Mother Taylor and Mr. Kinney by Saje, Nichelle Wellesly

This story is a Round Robin where other authors can add their own chapter to the story. The guidelines are in the first chapter.

Brian and Jennifer have dinner and some interesting conversation. What follows is a voyage of discovery. For both of them.

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Rules: 1) All subsequent chapters must fall into my established universe

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1. Chapter 1 by Saje

Chapter 1 by Saje






Brian checked the time as he strolled from the bathroom rubbing a towel over his still damp hair. He picked up his cell and noticed the missed call from Justin when he was showering.


“Hey, my agent just called and I got corralled into a last minute dinner with this new hoity-toity gallery owner, so I won’t be home for dinner like we planned. Tell Mom I will make it up to her. Later”


Brian swore under his breath, and checking the time again, realized that Jennifer was probably only minutes away and it was too late for him to cancel on her. Oh well, will just have to make the best of it.


Not paying any attention to the clothes he was putting on, (not like Mother Taylor hadn’t seen him in significantly less), he headed to the kitchen and put the lasagna Justin had premade into the oven to heat.


He was uncorking a pricey bottle of red when the buzzer on the door sounded, so he carried it with him to let her in.


“Hi, Brian.” She said, as she leaned towards him and he dutifully tipped his head down so she could give him a peck on the cheek in greeting.


“Justin called a few minutes ago” he started, as she breezed past him into the kitchen and set her gigantic purse on the island. “He got caught up. He’s not going to make it. can still have dinner with me...if you want. Should be ready in an hour or so.”


Jen tipped her head to the side, well aware of how things had gone the last time they were alone together in the loft. Brian had told her he had proposed and she had seen how horribly confused he had been about that whole timeframe.


He was obviously thinking about it right now too, and was just as obviously thinking she would leave.


She squared her shoulders, “So what’s for dinner?” she asked, tossing her jacket over the back of the nearest stool.


A lopsided grin slowly snuck across his face and he seemed to relax. “Lasagna and salad, garlic bread.”, he replied as he finished with the cork and poured them very generous portions of wine. Handing her a glass, she raised it and offered a toast.


“To my successful sons. May they prosper.” She smiled.


The intentional plural was not lost on Brian, and with his lips rolled in slightly, he clinked his glass with hers “Slainte”.


They worked in companionable silence, setting the table and making the salad, finally settling on opposite ends of the couch with their wine glasses and the bottle, to wait for the oven timer to go off. Brian propped his bare feet on the coffee table and leaned back into the cushions. Jennifer cleared her throat daintily, like she wanted to say something, and Brian quirked a brow at her.


She turned a bright shade of crimson, and he could only wonder what the hell had caused it. “You okay?”


She noted his concern, “I’m fine really, it’s just, ah, do you?” she blushed again and chugged a good bit of her wine and set the glass back on the table. “Could you maybe put some socks on or something?”


Brian watched her for a moment as she sat primly on the edge of the sofa, looking at anything but his feet. He tested the waters by wriggling his toes slightly and chuffed out a small laugh when she squirmed and gulped more wine.


“Sure” he said, and quickly retrieved a pair of very short athletic socks and put them on before returning to the living room. It seemed to him that Mother Taylor had a secret. A secret kink. A secret kink she had passed on to her son.


Brian’s brain went into overdrive. Bits of conversation and looks she had unwittingly shared over the years, the most prominent being her exclamation of her “wild” days in college. It made him wonder, just how much did she have in common with her son? Maybe, if he got her to open up a little, he could divine something new he could use to his advantage later, after Justin came home.


How the hell do you start that conversation though?


Brian wracked his brain for a few moments, then went full speed ahead.


“I guess Justin got his foot kink from you then?” He snarked.


Jen visibly deflated and gave him a self-deprecating smile. “Probably. I mean, it’s not all feet, hell it isn’t even most feet. Just some, ah, really nice ones.”


Brian sipped his wine, his eyes alight with devilment, “ think my feet are sexy?”


Jen narrowed her eyes in the way only moms could, “I suppose, all right, fine. You have sexy feet. There, I said it.”


Brian let out a full laugh this time and she joined in. “S’all right. Justin had to get it from somewhere. Now I know. At least he didn’t get it from his dickless father.”


Jen snickered and mumbled something Brian didn’t quite catch, so he asked her to repeat it as he refilled her now empty glass..


“I said, dickless father is right. He has one of the tiniest dicks I have ever seen.” She slumped back into the couch, completely relaxed after a full glass of wine and the revelation of Craig’s, literal, shortcomings. “It’s a wonder I ever got pregnant at all.”


“Thank God Justin didn’t inherit that too.” Brian smirked, sipping his wine. “The lad is almost too cocky.”


Brian’s leer left no doubt in Jennifer’s mind exactly what he was referring to and she nodded in understanding. “I know what you mean.” she said, thinking of Tucker.


Brian caught the wistful look on her face and pulled his legs onto the couch, turning to face her more fully. “Do tell…” he said conspiratorially, inviting her to extol the young teacher’s attributes.


Jennifer seemed about to say no, then, upon thinking about it for almost a full minute, decided that Brian was probably an expert on the subject and it would be like talking to a doctor or therapist without being billed for time. It wasn’t like he kept his sex life a secret.


“Fine. I will tell you. But it has to stay between us, okay?” She seemed uncertain she really wanted to discuss her sex life, but Brian knew he had her hooked when he made the “Zipped Lip” motion and she turned to mimic his position on the couch, her feet on the seat and facing him fully.


“He has the biggest, uh,” she paused.


“Dick? Cock? Penis? Shlong? Johnson?” Brian supplied, while trying to keep the laughter at bay.


“Fine.” Jennifer shot back. “Dick. He has the biggest dick I have ever experienced.”


“Just how big is it?” Brian drolled, “Is he cut?”


Jennifer was well into needing a third glass of wine and took the bottle from the table and refilled her glass, chugging the contents like it was a beer, while Brian’s eyebrows slowly ascended to his hairline.


She filled the glass again and resumed her position on the couch. “Teninchescut” she threw out before she thought better of it and pinkened prettily.


“Impressive.” Brian offered, having a better idea of why such an odd pairing were still together after almost three years.


“Yeah, he knows how to use it too. But,”


“But what?”


“Well, it has girth too, ya know? And it’s not round round. It has a sort of flattened aspect on the shaft, making it kinda oval shaped.”


