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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm sorry this took so long to post - two weeks between posting chapters has to be the longest I've gone since I started writing here. Unfortunately, I seem to have written myself into the proverbial corner and I'm having trouble getting myself out. That's what I get for abandoning my carefully thought out story outline and tearing off at random following other plot lines. Never fear, though - I think I've found the perfect way to get back on track here. Thanks to all my readers for your helpful suggestions on how to redeem this story. Keep your eyes open and you just might see a few of your suggestions incorporated in the coming chapters. *wink, wink*. So, read on, and I'll try to get the next chapter up quicker now that I finally have an idea on how to finish this story. Enjoy! TAG.


Chapter 16 - Operation Convince Craig - The Justin Variation.


"Tell me, Sunshine," I ask, half jokingly, after Justin and I emerge from our early morning shower fuck, "how do you feel about kidnapping with maybe a little light bondage?"


"Huh?" he asks with that adorably quizzical look on his bright, open face.


"If I were to just keep you here indefinitely, not letting you go back to the burbs, would that really be all that horrible? Tying you up - the whole bondage thing - that's completely negotiable. As long as you stayed voluntarily that wouldn't be necessary. . . " I start to explain, the end of my sentence tapering off into a mere mumble as I contemplate the possible consequences of that course of action.


"Um, Brian, you're kinda freaking me out with the kidnapping shit," he responds as he towels himself off, affording me a lovely view of his naked bubble butt and those yards and yards of supple soft ivory skin.


"Just ignore me, Sunshine. It wouldn't work anyway. You'd have to stay hidden for months and way too many people saw us together last night both on Liberty Avenue and at the hospital. Those dyke friends of Lindsey's would give me up in a heartbeat. They'd be sure to pin it on me right off and I don't want any more close encounters with the police."


"Still a little freaked over here," Justin comments as he playfully flicks the end of his towel at me.


I catch the towel and use it to reel in my blond. "Hush, Twink. I'm thinking here," I say, grappling him to me, flipping him onto his back and pinning him under me so I can attack his delicious bitable lips, which effectively shuts up any further complaints about possible freaky kidnappings.


Sticking with what's worked best so far, I easily talk the horny twink into skipping school for what's now becoming my standard post-reset sex marathon. Hell, if it ain't broke don't fix it, right? I make sure to warn off Mikey so we're not interrupted - I'm still mad at him - and then spend the whole day sucking and fucking my heart out with the incredible insatiable Twinkie. This part of the multiple lives thing I like!


The boy naps later that afternoon, half sprawled across my chest with his blond mop tucked under my chin, and I rethink my plan while I subconsciously play with Justin's sleek golden hair. My last life wasn't really all that bad. It was actually going pretty well until I goofed up at that stupid dinner party - fucking domestic shit always screws me. What do I know about dinner parties? I was raised by a brutal child abuser and a drunken sot, so I didn't get a lot of practice at dinner party etiquette as a kid.


But, until I stupidly gave away my interest in Justin before we had a chance to get Craig fully comfortable with the general gay thing, it was actually not bad. Craig even seemed okay with the idea of me being gay. It was only when he thought I was interested in Justin that he freaked. I wonder if it was Justin being gay or Justin being gay with ME that really caused the outburst.


I mean, I know he wasn't thrilled that his son was gay, but if I hadn't been around that first time, maybe Justin's coming out would have gone at least a little smoother? Jenn once told me that that was what worried her the most when Justin first came out - not that he was gay, but that he was involved with someone who was so much older than he was. Was that Craig's real beef? Maybe if Craig got adjusted to the idea of having a gay son, without the bonus images of his baby boy being fucked up the ass regularly by a known reprobate like myself, he might not have gone completely homophobe on Justin.


So, maybe we have to somehow ease Craig through Justin's coming out first. Once he's accustomed to the idea of his son being gay, then, maybe, we could introduce me as Justin's boyfriend. The biggest drawback of this idea being that it'll mean a lot longer that Justin and I will have to hide our relationship. But, I've got all the time in world - literally - so, I guess it’s worth a try. I've got nothing to lose except another life and those seem to be interchangeable. I think, maybe, with just a few small changes, our last plan might still be workable.


