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Was it just me or did there seem to be a real lack of smut in the last few chapters of this story? I'm so sorry.  I made sure to include a little in here for your reading pleasure. But, don't get too happy over the little shower scene - more angst is on it's way.  Sorry, again.  You can't say you haven't been warned, though. TAG


Chapter 8 - Craig’s Version of Crazy Day.  


Previously: "Okay. I guess you have yourself a new roommate, Mr. Kinney," Justin says giving me one of his full out sunshine smiles - the one I can never resist.


I can’t believe that I did it. I think I’ve managed to work this the right way this time around. I’m going to get my Sunshine back. This time, I’m going to do it right.  


"Good.” I say, my happiness almost as transparent as Justin’s. “Now, I'm going to take a handful of pain relievers to dull the fucking hangover that's making my brain feel like it's being mined by an army of small evil dwarves with large pickaxes. Then we’re going to go celebrate our new living arrangements in the shower, where you can show me your undying appreciation by sucking me off. And, finally, we'll go get some breakfast then head over to your house to pick up your stuff. Does that sound like a good plan to you, Sunshine?"


"Yeee Haw!" is the enthusiastic response I get from the boy, who is already shucking his clothing as he heads towards the bathroom, eager to get to step two of the plan.


It's almost enough to get rid of the hangover, even without the pain killers! And, who said I wasn't flexible? I'm perfectly willing to rearrange things so we can start with the shower and the sucking and move the hangover cure to second. 'Yeee Haw' indeed, I think, and I follow the boy's lead, dribbling off my own pants as I head into the bathroom where I can already hear the water running.   


He's already standing under the water, his back to me and rivulets of liquid dancing down his back and sides. The tiny misgivings - 'what the hell am I thinking' and 'why am I doing this again' - evaporate immediately as soon as I see that gorgeous, taut, flawless, ivory skin and that tempting luscious butt. God, whatever troubles it causes me in the future, knowing that I have that perfect little ass all to myself from here on out is totally worth it. It takes only that one brief glimpse of that sweet little ass to cause all the blood in my brain to relocate to my dick. I'm as hard as a fucking steel rod in under 30 seconds. Oh the things you can do to me Sunshine.  


"Hey, beautiful. I think you missed a spot," I tease, taking the soap out of his hand and working to soap up his crack really well. "Let me get that for you."


As soon as I have a good lather going, I gleefully use it to pop a finger in that oh-so-tight little hole, causing the kid to jump a bit before he settles back, moaning and wriggling his greedy ass down further on my finger. With my other hand I'm stroking in circles on his chest and abs, pinching the supple skin every so often when I feel the urge. And my mouth is busy at the same time, nibbling down the side of his sensitive neck, trying to hit each nerve ending that I know will give him the most pleasure.  


The stream of happy noises he's making egg me on. I add another finger, fucking him with my hand the way he loves - or will love - I'm still iffy on the whole time frame thing, but know that he's not gonna hate it any time soon either way. Justin is probably the most energetic lover I've ever had - he's already writhing and gasping and thrusting his ass back at me, trying to feel every sensation at once and, if it didn't make me so fucking horny, I'd probably laugh at his antics. But, luckily for the boy's ego, I'm so eager myself that I don't have time to fully savor the humor of the situation.  


Grabbing a condom from my stash in the soap dish, and completely abandoning the sucking plan, I decide to go for the full deal instead. I'm not wasting any time getting it on, even doing it one handed while I continue to finger the sweet blond boy ass I love so much.  


"Brian, I need you. Now, Brian. Please," my boy is pleading with me.


Before I pull out my fingers though, I twist them around and stroke across his sweet spot several times until the boy lets out a gratifyingly loud groan. He's so ecstatic by that time that, when I do pull out and replace my fingers with my aching dick, Justin hardy notices.  


I feel so at home as I slide into that tight embrace. Justin is always so amazingly tight. It feels so right, like we just fit so well. I can finally get out from all that tension - Justin is here with me, finally, and we're both okay - I've got him back. This is truly a celebration. I abandon myself to the joy of the moment and pump into that lusty ass, finally content that this is right again.