“Even better.” Brian admitted.


“Mmm. It’s just, sometimes it is hard to take. I love him and our sex is great, but holy hell! How the hell do you keep up? Don’t you get sore?” She wasn’t whining, she was just wanting some advice.


“Well, Justin would know more about that than I would, but on the occasions I have allowed him to ‘drive’, he does get a little over excited and goes for the gold like an olympic athlete. So, yeah, I understand.” Brian rolled his eyes at the thought. “As for keeping up, I could ask you the same question, Cougar. There are more years between you and your boy-toy than there are between me and mine.”


“Very funny, Brian. Believe me, I don’t mind in the least being called a Cougar. I look around at some of the other couples we know and think about the marriage I had with Craig, and I am just so fucking glad I got out of it and found Tucker. We have fun. We do things together, we don’t have a boring relationship like some of the other wives tell me about theirs. And we have sex like teenagers.”


“He’s good then?”

Jennifer sighed, “You have no idea how good.”


Brian noted the wine she had guzzled was catching up to her and decided to press his luck. “Enlighten me.” he drawled.


“He is just so big, I feel so...full. Satisfied, and sometimes I wonder what the hell he’s doing with me. I have very little experience giving blow jobs and no experience blowing a cock that big. Christ, I still gag every time I brush my teeth. Never mind deep throating.”


“Hmm, you should ask Justin, he’s a fucking natural. NO, make that a prodigy! Best fucking blow jobs of my life.” Brian stated emphatically. Justin’s gift of fellatio was nearly as legendary as Brian’s gift of fucking.


“Well, he didn’t get that from me,” Jen simpered, until her eyes widened with a sudden thought,  “Oh, my, God! Maybe Craig…?” She burst out into hysterical giggling at the thought...


Brian’s mind started rebelling. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. He stood up and went to the kitchen for a bottle of water as Jennifer prattled on and on about how Tucker might become dissatisfied if she was never gonna be able to deep-throat him and how was she supposed to keep a young man interested when she was so “vanilla”.


Brian closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, accepting that it was his own fault for letting her get halfway drunk and asking questions. Realizing that there was no way out of it now, and not being able to take her home yet because no one was there, he grabbed his stash of extremely expensive designer pot and carried it back to the living room where Jennifer still talked as if he had never left.


Taking his time to roll a very fat joint he lit it up and had two or three hits before Jen finally slowed her prattling down enough to realize the situation had changed. Her mouth stopped moving and she closed her eyes, inhaling as far as she could and held out a hand, signalling Brian that she wanted her turn. He passed it to her and she let out her breath in a fast exhale then put the joint to her lips and drew in a long slow hit until her eyes started to water. She held in the smoke, passed the toke back to Brian and leaned back into the arm of the couch.


Brian picked up the ashtray and flicked off the ash. Jennifer was still holding her breath as tears leaked from the corners of her closed lids. Brian was suitably impressed when, a full two minutes later, she let the smoke back out just as slowly as she had inhaled it. When she lifted her head and opened her eyes, he knew she was already flying and he had a newfound respect for her abilities.


She hit him with a sly grin and stretched her length along the couch, shoving him off onto the floor so that she could lay down and still be close to the ashtray as they shared the weed. “So, Brian, sexpert of all sexperts, how do I blow a giant cock as thick as my wrist?” she asked, dejectedly.


He debated briefly with himself, the wisdom of helping her, then thought, Fuck it, and went to his bedroom and dug around in a drawer until he found what he was looking for. Carrying it back and resuming his seat on the floor in front of the couch, he handed the tattered paperback to her and went back to smoking.


Jennifer read the title and said, “The Diary of a Male Escort”? Unbelieving that Brian would have such a book.


“Well it was that or Anne Frank,” he smirked “and seeing as I was in the eighth grade, is was much more interesting and informative.”


Jennifer flipped it over and read the back cover, noting it was published in the late seventies. She rifled the pages, losing count of the corners that were turned down.


“Just start at the beginning and work your way through it. Don’t move on to the next one until you master the first and so on.” Brian sounded like a bored English Lit. professor.


Jennifer sounded surprised that it could be that easy. “Just like that? What about…”


Brian cut her off, “He goes into how to suppress the gag reflex right at the start and works his way to mouth fucking and cock binding, edging and so forth. Don’t worry, it is virtually step by step. But, for tonight, just buy a nice expensive lube and play with Tucker’s pucker, most straight guys don’t get that very often. Should work for now.”


They spent the next few minutes in silence, smoking and drinking, while Jennifer read the first few pages of the novel. Brian dropped the last tiny bit of the joint into the ashtray and got up to put the garlic bread into the oven to heat.


“Brian, bring my purse back with you.” Jennifer said, and he grabbed the handle on his way by the island, a little surprised by the weight.


Setting it on her midsection,he resumed his seat on the floor in front of her. Before he had time to reach for his glass, a jumbled mass of debris was falling into his lap from over his head as she dumped the contents of her purse in his lap. Everything from makeup and beauty products, to pens, pads of paper, mail, a large, new hank of rope, and finally a hardback book, whose corner barely missed crashing into his dick as he pulled his knees up in reflex.


“Jeez, Jen, what the fuck?” Brian accused, as the pile slid, in bits and pieces, to the floor on either side of his hips, leaving the book and rope in his lap. The title of the book, Kinbaku Training, had his interest piqued the minute he saw the attractive woman in a suggestive pose, tied up by a series of complex rope knots on the cover. His hand drifted subconsciously over the hank of rope.


“Take it.” Jennifer said, pulling Brian out of his thoughts and back to the issue at hand. “I just bought it this afternoon. We can call it a fair trade, since you made dinner too.”


Her mention of dinner had Brian standing and carrying his new book to the kitchen, while Jen gathered up her girly accoutrements and stuffing them back into her bag. She met him at the table, where he had set out the food and she made both of their plates, since his curiosity had gotten the better of him and he cracked the book open and started reading. She decided it was a good thing, capturing Brian’s attention, and retrieved the diary he had given her.


They shared dinner, over the next hour, quietly eating and reading. Brian looked up occasionally, smirking to himself when he caught Jennifer in mid blush.


Jennifer returned the favor, when he wasn’t looking, and came to the conclusion that, as sexually diverse as Brian was, she had found something he had little or no knowledge of, if the serious and studious expression on his face could be believed.