So, after Justin and I are both totally fucked out, I again take him to dinner at a nice restaurant - avoiding the Diner and family entanglements for the time being. Then I broach the subject of Justin coming out to his folks so that, eventually, we could be together openly. Last time he seemed more excited by this prospect, but that's probably because we'd planned to come out as a couple. This time he'd be on his own, at least for a while. He's understandably not that excited by the idea.


I can't blame him. Who the fuck wants to come out to their parents - unless your parent is Debbie Novotny, that is. Fuck, I didn't get around to it till I was 30. Who am I to tell Justin to take that step when he's only 17? That's why I don't push, but just put the idea out there for now.


In the meantime I go ahead and offer him the internship job at Ryder. That part of the plan worked out pretty well last go 'round, so I want to stick with it again this time. Plus, I love having that little extra assurance that I'll get my regular dose of Sunshine. Justin, of course, jumps at the offer.


The next few weeks go by smoothly. Justin's working at Ryder's a couple days a week and spending most of his weekends with me engaged in a series of 'special projects' that often require him to put in those long, hard hours deep into the night with me. It's such a pleasure to have him working, hard, under me.


I've even slowly worked it so Justin's becoming an accepted part of my Liberty Avenue crowd, without any negative repercussions yet. That first Sunday morning I took him and introduced him to Debbie, who predictably adopted him as one of her boys at first sight. I made sure that we went to the Diner early that time, though, which meant that the rest of the gang were all still home sleeping off the prior night's excesses and couldn't hassle us.


Next, I had my blond and a couple of the other Ryder employees join me at Woody's for drinks after work one night. Having Justin simply 'show up' at the bar along with a bunch of others, especially after I explained that the young artist was now working for me, was easier for Michael's wee brain to handle than a direct declaration of my intentions. Michael didn't even comment when, by the end of the evening, the rest of the employees had disappeared and Justin and I were wrapped around each other playing tonsil hockey at a secluded table.


After about the third or fourth time that Justin had just happened to show up at Babylon or Woody's or the Diner with me, Mikey finally confronted me about why I was always with 'that Twink' these days. I swallowed the snarky comment I wanted to throw at him and instead said simply, "I like him, Mikey. He's sorta sweet." Short and to the point - it shut Michael up immediately. He sat there the rest of the night with a confused look on his face but didn't say anything.


That Sunday I brought Justin with me to Deb's for family dinner. By now everyone had met Justin and had seen the two of us together a few times so it wasn't a shock to see the two of us entering together. And, although I got a little ribbing in private from first Lindsey and then Emmett about the 'Stud' finally settling down, nobody said anything derogatory about me to Justin or called him a 'trick'. No one tried to warn him off, concerned that I would inevitably hurt him. Michael just looked at the two of us with that slightly confused expression, but didn't comment. In fact, the whole meal went strangely well. I guess patience and taking things slower are the key - neither of which are really my forte, but I'm learning.


Justin still wasn't ready to come out to his folks, though. I knew he was thinking about it from things he'd said and the way he looked at me sometimes. Once, when we were hanging out at Woody's with the gang, the guys got into a discussion about how they'd all come out and I caught Justin looking at me with this intense stare as if he were trying to see into my hidden thoughts. I wondered if I should try and talk to him about it or if he'd think I was pushing if I did. In the end I said nothing - I just didn't think the boy was ready.


The matter was eventually decided for us though, thanks to the universal nosiness of mothers everywhere. Jennifer had gone through Justin's backpack one day while he was getting ready for school and found several questionable items that brought her suspicions about her son to a head. She confronted him on the issue that afternoon when the two of them were on their way to do some shopping at Nike Town.


"She knows, Brian. My mother knows," Justin shouted as soon as he let himself into my loft later that night. "She went through my stuff, damn it."


