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This story is a true piss you off, make you cry, all emotion, encompassing tale that will leave you satisfied by the end. -Jazzepoet   

As we know from the show, Brian promises Justin a week-long vacation in Vermont but instead ends up going to Chicago to win the Brown Athletics account and save his job. Feeling hurt and betrayed, Justin goes snowboarding at Sugarbush Resort without his "boyfriend." Fuck him! But then Brian shows up in the middle of the night and their griping eventually leads to seriously hot make-up sex. Unfortunately, Brian's condoms are not designed to accommodate an impressive cock like Justin's. Breakage is all but inevitable. What happens when it actually occurs? (Considering the fact that the tags say "mpreg," I'm willing to guess that Brian gets pregnant.)

Also, can Brian snowboard without lessons?? What about give birth? Read and find out.

Believe it or not, despite being an mpreg fic, this story is not schmoopy (at all), and Brian and Justin are not OoC. Go, me!

Rated: M
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Story Notes:

ADMIN NOTE: Just a reminder, Kinnetik Dreams has a strict review policy. This story contains situations that may be disturbing to some readers. While respectful, constuctive criticism is allowed, reviews that contain any personal attacks or threats on the writer will not be tolerated. 

This is an mpreg fic, and Brian's the one who's knocked up. You've been alerted.

Will you all ever forgive me? And will I forgive you all if you can't? Will I even forgive myself?? The questions pile up like moguls on a double black-diamond trail. Proceed at your own risk. The author shall not be responsible for loss of equipment, injury, death, chagrin or canonical distress of any kind.

1. The Broken Condom by Frayach [Reviews - 4] half-star (6690 words)

2. The Test by Frayach [Reviews - 3] half-star (6860 words)

Okay, it's time for the big reveal that most of you have probably already figured out. Brian is pregnant. God help us all.

For sanity's sake (mine and yours), I'm not going to try to invent biological details to explain the pregnancy. Trying to so often renders the whole weird situation even weirder. So I'll I'm going to say is he's pregnant. End of story. You'll need to be able to suspend the inherent disbelief that comes with mpreg.

3. The News by Frayach [Reviews - 3] half-star (2960 words)

Dr. Bernstein tells Brian he's pregnant. 

Say hello to Ethan. You didn't think I could write a Season Two fic without mentioning him, did you? Fortunately, this is a canon-divergent story, and Ethan can just go fuck off.

4. Failure to Thrive by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (5772 words)

Brian experiences the first symptom of his pregnancy, and it's not pretty.

WARNING! This chapter may be disturbing to some readers. You can skip it and not lose the plot or flow of the story, so if you think you might want to avoid it, follow your instincts. There is also a lot of angst followed by a cliffhanger.

This chapter contains many references to drug and alcohol use during pregnancy and the devastating consequences for the child. It also contains a frank, possibly distressing, discussion about abortion. My views on the subject are NOT ascertainable, so please do not engage me in a discussion about abortion. Reading this chapter will reveal nothing of my actual thoughts.

5. Gus by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (7881 words)

Brian finally acknowledges he's pregnant, and everything's okay, right? Of course not. This is Brian we're talking about.

Even though we're moving ahead, this chapter, like the last one, contains some potentially disturbing subjects, including abortion. If you think you should avoid it, follow your gut instincts. Again, you don't need to read this chapter (except the very last paragraph) to understand the story. Just remember the title of the story: "From the Brink of Spring to the Edge of Winter." March to November. Do the math ;)

Also, as with the last chapter, you cannot identify my personal feelings from reading the story. I'm trying to present a number of different viewpoints, but I'm not saying which is "right" or "wrong."   

6. Team Cold Turkey by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (5613 words)

Brian is determined to get sober, but he'll need help.

You'll notice that I've changed the doctor's name from "Feinstein" to "Bernstein." "Bernstein" is canon. For some reason I'd thought his name was "Feinstein." Opps.

7. The Balcony by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (6295 words)

Detox commences. It's uglier than any of them had imagined it would be.

I'm continuing to keep the physiological details of Brian's pregnancy vague and mysterious. Don't get bogged down in the wheres and why-fors. Just go with the flow.

8. Michael by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (5279 words)

A summary? It's hard to summarize this chapter - it's funny, sexy . . . and devastating. In fact, the delicate of heart may want to wait to read it until I post the next chapter.    

9. Mr. Barkley by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (4992 words)

Justin moves out. Michael moves in. And Brian's got a big surprise for both of them.

Yes, Justin is being a bit short-sighted to say the least, but I'm not unsympathetic.    

10. The Tragic, but Edifying, Tale of Georgie and Cotton Tail by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (4010 words)

One by one the family is finding out. Why is Brian telling people?