They were both so engrossed that they simultaneously jumped when they heard the elevator engage, beginning its descent to the first floor.


A quick glance at each other and they both scrambled to quickly hide their reading material and the rope in case it was Justin returning from his dinner with the Gallery owner.



Justin watched as Brian wandered around, talking to Cynthia on his bluetooth, while keeping his hands occupied with a piece of rope about a yard in length. It was a new habit he had started a few days ago and Justin found it somewhat amusing as Brian would tie an intricate knot, study it, decide it was not up to par, swear under his breath and untie it, just to start all over again.


Justin set out breakfast and gave Brian a little wave, letting him know it was ready. Brian quickly finished his call and came to sit at the table, setting the rope next to his plate while he ate. They discussed their separate plans for the day and agreed to hit Woody’s together later that night. When they were finished eating, Justin headed out and Brian cleaned up the remains of their meal.


He set himself up on the couch, the new book and the longer hank of rope on his lap, to do his best to learn, not just the simple knots and patterns, but the more extreme, complicated, expert level, systems. No point in doing it if he couldn’t be the best at it.




Several days passed, both of them going about their usual schedules, until a week later, Brian asked if Justin had any special plans for the weekend. Justin was a little suspicious, but held off questioning his mate, as Brian seemed a tiny bit anxious while waiting for his response. Brian visibly relaxed when Justin said he didn’t have anything pressing and was soundly kissed and informed to tell everyone not to call or try to contact them in any way. The two of them would be “off the grid” as Brian put it.




Friday morning dawned brightly through the windows as Brian carefully left the bed so as not to wake Justin. He checked his emails, answered what he needed to, confirmed reservations, and shot an email to Jennifer informing her of his intentions to “kidnap” her son, mentioning that he would be “tied up” all weekend. The thought made him smile...and hard.


He started the coffee pot and pulled down the box of special pastries from their hiding spot in the top of a cabinet Justin couldn’t reach and arranged them on a plate. He quietly retrieved the suitcase he had packed for the both of them, (they were not going to need much in the way of clothes), and set it by the door. Taking a leak and brushing his teeth, he heard the coffee pot finish and adding it to the breakfast tray, he carried it to the bedroom and set it on the nightstand nearest Justin.


The blonde was, as usual, buried beneath the covers. Brian snaked a hand underneath the edge, as he lay down next to Justin, searching out a piece of his naked bedmate to play with. The first part he encountered was Justin’s forearm. Not the piece he had been looking for, but it would do. He rubbed his palm down the appendage until he reached the hand, laying open and relaxed. Brian ghosted his open palm over the smaller one whose fingers curled into his reflexively. He stroked the palm with the pad of his thumb, firmly and suggestively before lacing their fingers together, making Justin moan quietly in response. Brian tugged gently, Justin following the movement by unconsciously rolling over and moving his body closer to Brian in his sleep. Brian smiled to himself as the new position pulled the covers away from Justin’s face and he leaned over, pressing his face into the warm space where neck met shoulder, pressing lips to sensitive skin, and hummed his desire, sending ripples of pleasure straight to where he wanted it. Reaching down and grasping Justin’s hardened cock, Brian simultaneously stroked and nuzzled until Justin woke on the leading edge of his orgasm, eyes popping open and a grin splitting his face as cum covered his navel and Brian’s naughty hand.


Brian lifted his head so he could look into Justin’s eyes, and he could see the happiness there.

“Eat some breakfast, Sunshine. We have to be out of here in less than an hour.”


Brian pointed to the breakfast tray, then left to take a shower.


Justin was left a little surprised. Not only was Brian not fucking him, as usually did in the morning, but he had made him breakfast in bed? And they had to leave?




Jennifer heard the ‘ping’ of email as she sipped her morning coffee. Too much had been going through her mind since dinner at Brian’s. She had tried to relax her mind after her revealing impromptu sex therapy with her son-in-law but there was just no way.  Jennifer couldn’t help the blush that stained her cheeks as she remembered nearly getting caught in bed reading the book that Brian had given her. She managed to put it down long enough to satisfy her young lover but the minute he dozed off in reaction to post-coital bliss, Jen had slipped from the bed, made her way to the window seat at the end of the hall and began reading again.


As she read, her mind replayed her entire conversation with Brian over and over in her mind, even as it flashed the words written on the page with the images the book housed. In retrospect, Jennifer realized that Tucker had been holding himself back for her benefit…. and she was tired of it.  Making a decision that she knew would either make or break her relationship with Tucker, Jen went in search of the secret porn collection she knew he kept although he was respectful enough not to let her see him watching it. Pulling out the latest one with the most popular starlette, she settled herself into the media room, turned to the ‘Giving a PROPER Blow Job’ section of the book and embarked on a crash course in how to please and KEEP her man.


At first Jennifer was shocked, not because of disgust or anything as trivial as that, but because she couldn’t help but be turned on by it. What galled her the most was that the woman seemed to be enjoying giving the blowjob even more than the man on the receiving end. In her world, if a woman enjoyed sexual relations in any form or fashion she was considered many things but a ‘lady’ wasn’t among them. She almost laughed aloud as she recalled how prim she was with Brian when first talking about Tucker’s...dick. Even in her thoughts, she had a hard time saying it and THAT was what had to change immediately. Jennifer picked up the book again, amazed to see that the author had actually mentioned that in order to give excellent head, that you had to get out of your OWN head and enjoy the moment. She was pleased with herself that she was on the right track to becoming a much more self-assured woman in the bedroom.


After hours upon hours of viewing porno after porno and comparing it to the book of man sex Brian had given her, Jen felt that she was ready to finally explore her inner-slut. At least she was until she saw Tucker. He crossed the room over to her, bending down to place a chaste kiss near her lips. Jennifer smiled in response even as she scolded herself for climbing back into her sexually-repressed shell.


“Good Morning Darling. Are you hungry?” she asked making her way to the kitchen. She could feel Tucker’s eyes on her; everywhere his gaze landing feeling as if he’d touched her.


“You don’t have to make me breakfast, Jen. In fact, how about I make you breakfast today?”


Jennifer blinked twice. “ cook?”


Tucker snickered. “Of course I cook Jen. Don’t tell me that you thought I just ate out all the time. Justin cooks too, if I recall.”


