justin knew and the bright sunshiney smile was all that mattered.

Justin extended his hands over this head into the middle of the table, just as Brian did the same. They once again, interlocked fingers as they manipulated the cue stick to suit their purpose. The cue ball was directly beside them while the seven ball laid down at the other end of the table next to the corner pocket. Justin turned his head in the direction of their target, advising Brian to pull him further down the table and closer into his body. His breath hitched as Brian followed his instructions but the slight change was exactly what Justin needed to see. With the angle now accomplished, and Justin's free foot placed firmly on the ground so Michael couldn't complain later, they had a direct shot between the cue and seven balls. The only way it could be fucked up was due to less than stellar stick action.

Justin subtly moved against Brian, feeling both cocks twitch in heightened awareness. Brian caught unaware sighed aloud causing Justin to smile. The young blond kept teasing even as Brian took the shot for them. His movements increased as they watched while the cue ball went sailing down the table to make contact with the seven. Everyone was so focused on the action at the other end of the table, that no one noticed Justin increase his pelvic thrusts underneath Brian.

The older man closed his eyes at the feeling, unable to concentrate on anything else. He was pretty sure that the ball would go into the hole but it was another ‘hole' he was focused on entirely. Justin was thrusting against him in a way no one else would be able to tell. The slightly subtle and then forceful full-throttle thrusting happening beneath Brian while he was forced to stand there and take it, was driving the man crazy with want and need. Justin breathed deeply and Brian heard the tell-tale signs of Justin's impending orgasm. It triggered his own as everything seemed to move in slow motion; the only thing mattering was getting the fuck off. Justin moved faster and harder beneath him while muttering filthy things in Brian's ear. The mental images Justin conjured were just as enticing as the squirming blond underneath him. Yes, he could certainly picture Justin in this position against the loft door, or standing on the balcony outside their bedroom at Britin or in shower at his office. FUCK!

Brian felt the ball of electricity forming at the base of his spine, just as the seven ball sank into the pocket. There was no way to curb the gasp-moan-sigh as he came or the tremble of the man beneath him as he did the same.

Michael came rushing over to them at Brian's sound of completion...though he didn't know that. "Brian? Are you okay? This was just too fucking much for you! I knew that twink would hurt you but I didn't think it would be physically. get off of him and I'll take you home."

Brian suppressed the urge to hit Mikey for his accusations and to laugh because of his drama queen-isms. Brian looked down into the self-satisfied yet suddenly-shy face of Justin and smiled into the blue eyes staring up at him. Clearing his throat, Brian said, "It was just a gas pain, Mikey. No need for a hospital or anything like that. Can you grab me a water?"

"If you're sure..." Michael hesitated.

"Yeah. I'm sure," Brian stated as he began to release Justin from the position they were in.

After Brian and Justin righted themselves and Brian once again massaged any possible kinks out of Justin's leg, they were surprised to see Ben standing next to them. Mikey was fighting his way back to them through the crowd which had gathered to watch the pool game. Ben smiled at them. "Gas pain, huh?"

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it, Professor," Brian said.

"You, me and Justin KNOW differently," Ben chuckled. He was the only one of their group who knew what Brian sounded like we he came thanks to a long ago White Party they both attended. "Don't worry, I'll let Michael remain in his illusion of taking care of you although I think Justin did a fine job all on his own. We'd better hurry up and finish this game so you two can go home clean up and then get dirty again."

Justin laughed. "That sounds like a really good plan. Thanks, Ben." He pulled out his phone again feeling it buzz in his pocket for the third time tonight. He knew Brian was anxious to know who kept texting him but he would find out soon enough. He closed his phone again replacing it back in his pocket.

Ben nodded just as Michael reached them. The look of contempt thrown at Justin wasn't missed by anyone. "Here's your water, Brian. Don't gulp it, sip."

"I wouldn't dream of gulping in public Mikey, unless it's Justin's cock." Brian took a sip of the water suppressing the urge to laugh again.

