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Author's Chapter Notes:


Like I said, I'm not quite done messing with him. So, read on and we'll see how he gets out of this one and whether or not he's learned his lesson.  TAG




Chapter 14 - A New Plan.


I can’t really come up with a good reason to hold Justin hostage in my loft any longer, so I have to finally agree to accompany him out for dinner at least. We head to the Diner, of course. I figure I might as well get the preliminaries with the family out of the way, like explaining that Justin isn’t a trick, that he’s here to stay, that I’m retiring my Stud status immediately, etc. My hope is to get the family straightened out right away about Justin and I before it can lead to any misunderstandings.


So I introduce Justin to Debbie and he officially get’s his “Sunshine” moniker. Then I lead him over to the booth where the rest of the gang is assembling and introduce him to Ted and Emmett. Michael is already there and busy scowling at Justin for daring to have lasted more than one night with me. He starts to open his mouth but I stop him with a warning, "Michael!"


When Debbie comes over to take everyone's order, I stop her before she can say anything.


"I have an announcement to make while you're all here," I begin. "Sunshine and I are officially a couple from here on out. So I don't want you all to be giving him shit about overstaying his welcome or telling him that I don't do repeats or boyfriends or whatever other shit you were planning on telling him. I do what and who I want and I want him. He's not a trick or a fling or someone I'm going to get tired of soon. Got it? And even though I think of you as my family, none of you have the right to dictate to me how I choose to live my life. So don't even start with this. Do you all understand?"


"But, Brian . . ."


"Don't start, Michael," I warn him.


Michael's mouth snaps shut and he just sits there looking at me in total confusion. The other faces around the table are equally flabbergasted. If I wasn't so dead serious I'd bust a gut laughing at all their gaping jaws and furrowed brows. Justin's not able to maintain quite such a stoic demeanor and he covers his mouth to stifle the chuckle I hear starting. But not one of them says a thing.


"Well . . . Okay, then," Debbie eventually breaks the silence. "Welcome to the family, Sunshine. Now, are you gonna eat or did you just come here to pontificate, Asshole?"


The rest of dinner goes fairly smoothly, although Michael continues to glare at me the entire time, especially when I do anything he’d consider out of character, like kissing Justin or otherwise showing open affection in public. Poor Mikey - this is a big change for him to swallow all at once like this. But Emmett seems thrilled to find Brian Kinney coming down to earth with the rest of humanity and he’s effusive in his efforts to include Justin. I always did like Emmett, even if I do enjoy giving him tons of shit.


Since we’re still not ready to go back to the loft for more fucking, Justin and I go with the boys to Woody’s after dinner for drinks and pool. I’m not used to having all eyes on me again after my last hermit-like year, so it feels weird to be back at Woody’s with every guy there coming on to me again. For them, nothing has happened. But I’m getting a bit annoyed by the time I have to tell the seventh or eighth person that I’m ‘not interested’. I think I kinda growled at that last guy even.


“Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit,” Emmett exclaims loudly at this point. “I can hardly believe it, but I think it’s true - our Mr. Kinney is officially off the market boys. So what's your secret, Justin? How did you tame the wild beast?"


"I'm not 'tamed', Honeycutt. It's just that Sunshine has a perfect ass, a fabulous cock and he gives fantastic head. Once you've got perfection, why bother with the hordes of mediocrity," I answer for him, enjoying the beaming smile he gives me as a reward, as well as the fact that I've effectively shut up Emmett.


Ted and I start playing pool after that and I try to back off and let Justin have some 'space'. I will not be 'clingy' this time around. Besides, I know that he can take care of himself, even if I have trouble turning off my overprotective mode. Brian Kinney does do jealous these days, but I'm trying to control it. Really.


I don't even react when I see Mikey cornering Justin with a determined look on his face. I'm convinced that he's doing just what I told him earlier not to do, but I figure I'll give Justin a chance to deal with it on his own. My Sunshine should be more than a match for Michael.