“Ah, yes,” she stammered before catching herself. “Apparently, he and Brian take turns doing so.”


It was Tuck’s turn to be wide-eyed at the mention of Brian and cooking in the same breath. “Well wonders never cease, Jen. So now why don’t you sit yourself down and let me show you what your man can actually do in the kitchen. I thought I heard your email go off. So you take care of that and let me take care of you.” This time when he kissed her, Jen didn’t fight it. She allowed him to taste and tease her at will, leaving her breathless at the end of it. “I’ll call you when breakfast is ready,” he said.


Jen couldn’t help the smile which graced her lips. She couldn’t remember a time in her married life that Craig had engendered such passion and feeling deep within her, not even when they were first starting out. In fact, she couldn’t remember ever having wanted to strip a man naked except Tucker. Her face flushed at her wayward thoughts and the sudden tingling in her unmentionable place.  Sitting down at the computer she was surprised to see an email from Brian.


Mother Taylor,


Just an FYI- Justin will be a little….tied up this weekend. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of him. In the meantime, you should try having a little adventure of your own. I hear the ‘Salami Express’ makes multiple stops along your route. Remember to breathe through your nose. Oh, and saliva is a GOOD thing in this case! Another small word of advice, Cougar: In order to give great head, you have to get out of your own. Lunch Monday?




She chuckled at the nonchalant tone of the electronic parchment. As she was about to put her hands to the keys to issue a reply, another email from the most forward man she’d ever met in her sheltered life came forth.




There is no time like the present. Speaking from experience, there is nothing better than ‘sausage’ and ‘cream’ for breakfast; it’s delicious (just ask Justin). Have fun and remember you’re a Cougar so it’s perfectly polite to play with your ‘food.’


Jennifer laughed aloud at Brian’s last email. It was as if he’d been picking the thoughts right out of her head. His ability to see through the bullshit and cut to the point was one of the things that she had learned to appreciate about Brian during the years. She could certainly now understand why Justin had fought so hard to win him. He was honest, loyal and most of all non-judgemental, which were all the things her first husband had never been. All the things that Tucker is to me, she thought.


Jennifer couldn’t help but compare her life with Craig to what her life was now. She hadn’t lied when she’d told Brian that things were so much better; so much more at ease with Tucker. Appearances were no longer the most important factor of her life. Instead, she had become more free with her words and actions than she had ever been. Tuck had introduced her to herself one orgasm at a time. She had often wondered if her cloistered existence before him was what had attracted the younger man to her in the first place. Given the chance, would a more younger, nubile woman be able to take her place in Tucker’s bed as had happened so many times with Craig? Well it’s time I take a page out of Justin’s book and start doing a little fighting of my own. With that thought in mind, Jennifer rose from her chair at the desk, a determined gleam in her eyes and a small smirk on her full lips. It was time to play dirty...and get dirty while doing it.


On her way down the hallway, leading to the kitchen, Jennifer peered into the full-length mirror. Although she was a woman well into mid-life, she was still attractive. She loosened her silk robe, allowing it to drape loosely over her shoulders as she continued her examination. After two kids, she still maintained her pre-mom figure. Her breasts weren’t as perky as they were before breastfeeding and bottles took their toll but her bosom was still impressive. Her stomach maintained its flatness and if she had a stretch mark or two, it was considered a decoration instead of an aberration. Either way, Jennifer was proud of the way she had taken care of herself down through the years. Retying her sash loosely so that it revealed her cleavage but left the rest of her nakedness beneath to Tuck’s imagination, she took in her appearance again. There was something still too WASPY staring back at her so making a split decision Jennifer decided that if she was going to do this, she was going to do it right.


She dipped into the first floor restroom, deciding that the school marm look was counter-productive to her goals. The first thing she did was take down her hair which she usually wore in a neat ponytail upon rising in the morning The fact that she hadn’t really slept more than an hour did nothing to detract from her fresh-faced features. It was a benefit of good health and genes which she had inherited from her own mother. She tousled her hair, removing the neatness to be replaced by a slightly sultry look. Jennifer stared into the mirror trying to pinpoint exactly what was missing. Reaching into the drawer on the far side of the sink, Jennifer pulled out her emergency makeup bag, smiling slightly at the thought of going from school marm to vivacious vixen in the blink of an eye. She applied a little blue eyeliner over the lid and underneath her eyes to accentuate their color. Then remembering a throwback move from her punk-rock days, she smudged it lightly creating a freshly-fucked, smoky look that made her do her own version of Justin’s sunshine smile. Lastly, she applied a little clear mascara to elongate her lashes and a glittering barely-there pink lip gloss to her lips. Jennifer could feel the arousal coursing through her body as she took in the whole of her transformed appearance. Gone was Jennifer the Mom and there in front of the mirror was Jen the Seductress. Part of her wished she’d had her cell phone to take a selfie- something she had never done in her life but then she had never been so pleased with herself as she was staring at her reflection.


Taking off her slippers, Jennifer placed her feet on the cool tiles of the floor. The sensation sent a shiver up her spine but in one of the most delightful ways possible. The heat she was feeling within her body intensified even as the cold floor magnified it. She stood inside the door of the kitchen watching her man as he was beginning to plate the prepared breakfast. Tucker’s long hair fell like a curtain about his shoulders as he bent his head, carefully slicing strawberries to add to the plates. She noticed how strong, steady and sure his movements were, watching as the sweet red juice clung to his fingers. Jennifer ran her tongue over her suddenly dry lips, gazing intently as Tuck, put one of his juiced fingers between his own lips. Her bright smile surfaced again when her lover’s eyes widened at the sight of her leaning negligently against the door jamb.


“J...Jennifer, I was just about to call you,” Tuck stammered out. His tongue subconsciously wet his lips seeing the woman he loved looking completely uninhibited; as if they had just had the most dirty sex he could have possibly dreamed of.


Since meeting Jennifer that long-ago morning, he had longed to see her this way, sensing that even in the throes of passion she still kept part of herself separate from him during their intimate moments. Watching porn had actually become a study for Tucker, no longer meant to just get off. He wanted ideas on how to change his technique to cause Jennifer to lose her fucking mind completely. Even if the actors were just acting, pornos had still become a useful tool to him. They were far from the staid couples within their country club environment. In fact, judging from the fire blazing in Jennifer’s eyes as she walked toward him, things were about to get a helluva lot more interesting.


