Aftershock By mandagrammy

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One of our readers made a request for stories that involved the immediate aftermath of that tragic bashing of our beloved Justin and how Brian responded to it.  I believe it inspired a lot of our writers, including myself.  I do hope you will find this story interesting, although I can't say it will be a lot of fun, considering the subject matter.  Please keep in mind how things did turn out for the couple later on as you reach the end of this story and don't be too sad.  

I want to thank Gloria Hernon for her brilliant suggestion.  I also wish to thank my beloved Judy for her beta skills and my beloved granddaughter, Marika, for her amazing banner.

Rating: YA • [Reviews - 6] half-star
Category: QAF US
Character: Brian Kinney, Justin Taylor, Original Character
Tags: Bashing, Homophobia, M/M, PTSD
Genres: Angst, Could be Canon, Drama, Gap-Filler
Pairings: Brian/Justin
Challenge: None
Serie: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word Count: 2417 Viewed: 554
ePub Downloads: 10 Published: Oct 13, 2018 Updated: Oct 13, 2018


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1. Chapter 1 by mandagrammy [Reviews - 6] half-star (2417 words)