The Guy Next Door. by starlight


I was sitting in bed, trying to figure out how my naked state hadn’t gotten some action. Brian was on the phone, talking to half the world. He would look at me and lose what he was saying, but then turn around and start back up. I got dressed, figuring I could come back and try when Brian wasn’t attempting to kill someone on the phone, it was actually hot to see, but alas, I wasn’t getting anything out of watching. I picked up my laptop and went to the kitchen to work on Time Bender, figuring Brian will eventually be naked and think there was a reason for this hard on. I really just wanted to distract him from Mikey the wonder idiot. It’s sad when we all sort of thought ‘help the idiot’, Brian wanted to let him go to jail. I just couldn’t bring myself to help someone like him, but the guys were debating, why let the old witch get away too.

The guys were all eating in the kitchen, debating which was worse, crazy religious nuts or Mikey the wonder idiot? I think it’s a tie, but it’s sort of the greater good argument going back and forth with all of them. Deb, Vic, and Mel followed to where Michael was going. Mel wanted to see if she could get Michael to confess, then hopefully get Michael out of one jail for another.

We all knew ‘Little Miss Church Lady’. She spends too much time trying to save our souls. I didn’t know that she included kidnapping in her agenda. It just feels like we are letting her get away with the twisted shit people who believe in conversion therapy do to people. Riley and I were on the fence; it would keep Michael from going to jail for something he didn’t do, but there’s a possibility he would get away with what he did do.

“Maybe I should have hit him harder.” Lindsay mumbles.

“Who?” Emmett asks.

“Michael. I should have beat him so he couldn’t move, or shoved the dildo up his ass so far he couldn’t find it.” She tells us.

“Um, I’d like to hear about anything that includes you, a dildo, and beating,” Riley tells her.

“You need one? You can pick any of the ones Riley keeps leaving in my room.” Gran tells her.

“Shut up. Lindsay is finally getting interesting, tell.” Riley tells her.

“He’s like Emmett, but shorter,” Ted tells us.

“I like Emmett. I’d like Emmett more if he’d just let me sneak into his room. I promise you can take advantage of me.” Riley tells him.

“Hello! Dildo story if you’ll shut up.” Emmett tells them, kissing Riley, who tried to see if he could fuse himself to Emmett.

“I just fucked Michael over with a cock he didn’t have to drug to want him,” Lindsay tells us.

“Why would he do that to Brian?” Ben asks her, changing the subject.

“Why do you think? He wanted what he couldn’t have.” Ted tells him.

“Michael was getting everything he thought a boyfriend would do, except sex, from Brian. Brian wasn’t offering the one thing Michael wanted.” Emmett tells me.

“Sometimes all it takes is seeing what you want, and the truth is a myth,” Gran tells us.

“I dated this guy, he would tell me everything I wanted to hear when we were alone. I got told how much he loved me and how I was everything to him. Then we’d be out and he hit on other guys, telling everyone we weren’t more than friends, and sometimes not even that. I wanted to believe the things he said.” Ben tells us.

“Brian never did anything like that, he really only treated Michael like a friend,” Ted tells him.

“Which means we are once again unsure of what to do,” Riley tells us.

“Why do anything?” Ted asks.

“I’m all for letting someone go to jail for what Michael did, but in a way, he’d be going to jail for being kidnapped, not for what he really did. Instead of going to jail because of his crime, he sits there only knowing he’s innocent and not really learning anything because the punishment isn’t for what he really did. If he was in jail for his crime, he can’t avoid what he did.” Ben tells him.

“Michael doesn’t think he did anything wrong. If it had killed Brian he would have found a way to blame Brian for drinking the shit. He’s not worth saving for any reason. Gus would have had to grow up without a father.” Lindsay tells them.

“Sweetheart, Brian survived. What the boys are trying to say is, regardless of that pitiful excuse for a man, what that crazy bitch did might happen to someone who doesn’t deserve what those assholes do to people for being the way her God made them.” Gran tells her.

