May 30, 2016

I've been a fan of Queer as Folk since 2004 and never looked back.  I wrote a few stories which I will post soon, but mainly I'm an enthusiastic reader of the wonderful fanfic written by the many, many talented authors in this fandom.

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Favorite Authors
1. Annie-Eliza

Very talented writer whose stories are sure to include zany fun with some angst.

2. charming1
3. Conzieu

I read everything Conzieu writes, probably even grocery lists if I had access to them, LOL.

4. galeandrandy

Wonderfully talented writer, I love reading her compelling stories.

5. LadyJane_BBJFE

One of my absolute favorite writers. I'd read her grocery lists if she'd let me, Lol.

6. Nichelle Wellesly

So many good stories, so little time! <3

7. Sabina
8. sfscarlet

Long time favorite author... mesmerizing stories, especially the H/C category.

9. starlight
10. Tagsit

I ready everything that Tagsit writes, stories guaranteed to be humorous and unputdownable.

11. Taylor-Kinney
12. Thyme

I love to read everything Thyme writes.

13. Triciaqaf

Wonderful writer, thrilled to see her on this site.

14. Wren

Another wonderful writer I'm pleased to find on the KD site.