Sashaying across the kitchen, stalking towards her prey, she said, “I decided I couldn’t wait to see what you were up to. In fact, I kinda have a different brand of... protein in mind.”


Jennifer didn’t give Tucker a chance to respond. Stretching her slender hand forward, she grabbed a handful of his hair and brought their mouths together. They kissed hungrily, teeth clashing and tongues tangling without ceasing. Tucker in a state of stunned confusion, let Jennifer have her way. He moaned as her tongue slipped from his mouth to leave wet trails over his neck and pecs. She drew gasps of pure delight from him as she nibbled and sucked his nipples while lightly digging her nails into his flesh. This was a side of her, he never even suspected and although tempted to ask her what or more importantly who had gotten into the normally-prim-and-proper lady, he couldn’t do anything else but groan as Jen teased and tormented him against the kitchen counter.


For her part, Jen was absolutely enjoying herself. Who knew that watching porn and reading a book on gay sex would bring her such pleasure? The thought had never even crossed her mind. Jennifer concentrated her efforts on all of Tuck’s erogenous zones. She dug her nails into the areas of his torso that she knew he was ticklish causing a chuckle and subsequently a moan as she applied her teeth to the same spot. Jennifer allowed her questing fingers to graze the happy trail adorning his stomach as she kept up her ministrations. She smiled against his stomach as she noticed the erection her actions wrought.


Slipping to her knees, she came face-to-face with the current object of her desire. Although she still felt some trepidation about being good enough, she put that thought from her mind as she looked up and met Tuck’s lust-filled eyes. Untying the sash on his robe, she moved the silk so that it brushed against him in a most sensual way. She was gratified to see his hard member already leaking its nectar, all for her.


“Jen?” Tucker asked softly. Jennifer was usually not the one to initiate fellatio. He couldn’t say that he was disappointed. Shocked, definitely, but certainly not disappointed. “Are you sure?”


Jennifer smiled in response and allowed her tongue to speak in a different way. She ran her tongue around the very tip of her lover. Emboldened by the quick intake of breath she heard above her, Jennifer did it again. She proceeded to lick every surface of his dick, wetting it copiously in preparation for the main event.  Tuck went to grab her head to direct her mouth where he most wanted it but she slapped his hands away.


“No, little boy. Not until I say so.” she purred, letting her breath waft over the moistened shaft. She chuckled again when his dick twitched in her palm.


“Jen...please,” Tucker panted.


“Patience is a virtue Tuck,” she said in response and then applied her full lips to the head again, sucking it hard.


She kept the pressure on the crown, making sure to cover her teeth while looking directly into his eyes and gauging his satisfaction. The more she toyed with him, the more shallow his breathing became. She swirled her tongue in the enclosed space making sure that she flattened and rolled it against the nerve endings. He moaned loudly at her actions, gripping the countertop until his knuckles whitened. Just as she felt Tucker getting ready to move his hips against her lips to force his member deeper, Jen backed off.


“Wha--why did you stop?” Tucker grated out. He was ready to take matters into his own hand.


“I’m not ready for you to cum yet, Darling,” she practically purred against the member still pressed against her lips. Jennifer loved the shiver which coursed through the athletic body bracing itself against the counter, trying to steel itself against her next action. She couldn’t resist a small chuckle as she promised, “But don’t worry, you will.” She smiled as with one last quick flick of her tongue for the interim, she began jerking him off in an ultra-slow rhythm.


She ran her free hand up and down his sensitive inner thigh, listening in pleasure at the small mewls being torn reluctantly from his lips. On every pass, she moved a little higher toward his jewels. Tucker’s sacs were heavy with his arousal. She pet them as if they were a favored cat, running her fingers along the sensitive seam behind it. Jen pressed a small spot on his perineum causing the man to twitch. She giggled at his reaction and let her gentle but firm finger massage the area again. Realizing that he was ready for round two, Jennifer slipped her mouth over Tucker’s cock again. Starting out slow and steady, she took more and more of him into her mouth, again coating it in saliva to make the slide effortless. She increased the speed incrementally until she was comfortable, never allowing Tucker to get used to the same movement. Each time he tried to pump into her, she changed the dynamics of the blow job, going faster or slower depending on her whim. Finally she felt his head caressing the back of her throat, seeking entry. She closed her eyes, trying to remember all of what Brian and the book had told her about breathing through her nose and enjoying the blow job as much as her lover. Then Jen thought about the famous porn star with her young and vibrant self giving spectacular head to her co-star. Opening her eyes, she met Tucker’s again, took a deep inhale through her nose and was amazed when Tucker slid down her throat with a practiced ease that she didn’t have. She couldn’t resist doing it again and again in her own fascination of what her mouth and throat were doing.


“Fuck! Jenn?….”


Jennifer laughed at Tucker’s question around her full mouth. If he only knew of the quiet conversation, crash course in blow jobs, and Brian’s pep talk through two emails this morning, he might be tempted to keep her under lock and key. Nope, this was her secret, but Tucker was reaping all of the benefits. Well maybe not all. She could feel her own arousal gathering between her legs. She wondered if it was possible to have a climax just by giving a blow job. She felt like she could based on Tucker’s responses alone. The man was her walking, talking, breathing aphrodisiac. His hair, the manly smell of him, the way he manhandled her while they fucked… all of that coalesced in Jen’s mind as she repeatedly deep-throated Tuck’s long and thick dick.   Forcing her mind back to the present, Jennifer noticed the change in Tucker’s body. It was so familiar to her after all the times they fucked, that she knew that it was time to employ Brian’s final piece of advice.