He was still in awe that Justin made him feel like a green teen cumming in his pants like that. This was going to go down as another ‘first' with Justin. Handing the water back to Michael, Brian and Justin made quick work of sinking the eight ball and clinching their freedom from intruders for the next two weeks. The first rule Brian was going to implement for that two weeks was no clothes unless they had to go somewhere. He wanted full access to Justin's ass at anytime of the day or night and taking the time to strip clothing was going to shave seconds off their hard-won uninterrupted time.

Congratulations were still being given all the way around when Michael walked up to them, key in hand and petulance written all over his face. "I still don't know why I have to give you my key. You both won fair and square although Justin had an unfair disadvantage because of his age. Why can't I keep my key, Brian?"

"You know what, Michael, if it makes you feel better, keep it," Justin said. At Brian's surprised look Justin reiterated, "Go on. It's okay. I understand."

"I don't," Brian said still puzzled.

"As your best friend, Brian, Michael feels that he has rights."

"I do," Michael confirmed.

"Well, Michael, you're right you do. But as Brian's PARTNER I do too. So I will be exercising my own rights within MY relationship for the next two weeks. As long as I don't see or hear from you during that time, you may feel free to keep your key."

"Not that I need your PERMISSION, Justin since I was going to do it anyway but I will agree to the terms of the contest." Michael huffed, rolled his eyes and walked away.

"What the fuck was that about, Sunshine?" Brian asked assessing the wicked gleam in Justin's eyes.

"Michael will be in for a rude awakening when he tries to access the loft." At Brian's puzzled look, Justin continued. "Although you told him that you were going to have the locks and security code changed as of tomorrow, I went ahead and did it TONIGHT. I texted mom and forwarded her the security information from my phone. While we were here, she let them in and had everything else changed over. Since technically she was your realtor when you were listing the loft, she still had the keys you were supposed to collect from her but never did which was fortunate for us. The new code is 2917 and our keys are in the mailbox. You can thank me later and often." Justin shrugged.

"And you knew this while we were playing?"

"She's been texting me to let me know what was being done but like the good boy scout you are, you taught me to always prepare for EVERY eventuality. So I did."

Brian had no choice but to laugh. The fucking twink never ceased to amaze him; he had taught Justin well. Life with him would never bore Brian that was for certain. "What do you say, we get started on our self-imposed exile right now?"

"You lead." Justin grinned remembering the last time he had stolen Brian's thunder.

Brian also remembered from the smirk on his sensual lips. "You know, you've accumulated many infractions of insubordination down through the years, Sunshine. I think it's time you paid for them."

"Are you going to put me in short pants and spank me?" Justin breathed against Brian's lips.

"I'm going to do a lot more than that."


They said their goodbyes and beat a hasty retreat back to the loft. No sooner than they entered and secured the door for the night, was the phone ringing. They allowed the machine to pick it up as they began to slowly undress each other.

The un-melodic voice of an unwanted visitor rang out in the silence. "Hey, I just tried the code and it's not working," Michael's voice whined and complained. The buzzer also ringing as he continued to plead his case. "Come on, I know you guys are in there. Open the fucking door already!"

Justin huffed. "It's obvious that we can't stay here for the next two weeks. Even with the locks and code changed, we're NOT safe from him." The answering machine cut him off but Michael called right back even as he continued to lean on the buzzer.

"I'm going to..." Brian began but Justin cut him off.

"No. Get dressed, I have a better idea," Justin said. "We were planning on doing renovations on the loft anyway. I think this is the perfect time to do so."

"Justin, nothing is at Britin, if that's where you're thinking of going."

