May 24, 2016

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For Richer or For Poorer by galeandrandy

Rated: M • Feature 61 Reviews half-star

Alternate Universe, Hustler!Justin, John!Brian

"Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck." - Dalai Lama

Because sometimes you get exactly what you never knew you needed.

Thanks to Cheryl for editing.

The Late Night Double Penetration Picture Show by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 11 Reviews half-star

Brian has a visitor asking him to use Babylon for a secret porn film shoot. Brian isn't too happy about it but agrees and he and Justin get to benefit from it. There is no 3rd involved in B/J sex.

Zealous by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 9 Reviews half-star


Brian, his fingers and what he enjoys doing with them. This takes place sometime around episode 309-310 but it's life outside of the Stockwell arc.

Ardor by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 20 Reviews half-star

Sequel to No More Mio Amore - about two years post NMMA.


No More Mio Amore by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 69 Reviews half-star

(Brian & Justin do not 'meet' in this story. This is the story of why they didn't meet in 101.)

Brian suddenly becomes a father to Gus when Lindsay and Melanie die in a car accident. Because Brian was not there to meet him, Justin goes home, but later, in different circumstances he is bashed by Chris Hobbes. This is their story prior to their 'official' meeting which happens in the sequel.

The Rush by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 3 Reviews half-star

Episodes 122-204 Centered on the aftermath of the bashing. Written for school prompt.

Mondays by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 4 Reviews

Post Series, One-shot - Things aren't going so well for Justin in New York. Brian goes to New York to help Justin figure things out in his own way. Written for sangwin for the 2013 qaf_giftxchnge

Scrooged by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 5 Reviews half-star

Holiday Fiction, Scrooged meets QAF - Veers a little off canon around episode 409.


Heavy by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 34 Reviews half-star

Humorous and Sexy story about how Brian, Justin and the rest of the gang deal with two new feisty additions to the gang.

The Prince, The Wizard and The King by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 5 Reviews

18 year old Wizard in training, Justin Russo needed some extra credit for his art class, little did he know that his art project would become much more. Our Brian and Justin have no idea what's going to hit them, or the spell they're going to be under that will make them experience a night of Halloween unlike any other before. Crossover with ‘Wizzards of Waverly Place’. QAF Time Line: NOW Canon

Portable by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 4 Reviews half-star

Written for Second Chance Challenge @ qaf_challenges @ IJ.

Equality by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 6 Reviews half-star


A gapfiller for episode 505.

Caught by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 5 Reviews half-star


At Deb's, in the middle of the night Brian surprises Justin.

Decenniums by galeandrandy

Rated: A • 4 Reviews half-star


Highlights of four decades of Brian & Justin's life post series.

Point of View by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 48 Reviews half-star

Brian is in the third grade when he's paired up to be Justin's buddy on the first day of school, Justin only a kindergartner but they immediately connect. This is not the average, boy meets boy, best friends turn into lovers story. Brian is terrified that he has found love in Justin, and Justin represses his love for him. They both find love with another man, the same man, but will end up together. Love, hate, death, forgiveness, pain, suffering and joy has been thrown into a cauldron and has boiled over into this piece of fiction so take a deep breath, grab the tissues and enjoy.

Endeavor by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 67 Reviews half-star

Brian and Justin meet while Brian is interviewing him for a position in his ad agency, "Exhibition". Justin is a confident recent graduate of the prestigious MFA program at CMU. He knows his boyfriend isn't "the one", but he's definitely not searching for "the one" either, and probably doesn't even believe in that stuff anyway. Brian owns Babylon, which was bombed a few years ago and he nearly lost his best friends, and all this has made him view things in life a little differently. He's happy with his life, proud of his son and proud of himself for owning two booming businesses before he's even turned forty. He's still confident, vain and is the most valued dick in Babylon. Meeting Justin, becoming friends with Justin is something that he sort of hates but has absolutely no control over. Especially because somehow, being with Justin is Brian's favorite part of the day. He'd never think or admit that though... maybe.

Useful or Useless: Gay Apparel by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 3 Reviews half-star

Post Series one-shots including the use and sometimes misuse of infomercial and As Seen on TV Products

Credence by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 45 Reviews

The path of sound credence is through the thick forest of skepticism. ~George Jean Nathan

It all starts when Brian ‘saves’ Justin, but Justin isn’t down a well and Brian isn’t a hero. In fact, they actually sort of hate one another after this but that doesn’t stop them from playing their own games. Neither one of them want a boyfriend but due to unstoppable forces that’s what they’ll become. Not that they’ll admit it. Brian and Justin will reach a point that they’ll have to decide to move forward together or stop ‘whatever they are doing’ and go back to life without one another. You could say that it’s a bit of a challenge.

Grateful by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 4 Reviews half-star

A minor take on the movie 'Planes, Trains, & Automobiles'. Brian made Justin and Gus a promise to be home for Christmas.

Waltzing In Winter Wonderland by galeandrandy

Rated: E • 3 Reviews half-star

Post-513 Brian, Justin & Gus Christmas fic at Britin

Wyrd by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 16 Reviews half-star


Who would have thought that on his vacation the annual nuisance next door would turn into anything but and with time would become so addictive? Brian didn't, especially not the first year he met Justin in Ibiza.

Timeline: This is a canon characterization alternate 'fate' of Brian and Justin. Will involve many of the characters from QAF and events from canon for Brian's life and Justin is of course an artist.

Kerplunk by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 4 Reviews half-star

Set anytime is Season 4. Justin has to babysit and brings his charge to Brian's loft. Is Brian willing to put aside his annoyance so that Justin doesn't have to leave?

Written for Sf_Scarlet. Thanks to Judy for betaing.

Anomalistic by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 4 Reviews half-star

Season 4, around 410. Justin is sick and has a project due for school, inspiration comes from Brian, after much complaining from the man.

To: sfscarlet for the qaf_giftxchnge
Beta: bigj52

Epic Vacation by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 4 Reviews half-star

Written for the "Dare to be Bare"; challenge. Brian and Justin need a vacation, as fate has it, they go to Japan. This is NOT a fic based on the Earthquake or Tsunami. Takes place roughly 3-4 years after 513, they are living together at Britin.

Impacable by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 4 Reviews half-star

This story is another long-overdue fulfillment of one of the gapfillers that Astarloa requested with her winning bid in the help_haiti auction. She asked for a season three gapfiller about Brian and Justin going out on a counter-espionage poster mission.

Timeline: Gapfiller 310-311

Many thanks to my beta Judy!