"Slow down, Sunshine," I say as I pull him close to me, unsuccessfully trying to comfort him with my touch. He quickly breaks free and resumes his pacing around the floor, though. "Tell me what happened. What exactly did she say."


"She asked me if I had a boyfriend. I didn't know what to say. And then she asked me, 'then who's Brian?' When I asked how she knew, she said she'd found clothing that wasn't mine and then she looked through my sketchbook and saw my drawings and . . . well, I'd written your name in there too," he explains, blushing prettily at the end when he obviously doesn't want to disclose why my name was written in his sketch pad - oh, Sunshine, you are a silly, sentimental little twat, aren't you? "Now what the fuck do we do?"


"There's no need to freak out, Justin. This may be a good thing. So, your mom knows you're gay. She didn't threaten to kick your ass or throw you out, right? She might be a little weirded out at first, but if you give her time, she'll adjust," I advise him, knowing full well that Jennifer won't be a problem in the long run. "Once she's okay with the idea, maybe she'll help you explain to Craig. Just, do yourself a favor and don't bring me up yet, okay? Let them get used to the idea first and then we'll see about telling them exactly who your mystery 'Brian' is."


I hate not being able to just come right out and tell his parents how much I love Justin. I hate putting him in a position where he has to be less than honest about who he is and what our connection is. I REALLY hate not being there to support him while he has to do all this alone. But I realize that I can't coddle him - he'll be a stronger man if he learns that he can do this on his own. And I can't protect him from everything. If I do butt in right now, it's likely to make things worse. So I just have to sit in the shadows and wait and see what happens.


All I can do is hold him, tell him everything is going to be alright and that I'll be waiting for him no matter what. I hope I'm not lying about that part where 'everything's going to be alright'. Come on Craig, I think to myself, don't make me into a liar. I then make sweet love to my blond for the next couple hours before, regretfully, sending him back home to the lion's den accompanied only by a handful of printouts off the internet about how to come out to your parents.* I can't even drive him all the way there for fear that we'll be seen. He knows to call, though, if there are any problems and I trust he's strong enough to handle this. He's always been stronger than me in that respect.


The brave little fucker handles everything magnificently, of course. I didn't really need to worry, I guess. Justin goes home and talks with Jennifer and the two of them agree to break the news to Craig together that weekend. He's a fucking nervous wreck the rest of the week, but when Friday night comes and they sit Craig down after a nice home cooked suburbia meal, Justin simply tells him right out that he's gay and asks that his father support him.


Justin calls me immediately afterward and gives me the play-by-play description of what happened. Craig follows the textbook psych 101 response pattern: shock, denial, and then guilt. This was all to be expected according to the research we'd done. But then he stalls at the point where he says 'he's not ready to deal with this right now'.


*Colorado State University - How To Come Out To Your Parents.


However, this outcome is a far sight better than I had expected, considering his unpredictable and violent outbreaks during earlier times. We know that we'll have to be patient (again with the fucking patience), give him time to adjust to the idea and hopefully he'll eventually accept it. I just hope that he'll get to that acceptance stage sooner rather than later. There's no fucking way I can wait the several months to couple years the literature says it might take. But, on the good side, Craig hasn't threatened to throw Justin out or send him to military school. Best of all, he hasn't hit anyone yet, especially me.


We wait another six weeks after that without Craig making any appreciable progress on the tolerance scale. According to Justin, his father hardly speaks to him anymore. In the meantime we've introduced Jenn to Debbie - after making Deb promise NOT to say anything yet about me - and Jenn's been fully indoctrinated into PFLAG, taken to the GLC for some innocuous community events and introduced to the Liberty Diner. She's already becoming acclimated to the Liberty Avenue scene and seems as supportive as ever of Justin. Jenn is a great mother.


