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Reviewer: bjluv Signed [Report This]
Date: Oct 23, 2018 11:19 am Title: CHAPTER 23: HISTORY, MISERY AND COMPANY Part 2

Ahhh... I finally got it. I think where I got screwed up was when you inserted "They miscalculated how determined Kevin Kinney and Jacob Levine were to see their wills fulfilled. For Jack's father's part, he made sure to see his choice found a way to drug Jack. Joan's father was almost desperate to see his daughter married off." To me, I interpreted it as Kevin and Jacob were best friends, wanting to see Jack and Joan married. I really thank you for taking the time with this.

It seems strange that when Jacob found out Melanie was pregnant and had died, he didn't set out to find Mendel and Frayda to at least see what the sex of Melanie's child was. I'm also surprised Jack didn't leave Joan when he realized she was farther along than when he supposedly slept her after he was drugged, knowing the child couldn't be his. The 70's weren't that outdated that he couldn't get away with divorce. Or even just abandon Joan. What did he have to lose? He had already lost his inheritance of the shipping business, so why not leave and go out on his own? Why be straddled with a wife whom he didn't love, and a child who wasn't his? As far as Brian goes, I would think Jack would have loved him more than anything, being he was Melanie's child, who he genuinely loved. Although I suppose when Jack was drunk, all he could see was how much Brian resembled Melanie, and hated him for what he had lost with Melanie. When Mendel and Frayda explained to Jack in the hospital about the baby, did they leave out the fact that there were actually two babies?

And, what happens to John and Peter now? Now that Brian knows the truth about them, and knows they are not blood-related? Will he still want to keep them?


Reviewer: bjluv Signed [Report This]
Date: Oct 22, 2018 6:03 pm Title: CHAPTER 23: HISTORY, MISERY AND COMPANY Part 2

Nichelle, Thank you so much for taking the time to try to explain it to me, but I'm still slightly confused. If Jacob Levine was Melanie Levine's father, and Jacob and Kevin were best friends, then who was Joan's father? I thought it was Jacob, because I thought that was why Kevin and Jacob wanted Jack and Joan married, as Joan was pregnant by her father (which I thought was Jacob.) Am I making any sense? This is causing my love of mystery and intrigue to falter. Usually, I'm very adept at following through with plot. HELP!


Author's Response:

Jacob and Kevin did not know each other. However, they were similar men where their children were concerned.

-Joan's father (whose name wasn't mentioned) and Kevin Kinney were best friends, and arranged the marriage between Jack and Joan to cover the fact that she was impregnated by her own father, resulting in the birth of Claire Kinney. Jack protested, and said that he was already involved with the woman he intended to marry (Melanie Levine). Instead of accepting that, Joan and Jack's fathers had him drugged by Joan so that he believed he slept with her, then married them off posthaste to cover up the incestuous relationship between her and her father- a situation Jack didn't fully discover and understand until after the marriage had taken place.

As for Jacob, he arranged for his daughter to marry someone else, once he found out that she was seeing a man he didn't know nor approve of (Jack). When she protested, she was beaten for her insolence, and later sent to her aunt, Frayda, to correct her 'behavior'. Jacob and Feiga wanted to remember her 'place' and to do her duty to their family, which ultimately meant marrying the man Jacob picked for her without question or opinion. Instead, Frayda and Mendel let her stay with them permanently, not agreeing with Jacob and Feiga's actions towards their daughter at all.

The two situation are separate, yet related because they both affected Jack and Melanie's plans to marry. Hope this puts the story of Jack Kinney and Melanie Levine into perspective for you.

Happy Reading!

Reviewer: bjluv Signed [Report This]
Date: Oct 22, 2018 4:01 pm Title: CHAPTER 23: HISTORY, MISERY AND COMPANY Part 2

Lindsay sure has a few surprises in store for her once she gets done being serviced by Gardner *eew, eew, shudder*   She really is a piece of cake. First with her employment, and lying, unsuccessfully to Dean Maloney. And what a lie! Feigning interest about Justin, which I was only too happy to learn he knew the full truth of the situation, even involving of her and Michael trying to bodily removing Justin from Brian's apartment.

Then she thinks she punishing Melanie for not home and being in Gardner's bed... hehe! (Mel won't care whose bed she's in!) Guess again, Lindsay Dear. Your "wife" is not even home. Neither is your son. And oh right! You better hurry and return to that home, because your "wife" sold that home. If you hurry, and quit sleeping with the guy using you, for his own gain, you might make it back by 4:00 so you will have enough time to rent a truck, get to the storage unit, and pick up your clothing. (all on your own dime, of course)  God how I hope she misses the deadline. I also hope Leda has papers proving the sale of the house on her, but if she doesn't, no big loss, as Leda can have her arrested for trespassing as she tries to move past Leda to get in the house. Also, your plans to get Mel to agree to have Brian pay more child support (which Gardner planted in your mind) is NOT gonna happen. And your only option will be to sign your rights away. And what's this crap she thinks she's gonna get all that she wants and deserves. Foolish entitled bitch, doesn't know shit!

