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Hello, members! Kinnetik Dreams is about to celebrate its second anniversary (woo-hoo!!), which means it's time for us to pay for this year's website operating expenses. Having and running a website is not free, unfortunately.

Since our site's launch, Kinnetik Dreams has been run by a small group of women who love to read and write Queer as Folk fanfiction. The administrators do everything necessary to run KD on their own personal time; we do all of our own coding and site design, and our platform uses free open source software that we maintain ourselves, in an attempt to keep our operating costs as low as possible.

But, the admins are also people just like you, people who live normal lives and do their best to make honest livings. In the past two years, the operating expenses for KD have been paid 100% by the admins. We are by no means a multi-million dollar corporation! KD has never been and will never be about making a profit for its admins, and this is the exact reason why ads have never been run on our website.

For us to continue running KD, the admins are asking for your help. We get that times can be financially tough, as they are for most of us. Every dollar donated by our members will help us meet our goal to keep this site going. So, if you can help out, even just a little bit, we'd be grateful.

To send a donation, please visit https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/send-money-online

You can make payments through the site's PayPal: KinnetikDreams@gmail.com

We are not asking for one penny over the required amount that it takes to operate the site.

This year's total operating expenses comes to $654.88.

$599.88 - Bluehost (web hosting service)
$26.00 - Domain Registration
$29.00 - SSL Certificate (web browser security)

Thank you to all our wonderful members, readers, and authors for making the Kinnetik Dreams family so special. We look forward to many more years of fanfic fun together.


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