Jun 01, 2018

I started writing fan fiction before I knew what it was, back in 1994, when my best friend and I would pass stories back and forth and work on them in all of our free time. I wrote some through high school as well, then got away from it for a long time. I recently got back into reading it again, and decided to try some writing as well.

I've been a fan of QAF since the early 2000s.

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Stories by TrueIllusion

Be There by TrueIllusion

Rated: YA • 7 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

I sigh and tip my chair back so I can rest my back against the wall, mostly because I want to fidget. Because I’m sitting alone in an exam room in the NewYork-Presbyterian emergency room, waiting for someone to wheel Gus back in -- and for someone to tell me what the fuck’s going on.


Gus is admitted to the hospital. Brian and Justin clash over the best ways to be there for him.

No Matter What by TrueIllusion

Rated: A • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

At first, no one knew what to do, and it seemed like we changed direction every few hours. Could we still go to work, as long as we kept our distance, or should we stay home? Should we stay three feet apart, or six? Should we wear masks, or were we okay to go without them?

Now, we’ve gone for almost a month hardly ever leaving the apartment, and the last time we went out for more than a quick errand was the day we helped Gus pack his things and move out of his dorm at NYU mid-semester. And I’m still not sure anyone truly knows what to do. But we’re all doing the best we can. For right now, that’s all we can do.


Brian, Justin, and Gus quarantine together in New York, trying to stay grounded amid the chaos and uncertainty.

A Thousand Lifetimes by TrueIllusion

Rated: M • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

When you're married to Brian Kinney, you learn to expect surprises.


Brian surprises Justin with an anniversary gift that far exceeds expectations.

Perfect by TrueIllusion

Rated: YA • 9 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Everything was perfect.

Brian and I were finally together in New York, making both of our dreams come true. I was working from a spacious, comfortable studio in SoHo, and the first show of my return to the city was scheduled for the following weekend. Brian was out with a real estate broker, looking at potential office spaces for the soon-to-be New York expansion of Kinnetik. We had wedding rings on our fingers, having finally tied the knot a few years before, in front of all of our family and friends in Pittsburgh.

Our lives were full of new and exciting opportunities, both professionally and personally. I felt like everything was falling into place in a nice, neat, orderly fashion, one piece after another.

Then, I had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And the puzzle that was my life -- so carefully and painstakingly assembled over the years -- was picked up and thrown to the ground, scattering the pieces everywhere.

And everything wasn’t so perfect anymore.

Top Five Mishaps in 1,000 Fucks by TrueIllusion

Rated: M • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

The funny flipside of Brian's Season 4 line, "Of all the times we've fucked -- and by now it has to be well into the quadruple digits -- that has to rank in the top five." Five times when things didn't quite go as planned...

Standalone one-shot.

Everything I Ever Wanted by TrueIllusion

Rated: YA • 8 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Justin and Brian surprise the family with big news on Christmas Eve. Standalone one shot.

All I Want for Christmas Is You by TrueIllusion, PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 42 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

No one had been more shocked than Brian when Melanie, of all people, had suggested that, since she didn't really celebrate Christmas, but J.R. was heading to Pittsburgh to be with her dads, perhaps Brian and Justin would rather come to Toronto to have a more subdued celebration with Lindsay and Gus.

"Lindsay never really gets to enjoy the decorations she puts up, since we're rushing around and then traveling during this time," Mel had explained. "I just thought it would be nice if you and Justin wanted to come to our place instead… You know, let Linds and Gus go all out, and then have a nice quiet holiday at home." 

"Quiet" was all Brian needed to hear before he agreed. 


Brian and Justin travel to Toronto to spend Christmas with a small part of their chosen family.

Not Like You by TrueIllusion

Rated: M • 87 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

It’s funny how life works sometimes -- in cycles, repeating the same themes in different ways with different situations. Leaving it up to us to recognize a familiar situation and call on our past experience to get through it. But sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.


Justin decides to make a huge transition in his career, but things are not always what they seem.

The Ties That Bind by TrueIllusion

Rated: A • 39 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

I know what Brian is doing -- he’s being protective of me, the same way he always has been. That’s just his nature; he’ll do anything for his friends, and he never wants to see anyone he cares about get hurt, physically or otherwise. But I’m a big girl, and I can take care of myself.


Cynthia and Brian are more than just co-workers; they're friends. Family, really. But how will they support one another when push comes to shove?

This story fits into the "Changed" verse.

Comfortable by TrueIllusion

Rated: M • 7 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

For some reason, being in Pittsburgh always got me thinking about all of the ways in which our lives had changed over the years, and all of the things that added up to make us into who we eventually became -- the version of us that has been married for close to twelve years now.
Brian and Justin take a few days in Pittsburgh to just relax and be with each other. However, with Brian's birthday and the anniversary of his accident fast approaching, there's a lot going on in Brian's head.

This story fits into the "Changed" verse.

My Father's Son by TrueIllusion

Rated: A • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

I really do have the best dad in the entire world.

I know a lot of kids say that -- and they give their dads coffee mugs and t-shirts and dorky-looking ties that say it -- but I feel like for me, it really is true.

My dad kicks more ass than any other dad I know, even though he hasn’t used his legs in almost thirteen years.


As Gus prepares for his high school graduation, he reflects back on his life so far, and his relationship with Brian.


This story fits into the "Changed" verse. Thanks to SandiD for the lovely banner!

Near Life Experience by TrueIllusion

Rated: A • 24 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

I was in Atlanta when I first started noticing the strange, intermittent numbness and tingling in the fingers of my right hand. I was finishing up some paperwork, and I was having a hard time holding onto the pen, though at the time I thought it was just because I couldn't feel my fingers in the way that I was used to. I knew I'd been pushing myself too hard, spending too much time working on my laptop and not enough time doing yoga, so I thought it was probably just stress. I needed a break, although I wasn't sure when I was going to get one, because I was only scheduled to have two days at home before I had to leave again to travel to Dallas.