Surprise, surprise, surprise... Justin is a multi-millionaire, and George Schickle's heir. Bet he looks a lot better in your eyes now, Lindsay. And yes, you're not getting that big office up on the main office space. And Cynthia won't be at your beck and call. You will down in the lowly art department. You won't be able to visit all the departments, throwing your weight around. Which you won't even have a job anymore when they all jump ship in two weeks.

Regarding Nancy... I hope her $6K is holding out. Staying at the Hilton, which probably cost about $350 a night for a suite, and having to pay your P.I. for the updated information on Mel and Brian, you're not going to have much money, much longer. And you might have to share costs of living with your daughter in a couple of weeks.

Your impressive back story on Mel and Brian, was brilliant. So, if I have this straight, Joan was Melanie Levine's older sister? So that would make Joan Brian's aunt, and Claire his cousin? And Melanie Marcus is two years younger than her birth certificate states, besides the day and month are also wrong? I'd like to know why Melanie Levine thought it was a good thing to separate her twins? And once Mendel and Fradya knew the truth about Jack Kinney, why didn't they try to get Brian out of there? This whole history of events is going to take some time to fully sink in to Mel and Brian.

So much going on in this chapter. Can't wait to find out everybody's reactions. Has Michael came to, yet? Can you give him amnesia? Because Lindsay needs to be kept in the dark for a while longer.

XOXO ~ Cathy


Author's Response:

Hi Cathy. First, thanks for reading and reviewing. It means a lot. To answer a couple of your questions, without giving away the plot going forward:

-Joan has no relation whatsoever to Brian and Mel. She was simply Jack Kinney's wife (now widow) through a forced marriage arranged through Kevin Kinney and Joan's father, who were best friends. Brian and Melanie's birth mother,  was Melanie Levine, who was Frayda's niece.

-In some cultures, back in those days, the male child went with their father to learn the legacy of the family, while the female children stuck close to their mothers in preparation for housewifery duties. Since Melanie Levine's mother and father (Jacob and Feiga) clung to old world ideals, the young woman was raised believing the same.

-Melanie Marcus and Brian are, in fact, twins, although Mel's birth certificate reads that she was born on November 6th 1970, whereas Brian's reads their actual birthdate of June 11th 1970. Jack met their birth mother nearly two years before they were born on the date of November 6th, which they used on Mel's birth certificate. The date was sentimentally chosen since there was no question that the twins needed to be separated. If taken from purely a romantic perspective, November 6th was the date that Melanie Levine and Jack Kinney found love, but June 11th is the date that any love in Jack's heart died since Melanie Levine expired shortly after childbirth.  

-As for why Mendel and Frayda didn't get Brian out of there: they knew Jack Kinney one way through their niece's association with him. However, by the time they found out what was really going on in the Kinney household, what could they have done? They had no rights to Brian. Jack convinced Joan that Brian was their son, while keeping the real facts about Brian's parentage a secret. But the question is did he do a good enough job at it. "The heart has many secrets" is a very true adage here.


Stay Tuned!




Reviewer: The SNO Signed [Report This]
Date: Oct 22, 2018 1:33 pm Title: CHAPTER 23: HISTORY, MISERY AND COMPANY Part 2

Quite a complex situation with Mel and Brian.

Lindsey doesn't seem to see that Gardner is using her while she's worth it and he will throw her away once he has what he wants.

Reviewer: BlueMyst Signed half-star [Report This]
Date: Oct 22, 2018 3:38 am Title: CHAPTER 23: HISTORY, MISERY AND COMPANY Part 2

Holy Crap Jack took his son to be raised by him and Joan only to make that child's life a living Hell instead of cherishing him being apart of his first love.

No Excuse!!!

Brian needs Justin to keep him calm while Emmett and Ted talk him from flying to Pittsburgh digging up Jack and burning his bones and attacking Joan.

Nancy's investigator is hopefully lost in Florida cause Brian and Melanie need time to talk, read the notebooks and figure out a plan.

Lindsay is going to be shocked when she goes home and finds Leda there, her stuff gone, Melanie, Gus, Brian, Justin, Ted and Emmett gone.

Plus she doesn't know Leda is a Wasp lol

She couldn't last a day taking care of Gus but Melanie has been doing fine so far, her plans to bleed Brian dry is a joke just like Nancy's plan to get more of Ron's money.

Lindsay being at Vanguard should be interesting for everyone else but I doubt she will enjoy it, especially being the little fish in a big pond with no power unless she kneels or bends over <giggles>

Lindsay and Gardner Ewwwwwwww!!!

Brain Bleach Isn't Strong Enough To Get Rid Of That Image <shudders>

Gardner could never get Lynette  who is too classy for him and Lindsay will spread her legs for a nickel.

Amazing Update!!!


Reviewer: BabylonBritinTaykin69 Signed [Report This]
Date: Oct 22, 2018 1:05 am Title: CHAPTER 23: HISTORY, MISERY AND COMPANY Part 2

II can't wait til this is finished so I can put it on my phone now.

Reviewer: YumYumPM Signed half-star [Report This]
Date: Oct 21, 2018 10:52 pm Title: CHAPTER 23: HISTORY, MISERY AND COMPANY Part 2

Wow.  So much happening.  Learning of Brian and Mel's heritage was unbelievably believable.

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