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A series of one-shots, short stories, and novelettes where the characters FINALLY realize that for every cause, there is an effect that will shape their individual and collective destinies. But will the changes- those planned, and the ones surprising in the extreme- develop them as full-fledged ADULTS, or will they remain stuck in the life they've been merely existing in? 


Only time will tell as they learn to live with the weight of their choices. 

Parent Series: None
Categories: QAF US, Plot Bunnies
Characters: Ben Bruckner, Blake Wyzecki, Brandon, Brian Kinney, Carl Horvath, Cynthia, Daphne Chanders, David Cameron, Debbie Novotny, Emmett Honeycutt, Gardner Vance, George Shickel, Gus Marcus-Peterson, Jennifer Taylor, Justin Taylor, Leda, Lindsay Peterson, Marty Ryder, Melanie Marcus, Michael Novotny, Molly Taylor, Original Character, Original Female Character, Original Male Character, Other Cast Regulars, Rodney, Ted Schmidt, Vic Grassi
Tags: 100k+ Word Count, Anal Sex (Lots of it!), Bottom Brian, Business Brian, Canon Divergence, Dirty Talk, Drug Use - Recreational, Established Relationship, Family, Friendship, Infidelity, Jealousy, Language, M/M, Non-Monogamous Pairings, Orgy (plays well w/others), Out of Character, Real Life Issues, Redeemed Behavior, Responsible Justin, Rimming, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Toppy Justin, Vacation, Voyeurism, What if..., White Party
Genres: Alternate Canon, Alternate Universe, Angst w/ Happy Ending, Canon Divergence, Could be Canon, Drama, Humor, Romance
Pairings: Brian/Justin, Melanie/Lindsay, Other Cast Pairing, Vic/Rodney
Challenges: None
Stories: 5
Open: Closed [Report This]
Summary: Unsettling news takes Brian on an emotional journey -- with his husband, his family, and his own peace of mind.
Parent Series: None
Categories: QAF US
Characters: Brian Kinney, Claire Kinney, Jennifer Taylor, Joan Kinney, Justin Taylor, Michael Novotny, Original Character, Peter
Tags: 10k+ Word Count, Family, Friendship, M/M, Post-series, Real Life Issues, Tearjerker, Vulnerable Brian
Genres: Angst, Canon, Could be Canon, Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Pairings: Brian/Justin
Challenges: None
Stories: 3
Open: Closed [Report This]