For Richer or For Poorer by galeandrandy

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When you don't have any money, the problem is food. When you have money, it's sex. ~ J.P. Donleavy 



Brian couldn't decide whether or not he enjoyed the blond's antics or if he thought they were appalling. He restrained himself from laughing at Justin and adjusted his ever-hard dick.

Justin allowed the terrycloth to fall down to his elbows and licked his lips. He took a few more ass swaying steps, allowing the robe to fall with each one before pausing and letting it fall to just above the swell of his ass. "You coming?" he asked, turning away from Brian's heated gaze. He dropped the robe completely and walked into the bedroom, his heart beating unexpectedly quick with each step he took.

Brian couldn't believe how he felt watching Justin disappear into the bedroom. One flash of the hustler's voluptuous and perfectly sculpted ass brought Brian's body to a quivering cusp of raunchy need. He'd fucked thousands of men, but none had him yearning to taste their center the way the blond had with a small glance at his ass. Brian actually drooled at the thought of partaking in the act with Justin. His hormones only spared him a few seconds to think about why this was, and how odd it was. Brian's hormones dominated his conscious mind and he found himself standing in the doorway of the bedroom.

Sweat broke out across Brian's skin, an intrinsic response to the vision before him. He heaved a shaky breath out, then in, and out once more, trying to lock onto one of the hundreds of possibilities that flashed through his mind. There was so much he wanted to do with Justin, which he thought was crazy since not a half hour before he'd been ready to kick the kid to the curb.

Justin balanced himself on one arm, head down and turned to the side, the tip of his pointer finger dancing around his wrinkled, moist skin. He closed his eyes and for the first time since he joined the escort service, he begged his mind to retreat to the garden of dreams and willed his hustler persona to overcome him. Usually, by this point in the game, he'd already slipped on the façade and assumed the role of the whore. Justin Taylor disappeared into the land of good, happiness and love. Meanwhile, his body ran on its own. This time, he could not reach that dreamland; his body betrayed him, overtaking his mind. He could not fall away from the act.

This night was unlike any other job; the trick was unlike any other man Justin had been with. He could not find the script within him that would define his role. There was no scene no matter how he tried to build the setting. He desired his customer, his hard cock and needy hole weren't propped by the dark characteristics of the whore, a never fading spotlight exposed the truth, they were within him.

He opened his eyes and met Brian's glassy hazel orbs. He felt his body blush with heat as Brian's gaze turned to the finger he now moved inside himself. Brian looked back into his eyes a second later, his eyes softer but still lusty-dark. An embarrassing sensation crawled up his curved spine and made its way into his brain, demanding him to smile softly, invitingly, at Brian Kinney.

In moments, Justin went from escort to man. The way Brian smiled back at him, asking him if he was ready to play, made him realize he could not hide. There was no act for him to perform tonight.

Brian sat beside Justin's legs and placed his hand over the blond's busy one. He requested for him to stop, though his words came out as an order, "Stop, Justin." He held his hand over Justin's and kept holding it as the boy's finger withdrew from his body. "I don't need a display," he said, completely in contrast from what he'd asked for only a few moments before at the dining table.

Justin felt Brian's long fingers twine with his own for a second. The older man moved his hand away and Justin felt as though he was being reprimanded. His gut wrenched and shame crept into his thoughts, fueling his heart's pumping. For the first time in two years of hustling his ass, he felt dirty, though he hadn't done anything sexual with the man, yet. All he'd touched was Mr. Kinney's jean-covered thighs and his hand, the hand that held his in a warm grasp.

Brian watched goosebumps appear on Justin's skin, first on the back of the hand that was resting on his ass cheeks and as soon as his eyes zeroed in on them, they spread like wildfire across the rest of the hustler's pale smooth skin. "You cold?" he asked.

"No," Justin choked out.

Brian placed his thumb on the blond's coccyx, slowly dragging it up Justin's skin, dipping and softly kneading it into every vertebra until he reached the end of his curved spine. He fanned his hand out and gripped Justin's neck for a moment before giving in to the urge to sift his fingers through the blond's hair.