It takes no time at all for both of us to climax. I feel my release at the same time I finally acknowledge that I've got my Sunshine back. Justin is only moments behind me. We both collapse against the glass shower wall and enjoy the bliss, neither of us eager to separate.


"Not that I'm complaining or anything, Brian, but wasn't I going to get to suck you off to show you my never-ending appreciation?" Justin asks as he pushes away from the wall, resting his head against my shoulder.  


"No problem, Sunshine. I didn't mean to steal your thunder. I just couldn't resist the sight of your hot little ass all wet and ready for me in the shower. You know how bad I am. Just give me about five more minutes of your time and attentions and I'll be ready for the sucking phase of our plan."


Twenty minutes later, thanks in large part to Justin's talented tongue, we're done in the shower and heading out the door for some breakfast. I figure it's time to introduce this version of Justin to Debbie, so we head to the Diner. Saturday mornings are typically slow, since most of the usual patrons are, like me, still recovering from Friday evening's overindugences. But that's good for us since we get our choice of booths, Debbie's full attention and no interference from the rest of my friends.


I know that my news is going to go over like a lead balloon with some of them - namely, Michael - so my plan is to let Deb do the honors of spreading the news and dealing with the boys' initial reactions before I even have to see them. Brilliant, right? As long as Deb cooperates, it should be fine.


"Morning, Brian. To what do we owe the pleasure of your company on this very early - too fucking early for the likes of you, I might add - Saturday morning?" Deb's greeting proves she's in the exact mood I'd been hoping for. "And who is this adorable fucking ray of sunshine you've brought with you?"


"Good morning, Deb. This is Justin. Justin, meet Debbie - the closest thing to a mother that I'll ever publicly acknowledge." That gets a smile out of the old girl right away - the Kinney charm rarely fails. "Deb, we need two coffees, as quickly as you can, before my fucking head explodes. You're right about it being too fucking early. But I had to get up and feed my twink here before he started getting grumpy. You know how it is - grumpy twinks give lousy head, and we wouldn't want that now would we?"


"Ha!" Debbie's usual guffaw echos through the room, her laughter making Justin's blush an even darker shade of red. "Two coffees coming up immediately, your Hungoverness!"


When Deb brings our plates several minutes later, she yells at Kiki that she's taking a break and slides into the other side of the booth, waiting with what, for Debbie, is an incredible amount of patience for me to start with the expected explanations. I know it's futile to resist so I sigh and start in directly. After all, if I'm going to do this right this time, I figure I better start off with full disclosure. I don't want anyone to have any mistaken ideas this time around.


"So, Deb. You better get used to seeing Sunshine here around the Diner a lot - he's going to be moving in with me." There, I did it - and remarkably, the earth didn't crack open and swallow me whole, although from the look on Deb's face that probably would have surprised her less.  


"Brian, honey. Are you feeling okay? You're not still tweaked from last night are you? I coulda sworn I just heard you say this kid's moving in with you?" a concerned Debbie asks for clarification.


"I'm not stoned and you heard right, Deb. I sorta, inadvertently, outed the kid yesterday - his dad thought he was gonna catch his son coming home after playing hooky from school and instead caught him playing tonsil hockey with me in the Jeep," I start to explain. "Daddy dearest told him to fly straight from here on out or get the hell out of the house. No way I'm gonna let Justin go back there and deal with that shit. So I asked him to move in with me."


Predictably, Deb spends the rest of her break trying to talk both Justin and me out of such an 'insane' idea. Justin's the one who finally gets her to shut it, surprisingly enough.


"Thanks for your concern and all, Debbie," Justin asserts. "But Brian and I are going to do whatever the fuck we want, with or without your approval. I don't mean to be rude, exactly, but I don't really think it's any of your business. You ready to go, Brian?"


Have I mentioned before how much I adore this boy? He's got one huge set of titanium balls on him. There's not much to add after a statement like that, is there? I just grin at Deb's 'deer in the headlights' gaze and slide out of the booth after Justin without saying anything more. I peck Deb goodbye on the cheek, leave enough money on the table to cover the bill and follow my gutsy little blond out the door, chuckling under my breath as I go.  