“Hey, Brian. Have you seen my cell phone? I was sure I grabbed it when we left your loft but I can’t find it now. I really should check in with home or by the time I do go back there I’ll be grounded for life,” Justin comes up to me and asks sometime during my third game of pool.


“Sorry. Haven’t seen it. I remember you taking it with you though when we left. You want to check in the car?” I say and hand him the keys, not really thinking much at the time about a silly missing phone.


It’s only when Justin still hasn’t come back into the bar after more than twenty minutes that I start to get worried. I head out to the parking lot to see if he’s just out there talking on the phone where it’s more quiet. There’s no sign of him though, either in the parking lot or in the car itself. I turn to head back inside but the street light glints off something metallic at my feet and it catches my eye. Looking down I see my keys lying on the ground near the car door and I know something is seriously wrong.


“Justin’s missing and I found my keys on the ground outside,” I tell everyone at the table as I run inside to get my jacket and my own cell phone. “Did any of you see where he went?”


“It was probably just past his bedtime,” says Michael with a nasty snicker.


“Fuck you, Michael. He wouldn’t have left without saying something to me and he wouldn’t have left my keys outside on the ground by the car. Something’s happened to him. Now, did you see him or not?” I demand, getting right in Mikey’s face.


“Calm down, Brian. I’m sure he’s fine. Besides, it’s better that he’s gone. He was way too young for you anyway. You might like chicken, but the rest of us don’t appreciate babysitting your tricks when you’re busy drinking and playing pool,” Michael says with the ugliest sneer on his face that I’ve ever seen.


“Fuck you, Michael. I’m calling the police. Give me my phone - it’s in my jacket over there by you, Ted.”


“Brian, stop,” Michael says as he intercepts the jacket that Ted is handing to me. “You don’t have to call the police. Justin’s fine. He’s gone home.”


“Michael, what the fuck have you done,” I demand, Michael’s nervous demeanor and guilty look giving him away.


"I just borrowed his phone and called his parents," Michael says, practically bragging about his underhanded deed. "I didn't think they'd be happy about their kid being here at a bar seeing as he's underage. His dad was very thankful to me for letting them know. He said he was coming down to get the kid and take him home. So you don't need to over react, Brian, the kid is just home, tucked up in bed where the little tyke belongs, and the rest of us adults can enjoy our evening without the babysitting."


“Shit! Michael, why the hell did you do that? His father is a total homophobic prick and you just sent him back there without any warning? Fuck, fuck, fuck.” I yell and try to reach across Ted to get to the now cowering Michael.


All hell breaks loose at that point. Ted and Emmett as well as some other bar patrons are trying to hold me back while I’m trying to get to Michael to strangle him. Michael, who by the way still has my jacket, is trying to climb over the back of the booth where we’d been sitting to escape from me. Before long though, Bruce, one the trainers from the gym I go to, comes over and grabs me in a half nelson hold and effectively puts all my struggles to an end.  When I agree not to try to kill Michael anymore, Bruce finally releases me and Ted gets my jacket back from the cowering coward. I give him a look that should, if this were a just world, shrivel his gonads into raisins, before turning and jogging out to the car.


Looks like I’m going to have to confront Craig. Again.


“You can’t just hold me here like a fucking prisoner, Dad!” I hear Justin yelling from inside before I’ve even reached the front door of the Taylor house.


I don’t bother to knock - I doubt they could hear it over all the noise going on inside. Besides, I don’t really think I’d be invited in anyway. Luckily, in the confusion of dragging their captive son into the house, it appears that the Taylors forgot to lock the door, so I just walk in. I follow the general uproar towards the back of the house until I find Justin with his parents, all standing in the kitchen, yelling at each other at the tops of their lungs.


“I’ll skip over the fact that you lied to us about where you were, but what exactly did you think you were doing going to a place like that. You’re only 17, Justin. What the hell were you doing at a bar, let alone a gay bar?” Craig yells, his face turning that ugly purplish red he gets when he’s angry.


