Name: Nichelle Wellesly (Signed) · Date: Oct 09, 2016 1:07 pm · Chapter: Chapter 14

This was AWESOME!!! First, let me just say that I am absolutely JEALOUS of Faal and Zee's house! I would love to have a hideaway like that. Shucks! I NEED one! 

Secondly, Michael is a desperate idiot. I actually applauded when Ted told the little bastard off! And what a way to do it! It was definitely time for Ted to have his say and to diss and dismiss that whiny schmuck. I am looking forward to the evidence of Ted's financial genius at work! The best of all is that Michael will not see what's coming. HA! The nerve of the idiot thinking that Karma won't come for him!

Third, the scene at the loft was PRICELESS!! I couldn't stop laughing and then everyone's reaction to that Creepy ass Creep listening in on Brian and Justin fucking was too damn hilarious. I couldn't help saying 'Ya nasty Summabitch' in my best Bernie Mac voice, LMAO! Brian and Justin probably felt like they needed to take showers with scalding hot water knowing that they will probably feature heavily in the cretin' fantasies once he is all alone. 

Fourth: So David has another child huh? Although David using Hank's college fund is bad enough, could it be that he also knows about David's daughter and that's affecting his attitude as well? No doubt the Doc has a lot to answer for.

Fifth: So happy that Hunter got the job!! And the fact that Zee called him 'Son.' I can't deny that it touched me too. To go from not having a mom or step-father in Michael that isn't worth crap to having a Dad in Ben and an extended family who is not only supportive but loving and proud of him, must feel amazing to Hunter! He's definitely on an upward mobility track in his life and I can't think of a character more deserving!

Sixth: Lindsay really needs to pump her brakes and stay in her lane! I'm with Faal in his wondering how between Michael and Lindsay Brian hasn't committed murder yet. The NFI comment by Brian summed it all up nicely. I probably would have lured both of the to Pittsburgh's highest bridge and tossed them both over long ago just for the sake of my peace of mind.

Seventh: I really like that everyone, including David, jumped in Michael's ass about him trying to deny Ben and Hunter their visit with Jenny. He really is a moron! The kid has nothing to do with the divorce! I can't wait for her eyes to continue to open in reference to her father. And then for him to attempt to bring up that he is Jenny's biological father was just low. DNA does not a parent make nor does being a sperm donor automatically make a man a parent.  This is a theory he should know and recognize since it is the core difference between how Ben treats Hunter and how Michael treats Jenny. He does absolutely nothing to take care of her but Michael expects to be able to make all the decisions regarding his daughter. In my opinion he doesn't see her as a person at all just as his property and as an extension of himself. God help her!! Any extension of Michael Novotny needs to be stamped out, put in a jar and donated to science so that it can no longer reproduce the MNRS (which was brilliant by the way...I'll probably indefinitely 'borrow' that one, LOL)! 

I really enjoyed this chapter (if you couldn't tell by the long essay-length review) and look forward to MORE!!

Happy Writing and HUGS,


Author's Response:

Okay you can borrow MNRS as long as I can have diss and dismiss - schmoopy [in all its contexts] has already been stoled and used.  Glad you are enjoying it and you had me wine spitting at your Bernie Mac voice.  

I have to say ding-ding on your fourth point.  And on your sixth, of course she doesn't stay in her lane...what would be the fun in that.

As for point seven...well just read David's speech.

Glad you are still enjoy it.


Name: BlueMyst (Signed) · Date: Oct 06, 2016 12:57 am · Chapter: Chapter 13

Wish I had been invited to dinner all that food sounded delicious I can understand why Emmett wants the recipes.

I thought David would recognize Zee but there was no reaction at all, he was just interested in getting to know everyone again??

What Did We All Miss???

Michael got exactly what he deserved and then some, I was laughing when he got sick.

Why does David need to talk to Brian? He isn't stupid enough to try to get Brian or Justin to invest with him is he?

