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Did you ever wish you could go back in time and change just one thing you’d done - just one - thinking that you could change your whole life for the better? Well, Brian Kinney did. He was sure that all his problems stemmed from that first time he broke his first rule about sex - never let a trick stay the whole night. If he had never let Justin Taylor insinuate himself into his life, he would still be the top Stud of Liberty Avenue, free from the heartache and headaches of a relationship, with his friendships and family intact. At least that was what Brian was thinking the night after Justin left him and went to live with the stepford fags, Michael & Ben. But, every action has some direct or indirect consequence and Brian may not necessarily like the results that he gets when he wishes he could go back in time and change his life. This story begins after Episode 5.07 but flashes back to episode 1.02 & 1.03.

Rated: A
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The gods of sleep are still not being at all kind to me - good news for all of you because I spent the hours betewen 2:00am and 6:00am outlining this story for you. It's likely to be a little darker than some of my other stories and not nearly as porny but much more plotty. So, if that's the sort of thing you like, please, read on. TAG

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1. Chapter 1 - The Night Before the Morning After by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (2714 words)

This story came to me in part from reading all the fics (mostly one-shots) where an author rewrites a scene from the show so that the outcome is more in line with what he or she would have liked to see. The problem with all those fics, I was thinking as I read, is that QAF wouldn’t have been the show we all loved if it hadn’t been for all those bad or questionable choices the characters made along the way. It might have been better, but it might also have been a lot worse. You know - sort of the ‘Butterfly Effect’. Or maybe it’s good old Newtonian physics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Or maybe it’s Karma or Fate. You pick, depending on your particular belief system and/or favorite deity. But, this is my idea of what would/could result if you tried to change even one moment of time. The story is all told from Brian’s POV. TAG

2. Chapter 2 - Business as Usual by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (3829 words)

Brian gets his second chance to redo that day - I don't know if he's going to like how the redo turns out though.  Read on!  TAG

******Sorta Warning - (Not Really) Major Character Death.*******  

I'm not sure how to word this warning without giving away the entire plot of the story but here goes - throughout the rest of this fic there will be occasional discussions and/or descriptions of the deaths of major characters. However, as you read you will see that it doesn't really happen the way you think. They sort of don't 'really' die. That's really all I can say without giving everything away. Please don't let this throw you off reading my story though - I PROMISE this will not have an unhappy ending.  TAG

3. Chapter 3 - No Regrets? by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (3755 words)

Brian is a complete mess in this chapter. What else can I say. I'm having so much fun messing with his head - poor boy! *Bwa ha ha* TAG

4. Chapter 4 - I'm Pretty Sure I'm Not Crazy by Tagsit [Reviews - 3] half-star (4133 words)

I'm back! Poor Brian's been having such a rough time of it lately. Opening yourself up emotionally and then not getting the response you thought you'd see is hard for the boy.  And things are bound to get worse before they get better. Sorry. TAG

***************Major Angst Alert*************

5. Chapter 5 - No Way Out by Tagsit [Reviews - 3] half-star (4001 words)


One more angst ridden chapter - sorry. I promise though that things are bound to get better after this. Brian is pretty much hitting rock bottom here - There's no place to go but up, right? TAG

*******Major Angst Alert (With a little smut thrown in for good Measure) *******



6. Chapter 6 - I’m Pretty Sure I AM Crazy - Why Won’t They Believe Me? by Tagsit [Reviews - 3] half-star (3388 words)


As promised, a little less angst and a little more fun here.  I'm sorry that no one seemed to understand the end of my last chapter - I've tried to explain it more through this chapter where Brian talks to the psychiatrist at the hospital. Hope this explains things a bit for all of you.  Hope you all enjoy and, as always, thank you sooooooo much for reading and for all your reviews.  TAG



7. Chapter 7 - Crazy Happy Day's Disastrous End by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (3465 words)

It looks like Brian is doing something right this time! Yay! Look out though - nothing is as it seems, dear Brian. Somehow, I don't think our boy is off the roller coaster ride of this story yet . . . TAG

8. Chapter 8 - Craig’s Version of Crazy Day by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (3515 words)

Was it just me or did there seem to be a real lack of smut in the last few chapters of this story? I'm so sorry.  I made sure to include a little in here for your reading pleasure. But, don't get too happy over the little shower scene - more angst is on it's way.  Sorry, again.  You can't say you haven't been warned, though. TAG

9. Chapter 9 - Murder, Anyone? by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (5928 words)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. When we last saw our time/space challenged Brian, he had just lived through an episode where Craig rammed into the Jeep while not only Brian was in it, but also Justin. That caused him to come up with the brilliant idea that in his next go round, he should kill Craig right from the start so that Daddy Dearest can't f**k things up. Here's what happens when he takes that course of action . . . Enjoy! TAG

10. Chapter 10 - R.I.P. Craig by Tagsit [Reviews - 3] half-star (4796 words)

Maybe Brian actually got things right this time? Maybe killing Craig was a good thing? What do you think? Will this work out. Brian is hopeful. But, I don't know . . . I don't think killing your lover's father is really a good solid basis for a relationship. But, you never know. If Brian can keep it a secret from Justin, this might work . . . He he he! Read and see. Enjoy! TAG

P.S. I forgot to mention - Really good smut in this one, so beware if you don't like that kind of thing (Ha!).