Justin pushed himself onto his side. This position forced his body to twist uncomfortably on the bed and his thoughts warped. His anticipation melded with shame and confusion, Justin's blood boiled with confused desire and it all harvested anger within him. "Are you going to fuck me?" he hissed, realizing that if he had to actively take a role then he would have to choose the one that would protect him the most. "Or do you have a problem getting it up?"

Brian planned to savor Justin's body, but that thought, combined with Justin's sudden temper and crude assumption pissed him off. He didn't savor any trick and definitely would not apply the action to a prostitute. "Yeah, I plan on fucking you real hard. But you need to cut the fucking attitude because I may not hire a hustler every day, but I'm pretty sure that you're here to please me. Not the other way around," Brian warned.

Justin turned back onto his knees and wiggled his ass. "Whatever you want, sir," he spit, degrading aggravation biting at him from deep within his tumbling thoughts.

"Not so fast," Brian spoke as he stood up from the bed. "Undress me," he ordered.

Justin rolled his eyes under his closed lids, then hefted himself up and crawled to the side of the bed. He looked up at his customer and opened the first button on the white shirt, giving back as much heat with his own eyes as Brian's hazel ones revealed.

Brian couldn't distinguish the reasons why the friction between them kept flip-flopping. He wanted a fuck. That was all he wanted. He had ordered a man that he could fuck at will all night. He wanted to lose himself in sex, the same way he always did. Why his dick chose to flicker with power and allow him more thoughts than he felt were required for his planned night, was beyond his comprehension or control. He was relieved when Justin pulled his undershirt off him, breaking their stare for a moment.

Justin threw Brian's shirt to the floor and then moved his hands to the snap on Brian's jeans. The older man's smell permeated his senses as he leaned toward him, stuck his tongue out and licked at Brian's abs while unsnapping and unzipping Brian's pants. 

"Lower," Brian directed when his dick trapped by his black briefs rubbed against Justin's chin as the blond laved around his belly button.

Justin was glad for Brian's direction; it coated his body in memory and helped give ammo to the ingrained actions and spell he wove around him while he entertained a customer. Brian kept whispering orders. With each word, Justin was able to go into autopilot and gained the altitude he needed to achieve the place where he could free fall into the numbness that the flight permitted by his body.


On his back with his head propped up on soft down pillows; Brian watched Justin's head bob up and down and experienced the delicious squeeze and slide of the blond's fevered sucking mouth. If he were able to have a conscious, rational thought, he would have told Justin that he'd never had a blowjob that could rival the one he was giving him. None of the many tricks and professional cocksuckers Brian encountered compared to Justin.

Justin's mouth made a popping noise as he released Brian's dick from his now puffy pink lips. He licked them, looked up at Brian with a proud smile, and asked, "Do you wanna come like this?"

Brian groaned when the blond licked his lips again. The movement was so close to his cock that the tip of Justin's tongue brushed against Brian's come-weeping slit. He propelled himself up, grabbed Justin under his arms and fell back onto the bed. Their bodies mashed together as Brian forced his mouth to suction onto Justin's open, gasping one.

Justin kept his eyes closed as he kissed Brian. He's never made a rule about not kissing customers, but it was rare that a customer initiated it. The ferocity behind Brian's kiss and the undeniable lust that overcame him, fueled by Brian's mouth, tore him away from his cloud and anchored him in the present. He was weeping groans into Brian's mouth as he gave into it, unable to fight the current of pleasure flowing between him and the older man.

Brian grabbed the condom and lube from the bedside table with one hand, his other still holding the back of Justin's head, holding their kiss. He turned his head and Justin's mouth met the skin under his ear, hungry to kiss the spot. "Lean back," Brian spoke, toes curling as the blond bit him. He grabbed Justin's hair and pulled on it when it appeared he hadn't heard him.

Justin's dilated, dark blue eyes met Brian's and he breathed erratically. "What?" he asked, confused and turned on by Brian's action.

Brian untangled his hand from Justin's hair and used it to push the blond's chest up. "Put this on me," he spoke, placing the condom and lube packet in Justin's hand.


A couple strokes of his lubed fingers inside the surprisingly tight hole, another packet of slick lube applied generously to his sheathed cock, and Brian was separating Justin's cheeks with his hands. His eyes remained fixated on Justin's entrance as the blond hovered over his cock.