I felt bad for Hunter having to deal with the fact that the man he considered a father hates him, thank goodness Ben more than makes up for Michael's selfishness, Ben was smart to tell Jenny the truth cause she knew she wouldn't get it from Michael.

Lindsay needs to wake up from her fantasy cause Brian is never going to choose her over Justin, I want to smack her every time she brings up being Gus's mother, that does not give you an All Access Pass to Brian and what Brian and Justin do with their money is not any of her business.

Mel needs to get herself and Jenny away from Lindsay she is just as toxic as Michael and delusional.

This was a nice long chapter full of a lot of information and yet more questions to delve into.

More stupidity and whining for Michael to do as well.


Author's Response:

BlueMyst,  thanks for the review.  Truffle egg recipe below.  David simply wanted to brag on everyone, especially Brian because he was a successful chiropractor before he left and with what Michael has told him he doesn't think that Brian has moved on from being the Stud of Liberty Avenue but is rudely disabused of that fact.  Aww Hunter gets some much needed loving in C14 from an unexpected source and a surprise from Matt.  Have to say that Lindz is not done yet with her interfering BS but Mel has a surprise for her.

As promised: Scrambled truffle eggs:

Tap the top gently off two duck eggs and gently pour out the contents rinse the shells

Mix the eggs with single cream, black pepper and black truffle salt...if you can't find truffle salt truffle butter works well with a flavourless oil

Finely chop the asparagus and lightly fry till still firm

Scramble the eggs, they need to be soft scrambled not bone dry, if not using truffle butter use an flavourless oil, and mix with the asparagus

Spoon back into the shells

Have at it!

Happy reading


Name: emac66 (Signed) · Date: Oct 05, 2016 5:37 pm · Chapter: Chapter 13

I LOVE a long chapter! So glad your muse was working overtime. I enjoyed every sing word of it. You were able to touch on all of them which was great. 

Everyone is getting a good chuckle out of Astro's amputation. Hell, I still am! lol. Very disappointed in Michael, however, sadly, not surprised. More concered about his bloody statue than his mother. So typical. Poor behavior and attitude throught the entire chapter. I'm always astonished by people's level of selfishness. Michael pretty much at the top of teh heap. I think even David is getting a clue that he really hasn't changed much over the years. That whatever Michael has told him, has been greatly exagerated to his own benefit, to suit his own means. David is seeing the group more for who they really are, rather than from Michael's perspective. 

I have to admit, David really has me puzzled. Apparently the gang as well. He was pretty up front about his mistakes with Hank and the college fund. Wonder what he'll think of Michael's antics re: all the money. He's definitely behaving differently that I expected. Another mystery to be solved. will just have to wait for you to give us more clues. lol. He genuinely seemed to like Faal and Zee, yet what of the perceived earlier threat? Hmmmmmmm. I'll just wait patiently (pffffft..yeah right) for your next update. 

Interesting happenings in Toronto. Really glad you had Ben go to talk to Jenny. She knows that Ben will give the truth. While she may have recently forgiven Michael, I don't think she's blind to him by any means. She fully knows his character, or lack thereof. I just think, that as his daughter, she really wants to think the best of him, thus the forgivness. I also think however, that once she finds out everything he's done, is doing, will do, she may even go so far as to just write him off. Much like Hank has done with David. BTW...why does Lindsey remind me of me when I was 12 having a crush on Parker Stevenson? lol I totally pictured that when you mentioned Linsey speaking of "Peter". I'll never get her attitude of everything having to be about her. She pretends it's about gus, but we all know that a pile of poo. Like she should be informed of everything Brian does, adn has teh right to question those actions. 

Had to PML a bit there about Hunter and Matt. Perfect palce to put some levity into the chapter! Felt bad for both of them naturally, but imagining it was hysterical!

The dinner itself sounded amazing! Shame Michael didn't partake, his outcome was funny as hell though! Still really curious about David. As you said, there's something big afoot. I am sooooo looking forward to finding out what all you are going to do. 