11. Chapter 11 - How To Ruin a Perfectly Good Funeral by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (3415 words)

So, what did you think was going to happen when Brian sees Hobbs? Bet it's not what's actually going to happen in this chapter. Sometimes the true danger doesn't lie where you'd expect . . . I just can't wait to hear what you think about this chapter.  Hurry and read and then comment so I know if you like it or hate it! Hurry. Read faster! But, don't forget to enjoy! TAG

*****Heavy, knee-deep, up the wazzoo and coming out your pores, angst here. Be prepared*****

12. Chapter 12 - Getting Back to The Living by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (4549 words)

My readers are just so smart - so many of you guessed what was going to happen in the past chapter. I doubt you will have forseen this one though. Probably because you wouldn't want to see Brian like this. I don't either, but this is where the story has taken me. I promise to bring the real Brian back soon. But, he has to get through this horribleness first. Keep reading and I promise that we'll get there. I swear on a stack of Brians. Enjoy! TAG

***Angst Alert - Still so much angst that It's almost unbearable, I'm afraid ***

******Also - Topsy!Justin Alert - Don't like, don't read, folks ******

13. Chapter 13 - Who Is This Guy? by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (4497 words)

Uuurgh. I hate this Brian. I don't know how he managed to show up in my story. I certainly didn't plan on having a sad vulnerable Brian, but here he is anyway. Sometimes I think our stories write themselves without consulting us authors. But I'm determined to get rid of this Brian and help him back to his old (sorta) self. He's pretty much hit rock bottom in this chapter. It should be all uphill from here. So, read on if you dare to see how Brian manages to get himself back on track. Enjoy! TAG

14. Chapter 14 - A New Plan by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (4431 words)


Like I said, I'm not quite done messing with him. So, read on and we'll see how he gets out of this one and whether or not he's learned his lesson.  TAG



15. Chapter 15 - Operation Convince Craig by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (4681 words)

So, this is what happens when Brian and Justin concoct a plan to win over Craig. Do you think it will work? Brian does have that Kinney charm working for him. But, is it enough to win over a confirmed homophobe. Read on, dear readers and you'll see. But, beware - there's a definite possibility that Brian and Craig might end up *gasp* friends. (evil laughter from author is preventing further comments.) Enjoy! TAG

16. Chapter 16 - Operation Convince Craig - The Justin Variation by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (5518 words)

I'm sorry this took so long to post - two weeks between posting chapters has to be the longest I've gone since I started writing here. Unfortunately, I seem to have written myself into the proverbial corner and I'm having trouble getting myself out. That's what I get for abandoning my carefully thought out story outline and tearing off at random following other plot lines. Never fear, though - I think I've found the perfect way to get back on track here. Thanks to all my readers for your helpful suggestions on how to redeem this story. Keep your eyes open and you just might see a few of your suggestions incorporated in the coming chapters. *wink, wink*. So, read on, and I'll try to get the next chapter up quicker now that I finally have an idea on how to finish this story. Enjoy! TAG.

17. Chapter 17 - Almost Perfect? by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (4694 words)

Sooooo, it looks like I'm back on track again with this story. I'm afraid that that means that Brian still hasn't quite figured out how to get himself out of this mess - there will have to be a few more 'almost rights' before he gets it. But, at least now I know how to get him there. Thanks again to all my dedicated readers for their wonderful and wise suggestions. And, without further ado, here's the chapter . . . Enjoy! TAG

18. Chapter 18 - The Hobbs Variable by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (4270 words)

Brian's giving it ANOTHER try - this time he's convinced that he needs to deal with Hobbs first. His creative solution might just come back to bite him in the a** though. I kind of struggled with this chapter - it just didn't seem to flow the way I'd like, but at least it's written and we're moving on. I did enjoy the way the bathroom scene turned out though - you'll see.  I hope you don't all hate it. Thanks for reading! Enjoy! TAG

19. Chapter 19 - The Reverse Bashing by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (5623 words)

Look what happens when you put Cody Bell and Chris Hobbs together. It's really not good. Brian really, really goofed this time. But, maybe it will be the catalyst that makes him step back and take a good hard look at what the f**k he's doing. You'll just have to read and see if it works.  Enjoy! TAG

20. Chapter 20 - Zen and The Art of Twink Maintenance by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (5124 words)


I'm Baaaaack! Sorry about the delay in posting - Real life, midterms and actually having to work for a living got in the way of writing for a couple weeks. But, here is the next installment - Brian is finally getting the concept down that he can't fight fate. Can he accept the life he's been handed? Read on and see.  Enjoy! TAG



21. Chapter 21 - The Prince and The Palace by Tagsit [Reviews - 10] half-star (4815 words)

Finally - The final, ridiculously romantic chapter. I've had endless computer problems but I have persevered for you, dear readers, so that I could post this final installment to the fic that would not end. I hope you like it. Enjoy! TAG