The Guy Next Door. by starlight


We were all sitting around bullshitting when Lindsay came by with Gus and told Brian that she and Mel needed to leave to catch their flight. Gus sat next to me, poking at my plate. I made him a taco with the pork when he whispered he wanted to try it. He was barely keeping his eyes open, and Cynthia came by and offered to take him in. Brian followed them inside and came out in time to watch us trying to show off for the adults who were still sitting around.

It was finally time to show them what naked surfing really was, a way to keep Riley from thinking up something illegal for us to help him with. Riley and I grabbed the boards, ran to the water, throwing off our clothes, and leapt on our boards. Blake and Ben followed us while the others watched from the shore. Riley and I were parallel to each other, waiting for the right wave. We both started paddling to catch the same one and were up, riding it together. Riley and I were headed at each other and he turned to go up, while I ducked, going under him. Ben and Blake repeated it, barely missing each other. I got back out to find Brian sitting on a board with Emmett, looking at me like we were nuts.

“Why naked?” Emmett asks.

“It kept Riley from running through the town when he saw some article about men running naked through their village every year. Ben, Blake, and I decided this was the best way not to end up with the sheriff arresting our asses.” I tell them.

“You do realize that there is no way I can do what you guys just did,” Emmett tells me.

“It’s about doing what works for you. Riley gets us to help him practice before the competition.” I tell them.

Emmett took off and the board went up, and Emmett went sideways, laughing up a storm. Riley swam out to help him stand up and then stood behind him in the water giving him lessons that seemed to have Emmett giggling.

Ben came by and leapt on Riley, taking him under and coming up in front of Emmett. Then going under when Riley leaped on his back. Riley kissed Emmett when he came up, and hopped on his board to run from Ben, who chased on his board. We watched as Ben tried to tackle Riley when he came surfing by and I took off to help. Blake was closer to the shore trying to help Ted sit on the board. I caught up to Riley and we headed towards Ted, who really could do horror movies playing the screaming girl, we turned in time to miss Ted, who just fell in. Brian came in looking as if he wasn’t going to miss Ted. I took off to catch him and hit his board taking him with me in the water. He came up, coughing up water, and grabbed my face and kissed the laugh right off it. I let us fall back and we ended up kissing underwater while waves went over us. We stood, not letting each other go.

Ben and Blake came surfing around us but I just ignored the catcalls.

Then all of us were on the shore, watching Riley try to show Emmett how to surf.

“You know, that would work better if Emmett could look past the dangling bits,” Gran tells us, throwing towels at us and passing the bottle she had. “Of course, it's the only reason half the town watches tonight.” She adds.

“How did you guys decide this was some tradition?” Ted asks, still embarrassed that none of us were dressed.

“We kind of made it up when the year Riley wanted to flash bingo night at the senior center. Blake and I got Ben to tell Riley that surfing naked cleansed our souls.” I tell him.

“It's true, you shed your old self and let the ocean cleanse you,” Ben said, with a straight face.

“Right, it had nothing to do with wanting to see the treasure trove of dicks and asses. I figured it out because it’s the only way I get to see if there really is a salmi hiding under all that brawn. By the way Brian, you definitely get that eleven.” Gran stares him down.

We all went in to eat again, being out there makes you hungry. I pulled out the pork and reheated it so we could have tacos. The guys were all watching a movie with Gran and I needed to check if Ducky found anything for me. Brian left to check on Gus and came back an hour later. I had taken a shower and pulled my laptop open when he came in.

“I put Gus in the room next door. I didn’t want him waking up without me being there.” He tells me.

“You don’t think he’ll be confused at being somewhere other than where he was when he fell asleep?” I ask.

“He was sitting in the kitchen eating some of the leftovers, complaining that he wanted to play in the water with us too. I told him tomorrow I’d let him play with you guys.” He tells me, laying next to me.

“What was the favor you wanted that has you doing a favor?” He asks, yawning.

“Just needed something done. She’s my go-to for it.” I tell him, as he closes his eyes.

I rubbed his back and he moved closer to me in his sleep. I waited until I was sure he was asleep before answering Ducky.

“What do you want me to do with the video?” She wrote.

“If I send you a ticket, will you bring it to me?”

“I could, but why not just let me send it to you?” She answered.

“I want to meet the girl who could walk in a gay club and hack it,” I answer.

“I could have done it from home, the guy who owns the club has a site. One where the things that most of the guys think are private really aren’t.” She tells me.

“Shut him down. I’ll send you the codes you need.” I tell her.

“So I get to finally meet you, and you know, eat the stuff you tell me about.” She sends.

“I’ll make sure you have anything you want,” I answer her.

“I want the garlic chicken stir fry in the picture you sent me. That was mean when I was too busy doing what you wanted to eat. I got probably more than you asked about, by the way. The owner will be wishing he never installed the cameras everywhere. I’ll let you see it and decide.”

I went and arranged for her to come and sent her the information. I needed to tell Brian what was going on. I just hope he doesn’t get angry that I couldn’t leave it alone.


Justin was laying beside me, and I pulled the blanket lower, running my hand over his back. He opened his eyes and looked at me. I continued mapping every inch of skin, as he moved close enough to kiss me. He pulled back and climbed over me spreading my legs to lay between them. I lifted when he started pulling my sweats off, and kicked them off my legs. His hands were busy massaging my balls and a finger trailed underneath to rub down between my ass cheeks. He reached over to the night table, grabbing the lube, and used it to give his finger a smoother entrance. I tensed, because I’ve never allowed what I know he wants to do. He moved down and started licking up and down my dick and then took my balls in his mouth as he pushed through. I expected pain, but he found my prostate and used it to make me drip cum continuously. He worked a second finger in, and then a third, by then I wanted to feel his dick splitting me open.

“I’ll never hurt you.” He told me, as he put on the condom.

I believed him, and did the things I would tell tricks to do to get over the pain of entry. He slowly pushed in, enough to break through, and for a minute I wanted to stop him. He stroked my belly while thrusting all the way into me. He waited until I was ready, and only pulled back when I opened my eyes. He thrust in, leaning in to take my lips. I moved with him wanting to cum every time he passed the right spot. The only sounds were my soft moans and the slapping sound of his hips meeting my ass. He sped up and used his hand to stimulate my cock. I came in his hand, but he stroked my cock until he finished.

“Are you okay?” He asked, running his hand through my hair.

I nodded, and just let his breathing lull me back to sleep. I woke up later and got dressed, not really knowing what to think about letting someone top me. I opened the door to the room Gus was sleeping in, walking in and sitting next to him, just to watch my son smile at whatever he was dreaming about. It was still early so I left to go back to the room with Justin. His laptop was open and I went to shut it, but curiosity got the better of me when I saw ‘gay club’.


He got what no one could, a way to prove what Michael did. I wanted to be angry that he didn’t tell me. I wanted to wake him up and ask who the fuck he thinks he is. I also wanted to find a way to keep this man who cares about me.

“I was planning on telling you what I did. I just didn’t want to say anything until I had something for you.” He whispered.

“Why did you do it?” I asked him.

“Because someone hurt you. That’s all I needed to know to make me do something.” He tells me.


I got back in bed, laying my head next to him, knowing that he was the one who could break my heart if I ever let him go.

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