“Brian might want Michael punished, but what they are doing is worse and could hurt more people,” I tell her.

“The only problem is, who’s going to believe anything without proof?” Brian says as he walks in.

“You're going to help Michael?” Lindsay asks, appalled at the idea.  

“No, I want to help the kids who end up at in the hands of people like that crazy bitch,” Brian tells her. “If Michael gets away with what he did to me, but I keep people from ever having someone try to tell them how they love is wrong, then I’m okay with that.” He tells us.

“The brick wall we run into is how to prove what she did. When Justin’s father tried this, the only reason he couldn’t was because my daughter brought him to me. Craig wasn’t stupid enough to try to test me. I checked into trying to shut the fuckers down and was told that unless they could prove anything illegal was going on, there was nothing the police could do. Parental consent is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands.” Gran tells us.

“I thought you left on your own?” Brian asks me.

“I did. But he could have dragged me back if I didn’t have my mother help me leave. She only stayed with him after that to make sure that he couldn’t get my sister, Molly.” I tell him.

“It wouldn’t have been a problem if my daughter had told me she was planning to leave the waste of the world’s oxygen supply. I would have helped her, but she said she made this mistake all on her own and she’d clean it up.” Gran tells us.

“You taught me to take care of my own problems, and I did. Craig can’t touch a hair on my children’s heads.” Jen tells Gran. “What brought that up?” She asks us.

“The woman accusing the nitwit of theft tries to pray the gay away. Which, if it was just prayer than no one would care, but it also includes kidnapping and drugging the people she tries to show the right path to. The boys don’t think she should get away with it.” Gran tells us.

“The other problem is, what if Michael just continues to go unpunished for what he did to Brian?” Mom asks us.

“You got it,” Ted tells her.

“Do you think Michael would even believe what he did to Brian was wrong?” She asks us.

“I can offer my opinion, from what I’ve seen since Vic and I started dating.” Rodney, who had stayed silent the whole time, stated.

“Go ahead, because I’m still in the camp of letting Michael burn,” Riley tells us.

“The only thing that Michael would see as punishment would be to lose any way to have Brian in his life. I doubt going to jail for the right crime would get him to learn any more than going to jail for the wrong crime.” Rodney tells us.

“But how do we even prove what she did?” I ask all of them.

“We aren’t going to find the answers sitting here all night. Justin, I think there was a problem you wanted to talk to me about when I was on the phone.” Brian tells me.

“I think I forgot when you were too busy to answer me.” I tease him.

“I remember the answer now.” He tells me, dragging me behind him.


Justin needs to understand that when he’s naked, I know the answer to his question. When I closed and locked the bedroom door he pulled off his shirt and pants and leapt onto the bed. I followed behind him and enjoyed watching him take the question in hand. He stroked himself, laying back. I watched as he ran his other hand up and down his chest, then sucked his finger before running it over his nipple. I leaned down, taking it in my mouth as I ran my hand down him and then helped him by massaging his balls. Trailing kisses down his body and taking him in my mouth had Justin grabbing my hair and slightly pulling as my tongue swirled around him.

He was squirming, trying to pull me off when he was too close. I grabbed a condom and put it on him, crawling over him then sliding him into me. I stilled, waiting for the pain to subside, then moved slowly to get used to him inside me. Justin ran his hands up my thighs then stroked me as I moved. He planted his feet and thrust up as I moved down with him to quicken the pace. Then held me still as he ramped up and came.

I gave him a few moments before I reached for another condom. Raising his legs I rubbed my cock around his rim before thrusting shallow, then all the way. Then began thrusting faster, already stimulated from the first round and ready to cum. He pulled my head towards him licking into my mouth and sliding his tongue in when I opened. I came screaming into the kiss.

“I like the way you always come up with the best answers to my questions.” He whispers, falling asleep.

I like that he could lose himself in me, enough to quiet his thoughts. I fell asleep, knowing he did the same for me.

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