Anticpation is high!!

Brilliant chapter!!!!!!





Author's Response:

Hi Elaine, so glad you are still enjoying it.  You are on point with everything you said.  I had to include Lindz because she does come back nearer the end so am gearing up for that.  Hunter and Matt's "icescapade" had to be done, like you said it needed levity and what makes anything funny than over enthusiasm in the bed department.  

Thanks for the food kudos.  I have actually done the egg and the oxtail burger, though I haven't found wings - apart from turkey - big enough to stuff.  But try the eggs, they are divine.

Scrambled truffle eggs:

Tap the top gently off two duck eggs and gently pour out the contents rinse the shells

Mix the eggs with single cream, black pepper and black truffle salt...if you can't find truffle salt truffle butter works well with a flavourless oil

Finely chop the asparagus and lightly fry till still firm

Scramble the eggs, they need to be soft scrambled not bone dry, if not using truffle butter use an flavourless oil, and mix with the asparagus

Spoon back into the shells

Have at it!

C14 has more food!

Happy reading.


Name: Nichelle Wellesly (Signed) · Date: Oct 05, 2016 4:15 pm · Chapter: Chapter 13

And THAT is what that little jealous Pain in the Ass GETS!!! I can't stop laughing! Ignorant lying little troll just keeps on hurting himself and this time I actually feel a little sorry for David getting punished for Michael's spiteful stupidity. Although that's only minimal because I suspect that he went there in the beginning to make digs at Brian and Justin. It certainly wasn't to dispel the lies that Michael had told him in the first place. At least he knows that Michael's mean streak is alive and well and that things are NOT as they were purported to be in the Kinmey Empire. I couldn't resist chuckling and fist-pumping when David had come to realize that not only was Justin wildly successful but that Brian is as well- enough to BUY Britin for Justin. That must have not only burned his ass but Michael's as well.

As for Lindsay, she really needs to find a life! Brian should have run his decision about HIS momey by her first??? Really bitch, really??!! Hopefully Mel will take her cue from Ben and leave that female child version of Michael; his whiny interfering twin sister from another mister to her own devices. Mel deserves better too! 

Great update and soooo looking forward to the next one!

Happy Writing and HUGS,


Author's Response:


Indeed his ass got well and truly chafed.  I thought i would spare people the actual description of that but you get me.  Yep David did got there fully expecting to "brag" on Brian despite not having anything to brag on and he's annoyed that Michael put him in that position.  

Yeah your favourite lady Lindz is girding her loins...shudder...for her sense of entitlement as "Gus's mother", Mel has more than a few words to say about that.

Thanks for the support


Name: cookiebun (Signed) · Date: Oct 05, 2016 3:13 pm · Chapter: Chapter 13

looking forward to finding out what was up with that ziti...


also, David obviously didn't know Faal and Zee, so that is intriguing to me as well!

Author's Response:

Hey cookie, glad you are still here.  Debs was going to throw out the ziti.  Zee has always maintained that David just saw her as a pencil pusher and didn't recognise her and she was right, but there is more revelations about David.

Happy reading.

Name: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: Oct 05, 2016 2:04 pm · Chapter: Chapter 13

Dang I wrote this really long and detailed review and it got popped.  So I'll just hit the highpoints, though all of this was highpoints.  Glad Deb's feeling okay after fainting.  Wonder where the money is coming from to restore the damaged statue? Hunter and Matt are doing okay except for overdoing it.  Zee is tops in my book with her cooking.  She and Faal are giving Brian and Justin a run for their money. Love Ben going to Toronto to tell Jenny about the breakup, can't help but wonder what Mikey's spin on that will be.  David is stringing Mikey along having a boyfriend waiting in Portland.  Draining his son's college fund was a nono and sounds too much like Mikey.  The meal had me drooling.  Poor Brian ended up fighting Justin and the cat for his share.  Fantastic story and I figure the best is yet to come.

