Sunshine Skin Banner Contest by Vic1

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Prize: The winner will receive the accolades of everyone in the fandom, sincere thanks from the Admins at KD AND... a Cabaret Playbill autographed by Randy Harrison!!!!!!!

Rules: Any registered member of Kinnetik Dreams may participate (except Admins). Contestants are welcome to submit more than one entry if they like. Banners submitted for the contest become the property of KD and can be used in any manner or posted in any way we choose. All banners submitted for consideration will be reviewed by the KD Admins to make sure they'll work with our new skin and that both the banner and the contestant meet our criteria. The top three banners will be posted on our Facebook page (anonymously, so there will be no favoritism) for the members to vote on. The winner of the poll will become our new banner and will go live on 5/6/17!

Technical Details: Banner dimensions need to be 1000 x 333 px. Banners must also display the name 'Kinnetik Dreams' somewhere. Banners must be 'Sunshine' themed - i.e. have pictures or images of 'Justin' or Randy Harrison - with or without the other cast members. Images should be high quality. Keep in mind that the skin we've chosen is bright and yellowy and sunshiney so the best banners will work well with that skin (although, we will adapt the skin to the winning banner, as needed, so don't get hung up on colors alone).

Deadline: All banner submissions must be emailed to Admin1@kinnetikdreams.com by no later than 10:00 pm PST on April 30, 2017.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any KD Admin. Now, go have fun creating banners folks!

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