"It's exactly where we're going and we don't need much. We have to set up your office and my studio. In the meantime, all we need is food, clothes and a bed. Two out of three is already there." Justin shoved some his clothes inside his wide open duffel bag on the bed and took out several suits of Brian's to be placed in the garment bag hanging inside the wardrobe. "I'll find a way to murder him if I stay here, Brian. There aren't any conjugal visits in jail for gay people. I can't de--"

Brian cut off Justin's words with his lips. He was secretly thrilled that Justin wanted to set up house at Britin; it was why he couldn't bear to sell it. The deed was in both of their names and while Brian kept up the mortgage payments on the property, it was always intended to be Justin's house. Michael was destroying Brian's nerves with his insistence and interference but he didn't want to discontinue his friendship with the man. He couldn't understand Michael's motives and he didn't think Michael understood them either. But in times like this when it was threatening Justin's sanity, Brian's choice became clear and he would act in the best interest of his PARTNER and his friendship be damned.

"Let's get the fuck out of here," Brian grumbled. "I can't take hearing that fucking buzzer anymore either."

"As long as you don't answer it..."

"He'll stand there all night and we both know it, Sunshine."

Justin nodded. "Yeah we do." He shook his head. "I don't know how Ben puts up with it. I know I couldn't."

"I'm not so sure about that, Justin. Look how many years you've been putting up with me and my shit. And Lindsey and her shit; Michael and his. You've taken quite a bit over the years."

"Yeah but you're worth it and not obsessed with someone else's life."

"Perhaps Ben feels Michael is worth it even though he is obsessed with my life. Michael has always lived through me, afraid of his own shadow. In direct contrast I have lived my life unapologetic and unafraid. Michael was always resistant to change."

"So were you," Justin laughed.

"Not so much resistant as much as I didn't expect how I've changed to happen. I wanted something different for myself but what I got was you."

"And that's a bad thing?"

"Not at all, Sunshine. It's been an adventure I didn't expect and there have been some fucking hard times but it's all worked out for our good. So now, we need to get the fuck out of here."

Brian and Justin finished packing up what they would need for the next two weeks, deciding if they needed anything else, they would sneak back to get it while Michael was at work. There was no doubt or illusion in either of their minds that Michael would be staking out the loft at various points during the next two weeks trying to catch up to his human drug named Brian or to scare his nemesis off again. They crept silently toward the service stairs at the back of the building, knowing that if they spoke, Michael would be able to hear it down in the lobby and through the glass door. Brian had never been so thankful that he'd bought the entire building when the other tenants moved out after the Babylon bombing. It made sneaking around to the back entrance easier and he didn't have to check with anyone when Justin changed the code to the building.

Punching in the same code at the back door, Brian and Justin pushed the door closed and covertly made their way to the Corvette in the parking garage. Michael was still at the entrance of the building and didn't see the figures dressed in black enter the car, luggage thrown carelessly in the backseat. It wasn't until the engine purred to life that the short brunet turned in their direction. Brian shifted gear, not waiting for the car to even warm up before speeding out of the garage like a bat out of hell. Justin couldn't help the laugh that escaped him as they heard Michael's distant pleas for them to stop the car. The last glimpse they had was of Michael trying desperately to open his car door so he could follow. Brian continued to drive above the speed limit in an effort to make a clean getaway. It wasn't until he was on the freeway heading toward their destination that he breathed a sigh of relief.

"So much for obeying the rules of the contest," Brian laughed.

Justin also laughed. "But we didn't expect anything less, did we?"

"No. We didn't," Brian confirmed.

The rest of the ride was continued in companionable silence. They had said all they needed to for the moment back at the loft. Justin dozed off a bit as they hit the last stretch heading into West Virginia. Brian woke Justin as he exited the highway and they drove the winding dark road heading to their hideaway. It was kinda funny that Brian would feel and acknowledge the peace he felt with he and Justin getting away and he told Justin so. If he stopped to examine it too closely, he might have let the panic set in.

When they arrived at the house, Brian almost laughed aloud hearing Justin's sharp intake of breath, It was similar to when Justin had found out that Brian bought it. Brian parked the car and just sat there watching Justin as he took it all in again. The darkened building loomed before them but there was no mistaking its majestic qualities even in the dark of night. Brian was looking forward to waking up in the estate this time with Justin sprawled out in bed next to him.