Placing her finger alongside of Tucker’s cock within her mouth, she moved it in the same rhythm, saturating it amply. If all went well with her little experiment, she would have to invest in a bottle of the expensive lube Brian had sitting on the nightstand by his and Justin’s bed.  Removing the digit from her mouth, she reached between Tuck’s legs and returned briefly to the spot just underneath his balls. Tucker gasped and panted as Jennifer began to massage that singular spot in earnest. She could feel his jewels drawing up tight against his body and knew that it was now or never. Hurriedly licking her finger again, she increased her sucking until he was literally fucking her mouth, oblivious to anything but achieving his orgasm. Jennifer looked up at Tucker’s face. His eyes were closed, his teeth worrying his lower lip even as the moans escaped him. Taking one hand, Jennifer caressed Tucker’s pumping ass before gripping one cheek firmly in her small hand. Her fingers danced around his opening as she sucked him down further than she had ever done and flexed her throat muscles around this pulsating organ. Inserting her finger, Jennifer went unerringly to the walnut-shaped gland at the back of his rectum even as she kept his dick captive within her throat. She massaged it until she felt it contract, heralding the beginning of her lover’s climax. She let her instincts take over from there, allowing Tucker to grip and pull her hair as hard as he dared while she started a fast rhythm, her mouth meeting and matching the punishing pace he was setting with his hips. Jennifer allowed him to fuck her mouth at will as she pistoned her finger back-and-forth within his tight orifice. Tucker let out the most feral groan that she had ever heard from him while she swallowed every drop of his creamy offering. She felt him stiffen and twitch as he continued coming, both her mouth and finger still milking the tribute from him. When the twitches calmed to trembles, Jennifer released Tucker, who then slid down to the floor beside her.


“Where?” Tucker panted out.


Jennifer kissed him softly. “It doesn’t matter, Tuck. Only that you were pleased.” she said, her eyes boring into his.


He chuckled. “Well wherever you learned it, I hope you keep up with your lessons. Jen that was…”


“I know. It was for me too. Now I’m hungry.”


“For more cock?”


Jennifer laughed. “Not yet but soon. This time I want food.”


Tucker laughed too while he replaced the sash on his robe and removed himself from the floor. Reaching down, instead of offering his hand, he picked her up off the floor and gently placed her onto the counter. He grabbed one of her bare toes eliciting a girlish giggle from her. He smiled in response knowing that Jen was unusually ticklish on the bottom of her feet. As he moved off to reheat the french toast and bacon in the microwave, Jen couldn’t help but smile. She couldn’t wait to tell Brian of her success this morning.  




Brian took the key card from the check-in clerk and readjusted the suitcase strap over his shoulder. He grasped Justin firmly by the elbow, and hustled him to the bank of elevators. He hadn’t said a word since they left the loft. Once inside the elevator, Brian pushed him roughly up against the wall and patted him down. Finding his cell phone, Brian turned it off and dropped it into his own jacket pocket. Justin opened his mouth to protest, but Brian covered his mouth with one of his big hands and shook his head in the negative. Justin’s brow rose in question, prompting Brian to give him a smirk and a shrug.


Justin decided to play along. His lover was radiating excitement and desire. If Brian wanted silence, silence he would get. The elevator opened and Brian quickly led the way to their hotel room and opened the door. He stopped in the entry, turned to Justin, placed a latex blindfold over his head, and ushering him straight to the bathroom. Justin heard the water in the shower turn on followed by the sounds of Brian removing his clothing, then Brian’s hands were removing his too. He tried to lean into Brian, to kiss him or touch him, only to be gently pushed away and his hands held down at his sides.


Brian led him into the shower for the fastest cleaning he had ever had. Top to toe was scrubbed clean with clinical detachment. In less than ten minutes the water was off and Brian was taking care to dry every single inch of his body. Justin’s lack of sight had his other senses on overdrive as Brian steered him back into the main room. Brian cupped his cheek, barely breathing a word into his ear, “Stay.” he said, and Justin felt the heat from his body leave his proximity.


He heard the sound of a zipper being opened and assumed Brian was opening their suitcase. He had no idea what was in it, since Brian had packed it, and tried to discern the contents by the sounds he heard. The first was a rustling and shifting as Brian gathered things from inside. He heard something metal being set on the bedside table, followed by the soft thud he knew was their box of condoms with a small bottle of lube inside. Then a sound of something limp hitting the top of the bed. The gentle pop of a lid on a plastic bottle was no surprise, but the smell of something closely resembling eucalyptus was. It became stronger as Brian neared. Justin knew he was, since he could feel the other man’s body heat again, warming his back.


Brian rubbed something wet between his hands and after a few seconds, slid just his fingertips into Justin’s hair, depositing whatever the liquid was, in light streaks on his scalp before moving down the back of his neck. The tingling started immediately. Like the cool, sharp, tang of mouthwash or a mentholated cough drop, but decidedly more subtle and arousing.


The pop of the lid was heard again and this time Justin took a deep breath, knowing Brian would touch him again to spread the oil somewhere else. The anticipation of where that would be was almost overwhelming. He startled briefly, when Brian ran a thumb over his lower lip, smearing the oil there. Justin moaned at the immediate response in his dick. Something about when the oil made contact with air sent off a cooling, almost icy, sensation. But, when touched by something warm, like Brian’s thumb, made it nearly unbearably hot. The opposing temperatures were sensual and disturbing.


“Safe word.” Brian demanded.


Justin jerked his head back. They had played around with bondage before, but the tone of Brian’s voice let him know this would be like nothing they had previously tinkered with. He hesitated, unsure if he was capable of going as far as Brian apparently wanted.


Brian, noting the pause, entwined his fingers through Justin’s, temporarily stepping out of his role. “We can stop now,” he whispered against the oiled lip, “but if you want to continue, I won’t do it without a safe word.” Justin’s hand gripped tighter.


“Trust me with this, Sunshine. I will take care of you. I will take us someplace neither of us has ever been and set us free. I promise.” Brian squeezed his lover’s hand then let go, leaving Justin to make the decision for them.


Justin’s hand tingled from the oil. Brian had made him a promise. Something he never did unless he knew he could keep it. That alone made the decision for him. “Van Gogh,” he said.

Then with conviction, “The safe word is Van Gogh”.


He could feel Brian’s pride in him. It didn’t make sense, but he just could. A slick fingertip was pressed to the spot just below each of his ears, leaving behind traces of oil. The heels of Brian’s hands swiped over his nipples and palms splayed over the points of his hips. More oil was transferred to the insides of his thighs and smeared on his perineum, then slicked around but not touching his anus. Two streaks were painted down his back on either side of his spine, and finally, Brian turned his hands, fingers towards the floor and splayed as far as they would go, and grabbed a full, round ass cheek in each one, digging his digits in and holding on until Justin started to squirm and he abruptly let go.