“He was with me,” I pipe up, announcing myself as I come into the kitchen and move straight over to where Justin has been cornered between the sink and the kitchen bar. “Sorry to have to introduce myself to you under such circumstances, but I’m Brian Kinney. I’m the one who invited Justin to come to the bar to hang out with myself and my friends. So, if you’re angry at anyone, it should be me, not Justin.”


“Brian. You don’t have to do this. I can handle this,” Justin says, trying to protect me I would assume, although it’s far too late for that, I note, as Craig’s face turns an even darker shade of purple.


“I’m not going to abandon you to deal with this all by yourself, Sunshine,” I tell him calmly, reaching out to lace my fingers through his to show my support. “It was my fucking friend, Mikey, who ratted you out so I’ll stay and help you sort out the repercussions.”


“Get your god damned hands off my son you fucking pervert,” Craig says with predictable vehemence.


“I can’t do that, Craig. You see, I love your son and I’m not going anywhere so you’re going to have to get used to seeing me,” I say as calmly as I can, not bothering to look at the raging breeder, but keeping my eyes on Justin instead, gleaning strength from his sparking, angry blue eyes.


Of course, if I had been looking in the right direction, I probably would have seen Craig’s fist before it hit me square on the jaw. He really does pack a fucking wallop, too. His one punch knocks me back into the kitchen counter where I hit my head as I fall.


I see Justin’s face turn even paler as he looks down at me right before I pass out and I hear him call my name, “Brian!” Then, it all goes dark.


‘Fuck,’ I think as I feel my consciousness slip away. “I was really enjoying this time, too.’




Justin is asleep next to me in the bed. This time around I didn’t feel quite as desperate to reassert myself into his life as I did last time so we didn’t really need to repeat the sex marathon, but, well . . . that part worked just fine and I didn’t really think it was necessary to mess with something that was actually working. So I kept Justin with me again today when the alarm went off and we woke up back where we always start. He’s a little worn out - not that I’m not, but I need this time to think more than I need to sleep. And while Justin snores, I’m sitting here trying to take stock of all my past lives and figure out exactly what I need to do to fix this.


From the lives I can remember - shit, what if there’s more that I can’t remember that have been even worse, but I can’t worry about that now - there seems to be one recurring theme: Craig Taylor. In almost every situation, except those where I just went crazy all on my own, Craig Taylor was the element that defeated me. I can’t even keep track of how many times he’s beat me up or run me off the road or done something else to derail my life. So, I need to deal with Craig.


Killing Craig didn’t really work, obviously. So what are my other options? I’ve tried to avoid him and that really didn’t work either - eventually I always have to deal with the little shit no matter what. I briefly contemplate kidnapping Justin and leaving here never to return. Somehow, though, I don’t think my strong-willed and independent boy will go for being hidden away from the world for as long as it would take to get Craig off our backs.  


So that leaves confronting him. But that’s never really worked either. At least not when I was trying to ‘shove my lifestyle’ (as he calls it) down his homophobic throat. He’s never really been the kind of reasonable guy I could try to talk to, though - not that I’ve actually tried. Fuck knows that talking about crap isn’t usually my forte. Well, except for at my job. When I’m selling a campaign pitch I’m fucking unstoppable.


Should I even TRY to talk to the fucker? I have little or no hope of getting anywhere with that tactic, but . . . well, I can’t think of anything else to try. So I just have to come up with the perfect campaign to ‘sell’ homosexuality to Craig Taylor. Yeah, right. I’m fucked. But even just making the decision to try kind of takes a weight off my shoulders and I’m finally able to relax and catch a few zzz’s with my Sunshine.