Author's Response:

Don't you just hate it when technology lets you down...grrr!  Glad you are still with me.  Michael still has some of the money left from the money he got from Brian and Justin.  Hunter and Matt had to add some levity to the chapter.  Z&F are B&J in straight form as Alice says.  Ben had to get his side in first as we know what Michael's like.  David had to do what he did all is revealed in C14.  Yeah Brian is totally owned by Justin and Lilah.

Happy reading.


Name: BellaDonne (Signed) · Date: Oct 04, 2016 9:52 pm · Chapter: Chapter 12

This feels bigger than a tornado -lol. Wow, drama with a capitol damn Mikey abused their grocery account! This is so good for the Mikey mess but also the really sweet relationships you've written. I am enjoying the trip scenery and all.

Author's Response:

Oh yeah!  There is another bit of sweetness coming.  You thought Emmett was tough...just wait.

Hope you stay with me.

Happy reading


Name: cookiebun (Signed) · Date: Oct 04, 2016 5:34 pm · Chapter: Chapter 12

So glad Brian is finally done!

Author's Response:

Not as glad as Justin.  So glad you are still with me Cookie.


Name: starlight (Signed) · Date: Oct 04, 2016 4:14 am · Chapter: Chapter 12

Michael is such a turd. I think you should drop a safe on captain Astro, Michael could be maimed please. LOL.


Author's Response:

How about a brownstone, I can drop that on him...read C13, please, and then think Jennifer and how stupid Michael is!



Name: Glo (Signed) · Date: Oct 04, 2016 1:08 am · Chapter: Chapter 12

Omg when Brian cries...everyone cries...he is totally done with 'shit for brains' aka Michael. So so sad...Carl is a good man. So supportive & sweet. I wanted to reach into the story and hug Brian so badly...and kick the shit out of Michael! Jesus, Justin is going to have a field day with him, can't wait! 

Author's Response:

Oh Glo!  

So glad you are still with me.  I did wibble [I love that word] when Carl finally got Brian to seek comfort from him, it is the start of the father/son relationship he needs and it is cemented further down the line.

Yep some serious ass kicking is coming but they have to be careful not to bait the trap to quickly.  

Hopefully enjoy C13, a bit long but it needed to be to get through the "week".


Name: BlueMyst (Signed) · Date: Oct 03, 2016 7:36 pm · Chapter: Chapter 12

Michael has know idea the Hell he has coming his way!

I admire Emmett for kicking Michael to the curb and I love Drew for having his back, it is really sad when you come to realize that there are those who are good friends and those who abuse friendship for their own selfish reasons.

I loved when Jennifer put Michael in his place and also left him with a warning, I kinda wish Michael had went to talk to I would love to see Jennifer eviscerate him, of course now that Michael had officially burnt all his bridges it looks like Jennifer might get her chance after all.

I see Michael has incurred a long waiting line of people who want to kick his ass.

Deb breaking the arm of that dumb statute and ruining some comics is the least of Michael's worries he has a whole lotta trouble about to come, Mel is going to be beyond pissed when she finds out what Michael has been up to.

Brian finding comfort with Carl was so moving and what he needed at the moment was the arms of a father to ease the pain of a weary soul.

Justin eased the pain of a broken heart with love and hot steamy passion it was just what Brian needed to help him process that the Brian and Mikey Show is officially done, it had been hanging on by a thread but Michael severed it FOREVER.

I Can't Wait For The Next Chapter :)

Author's Response:

Indeed he does not, the problem with Michael is that he thinks that people believe the half assed stories he says.  It was hard for Emmett but it had to be done.

Oh trust me Jennifer has more shit to rain on Michael's parade but of course he doesn't see that coming.

As for Carl, I did have to wibble when I wrote that, Brian needs a dad and Carl is it for life.