"Still kinda takes your breath away, doesn't it?" Brian asked even knowing the answer.

"Yes." Justin whispered.

"Welcome home, Sunshine."

Justin beamed at the word ‘home.' It was something he and Brian had never talked about when he left. He always knew he would return but to actually be here, in this moment with Brian still seemed like a dream yet unfulfilled.

Brian alighted from the car, grabbing their luggage from the backseat, allowing Justin his moment to absorb it all and what it all meant. By the time he was finished, Justin was also getting out of the car and walking over to him to grab his duffel from Brian's hand. Sliding the key in the lock, Brian cast one last look at Justin's face. It was alive with anticipation and excitement; the thought that this was home finally moving from dream to reality. Brian watched it all in the brief seconds it took for him to turn the key and open the door. One-by-one, Brian flicked the lights on leading further into the house enjoying the surprise registering on Justin's face as he did.

"I thought you said there was nothing here," Justin said, his voice hoarse with emotion. He looked around at the fully renovated and furnished downstairs area. The whole floor had been opened up so that upon entry they could see from the living room straight back to the kitchen. It was what they talked about doing during the only night they had spent in the manor. Justin dropped his bag and moved toward the center of the large space. Memories assailed him of when Brian proposed and they made love in front of the fireplace. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Brian had placed his garment bag on the sofa and approached Justin as he continued to look around. He wrapped his arms around the shorter man from behind, pulling him into the shelter of his body. "You needed time to accomplish what you needed to. I wasn't going to tell you something that would've interfered with that. Besides, it would have been been waiting for us whenever you decided you'd had enough of New York whether it was this year or ten years from now."

Without hesitation, Justin turned and pressed his lips to Brian's hungrily. The knowledge that they were really serious and finally making a go of the whole relationship thing-- that they were making a life together-- made Justin feel hot, horny and in a major hurry to jump Brian's bones. "Take me to bed," he said when air became mandatory between them.

Brian didn't need any further inducement. He and Justin would examine everything tomorrow but for now, they both had other sights to see. Brian tore Justin's shirt clear off his body, as he led him toward the stairs. Justin returned the favor just before turning to take the stairs two at a time. The anxiousness of one igniting the other, by the time the reached the master bedroom at the top of the stairs they were both naked and ready. There wasn't a need to engage in foreplay since thanks to before and during Woody's they had plenty of it.

Brian pushed Justin into the center of the four-poster bed while reaching for the clear container on the side table next to the bed. He set about preparing Justin, coating three of his fingers with lube then inserting one into the younger man's greedy, needy hole. He willed his own body to calm down so he wouldn't pounce on the blond. Brian figured that he waited all evening, he could wait long enough for Justin to stretch. He laughed low at the knowledge that Justin's body had other ideas.

The blond's body tensed up at the intrusion at first but then began to relax and contract around Brian's finger. It had been so long since Brian had been inside of him. When Brian began to whisper in his ear acknowledging how tight he was, Justin moaned in response. Brian pushed the marauding digit a fraction deeper and Justin gasped. Brian began jabbing his prostate causing his dick to jump and twitch in response. "More," came the strained and breathless command from Justin. He was close to cumming just from Brian's finger alone. When the older man inserted the second finger alongside the first, Justin bucked his hips against them, hard and relentless forcing the fingers even deeper.

Brian once again concentrated all his efforts against the walnut shaped bundle of nerves with Justin even while scissoring his fingers against the anal walls. He leaned over and kissed Justin's neck in the spot he knew would bring the fidgeting blond the most pleasure. Hearing the mewling cries, he continued to kiss his way down Justin's body while slipping the third finger inside to join the other two. He heard Justin's breath catch in his throat. "Like that, huh?" Brian teased.

"Fuck yes," Justin hissed out while Brian jabbed into him again. "Fuck...please don't stop... please."