I'm getting tired of waiting on Craig, though. I can tell how hard this is on my blond. He's dwelling on the problem - he constantly seems upset and worried. His father, unlike mine, has always been there for him in the past. They might not have been that close in recent years, but Justin's never had to deal with this type of distance and indifference from someone he loves. I don't like seeing Justin hurt. I don't care who or what's causing him to feel bad. I'm not going to let Craig get away with this much longer, even if he is Justin's father.


Right now Justin could really use his dad's support, too. School is hell for him at the moment. Unfortunately, Justin was a little too enthusiastic about things right after coming out to his folks and decided to be out and proud at school as well. So, even though he hasn't taken any outings to the equipment shed with horney football players needing handjobs this time around, he's still getting harassed. Fucking bullies never change.


In fact, it seems almost worse this time than in my previous incarnations. I'm not sure why, but Hobbs and his crew have definitely stepped up their hate filled antics. I'm starting to think that handjob may have actually tempered Hobbs' hatred before - maybe that connection, even though he later denied that he liked it, was enough to keep him from pursuing Justin quite so vehemently. This time around, I've actually seen bruises on Justin's back and chest more than once in the past few weeks.


I've offered to step in and scare the shit out of the little fuckers more than once, but Justin won't let me. It's too bad since I've got a couple of buddies from the gym who are absolutely built and who would love to beat the shit out of a few pampered, private school closet cases. Trust me, once these guys were through, none of the jocks at that school would ever even think about bothering my boy. But, Justin keeps telling me its 'no big deal' and that he can 'take care of it'. I fucking hope he's right. I still think that the school should be controlling the situation better and that Craig should be stepping up to support his son. Fucking Craig.


Justin's birthday is coming up in a couple weeks, though, and I want this shit with Craig resolved by then, one way or another. I've screwed up too many of Justin's birthdays in the past, and I owe him at least one happy one. I'd like to throw him a party or take him out or something. I don't want the problems he's having with his dad hanging over us and putting a damper on the fun. So, I figure that Craig's time to mull things over has pretty much come to an end. Time to move on with the plan.


So, I put in motion all the plans I took last time around that seemed to work. First, I set up a party for the interns at work and I get Justin to bring his parents. At the party I manage to win over both Craig and Jennifer - again. Then, I wrangle Craig into taking me to a Dartmouth alumni meeting and take him out for a steak dinner beforehand. It’s easier this time, since I already know how to steer the conversation and we again end up drinking together at the bar, blowing off the alums altogether. And, once again, Jennifer thinks to thank me with dinner at their home. So far, so good.


This time, though, I tell Justin not to advise the ‘rents that I’m gay ahead of time. I figure that we’d best try at least one more neutral encounter, allowing me to cement my ‘friend’ status with the adults, before they learn my secret. I also tell Justin to please keep his distance from me during the dinner since I know I won’t be able to keep my hands off him if he gets so near me again this time.


It turns out that I didn’t have to warn Justin off though. Since he didn’t tell Jennifer that I was gay before the dinner, she went ahead and invited a ‘date’ for me - her single girl friend, Rose. Arrrrrgh. The whole evening is more tedious than I can even bear to describe. Rose, who turned out to be a 35 year old obstetrician who’s never been married and whose biological clock demanding that she start making babies is ticking away so loudly she can’t think straight, might have been a nice enough person but she was the absolute worst choice of a dinner companion for a gay man you could possibly imagine.


The whole evening, Rose is hanging on me, touching my arm when she talks, simpering in my direction and laughing at everything I say regardless of whether I’m joking or not, smiling at me with that ingratiatingly false smile, flirting and batting her eyes and otherwise just annoying the fuck out of me. I’m not sure how successful I’m being at keeping the utter disgust from showing on my face. But, by the time we’re seated on the couch having after dinner drinks, I feel like I will break Rose’s arm if she touches me just one more time.  Justin is meanwhile sitting across the room from me trying desperately to stop himself from laughing - often unsuccessfully - and completely enjoying my horrible predicament. I’m going to have to punish him severely when I finally get him alone.  