And you are exactly right, with regards to Justin's easing of his pain was what he needed, he knows that he loves him but he needed him to "love him" for him...not the Stud, not the supposed "best friend of Mikey" and not the ad exec just for being him...sniffle.

Hope you enjoy C13, it is a bit long but it had to be.

Happy reading.


Name: emac66 (Signed) · Date: Oct 03, 2016 6:02 pm · Chapter: Chapter 12

So the chapter title is a bit daunting. :) 

I guess David's son obviously on to David's schemes from before and has taken himself out of his life. I wonder what David's ideas are to get him back? And is he seriously thinking Michael can help him?  That's laughable!! Yet...Michael is so gulible and naive that he wil do it unwittingly. I doubt he has any idea of how dangerous David may turn out to be. At least the necessary people will be protected from him. fortuately Justin and Brian will make sure of it. (Carl and Faal too) What a weight must be lifted from Faal's shoulder's now that Brian adn Carl have someone lined up to protect Zee.

Emmett is sticking to his original idea of kickign him out. Nothing that Michael could say will sway him, and Drew is right there supporting him. It's astounding that Michael is so oblivious. that he thinks he can rationalize everything. completely blind to reality. And now Jennifer is in on it too. Only her friendship with Deb is keeping her from "eviserating" him. LOL. Loved that part!! I have zero sympathy for Michael. He dug his own grave. amazing that he can't see himself as resonsible for any of it. As much as Ben seemed to be tempted, glad he stuck to it adn kept the door shut. He deserves to have some peace. Besides, there's not way Hunter would stick around if Michael was there. Even Deb is sticking to her guns! THAT is a huge relief. As a parent I get that she'd be tempted to help him out, but also, as a parent, she needs to cut the apron strings and let him sink or swim on his own.

OH WOW!!! Now we are finally at the crux of why David is back!! Not just Michael's current investments, but previous ones as well. And the gang is all fully aware of it now. WOW! Oh man. I really hate to say it, but a teeny part of me almost feels bad for Michael being so stupid, but then he opens his mouth and it all dissapates. He is in a whole heap of hot water and really has no idea as to the depth of it. 

Is he really stupid enough to think he's going to get away with all he's involved in. (at least the stuff he's knowingly doing) the fact that he can justify everything too.....I wonder what the boys are going to do with the store once it's theirs? :) 

Alice is on the ball! and once again, Michael is up to the same shit. thankfully Deb and Carl are so understanding and supportive. Let's face it, there's only so much a person can take. I have to say, is was really surprised at Carl adn Brian. In a good way. 2 tough assed men who have their facades up. Brian allowing himself to be treated to such support, and allowing himself to let it all go. My heart BROKE! 

AS much as I would've like to hear Deb tear another one off of Michael...your outcome was priceless! I died laughing when I read that. His precious statue. BAHAHAHAHAH! 

Justin took care of Brian in teh best way possible. 

Brilliant update!!! Can't wait to see what's going to happen next!!!! Excited!!





Author's Response:

Thanks Elaine, the family are only "supporting" Michael for as long as they need to secure Jenny's future.  Yeah Alice she's never liked Michael and now she's been given tacit permission to tell him to eff off she's in her element.  And I did wibble when I wrote the Brian and Carl bit.  He loves him like a son and for Brian to finally see that, well sniffle!

Oh hell yeah Captain Astro had to be gone...more to come on his gone-ness.

Yeah Justin had to take care of his man though it took some persuading.

Chapter 13 is up.  A bit long but hey when the muse is in!



Name: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: Oct 03, 2016 1:51 pm · Chapter: Chapter 12

Fantastic chapter.  I especially loved the part where Deb fainted and caused all the damage.  Now who is the mystery man that Brian got for Zee?  With all the money Mikey owes he's never going to be able to pay.  No more Red Cape Comic, maybe they can turn it into a Starbucks? 

