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This story is a Round Robin where other authors can add their own chapter to the story. The guidelines are in the first chapter.

Brian and Jennifer have dinner and some interesting conversation. What follows is a voyage of discovery. For both of them.

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Rated: M
Categories: Round Robin, QAF US Characters: Brian Kinney, Jennifer Taylor, Justin Taylor, Tucker
Tags: BDSM, F/M, Fetish (Don't judge!), Kink, M/M
Genres: Porny, PWP (Plot? What Plot?)
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Rules: 1) All subsequent chapters must fall into my established universe

           2) Each author gets their own chapter/episode and must contain a) the meeting between Brian and Jennifer where they exchange or discuss a Kink/Fetish b) How one or both of them use it on their partner.

           3) All kinks/fetishes are first come first served. If your choice has already been picked, Choose another or see if you can work on it with that author.

           4) I am looking for Elegant Kink. It is Mother Taylor after all, so try to keep it "Top Drawer”.

           5) You have ten days to complete your chapter or you lose your turn.

           6) Have fun. LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN!


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