As soon as we're outside, I spin Justin around, circle his waist with my arms and kiss him hard.


"What's that for?" Justin asks as soon as he gets his tongue back.


"It's because you're so fucking amazing. In the last three days you've come out on your own, lost your cherry, confronted your parents and dealt with their disapproval and now, to top it all off, you just told off Debbie Novotny, Liberty Avenue's self appointed mother hen. You don't realize how ballsy that is, Sunshine. I'm so fucking impressed. You have no idea."


Justin merely shrugs. "I didn't like how she acted like she could tell you what to do, Brian. I know you said she was like a mother to you, but I still didn't like the disrespect she was showing you," Justin states, matter of factly.  


Like I said - he's amazing. "Let's go get your stuff, Sunshine."


When we arrive at the Taylor abode, unfortunately, both Craig and Jennifer are waiting for us. Neither appear very happy to see me walking in with their son. So much for getting off on the right foot with the inlaws.


"What the fuck are you doing here!" Craig hissed at me as Justin and I walk into the Taylor kitchen hand in hand. "I thought I told you to stay the hell away from Justin?


"Yeah, and I told you I didn't give a crap what you wanted as far as Justin was concerned, so back the fuck away from me, Craig," I respond, then turn towards the usually more level headed of the Taylor parents, extending my hand to Jennifer.  "Sorry about that. I'm Brian Kinney, Mrs. Taylor."


"Ummm, uh Mr. Kinney," Jennifer stammers, clearly not prepared for the 'pervert' corrupting her son to actually be human or to seek to introduce himself to her. "I have to agree with my husband and ask what ARE you doing here?"


"He's here because I want him here," Justin answers. "You said that if I wasn't able to give up my 'disgusting lifestyle' I shouldn't bother to come home, huh Dad? Well, I've decided you're right - I won't be coming home again. Brian has offered to let me stay with him. I just came to get my clothes and stuff and then me and my queer lifestyle will be out of your life forever, Dad."


"Justin, please, you don't mean that," Jennifer begs, trying to intervene between him and Craig. "We don't want you to leave, Justin. Your dad and I were just a little shocked by everything yesterday. You've got to understand it's a lot to take in. Craig, please, tell him that you weren't serious about all that last night. Craig?"


"The fuck I wasn't, Jenn," Craig spits back. "If you leave here with this goddamned pervert, Justin, you're not coming back, ever. Do you understand? I will not have MY son traipsing around with some fudge-packing fruit twice his age. If you know what's good for you, young man, you'll get back up to your room and I'll come deal with you after I've gotten rid of this trash."


"Craig, think about what you're doing - what you're saying," Jennifer is still trying to salvage the mess, but it looks to me like she's fighting a losing battle.


"No, Jenn, I'm serious about this. We've been too lenient with the boy for too fucking long and look where it's gotten us. Justin is never going to learn unless we make it clear to him where we stand."


"Yeah, Craig, those bruises on his face show just how 'lenient' you've been," I can't help but add. "And it's pretty clear that you stand right alongside the rest of the homophobic pricks that despise your son just because he's gay. You should run for 'father of the year', Craig."


"Nobody asked you for your input," Craig screeches back at me, his face a dark purple with rage and the veins in his temples throbbing visibly.  


Craig grabs hold of Justin's arm at this point and tries to tow him away from me. Jenn is wailing at Craig to stop. I'm trying to insinuate myself between Justin and his dad who looks to me like he’s about to start slugging if he doesn't get his way soon. The poor kid is just confused as hell, clearly not enjoying being the center of a three way tug of war. Suddenly the boy's patience snaps.  


"Everybody just SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Justin yells as he pulls out of his father's grasp, turning to face down all of us. "I'm not going to stay in this house, Dad. Apparently your idea of love involves making me into something I'm not and can never be, so you've left me little choice. Sorry, Mom, but I won't stay as long as dad feels this way. And, Brian, stop poking the beast - I know you like watching his face turn purple but I'm sure my mom would rather not have him dropping from a heart attack in the kitchen. Let's just go and I'll come back for my shit later."