Author's Response:

Thank you again.  I had to get rid of that damn statue in the most painful way possible bar a fire!  The mystery man is just someone to watch over her for Faal's peace of mind.  A starbucks now that would be good...yeah Mel thought that there was no way he would default but of course this is Mikey...

C13 is being worked on, hopefully up by the weekend.


Name: Nichelle Wellesly (Signed) · Date: Oct 03, 2016 6:39 am · Chapter: Chapter 12

OOOOOOOOOOMG!!!!!! Michael is burning bridges left and right!! I LOVED Emmett telling the jackass off! I know Drew was as happy as I was that he is finally rid of the moocher.

Zee is freaking amazing!! David and Michael deserve everything that's coming to them- one for being an arrogant son of a bitch (Apologies to bitches everywhere- myself included) and the other for being a self-servicing PAIN IN THE ASS!! I think it's a brilliant idea to involve Mel and Ted. Neither one of them will show any sympathy or mercy to Michael during their investigation of the 50K. He's such a DICKHEAD (Apologies to dickheads everywhere since I actually like you all in the proper context but let's face it, a stiff prick has no thought process or conscience).

I hope Justin fires Michael's non-existent ass up RIGHT! How dare the little ingrate use their grocery accounts thinking that he wouldn't eventually be caught or in Michael's case- that they wouldn't do anything. Justin needs to sue him for everything he's got and that he ain't got (yep Michael's bullshit has taken me back to the Brooklyn ghetto where I'm from). It's definitely time out for handling this fool with kid gloves. Time to throw some hard punches where it will hurt Michael the most...his wallet.

I feel so bad for Deb and Brian but am happy that they are truly wising up to that manipulative shithead .(apologies to shitheads everywhere. Most of you serve a purpose or a specific function but to group you with Michael Novotny...well it kind of can't be helped even though he is the most rotten of you all...). I don't think they should try to save Michael but fully let him reap what he is sowing. He's the one who wanted to play in the big leagues with an idiot like David so he should have to pay all the cost of his stupidity. I'm glad that Carl was able to deliver some serious humor to Deb after she fainted (I'm STILL Cackling about that- serves Captain Astro's 16K arm right since he ain't had no business there in the first place...LMFAO)- it was soooooo needed. And Justin's care of Brian resulted in a scene that was both sweet, spicy and HOTTTT!!

WRITE On Nicole!! And FAST!!



Author's Response:

Hi Nichelle

I always thought that Emmett had a iron fist in that velvet glove of his, he's a Southern Boy after all.  As usual Michael is using "he can afford it" rationalisation to justify his shopping...figuring that it is Justin's money he's spending...he keeps forgetting that they are a "we"...idiot fool boy!

Oh yes, Justin is going to go buckwild on Michael when Brian says its go time!  They are only helping him so that Jenny is not left without...except the crushing disappointment that is her father...once the store in their hands...ooh yeah baby it will be go time!  And I just had to destroy that damn statue!

C13 has already been begun...hopefully this weekend it will be up.

Thanks for all the encouragement!


Name: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: Oct 02, 2016 4:22 pm · Chapter: Chapter 11

Michael keeps getting worse and worse.  First he says something nasty about Ben and Steve, which isn't even true.  Then he mutters something equally nasty about Hunter and gets a well deserved punch.  Then we find out what he did with the money he got from Brian.  Invested it with David instead of putting it up for Jenny!  That's going to come back to bite him on the ass.  LOL.  Things must be really bad with David if Hank doesn't want anything to do with him.  This story is one of the high points of my day.

Author's Response:

Wow thanks for that, it gives me so much confidence to continue!  

The cards are being dealt and the games are beginning.  Happy reading.

Name: BlueMyst (Signed) · Date: Oct 01, 2016 1:49 am · Chapter: Chapter 11

Michael seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into that hole he keeps digging for himself, I feel so bad for Jenny she is soon going to find out her father is worse than pond scrum.