Rob has a health scare that leads him to reevaluate his life. Brian helps support him along the way.

Lows and Highs by TrueIllusion, PrettyTheWorld

Rated: A • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Gus’ lips rolled inward, a carbon copy of Brian’s signature contemplative look. “I just like…” he sighed again, more heavily this time. “I just wish I could forget about this for, like, an hour or something.” 

Brian made a small noise of realization that made Justin look toward him, and as soon as he registered the intention on his husband’s face, he moved closer to Brian and hissed, “No. Brian, you can’t.” 

Brian gave Justin his most charming smile and said, “Oh, but I can!”


A heartbroken Gus spends a weekend in New York with Brian and Justin. In an effort to help his son, Brian turns to a tried-and-true method.

Full Circle by TrueIllusion

Rated: YA • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Never in my life did I ever think I’d find myself on a business trip with Ted Schmidt, of all people. Actually, never in my life did I think I’d ever find myself in business with Ted Schmidt at all. But, alas, here I am, nearly fifteen years into owning my own business, and nearly fifteen years into being in that business with one Ted Schmidt.


Brian and Ted go to Chicago for a business meeting that has the potential to change Kinnetik's future, and reflect on the past and their unlikely friendship in the process.


This story fits into the "Changed" verse.

Convalescent Contemplation by TrueIllusion, PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Leaning back against the leather headrest, Brian let out a shaky breath, already feeling sweaty and a little disoriented. He realized he had two choices here, both potentially impacting his dignity in a major way. As much as he wanted to try to tough it out the additional half hour, to endure whatever happened next in the comfort of a Four Seasons Hotel suite, the reality of the situation was that Lindsay and Melanie’s neighborhood was much closer. And it was absolutely inevitable that Brian's body was going to revolt sooner than later.

Well, fuck.


Brian's planned trip to Toronto to spend time with Gus is interrupted by a very-much-unplanned illness, which gives him a lot of time to think, and leads to some unexpected revelations.

Father Figure by TrueIllusion

Rated: M • 7 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

This story fits into the "Changed" verse.

“Who the fuck is calling me now?” Brian muttered as he rubbed his eyes and tried to focus on the clock. It was 2:16 a.m., and this call had better not be a client with some so-called emergency, because Brian had people who were supposed to deal with that, whom he’d hired in an effort to keep late night phone calls from happening. He was more than a little perturbed at having been woken up and was ready to give the person on the other end a piece of his mind, until he saw the caller’s name on the display. It was Rob, and that realization sent Brian’s heart into his throat. Rob was an “early to bed, early to rise” sort of guy, and would definitely not be calling at 2 a.m. unless something was seriously wrong.

Matriarch by TrueIllusion

Rated: A • 51 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Justin's in his studio, working on a painting, when he gets an upsetting phone call from Brian.

This story fits into the "Changed" verse.

Thanks to SandiD and PrettyTheWorld for helping me make this story the best it could be, and SandiD for the banner!

Rites of Passage by TrueIllusion, PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 10 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

“Sonny Boy--” Brian began, intentionally ignoring Justin’s question.

“--You had no idea why she sent me down,” Gus interrupted, his words more of a statement.

Brian shook his head. “Your mother neglected to inform me of her intentions.”


Lindsay has ulterior motives when she sends Gus for an unscheduled weekend visit with Brian and Justin.

Anything Like Me by TrueIllusion, PrettyTheWorld

Rated: A • 11 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

When Justin came home from his studio and found Brian in the kitchen making dinner, he knew something was wrong.

Brian didn’t cook. Even after 15 years of knowing the man and spending most of them in a relationship with him, Justin could count the times Brian had made them dinner on one hand. Apparently, tonight he was adding one more to the tally.


Fifteen-year-old Gus is spending the summer with Brian and Justin in New York. He decides to test the limits of Brian's relatively lenient parenting style, with unintended consequences.

Familiarity by TrueIllusion

Rated: M • 205 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star

Brian asked Justin a very important question when the "Changed" series concluded. What will his answer be? Where will they go from here?

Identity Crisis by TrueIllusion

Rated: A • 4 Reviews half-star

One shot. Standalone fic. Introspective S4/S5 gap filler from Lindsay's point-of-view.

Written for the 2018 QaF Gift Exchange as a gift for TheaPink on LJ. Request was a story about the girls breaking up and getting back together in canon time, with the song "Just Hold On" as a prompt. The song immediately made me think of their S4/S5 breakup. This is a peek into Lindsay's thoughts during that time.

Holiday Homecoming by TrueIllusion

Rated: A • 11 Reviews starstarhalf-star

One shot. Standalone fic. Post-513.

Justin comes home for the holidays. For good.

Plot bunny by BritinManor.

I'll See You in My Dreams by TrueIllusion

Rated: A • 12 Reviews starhalf-star

One shot. Set 25 years post-series. Standalone fic.

How do you feel your way through the darkness once the sun has gone out?

Brian's journey into the light.

Major character death. You'll want some tissues.

No Carbs After Seven by TrueIllusion

Rated: YA • 7 Reviews half-star

One shot standalone fic.

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to Brian's ever-present food rule, "no carbs after seven."

Plot bunny by Sally. Thanks to SandiD for beta reading.

Brian Kinney Gives a Sh*t by TrueIllusion

Rated: A • 10 Reviews half-star

Sickfic without plot. Justin gets sick. Brian takes care of him.


Set late season 4, post-cancer, pre-Liberty Ride.