When the evening ends, I think I’ve accomplished my goal in getting Craig to accept me as a ‘friend’, despite the distraction of fighting off Rose’s attentions all night. Then Jennifer, the conniving little busybody, asks me right as I’m getting ready to leave, if I wouldn’t mind driving Rose home. It seems that she came over tonight with Jennifer and, of course, she shouldn’t have to take a cab home when there’s a convenient single man in the house. Fuck! So much for my plan to sneak Justin out and get him to come back to the loft with me tonight. Fucking blind dates from hell!


Fine. I’ll take the baby-crazy bitch home, but after we leave here I don’t have to be nice to her anymore, do I? I surreptitiously text Justin that I’ll be back to pick him up after I lose the old bag and then graciously escort Rose out the door and down to my Jeep. She immediately insinuates her arm through mine as we go down the walk and I just want to scream ‘ICK, ICK, ICK, GET OFF ME, BITCH’ and then run away. I don’t though, since it would defeat the purpose of trying to get Jenn and Craig to like me. However, I may have to pour a bottle of bleach over my arm and hands and burn these clothes afterwards just to get rid of the ickiness streaming off her and all over me. I’m never EVER doing this again, though. I don’t give a crap what the ‘plan’ calls for.


Rose babbles the entire time I’m driving her home and I don’t even pretend to be listening. I’m already planning in my mind exactly what I’m going to do to Justin tonight. He’ll rue the day he laughed at me, the little twat. I think I’ll get out that stainless steel cock ring I’ve been saving for a special occasion and show him just how long I can torture him without letting him cum. Oh, the delectable things I can do to him - I’ll start with a good, long rimming while I stroke his cock so very slowly that he’s screaming for me to speed up. Then . . . .


“Would you like to come in for a drink, Brian?” Rose says as we pull up to her house, interrupting my lovely fantasies of blond boy ass on my face - is murder too drastic a response in this situation?


“Rose,” I start, turning in my seat to look at her directly. “You’ve been a lovely dinner companion this evening (I’m totally lying!), but I need to tell you right up front, that I’m not interested. I’m sorry. I had no idea that Jennifer was going to try to set us up or I would have said something earlier. See, I’m gay.”


YES! It feels sooooooo good to finally say that to her. Her face sort of freezes for about sixty seconds and I’m worried that she’s about to cry or shout at me or something. Then, all of a sudden, she breaks out laughing uproariously. In fact, she’s laughing so hard that a couple tears start to leak out of the corners of her eyes. I’m at a complete loss here. I have no idea what she’s laughing about and I’m actually getting a little annoyed at being laughed at. It’s been a very, very long night and I’m not really in the mood to be laughed at when I’ve been trying to be pleasant and charming and not to kick her to the ground all night. I think she must finally sense that I’m getting peeved though because the laughter tapers off to intermittent giggles soon after I start to really scowl at her.


“I’m sorry, Brian. It’s just that I’m so relieved that you told me that. I was really worried that I was doing something horribly wrong all night when you weren’t responding to me at all. God, I’m so sorry that Jenn tried to set us up. You should have said something earlier, though,” she finally manages to sputter between giggles.


“I would have said something, but I didn’t want to embarrass you,” I explain.


“Well, thank you anyway for a nice time. You really are incredibly charming, you know. You sure you’re not interested?” Rose tries one more time, but this time with a smile on her face.


“Sorry. No. No fucking way in hell, actually. But thank you for the compliment,” I tell her, my tongue in my cheek and a smile on my face to take the sting out of my words since she’s being so understanding about this.


Rose gets out, still chuckling, and I drive like a fucking maniac back towards Justin's house, parking behind 'our' tree a few blocks away. I so need to sink into his creamy white ass and block out all the images from the rest of this distasteful night. If he doesn't hurry, I might have to claw all my skin off to get rid of that icky feeling from where Rose kept touching me.


"Ur ass, here. NOW! Need 2 fuck u rt away!" I text Justin as soon as I'm parked, watching the little blinking dots on the digital clock on my dashboard which indicate the passing of each second until he gets here.