Michael took money out of Jenny's fund to give it to David? That money wasn't suppose to be touched! He didn't even spend his money, he spent his daughter's! That is some low down dirty Shit to do to your own kid!!

Ben kicking Michael out is a good thing since he never helped to support the family while Ben bent over backwards to do it.

Michael is so selfish and inconsiderate to everyone else he only sees that everyone should take care of him and when they don't wittle Mikey comes out.

I am happy that Brian is not jumping through his hoops anymore just feel bad that Emmett got suckered, luckily he was given the truth and soon Michael will be kicked to the curb where he belongs.

I really do like Matt, Faal and Zee they are very interesting people who are wonderful additions to this family.

I like Steve too and his daughter Taylor is so sweet, adorable totally crazy about Ben who became her favorite quickly.

I can't wait for Michael's world to come crashing around him and for Dave to get what he deserves too.


Author's Response:

Yep Michael is swimming up sh-creek without a paddle but doesn't seem to notice that the boat has a leak...a David sized leak.

Sorry, if I confused you a bit.  The money that he gave to David was from the money he got from B&J for the "store" and the repayments from the loan are going to go to Jenny's college fund.  

Ah Emmett, I always thought that his southern side was underused in the series, he shows Mikey was an iron fist he has in that velvet glove!

Glad you like the new family, I especially like writing Faal - he just adores the bones of Zee and Matt and will do anything to protect them, but he's not the only one...a little hurricane is coming.

You are right about Jenny...she's going to be so disappointed in her father...

Name: tataniastorm (Signed) · Date: Oct 01, 2016 12:55 am · Chapter: Chapter 11

Tyty another wonderful chapter. I feel like the other shoes is about drop for Mikey. Till next time.

Author's Response:

Welcome and lots and lots of shoes are about to drop on Mikey...hee-hee

Name: blossomlegs (Signed) · Date: Oct 01, 2016 12:22 am · Chapter: Chapter 11

Great update!  I'm with you, Mikey needs all the bad that is coming to him.  Could't stand him in the show,so imature, selfish and immature.  Never understood how Ben could marry him or stand him.

Thanks for sharing!


Author's Response:

Thanks!  You and me both re Ben and Michael - how anyone would put them together is beyond me!

Thanks for reading...more karmic ass kicking for Michael to come!

Name: emac66 (Signed) · Date: Sep 30, 2016 4:17 pm · Chapter: Chapter 11

Have I mentioned lately that I hate Michael?! Well I do. He's crossed the line now by a mile. It's one thing to accuse Ben of screwing around, making insinuations about Steve, and even Justin. But what he said about Hunter....I literally wanted to be ill. He's lucky he got away with just one punch. I'm just glad Ben already kicked him out. At least now we know it's going to be permanant. And the nerve, thinking he can get 1/2...HAHA! Glad he's getting himself hooked up with David again. We know that's going to go down into a firey mess. he deserves to be caught up in it. I have to admit, I've very wary of David's alternate mitives. I know it's about the $$, but is he aware that Michael's connection with Zee, Faal and Matt? will he find a way to use Matt to get to Zee?

So now that everyone else has heard about David's threat to Zee, how will they all react to Michael seeing him now? Especially Debbie!! 

Oh wow...the many paths this story could take. It's facinating!

Oh...and the added bit of Africaans was lovely. My mom was born in S. Africa and would speak a few words here and there. (espcially when she was pissed off) the memory made me smile. Thanks. :)

Fantastic chapter. I am SUCH an enthusiastic reader of this one.



Author's Response:

Elaine...you may have mentioned your dislike once or twice.  

Yay Matt for giving the punch he deserved and as per usual he thinks he's got away with what he said because he doesn't press charges...well think again Mikey.

David doesn't see the connection between them at all, thanks to Michael's niavete...he's one for dropping his friends when something more interesting comes along, naturally he thinks his friends are going to be there when he wants them back...and watch for Carl and Brian now they know of the threat he made.  