Brian bent, picking Justin up and carrying him to the bed. He kissed the full lips gently, lovingly, then tied Justin’s hands to the headboard. He moved away, checking to make sure everything he would need was nearby, mindful of the fact that he could not leave Justin’s side until they were finished. The side table had the lube, the oil, condoms, bandage scissors, bottles of water, a large container of plain yogurt, three sizes and several hanks of rope and a metal cock ring.


Slipping the last item onto himself and caressing his own sac with the oil, he began to work.




Brian coated his hands lightly with the yogurt to counteract the tea tree oil on his hands then wiped them off on Justin’s towel from the shower. He took a deep breath, focusing on his task to make sure he was careful, his lessons playing over in his head. He lightly ran his hands over Justin’s skin, soothing him and preparing him for what was to come.


When his partner relaxed, he picked up the three foot length of jute twine. It was no bigger around than the little plastic end of a shoelace but the texture was prickly and rough. He found the center, then placed it around the base of Justin’s cock and balls, twining it three times until the fit was as snug as his own cock ring. He ran the twine around each individual testicle until they were good and separated and laced the ends back and forth around the shaft with a series of slip hitches until it was effectively caged, leaving the ends trailing off the tip. Justin’s cock would not be getting any harder than it already was. The twine would make sure of that. Its confines limiting any erection forthcoming. Justin was already moaning at the delicious pressure.


Brian picked up the next piece of rope only slightly thicker than the last and made of smooth linen. He had already tied a flat, heart shaped, knot in the center and placing it on Justin’s perineum, began to speak in the sexiest bedroom voice he could manage. “I don’t want you to worry, I have safety scissors here, in reach, in case you need to be set free quickly. Are you ready for more?”


Justin merely nodded. His mouth open slightly as his breathing shallowed.


“What we are about to do is an ancient art called Hojojutsu.” he crooned, as he arrowed the point of the heart towards the secured scrotum and looped the ends around pale thighs, over hips, crossing the bound cock and back under his charge. He repeated the process until the harness secured the knot tightly to the taint, the cock to the belly, and ass cheeks were spread wide.


Justin was already breathing hard, his cock leaking and filling the indenture of his navel. Brian ran a soothing hand over a stubbly cheek and let it trail all the way down Justin’s torso and hip. He avoided the groin altogether, not wanting Justin to become too aroused yet. They had a long way to go.


“In Hojojutsu, it was considered shameful for people of a higher status to be bound. In these instances the rope was applied in a manner where no knots were used, to show respect. The only knot I have, or will, place on your body is the heart shaped one I just applied. In itself, it does not secure you, it merely creates pressure.”


Justin’s skin tingled from the oil, his cock and balls ached in their cage, Brian’s voice coupled with the lesson, had his brain in overdrive. He loved learning new things and he loved it even more when Brian “taught him”. The sexy, drawling, baritone paired with the education had him straining his arms. He wanted to touch Brian. Wanted to touch himself. Wanted...he wasn’t sure yet, he just knew he did not have it.


“Kinbaku and Shibari are both subcategories of the art of Hojojutsu, and are more sexualized in form and execution.  Kinbaku means to bind tightly. The binder, or top, uses this form to accentuate the line where pain becomes pleasure… where the intent for torture becomes a consensual and sexual element.” Brian picked up the largest diameter rope, leaving several more exactly like it laying next to where he kneeled on the bed.


Justin’s skin was already super sensitive where Brian had applied the oil. With the onset of his arousal, those places burned on the edge of pain. Sweat broke out on his brow and neck as Brian wrapped roped around his foot and began lacing it up his leg, all the while keeping up his one-sided dialogue.


“If a tie or technique is being used by a person in a martial arts context, this intention makes the act Hojojutsu. Similarly, if that same tie is used in an artistic pose, where emphasis and – most importantly – the intent of the person tying is aesthetically or artistically driven… the act is Shibari, while if the same tie is used to create a sexually driven scene… then Kinbaku can be applied most appropriately. My intention, here today, is to employ all three aspects of rope play.”


Brian had finished with Justin’s left leg quickly and was now efficiently almost done with his right. He leaned in close, not touching his captive and checked his breathing and watched the pulse beat in the straining neck. Justin was most assuredly in the throes of rising passion, but he was still in a safe zone. Brian went back to his ropes, securing the legs together. He knew he was on limited time and had practiced so studiously so he could do his part and still have time left over. He began making interlocking wraps of rope around Justin’s hips and torso in a pleasing diamond pattern.


“Feel the warm and impersonal touch of my hands on you. Anticipate where they will be next. Then focus on where I leave the rope. I spent quite some time coming up with this pattern to make sure I hit every one of your erogenous zones. Feel the prickly fiber of the rope digging into those places. Binding them, all of them, simultaneously. Your nipples, your hips, your thighs, under your arms and around your cock.”




Brian had finished with Justin’s torso and was working on his arms. He untethered them from the headboard when he reached the wrists and bound them together.


“I have released you from the headboard, but bound you in a manner where you will only be able to use your arms to support yourself under me when I mount you. And I will mount you, Justin. I will sink my cock into you over and over until you beg me to release you.”


Brian rolled his lover over and pulled him up at the hips so his ass was in the air. Justin instinctively pulled his bound arms below himself so he could brace for the impact he knew was coming, wincing as the jute fibers on his arms dug into his sweaty cheek.


Brian took position behind him, straddling Justin’s bound legs and, without warning, brought each of his hands down in a stinging blow on each exposed and bare buttock. He squeezed until Justin let out a grunt and pushed his ass backwards towards Brian, trying to make contact with his groin. Brian stilled immediately, waiting for Justin to notice what he had done. He didn’t catch it right away, and when he leaned back again Brian was careful to stay out of reach. By the third time, Justin whimpered and squirmed.


“Now you know how you are bound. Every movement your body makes will tighten the ropes.”


Justin mewled in agony. Brian sheathed himself and applied a generous amount of lube to his cock and Justin’s now twitching hole. He grasped a hipbone in each hand and just as he was about to enter, he heard a squeaked “Van..” come forth.


He stilled again, checking his lover’s hands and feet for color, and his breathing to make sure he was not in physical distress. Justin picked up on the care immediately. He had been a little scared when he had started to utter the safe word, but Brian’s instantaneous shift to his care was reassuring. ‘I’m okay.” he grunted.


Brian smiled and Justin felt the pride emanating off of him again and a grin ghosted his lips as well.