The fingers of Justin's left hand dug into Brian's sculpted left thigh. His breath came out as a deep guttural moan when his body finally gave way to the cockhead's girth. He removed his right hand from around the base of the brunet's dick, placed it on Brian's right thigh and with the added support, he relaxed the inside of his body and slowly slid himself down.

Brian let go of Justin's ass and leaned back on his elbows, needing to absorb and adjust to the hustler's narrow heated passage. He bit his lip when Justin squeezed his muscles around him and cursed himself after hearing a whimper escape his throat.

"You like that?" Justin asked, looking over his shoulder at Brian, smiling smugly.

Brian wouldn't answer the blond; he wouldn't answer anyone that so daringly asked him what they knew to be true. He hefted himself up, readjusted both he and Justin's bodies and bit the blond's neck to show him that he didn't appreciate his bold amusement.

Justin shivered in Brian's arms, his hole felt so stretched in the position they were now in. Brian was on his knees behind him, his own legs in between Brian's, his ass sitting in his lap, his back against Brian's chest. The brunet nibbled along his neck, laving his tongue back and forth to soothe the sting of each bite he took, arms wrapped around him. Brian squeezed his nipples every time he licked the bites he'd left. The fuck had barely begun and already Justin was harder than he'd ever been with a customer and eagerly wanting Brian to move within him. He wanted it so bad; he knew he'd never wanted anything as much as he ached for the dick in him to move, to please him.

Brian had told him that he wasn't there to give him pleasure, but Justin couldn't believe it. He rolled his head back on Brian's shoulder, opened his mouth and let out a long groan that Brian swallowed. Brian thrust into him, but angled his cock appropriately to please him. He could've just fucked him hard, rough and without care, as many had before, but he didn't. He had built up Justin's pleasure before even making the first thrust.

Brian slid his cock in and out of Justin, barely pulling out of the warm depths and keeping a near-constant pressure on Justin's swollen gland, instinctively hitting it, nudging it perfectly because of the position they were in. His hands explored Justin's body, feeling the toned muscles of Justin's thighs, stomach and chest. Justin's skin was slick with sweat, as was his own. Justin's enthusiasm and skill in their fuck thrilled Brian. The brunet could tell that the hustler wasn't just giving him the basics, enough to please him and to get him off. Justin was enjoying the sex and wanting it as much as he did.


It took Brian a few minutes of holding Justin's half-hard, sticky dick in his hand, before he could muster the energy to open his fingers and use that hand to hold onto the full condom as he gently pulled out of the blond. His dick was still hard and wished for the warmth it had just left, but Brian needed a moment to recover.

Hell, he needed more than a moment. Something crazy had happened after he grabbed onto Justin's cock and started stroking it. The blond had reached back, held onto his hips, pressed his fingernails into Brian's skin and begun slamming himself down and then up, matching Brian's rhythm, indulging in the bliss they felt.

Brian had what he asked for, what he needed. He had wanted to lose himself in a fuck and he certainly had. It could have happened with any trick, but it was different when it was Justin's body. He was never alone as he soared toward his climax. Justin was with him with every pulse leading into nirvana. They tumbled over the cliff repeatedly with each jet of jizz he released into the condom.

Brian's condom wrapped dick stayed between their bodies as his senses came back to him, slowly ascending away from the numbing ecstasy. Brian's muscles ached from the exertion he used. This was the excuse Brian accepted which allowed Justin to stay lying on top of him. It had only felt like a few minutes had passed since they came and he wasn't quite sure what the odd sound was that Justin was making. The blond's head was tilted away from Brian, lying just under his chin.

"Justin," he spoke, his words only a whisper, his voice hoarse from the moaning and grunting he'd done. "Justin," he said a little louder, running his hand up Justin's arm and tilting his head toward him.

Brian's eyes widened at what he saw. The hustler was asleep. The prostitute he'd hired for the night was snoring and had passed out on top of him! Brian slid out from under Justin; his muscles screaming, demanding rest. Brian glared at Justin when the kid rolled onto his side and draped his arm across his chest.

"You little shit," Brian whispered, managing enough energy to turn away from Justin; though he didn't muster enough energy to move his arm off him.

Brian told himself that he would take a small rest and then wake his hustler up for another round. He was sure he could fuck Justin at that moment, but he also knew that his orgasm would be much better if Justin was exuberantly into it as he had been for their first round.