I thought it was time for a little levity, and I always find Michael quite good for that purpose. Poor Michael. Please remember that I actually like Michael (for the most part), but the story is being written through Justin's POV, and Justin is less forgiving than me of Michael's foibles.

11. Still Not Too Old To Die Young by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (4694 words)

Brian learned something from his doctor when he was told he was carrying twins. It's something he hasn't yet told Justin. Until now.

Okay. This is a rough chapter, my friends.

12. A Mother's Milk by Frayach [Reviews - 3] half-star (6135 words)

Brian and the twins make it through the ordeal, but poor Justin almost doesn't. Will he ever be able to forgive himself? Meanwhile, Lindsay is losing it - although in a WASPy, neat, pressed-trousers kind of way.

Still keepin' those pregnancy details vague. Don't even begin to try to make sense of them :)

Also opinions regarding motherhood, pregnancy and breastfeeding do not reflect any views I may or may not have.

13. Hormones (or "Whatever Can Go Wrong Will - Just Add Progesterone To A Shit Storm And Stir") by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (7641 words)

I've been worrying that I haven't tortured you guys with enough angst. This chapter remedies that problem.

Warning: Brian goes briefly OoC, but how can he not? He's a pregnant dude, for God's sake! By all rights he should have turned OoC ten chapters ago!

14. Custody by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (4681 words)

God, I'm afraid to even write this - I know you guys wanted me to post quickly to take the sting out of the last chapter's cliffhanger . . . . Well, this chapter doesn't really have a "cliffhanger" per se, but it's hands-down the most heartbreaking scene I've written yet for QaF . . . actually that's not entirely true. There's a scene in "Finding Home" that almost didn't get written because it made me so sad. After that preamble, you're probably running away screaming from your computer. I feel like a dentist - what I'm doing is good for you but it hurts like hell while I'm doing it. Okay, no more stalling. This chapter can be summarized like this: Justin realizes two things - the first is that Brian will make a shitty father and the second is that Brian loves him. A lot.

15. "Let's Fuck" by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (3093 words)

Justin figures some shit out - not all of it, but more than he had heretofore.

16. Okay by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (8186 words)

Brian and Justin have to stop hurting each other.

You guys are going to want to stop reading at least a hundred times over the course this chapter. Don't! Stick it through to the end.

17. Barney's, Bergdorf, and Saks Fifth Avenue by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (5976 words)

Brian is one Goddamn brave son of a bitch.

Told you we've turned a corner! From one type of angst to another :D

18. The List and the Letters by Frayach [Reviews - 3] half-star (6070 words)

Everybody - sometimes even Justin himself - thinks they know all there is to know about Brian. They're wrong.    

19. Dark Brown Hair and Blue Eyes by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (5748 words)

No summary for this one - read and see for yourself. And just remember, if it's not in the tags, it won't happen. How's that for cryptic ;)

Here's the story: I'm a lawyer, so the law stuff all works (now I just need a pregnant man to get fired and I'll litigate the suit myself!) As for the "medical" stuff - all I can say is try not to judge me too harshly. Go with that whole suspended-disbelief thing.

God, I can't wait for the deluge of comments I'm going to get on this puppy! Bring 'em on :D

20. The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (6847 words)

Brian and Justin's daughter makes her Liberty Ave debut.

There are so many crazy wrongnesses concerning NICU practices that I don't even know where to start the list. Just go with it, pretty please :)

21. Ireland's Legendary Warrior Queen by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (6952 words)

Oh my God! Lots and lots of drama! Lindsay's up to something. Brian makes the Mother of all Concessions. Justin's torn. Brian goes into labor, and little Maeve the Bad Ass is born.

More crazy medical shit. God, I'm so glad to be done with that part of the story! Also, I realize that the bathroom in the loft doesn't have a doorknob, but let's pretend it does.

22. Who's Your "Daddy"? by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (3328 words)

Justin's feeling left out - the twins are snubbing him in favor of Brian. And as for Brian? He's being a total dick as usual. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Btw: Doesn't Queen Maeve kind of look like Brian?

23. The Glint of Dawn off the Wing of a Plane by Frayach [Reviews - 2] half-star (2488 words)

This is the final chapter. If it feels heart-wrenchingly familiar, it's because it is.

There is an epilogue. Unlike the show's writers, I'm not going to leave you guys hanging.

All similarities and references to the end of season 5 are deliberate.    

24. Epilogue by Frayach [Reviews - 5] half-star (7625 words)

This is the official end. I hope you guys enjoy it. Looking back, I think I should've made it the final chapter instead of an epilogue, but oh well. I tried not to make it too sappy.