I’m still so pissed off at Michael that I can’t even think about seeing him. It was bad enough that I had to talk to him briefly this morning to tell him NOT to bother coming to pick me up. I know he doesn’t have a clue why I’m angry at him - in fact, I’m angry at him for something THIS Michael hasn’t even done yet. But that doesn’t mean I want to see him either. So I decide that we need to just skip going to the Diner for a while. Instead, when we’re all fucked out this time, I take Justin out to dinner at a nice Asian Fusion cafe I know that’s downtown but far enough away from Mikey’s usual haunts that we’re not likely to see him.


"So, Sunshine, talk to me about your dad," I ask once our food has been served. "Tell me everything about him."


"Why?" a very confused and totally cute blond asks as he slurps up an extra long vermicelli noodle, splashing hoi sin sauce on his nose in the process and almost distracting me from the conversation.


"Because, I think that if this is going to work I'm going to have to introduce myself to your parents and I need to do everything I can to win them over. Which means I need information. That's how I always close deals with my clients at work. I make sure I know everything I can about them. Then I can tailor my campaign accordingly. If you have the right info, Sunshine, you can sell anything."


"Okay," he easily agrees and we spend the next half hour discussing my nemesis, Craig Taylor.


Things I didn't know about Craig Taylor:


1) He's not from the east coast. He actually grew up in a small town in Idaho. He came to the east coast because he got a scholarship to Dartmouth and didn't move to the Pitts until after he met Jennifer. From the way Justin explains it, he was desperate to escape the boredom of small town life and his small-town-minded family. It also means he's smart which gives me some hope.


2) He grew up in the Mormon Church - which explains a whole fucking lot about his attitude towards gays. The Mormons still, to this day, are even more closed minded about homosexuality than even my mother's beloved Catholic Church. According to old Joe Smith and his church, the ONLY reason to have sex is to make babies. And since there's no possibility of that for me and Justin, it's an automatic sin. At least they're not rabid about it, though - basically, being gay isn't really any worse than committing adultery for them. Hopefully, that's a point I can use with Craig.


3) Craig had to defy his family in order to marry Jennifer. This might be the most important factor of all. According to Justin, Craig's strict Mormon family disowned him when he went and married someone who wouldn't join their church. There was no way, though, that Jennifer, tough independent and smart like she is, was going to subject herself to the stricter tenets of the LDS faith. In the end, it wasn't much of a hardship for Craig though, because Jenn comes from old money and they took care of setting Craig up in business, not to mention buying the couple their first home. Craig's family never spoke to him again.


Based on this info, by the time we've finished dinner, Justin and I have a plan for how to win over Craig Taylor. We hope. But first, I'm keeping him with me for one more night because our plan is going to take a while and it's going to require a little deception that's likely to keep Justin out of my reach for a while - he's going to have to pretend to be a good, dutiful son.


I escort my blond back to the loft and let him lounge on the couch for a bit while I pull out my treadmill and run for about twenty minutes. Working out always gets my brain going and I spend the time reviewing and tweaking our plan. I'm still not sure I can do this. But it's better than the alternative of trying to kill Craig again. I guess. Eventually all those natural endorphins from my run flood out the doubts I have and I start to think that maybe I can talk Craig into accepting me and Justin.


As soon as I've worked off the yakisoba noodles I had for dinner, I jump off the treadmill and start to put it away, intending to head for the shower. Sunshine beats me to it, somehow, and by the time I get there, he's already standing under the streaming water. I'm mesmerized by the sight of rivulets of water running down over his flawless porcelain skin, streaming down his back and dripping into the crack of his perfect plump ass. Oh yeah, I remember, that's why I'm doing all this.


I quickly join him, grabbing the soap and letting my fingers run over the planes of his silky soft yet firm skin. I soap his shoulders and back, trailing my fingers slowly down his lightly muscled torso. He twists slightly so he can look over his shoulder at me and I can feel the play of those muscles under my finger tips. I let the bar of soap slide lower, gliding over each pale round globe and then guiding it back up his deep welcoming crack, just brushing against that sweet little hole with one finger as I pass it by, eliciting a happy little moan from my shower companion. I can't believe I'm hard again after our earlier exploits last night and all day today, but I simply can't ever get enough of this beautiful man.