Brian chuckled at Justin's begging. Brian bit the nearest protruding nipple making the young man buck his hips again. He licked it soothing the instant pain only to repeat the actions again. Justin groaned his satisfaction even as Brian demanded he not come yet. He loved how responsive Justin was to his ministrations, constantly shifting into his lips and fingers and begging for Brian to not cease his movements. Fucking Justin was always a heady experience for Brian and so different from the countless others he'd been with. Brian continued his descent down Justin's writhing body, licking and sucking-- leaving biting kisses in various places on the smooth torso. He licked at the puddle of pre-cum adorning Justin's stomach before taking the bobbing head of Sunshine's dick into his mouth. Brian engulfed the entire length causing another hitching breath from Justin. He felt Justin's grasping fingers spasm against his scalp as he set a rhythm to the deep-throating action-- fast coming up and slow going down. Swirling his tongue both the top and the base, Brian continued to lap up every drop of juice bubbling up from Justin.

Justin was lost in a sensual haze. The fingers lodged deep within his ass keep a steady pressure on his prostate while Brian throat-fucked him to the brink of orgasm only to pull back at the last second. He moaned, groaned, gasped and cursed from all the sensations assailing him. Then Brian reached his free hand up to pinch one of his over-sensitive nipples causing him once again to teeter on the edge but not letting him fall over headlong into culmination.

"Goddammit, Brian. Fuck me already!" Justin screamed as he again felt the flux and flow of the tide within receding.

That was what Brian was waiting for. He'd been at the end of his metaphorical rope since his first taste of Justin's fluids. Hastily but carefully removing his fingers, Brian donned the condom and pushed into Justin in one fell swoop. He pushed into him, not stopping or allowing Justin time to adjust and from the sounds Justin was making, he didn't mind in the least. The younger man wrapped his legs around Brian, heels digging into the dimples at the base of his spine. Brian smashed their lips together as he finally reached bottom. Justin used his legs to bring Brian even more into him, causing both of them to gasp as Brian was able to be pushed in just the tiniest of fractions more. The tenor of the kiss changed as Brian began to rock his hips into Justin. Tongues tangling and teeth clashing, it became more wild and animalistic, neither one of them able to get enough of the other. Brian set a driving and grueling pace as he pounded into Justin. On every descent into the man beneath him he swiveled his hip trying to widen the tight chasm even while enjoying the increased gripping only Justin's ass could provide. No matter how many times they fucked, Justin's ass always seemed custom made for Brian's cock. And he couldn't get closer or enough of the twink.

Brian reached down and grabbed both of Justin's legs, pulling the roughly over his shoulders. Both men felt the benefit of the change in position immediately. The sharp intake of breath rent the air even as the slap-slap of sweaty skin increased. Brian listened closely to the changes in breathing when all of a sudden the bossiest bottom ever created made a long overdue appearance.

"That's right, Brian. Fuck me hard. Faster, Stud."

Brian grunted his response but increased his pace.

"Come on, pound me big boy... that's it. I wanna feel you for the next week from tonight alone. And then I wanna feel you some more. HARDER DAMMIT!"

As much as it would have gotten on his nerves with anyone else, with Justin it turned Brian on and drove him harder than ever to please the young man. From the very beginning there was never any half-measures with Justin when it came to sex; it was all or nothing. Thankfully that hadn't changed and it was unlikely that it ever would. Sweat poured off of both of them making their bodies slick when Justin decided it was time for even more action. Brian felt the charge in the air just before Justin's left hand connected with his ass.

"Fuck!" Brian breathed out. That shit felt good... too good.

That's what I'm trying to get you to do," Justin teased.

At Justin's cheeky response, Brian delivered a blow of his own to a plump ass cheek causing the young man to groan loudly. He delivered another and another, enjoying the bright smile gracing Justin's sex-sheened face; the boy was practically glowing now. Brian made sure to time it to coincide with passes to Justin's prostate. The groans and grunts coming from the shifting body beneath Brian, made him not only increase the pace but drive harder into the insatiable young man. And people wondered why he stayed in the gym? THIS was why!