Oh wow, I am so pleased that the Africaans created a happy memory for you.   You are more than welcome xx


Name: starlight (Signed) · Date: Sep 30, 2016 1:34 am · Chapter: Chapter 10

Trust me you can't get to graphic. I wanted to tell you that I really like your story and that you were willing to share it. I'm probably the worst about reading and not reviewing, which I'm trying to correct.  I love how Michael never seems to get a clue, and expects everyone to let him slide, but gets caught anyway. I hate that he is awful to Hunter but you were able to show Ben as a strong loving parent, which is just wonderful. I tend to stuggle with Ben, but you let go and showed us why he was the best person for Hunter.

Thank you for taking your time to write.


Author's Response:

Thank you Star!

I absolutely love your fics so this means so much coming from one of my fave writers. 

Michael always bugged me in the series, he always got away with stuff.  Ben has always been there for Hunter and after the scene at Debbie's he's taking a leaf out of Michael book and putting himself and Hunter first.

Thanks again


Name: BellaDonne (Signed) · Date: Sep 29, 2016 11:36 pm · Chapter: Chapter 10

Awww, the was so sweet.  Hunter deserves to smile.  Mikey deserves what hope is coming to him soon.

Author's Response:

Thanks.  Hunter does indeed and Michael gets what's coming from everyone.  Watch for Matt and Ben.

Happy reading


Name: cookiebun (Signed) · Date: Sep 29, 2016 5:24 pm · Chapter: Chapter 6

Ok, I'm liking the story and hating Michael (even better), but I'm confused at some things. Did I miss what the bet between Brian and Drew was? It sounded fun, but it just seemed dropped.

Author's Response:

Glad you are still here.  Sorry have to hold my hands up for that one forgot the bet between Brian and Drew, will pick that up later, promise!


Name: cookiebun (Signed) · Date: Sep 29, 2016 4:04 pm · Chapter: Chapter 5

I love how the family rallies around each other so well!


Author's Response:

Indeed and then some.

So pleased you are sticking with it.


Name: cookiebun (Signed) · Date: Sep 29, 2016 1:54 pm · Chapter: Chapter 4

I just wanna punch Michael... I am so glad others see how much of an ass he is!  he left Hunter all alone???  wtf, and I really think he wanted Ben to be gone so he could focus all his energy on Brian... ugh... asshat!

Author's Response:

By chapter 8 you are going to want to take an axe to him...oh by the way am stealing asshat to use in said story - watch for Jenny.

Name: soirsagrey (Signed) · Date: Sep 29, 2016 10:05 am · Chapter: Chapter 1


Great s understand story so far. Fun, easy flowing and you porn is just right!! Hot but never vulgar. The foot "play" was really, really hot!!

Depending on my mood I can tolerate Mikey or I hate him. Note though: I can tolerate him but I can't love him.

He's living his live through Brian without any shame. The way he just rattled of the plea for the money was really shameless. So good to see the solution Justin and Brian came up with.  Poor Ben to have to live with a moocher like him. He's way better of with Steve. They understand each other. The way Michael humiliates Hunter time after time really pisses me off. Hunter is such an adorable young man. I love the way he stayed in the hospital with Ben.

Michael really deserved the way he was thrown out of his house. Let him go back to David and be humiliated and abused. It would do him a lot of good to be treated the way he treats other people. David will propably use the money Mickey has for himself and then leave him bankrupt. Well, it would serve him right! 

Hunter and Matt: I do hope they become a steady item. They are so good together. And the friendship between Hunter and Gus is really heartwarming. 

All in one. This is an amazing good read. I'm so looking forward to more chapters.




Author's Response:

Thanks, I am so chuffed that you like this.  Michael gets his and then some...tee hee!

Yeah Hunter and Matt, they go from strength to strength...it is a joy to write their love story.

Hope you enjoy the rest.

Nicole xx

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