He grabbed the rumpled blanket that had been pushed down against the footboard, floated it up so it covered their bodies and sighed contently as he noticed the time. It was only a little after midnight so he could sleep for a few hours, wake up, and still get his money's worth.

Brian looked out the large glass doors that led onto the penthouse's balcony. Snow had built up considerably on the table and chairs sitting out there. The falling flakes were large and constant. He watched the snowfall cover the skyline in a white blanket until his eyelids started to feel heavy and fell closed.

The combination of Justin's breathing and the tight hold he had on Brian, along with the silent winter night, caused the customer to easily fall asleep beside his hustler.


"Hey!" Justin shoved at Brian's shoulder.

Brian opened his eyes and saw the hustler staring down at him. "What the fuck?" he asked, sitting up and trying to get his bearings.

"It's after ten. I've got to go, so give me my money," Justin demanded, hands on his hips.

Brian looked over at the clock and mentally kicked himself as he stood up and searched for his pants. "You fucking fell asleep on me!" he protested, finding his pants and searching through his pockets.

"Your wallet is on the table in there," Justin said hotly. "And by the way, I don't charge by whatever service I perform for you. You scheduled me for 13 hours and how you chose to spend that time was up to you," he said, following Brian into the main area of the suite.

Brian gave a small tug on his morning wood before grabbing his wallet. He couldn't believe he'd been so stupid to leave the thing out in the open. "Well, you're an honest hustler," he said, counting the money and seeing that everything in his wallet was there.

Justin huffed. "I told you, I'm not a fucking thief and I'd get fired if I stole from you. I'm not an idiot, I need my job."

"Room service," a male voice called from behind the door to the suite while knocking on it.

"Fuck! I forgot to put the cart outside and I forgot that I'd arranged to have breakfast delivered." Brian glanced at the clock on the wall. "Son of a bitch! Get in the bedroom," he whispered.

Justin stomped off and called after him, "This is going to cost you extra."

"Just a minute!" Brian yelled. He'd left his pants in the bedroom but as he started to go get them, his feet came in contact with the terry-cloth robe Justin had left on the floor. Brian's mind flashed to the memory of Justin's hot ass from the night before. All of a sudden, his dick demanded attention, leaking pre-come. "Fuck it," he swore breathlessly, grabbing the robe and putting it around him.


Justin came out of the bedroom the moment he heard Brian close the door behind the waiter. "So, my money?" he persisted.

"Just a minute," Brian growled and opened the breakfast cart to find that once again they'd made him a sample of everything, this time from the breakfast menu. "If you don't charge me, you can help me eat this shit," he snickered.

Justin shrugged noncommittally and replied, "I guess. But I've got to call my boss and check in with him first."

"Whatever," Brian replied, his stomach growling from the sweet smells.

Justin pulled his cell phone from his pocket and dialed the agency's number.

"Windy City Wild, this is Lucas, can I help you?"

"Luke, this is Justin Taylor. I've finished my shift."

"Any problems with Mr. Kinney?" Lucas asked.

Justin wanted to tell the man that yes, there were many big problems with his customer. However, none of them was included in what the assistant was asking. "No," he replied.

"Rating?" Lucas asked.

Justin laughed and groaned out his honest answer, "Ten."

"Ten?" Lucas asked in surprise, typing away the information on the computer. "You've never rated any of them above a four."

Justin changed the subject. "Any appointments made for me today?"

Lucas laughed. "You do realize that the entire city is shut down right now?"

"What?" Justin walked over to the windows in the living area and pulled back the drapes. "Holy shit!"

"I've been here since last night and I won't be leaving," Luke groaned. "The L is down, the airports are closed and from where I'm looking now, there isn't a car moving on Halstead."

Justin shivered as his fingers touched the cold window and rubbed away the frost. He looked out onto the street and sucked in a deep breath. "It looks like a ghost town! Do you know when they're saying it'll stop?"

"They are expecting it to warm up and melt a lot of the snow by Sunday night. It's reported that they should have enough crews out clearing up the roads that Chicago should be back to normal by Monday. They're calling a city-wide seven o'clock curfew for tonight and tomorrow."