"Oh fuck, Brian... I'm... yes...mmmm... yes... I'm... FUCK, yeah right... there, Bri, I'm... I'm..."

Brian drove into Justin even harder knowing he was cresting and peaking, the pleading cries coming from the other man telling him all. He fucked Justin through one of the most intense orgasms they'd ever had even as it triggered his own. Justin's ass milked Brian's cock, squeezing and releasing while Brian continued to pump into him. The endorphin-induced high engulfed the pair as they allowed their breathing to slow. Brian moved to dismount from Justin but the younger man stayed him, wrapping his limbs tighter around Brian's body, unwilling to let him go. Their cool air within the bedroom felt good to their overheated bodies; the smell of sex and sweat permeating the air.

After they were sufficiently recovered, Justin finally allowed Brian to move off of him. He watched as Brian tied off the condom and drop it into the trash can placed by the bed. Brian went into the bathroom, emerging with a warm washcloth the clean both he and Justin off, while Justin turned down the bedding for them to climb in for the night.

Turning toward Brian, Justin said, "I'm glad you kept this place."

"Me too," Brian said simply. Justin's next comment, although expected still surprised Brian.

"I want to stay here."

"What about the loft? Do you think we should start renting it out again?" He was genuinely curious as to what Justin's thoughts were especially since he owned half of it. Another secret Brian has been keeping.

"No. I like the fact that we're the only two who has the code and keys, although my mom should have a set as well as Ted and Cynthia. I'll use it for when I have meetings in the city or if I need to be at the airport early but other than that, this is where I want to be."

"You'll need a car," Brian said simply.

"We'll go shopping tomorrow then." The sleepiness was trying to claim Justin although both he and Brian knew he would fight it as long as he could.

"We don't have to do that tomorrow."

"I just want everything settled so that other than work we don't have to leave here. We won't even have to get dressed if we don't want to."

"I like the thought of not getting dressed. In fact, I like it so much, that I told Theodore that I wasn't going to be in the office until the next client meeting the week after next. As far everything else, we can have groceries delivered tomorrow or we can order in, it's up to you. The car situation is another matter."

Justin wrinkled his brow, studying Brian's posture and the twinkle in the hazel eyes. "What aren't you telling me?"

"We should really get some sleep," Brian evaded although there was a definite ghost of a smirk on his lips.

Justin was wide awake now. "Do I have to take extraordinary measures for me to get you to tell me what you're hiding?" Justin poked quickly in the ribs causing the older man to guffaw. "Brian I swear, I will tickle you til dawn if you don't spill it right now." And he began making good on his threat until Brian couldn't withstand it any longer.

"Okay...okay, Sunshine... I'll... come... clean.... STOP that... I promise..." When Justin ceased his torment of Brian's ribs and he was allowed to catch his breath Brian said, "The reason we don't have to go car shopping tomorrow is because you already have one."

"I didn't buy a car, Brian."

"I know. I did. You have a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee waiting in the garage. It was supposed to be an additional wedding present along with the house."

"What the... Brian you're fucking nuts, do you know that?" Justin was in disbelief at the things Brian did to make sure he was happy and cared for.

"We can return it if you don't like it." It was evident that Brian was feeling a little self-conscious about the decisions he'd made. Justin noticed and addressed the matter in the only ways he knew how.

Climbing atop Brian, Justin pulled the man up by the scruff of his neck, and kissed him hard. Swiping his tongue across Brian's bottom lip, he demanded entrance into his mouth while letting the kiss and its intensity say all Justin couldn't say with words. It spoke of his gratefulness to be in love with such an amazing man, of permanence and promises that Justin wouldn't leave again. This thing between them was real and vital; it lived and breathed life into them. Pulling back from the kiss, blue eyes met hazel, understanding clear in both sets.

"I wanna go see my car," Justin said softly.

"It will wait until morning since I have plans for you for what's left of tonight."

And Brian took Justin again and again falling asleep as the dawn of new day was rising up to greet them.    

The End.
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