That's my strong, brave Sunshine - his fearlessness makes me smile in spite of the heated situation. As we exit, I quickly hand Jennifer one of my business cards so she'll have a way to contact Justin. Then we're out of there and headed back to the loft in the Jeep.  


Justin is prattling on about his asinine father. I don't really know what to add - I'm hardly one to talk about how to deal with unaccepting fathers. Instead, I'm already thinking ahead to getting him some clothes and shit to tide him over till we can get his stuff. I start to plug my headset into my phone, thinking I'll hire Emmett as a personal shopper to get it done with the least amount of hassle - to me at least - when the stop light we were at changes to green. I shift into first and start to pull into the intersection.  


That's when a silver compact races up from behind me and rams into the rear of the Jeep. I had just taken off my seatbelt to lean down and grab the headset, so there's nothing to stop my head from hitting the steering wheel, hard. I manage not to lose consciousness, though. I look over and see that Justin wasn't so lucky, he's slumped against the passenger side door. When I look in the rearview mirror, I see that the car which hit us has backed up and is coming at us again. As it nears, I can see the driver's face.


Fucking Craig Taylor.




Here we go again. I really thought I was getting it right that time, too. Shit. Why did Craig have to go and ruin everything?


I think I need to maybe go about this more methodically. I should make a list of what works and what doesn't, I decide, as I sit in my office at Ryder's after getting Justin off to school - this time without the day of playing hooky - which I guess I need to add to the list of 'doesn't work'.  


Too bad, though, because I really enjoyed that version of the day. I didn't enjoy the vision of Justin collapsed, bleeding in the passenger seat of the Jeep, that I now carried around with me. Craig Taylor really needs to pay for that. Hurting me, beating me up, smashing my car - all these I can handle, but not hurting Justin, too.


So, how do I take Craig out of the picture without losing Justin over it?


I understand that Justin's relationship with his Dad is a lot different than with me and Jack - He doesn't actually hate his father. He has some good memories of his father. Craig's downfall didn't happen until after he found out Justin was gay. Which, in every case so far, is my fault.  


So, in order to keep Craig from losing it and hurting Justin, it logically follows that I either have to keep Craig from finding out that Justin is gay - yeah, that's not gonna happen - or take Craig out of the picture before he finds out.  


In a weirdly logical way, it makes perfect sense. Without Craig's involvement Justin wouldn't have been thrown out of his home, Jenn wouldn't have had to deal with all those financial problems, Justin would never have had to deal with the Sap to try to get money for school, we would never have had all those stupid arguments about money and his tuition and, best of all, I'd never have to worry about that fucker, Craig, again.  


So it's perfectly logical - I just have to kill Craig Taylor. Without Justin knowing I did it, of course.


Only I've never thought about actually killing someone before and I truly don't know where to start. Obviously me ending up in jail isn't going to get me anywhere - if the whole point is to get Justin back and fix this mess, then jail time would be highly counterproductive. So how do you kill someone and get away with it?


I'm a classic movie buff, so my mind instantly drifts off to all those Agatha Christie scenarios of the 'perfect crime'. What did I learn from all those hours of movie watching: Make it look like an accident? Stab him with a dagger made of ice? Make the butler do it? Shoot him from the fucking grassy knoll? Shit, killing someone and not getting caught is a lot tougher than it sounds.


Then a cartoon light bulb dangling over my head suddenly goes on - I vaguely remember Justin saying that he got a lot of his allergies from his dad, including all his allergies to different medications. Did that include an allergy to something as simple as Tylenol? I think, maybe, I have a plan.




I'm pretty sure the butler won't be doing it this time - he he he! And, of course, killing Craig would seem perfectly logical to someone who had very recently been questioning his own sanity. Right? Sorry, Brian. This is likely to blow up in your face even more than you might think. Hope you all enjoy in the meantime - especially some of my more bloodthirsty readers who get off on violently ending Craig's life. You know who you are!  TAG.



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