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When did you start writing fanfic? What motivated you to start writing?

October 2014. I needed a way to do something when I felt depressed.

Have you written for other fandoms? If so, which ones?

Yes. My first ever was a NCIS fanfic. I've written Oz, Hollyoaks, and Criminal Minds.

What do you do when you are not writing or reading fics?

Mostly working, or finding other shows I like.

What is your favorite QAF fanfic story?

Can I Come Back Home to You? by Peetabreaddd.

What is your favorite story that you have written?

QAF The Detective's Son - All around NCIS - One Night

Do you remember the first QAF fanfic that you read?

No More Ugly Naked Guy by darksylvia.

Who is your favorite character to write about? Who is your least favorite character to write about?

Justin is my favorite to write about. Truthfully, Jennifer is my least favorite, I just can't seem to do anything with her. That's why she's dead in most of my fics.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Annie-Eliza, NoChaser, Peetabreaddd(FF.net) These are only very few of my favs.

What is your favorite genre to write?

AU and Angst with Happy Ending.

Do reviews motivate you? If not, what is your prime motivation to write?

I love them but have found some have a way of making me stop. Every time I see that a new review is posted, I tell myself it's going to be negative. Most of the time its positive and it's great. If it is neg, if there is something I can do to fix it I will. Sometimes people just hate. I have walked away from those, or I'll make myself crazy trying to make it so everyone likes it.

Is there anything about your writing you don't like or wish you could do better?

My descriptions are terrible, but I'm getting better with every story.

Any advice to other writers or newer writers out there?

Spellcheck is your friend. Some stories maybe only you will like, that doesn't mean don't write it.

What's your writing process? i.e. Do you outline an entire series before starting, or just start writing and see where it takes you?

I just write and see where it takes me. Every time I start a new one though it's with a pen and notebook, I have like 50 notebooks filled, half fanfics the other half original stories.

What new stories or projects do you have in the works?

I'm trying to finish my WIP stories, but sometimes I can't help it. I posted a new one that hit me, Home by Morning. But I'm also working on one that I don't know when will be ready to post. It's a story about when Justin runs away to New York in season 1 ep. 10. He's not found and life goes on. I know it's been written before but I like to do things my own way.
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