I have to pull him close into me, loving the feel of every inch of his wet bare skin pressed against me. My cock is rubbing slickly against the small of his back, engendering little flashes of electricity each time he moves. I am amazed at how erotic just holding him like this is to me, but the effects on my dick don't lie.


I take a breath to calm myself and take the opportunity to soap along his chest, caressing each hard erect nipple as I pass it by, and then down over the taut lean stomach till I reach the treasure of his already hardening cock nestled in the patch of downy pubes. Justin leans back languidly against me as I tend to him, the increased pressure against my groin encouraging me to grab his nice thick cock and stroke it till it's standing to attention in front of him. I look down over his shoulder and get an eyeful of that proud jutting member and I want to simply devour it and its owner.


I have to taste him. I spin Justin around fast and shove him against the shower wall, dropping to my knees on the hard tile without even thinking. I take a tiny lick at the head of his dick at first, tasting the residue of soap but also the salty sweetness of his skin. His skin is hot under the sheen of cooler water and the sensations of both on my tongue cause a ripple of anticipation to rush to my own throbbing dick.


That little taste isn't nearly sufficient, though. I eagerly reach out to cup his heavy balls with my hand, lifting them up and at the same time exposing the underside of his cock to my ministrations. I lick up the length of his hot hard rod, exploring the texture of the skin and running my tongue along the pulsing veins I find there. Then I take it all in and suck hard, reveling in the cascade of mewling happy noises that fall from the boy standing above me. It's still not enough, though. I need to be inside him. I need to feel all of him surrounding me.


"You up for one more?" I whisper in his seashell ear as I gently push at his hips until he turns back to face into the glass shower surround.


Justin's hungry hips shove back into me right away. He's more than up for this - my hot little blond is insatiable. I use the soap to lather up his crack again and slip a slick finger into his sweet little pucker. He's panting and wiggling his ass at me, doing his best to encourage me. I add another finger and then another as Justin thrusts eagerly back onto my hand, fucking himself with wanton abandon. His hands are gripped over the top of the shower wall, holding him in place, but his lower body is writhing against me, almost with a separate will.


I pull out my fingers, ignoring his groan at the sense of loss, because I know what he needs more. Quickly slipping on a condom, I ardently thrust into his hot tight depths, loving the wild moans that Justin simply can't hold back. I can't believe we're both so eager for this again, but we are. I'm driving into him, again and again. He's so tight and hot even after everything I put him through last night, and I'm in fucking heaven for this endless moment in time where all that exists is the two of us joined together with each focused solely on the other.


I reach around his svelte body, wrapping my arms around him to pull him tighter to me, feeling like I'll never get close enough. He abandons himself to me completely, my arms the only things holding him up as his head lolls back on my shoulder and his arms snake up behind us both to wrap around my neck. With one hand I'm pinching and twisting at one of his hard little nipples while my other hand is drawn to his engorged cock. I'm stroking him in time with my thrusting.


I don't know why it takes me by surprise, but it does. One minute I'm rutting away and the next I feel that electric jolt zapping through my body from one nerve ending to the next, causing my body to convulse as I feel my cum shooting out to fill the condom. The electric spark must also jump to the body of the writhing blond in my arms, because his form convulses a minute after mine, and his thick hot cum squirts through my fingers, his dick twitching and jumping in my hand as I try to hold us both erect through the powerful orgasms.


This is why I'm doing everything, I remind myself. This euphoric feeling that I've only ever felt with one particular, beautiful man. The reason why I'm still here and still trying.


Chapter End Notes:


Sorry to all my readers who prefer to kill Craig rather than talk to him. It was the only way these next few chapters were going to work, though. However, I am open to reader input. So, tell me what you want - should this talking with Craig thing actually work or do you have other ideas how I can resolve poor Brian's dilemma. Let me hear from you, or else, it might end up that Craig and Brian become *gasp* friends. He he he.  TAG



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