Brian resumed his position and without any warning, stabbed his cock into the perfect ass. His head rolled back and Justin arched, grunting in response, his bonds tightening ever so slightly. Brian gave him but a moment to adjust before thrusting into him again, and again, and again. His balls slamming into the heart knot creating rhythmic pressure on the prostate from the outside in time with the stroking of his dick on the inside.


Justin’s mind was swiftly engulfed in a fog. He was a live wire of sensation. His body heat had the oil feeling like flames and the ever tightening ropes were restricting blood flow to the bare patches of flesh, making them swell up and become impossibly more sensate. His cock now straining to be released and leaking copiously. He could no longer put a thought together if he wanted to. There was no world outside of this room, no person outside of Brian, and no concern outside the torturous pleasure/pain his lover was inflicting. Every slam, every stroke, every slap of flesh, designed by the man he loved to bring him, the captive, divine pleasure. All encompassing pleasure. Pleasure heretofore unknown to either of them and Brian had learned it for Justin. So he could give him the ultimate orgasm. Justin sobbed silently, unable to form even a tiny sound as he was overcome with emotion. Sightless, soundless, and bound, he felt safer at this moment than he ever had before.


Brian felt the tremors start in the body beneath him and quickened his pace. He could no longer see Justin’s face but the younger man’s instinctive responses were telling Brian all he need to know. He slipped off the cock ring without breaking stride and reached under Justin for the tails of twine he left hanging on the end of the cock cage as he felt the familiar tingling at the base of his spine. He jerked the twine in one rapid move and had the entire cage releasing his lover’s cock, whence it immediately filled with blood to a staggering erection, and exploded three times its normal amount of cum nearly instantly, Justin screaming, as his body was jerking and spasming uncontrollably. Brian orgasmed within seconds and they collapsed to the mattress, neither able to draw a full breath.


Brian reached out for the safety shears and began cutting through the ropes in a line following Justin’s spine. He did not want to take the time to undo the ropes manually in case the experience had been too intense for his much younger lover. Even when all the ties were gone, Justin still looked bound. The ropes had dug in so far as to leave perfect red replicas pressed into his pale skin.


Sweat dripped from Brian’s soaked hair but he ignored it as he massaged yogurt into his mate until the sting of the oil was gone and all evidence of the bindings was erased from his flesh then wiped him down with the towel. Taking care that there was no injury and pouring his love into every touch.


Coming out of his near comatose state, Justin realized that not only had Brian given him the best orgasm of his life, but he was now being cradled in Brian’s lap, the recipient of the closest connection he had ever felt to another human being. One that could never be duplicated.


Justin gave Brian his brightest smile and sighed.


Brian rubbed his nose over Justin’s just once, pressed his forehead to blonde brows, whispered,

“I can’t wait til you see the video. That was pure art.”



Lunch Monday….


Brian waited at Justin and Jennifer’s favorite Italian restaurant. He was still on a high about how his venture into new territory with Justin had gone. As always, his man was adventurous but he even exceeded Brian’s expectations. And who said that being with one person was a boring experience? He smiled to himself thinking of all of the other opportunities and sensual delights awaiting them both.


“Sorry I’m a little late, Brian,” Jennifer said as she almost plopped down into the seat opposite her lunch companion.


Brian raised an eyebrow, taking in the whole of Jennifer’s normally-prim appearance. Her blond hair had looked as if someone had repeatedly run a hand through it, pulling at times. He knew the look because of how many times he had done the same to Justin. Her make-up which was usually flawless, was smeared just a touch but it was her eyes that told a story. Brian narrowed his sparkling hazel eyes as Jennifer began to sip from her water glass. Unable to contain his newfound knowledge, he casually said, “You got laid.”


Jennifer nearly choked as the cool liquid made its way down her throat. She bit her lip trying to decide just how much she could and would tell her son-in-love, as she had begun to think of him over the long weekend. She dropped eyes to the tablecloth but then picked them up just as quickly, meeting Brian’s eyes over the table. Raising her own eyebrow she answered with a simple, “Yes.”


Brian chuckled at the confidence seeping through Jennifer’s voice at the affirmative word. Whatever shame she had felt momentarily was gone and in its place was the sexualy-assured woman. Even though it was weird to think of Mother Taylor in those terms, he couldn’t be happier for her. He knew those little blond Taylors were freaks beneath their WASPy exteriors. “So how was it?”


It was like a dam had opened up the floodgates as Jennifer began to regale Brian of her weekend aboard the ‘Salami Express,’ stopping only long enough to allow their waiter to do his job of taking their order and refilling their wine glasses. Brian listened avidly, in spite of himself, to Jennifer describing watching straight porn and reading the book a gay male escort wrote. She was more animated than he could ever remember her being in as many years as he’d known her.


“But what really spurred me to action was your email,” Jennifer told him.


“What? What did I have to do with your walk on the wild side?” Brian asked, innocence in his voice that neither one of them bought.


Jennifer laughed outright. “Don’t play coy with me, young man. This was all your fault and idea….but I really can’t thank you enough for it. Because of you, I now have a younger man literally cumming in his pants before I even touch him, let alone suck him. It’s all I can do right now to sit in this chair since I’m so sore.”


“Oh? So THAT’S the reason that you ordered soup instead of your usual fare,” Brian stated as he chuckled. “Remind me to give you a few pointers on jaw exercises that will help alleviate the feeling that someone is sitting on either side of your face.”


“He did that too.” Jennifer smiled her own version of a sunshine smile causing Brian to roar with laughter, much to the displeasure of the other patrons in the restaurant. Of course he didn’t give a shit and surprisingly, neither did Jennifer. “So I guess this means you’re up for more lessons in pleasure?”


“Oh Brian, you have no idea. I just bought the Kama Sutra and three new porn videos, five dildos, the Aneros, handcuffs, a strap-on and a flogger. And for good measure, I ordered a ‘SPANK ME’ paddle online. It should be here next week.”


“Damn I’m almost tempted to ask Tucker if Domme Jennifer is almost as hot as Dom Justin,” Brian mused as he allowed his brain to drift off remembering all the times when he allowed Justin to take full control.


“So how was your weekend? Was it all you anticipated Brian?”


“Let’s just say that both Justin and I got more than either of us ever bargained for. And I’m looking forward to it happening again….soon.”


Jennifer and Brian smiled conspiratorially at each other knowing that this was only the beginning of many ‘lunch’ meetings to come.

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