"This can't go on until Monday!" Justin groaned in despair.

Brian overheard Justin's outburst and ran over to the window. "Son of a bitch!"

"Are you with someone?" Lucas asked worriedly. "Making some money on the side, Taylor?"

"No," Justin was quick to lie. "I'm at a friend's house."

"I wasn't aware you had any friends," Lucas replied.

"Whatever," Justin dismissed Lucas' comment. "So I guess no one will be going on any jobs while the city is sleeping."

"Probably not for the next couple of days. It's going to be a bitch for the people out there working to clean this up. They're predicting that we get another six to nine inches tonight. Just not the six to nine inches I prefer," Lucas joked.

Justin laughed but spoke seriously, "This sucks. I can't afford this."

"I'll make sure I call you if anything comes up, but you'd have to hike through three feet of snow to get anywhere."

"It'd be worth the money," Justin told the man.

"By the way, how'd you get to your friend's house? The Lewis is right in downtown."

Justin didn't appreciate the assumption that he wasn't good enough to have friends that lived downtown. "He still lives with his parents," he explained shortly. "I've got to go, Lucas. Call me first, okay?"

"Will do, and I'll leave a note for Scott and Lenny just in case I get to leave here sometime soon."

"Thanks, Lucas, bye." Justin flipped the phone closed and leaned his forehead against the freezing window. "I hate my life."

Brian rubbed his hand up Justin's back and massaged his neck. "You're going to hate your life a lot more when you freeze your brain."

Justin picked his head up and stepped back from the window. "I've got to go," he said quickly, brushing past Brian. "Give me the money you owe me now!"

"Chill the fuck out!" Brian barked. "Where the fuck have you got to go? It's a fucking blizzard out there, you don't have a coat and..."

"Then I'll just use some of the fucking money you gave me and buy one in one of those swanky shops downstairs!" Justin yelled and pushed Brian. "Give me my money."

Brian balked at the blond. "What the fuck is your hurry?"

"You wouldn't understand! You obviously don't give a shit what you spend your money on, so..."

"I spent my money on you," Brian replied, grabbing his wallet from the pocket of the robe. He began to count out a thousand dollars.

Justin wasn't sure what that was supposed to mean. All he cared about was leaving. Even if he had to go back to his apartment and whore himself to all the nasty old men that were always leering at him to get money, he would do it. He couldn't afford to lose any income. "Just give me the cash," he spat as he grabbed it from Brian's hand.

"Wait," Brian yelled, grabbing Justin by the arm. "You said you're not going to have any other jobs, right?"

"No." Justin pulled away from Brian. "I don't have any yet, but I'll find..."

"I'll pay you to stay here," Brian said quickly.

"What?" Justin laughed. "That goes against..."

"I'm not going to call and tell on you," Brian said. "You need the money, right?"

Justin spoke slowly, "Yeah, I need the money."

"And I'm not going to be stuck in a hotel with no one to fuck until this storm lets up," Brian explained.

Justin was sure Brian could probably go down to the pool or one of the restaurants and find any man he wanted to fuck him, without Brian having to pay for it, but he didn't say that to the older man. "How much will you pay me?"

"I don't have any extra cash on me and I can't take enough out of my ATM to cover it either, but I can cash a check on Monday at the bank downstairs. You said that's when the city should be back to normal, right?"

"You swear?" Justin asked. "Because if you don't..."

Brian laughed. "No need to threaten me, asshole. I'm doing you a favor and we both know it."

"I don't have clothes," Justin assessed looking down at himself.

"I'll buy you some but it'll come out of your pay. That is, as long as the shops are open downstairs."

Justin shrugged. "Okay."

"So we have a deal? Six grand and you leave on Monday," he explained the terms.

"Six grand!" Justin grunted. "I make more than that..."

"Don't fucking be greedy. Your ass may be good, but it's not that good, Sunshine."

Justin sighed. "So, does the original offer still stand?" he asked.

"It still stands," Brian replied, opening his robe and showing Justin his hard on. "So instead of us shaking on it..."

"You'd like me to suck on it, Brian?" Justin asked coyly, his mouth watering as he walked to Brian and knelt before him.

"Yes," Brian answered as Justin took him into his mouth and down his throat. "That's the way I love to seal all my deals."

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