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Hello everyone.  I am a 73 year old Mother of one girl and Grandmother of two girls, all of them grown adults now.  I've been an ardent and devoted fan of Queer as Folk since the very first airing of Season 1, Episode 1, which I had to watch after seeing the British version shortly before the American version was aired.  And although the British version was truly wonderful, nothing could have prepared me for the magnificent talent of the actors who took on the American version, or the compelling storylines they played out.  Eventually I discovered the world of fanfics after my girls gave me my first computer, and i've never looked back.  I started as an avid reader of QAF fanfiction and was finally convinced by fellow QAFers to try my hand at my own fanfics.  That was more than a decade ago and nothing has given me more pleasure than writing my stories and hearing from readers who seemed to enjoy them.  I've been dormant with my writing for the last few years due to a number of reasons, but I do hope that some of my old work will still find an audience that likes what I've written.  

As for my personal life... I've grown up all over the United States until the age of 19, when I settled in the Dallas, Texas area, where I remained for 48 years.  About 5 years ago I finally made a move with my girls to Pennsylvania, and am now very happily living with my youngest Granddaughter in Lancaster.  Oh yes, I also became a devoted fan of another television series called 'Spartacus'.  There is a loving gay couple called Agron and Nasir that have also inspired me to write fanfics for their characters and you will find one cross-over story involving this couple with Brian and Justin.   Hopefully there will be more stories in my future, but only time will tell.  Thank you for checking me out.


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