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For Justin, it was all about the ass. A series of College AU vignettes. What started out as what was supposed to be only one vignette for my Wednesday Hump Day challenge spiraled into a drabble collection of it's own.

Rated: M
Categories: QAF US Characters: Brian Kinney, Daphne Chanders, Emmett Honeycutt, Justin Taylor, Ted Schmidt
Tags: Anal Sex (Lots of it!), Celebratory Fuck, Dirty Talk, Drabble, Fluff, Oral Sex, Out of Character, PWP (Plot? What Plot?)
Genres: Alternate Universe, Humor, Porny, PWP (Plot? What Plot?)
Pairings: Brian/Justin
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1. First Sighting by Ashita [Reviews - 7] starhalf-star (1594 words)

Prompts: Brian/Justin; College AU; Brian poses nude for one of Justin’s projects and hijinks ensue; turquoise, vodka shots, Tall, Dark and Steamy, “You make him sound like a latte.”

2. Party Favors by Ashita [Reviews - 5] half-star (2231 words)

Just a reminder: This is a college AU, not a high school AU, as will become evident in this next segment. It is also written drabble/vignette style, and isn't a fully developed story. It's more like snapshots of their college life, and perhaps beyond depending on how far this goes. I also will take prompts or ideas on an events you'd like to see happen to or with the boys.

3. Worth a Shot (or Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 5] half-star (2630 words)

4. Walk Into My Parlor by Ashita [Reviews - 5] half-star (3018 words)

5. The Spider and the Fly by Ashita [Reviews - 5] half-star (3582 words)

Prompts: Justin POV; asshole neighbors/roommates; The asshole next door has his music up too loud while Justin’s trying to study and he goes to bitch him out only to find Brian there.

6. With Friends Like These by Ashita [Reviews - 3] half-star (2283 words)

Prompts: Brian POV; Day after they almost kiss; "Don't deny you're obsessed with that cute little tush.

7. Family Connections by Ashita [Reviews - 4] half-star (4377 words)

So, I've been holding onto this chapter for a while now, hoping to finish the next one before posting it. But after writing the vignette for Britin, and given that I'm mostly done with the next chapter, I decided to post it as I needed something a bit more lighthearted today.

8. The Hunter Becomes the Prey by Ashita [Reviews - 5] half-star (6263 words)

9. Cat and Mouse by Ashita [Reviews - 6] starstarstar (5980 words)

Sorry for the delay on getting this next chapter out; but now that I have cut back to posting every other day on Britin, it gives me a chance to work on other projects (this one primarily) on the alternative days. And hopefully, that means I'll be able to update this story every two weeks or so. 


10. Capture the ...Flag? by Ashita [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (6645 words)

Sorry for the long delay in this chapter; as I said in my note in Britin, I got really sick starting in January 2019 and it just spiraled down from there. I'm not going to go into to details, although I will say it required five hospitalizations and two surgeries. As such, I didn't have a lot of time to write. And sadly, I'm still in treatment for the problem through the end of March. That said, I haven't abandoned my fics and hope to work on them now that I have more time on my hands. Thanks always for reading!