Thankfully, the little shit comes running up to the Jeep before I've even counted two hundred blinking dots. He must have been waiting for me nearby, since he's not even breathing hard. The asshole is still chuckling though and as soon as our eyes meet he breaks out into a huge, uninhibited peal of laughter. I'd be really pissed at him if he weren't so beautiful when he's like this. He's fucking glowing with happiness and glee right now. If I weren't already practically drooling to get into his ass, seeing him like this would have done the trick.


I can't even speak. I'm so tied up feeling a combination of annoyance, anger, lust and love (yes, I'm thinking 'love' and I don't give a shit who knows it). I do manage to push open the door, pull Justin into the Jeep so that he's straddling my lap and immediately claim his sweet full lips to shut him up. It works perfectly. No more laughing, just panting, moaning, and the occasional breathy 'Brian'.


This is a desperate situation, so I already know we're not going to make it home before I fuck this gorgeous, giggling morsel. To hell with being prudent - I need to be inside his ass now. I therefore waste no time pulling the fly of his 501's open and sliding his jeans down just far enough that I have access to his hot little hole. My good little boy is being very compliant and helps out by scrunching his knees up so that I have a nice straight shot, too. I practically tear open my own slacks and slide a condom on one-handed while my other hand stays tangled in his luscious soft hair, pulling his face closer so I can kiss him even deeper. When I can’t take it any longer I pull the lever that lets the seat recline all the way and pull Justin down on top of me as the seat falls back.


"Mmmmmm. Yes, Brian," my boy moans, his lips pressed against mine as I start to finger his tight entrance. "Hurry. I need you, Brian. Every time she touched you I felt so jealous. It made me so fucking horny. I wanted to be touching you all night. That's enough, already. Please, just fuck me, now."


Have I ever said how much I adore it when Justin gets all needy and demanding. Oh, yeah! He's already grabbing ahold of my dick and lifting his ass slightly so that he can impale himself. He doesn't go slowly either. With one rapid thrust he slams his body down onto me so far and so hard that my balls slap loudly against his ass. The groan he lets out then is the most erotic sound I think I've ever heard.


After that he's just riding me wantonly, rocking and swiveling his slim hips exotically, driving me fucking crazy with lust at every twist. He's so amazingly beautiful. I love watching him. I love the feeling of his tight, hot ass muscles hugging my dick as he rides me. I love the uninhibited noises that pour out of his lips between each passionate kiss. I love him, damn it. Fuck, I wish this could go on forever.


We're both way too far gone though for this to last very long. Every nerve fiber in my body is tingling already and I can feel that pulling need deep in my gut that makes me want to engulf all of Justin whole. I arch my back to thrust upward into him as hard and far as I can and then I hear his cry of ‘Brian’ as his muscles begin to contract and spasm. The sound of his cry and the constriction along the length of my cock pull me over the edge with him and I revel in the release as the fire from the pit of my stomach lights my nerves on fire and the feelings of love and desire and need travel from synapse to synapse overwhelming my entire body.


Justin collapses onto my chest, heedless of the pools of cum now being smeared all over his shirt. We’re both a mess, but I couldn’t care less either. I hold him close for the moment, not ready to pull out, not ready to give up a centimeter of this closeness. I’m still amazed at how in tune we always are. How did he know exactly what I needed tonight? He always knows, though. That’s why I have to make this work, somehow, finally so that this - this feeling, this moment, this sense of completeness - will never have to end.


When I finally notice that his skin is starting to feel cool, I shift him off me into the passenger seat and pull my seat back up to its normal position. I quickly start the car so the heater will kick in and warm us up. I start to pull out from behind the trees and negotiate around the dumpster behind the convenience store next to our little trysting spot. We’re both still grinning like fucking jack-o-lanterns at our crazy antics. I pull my body across to the other side of the car so I can kiss those grinning lips one more time - how can I help it - just as the interior of the Jeep is flooded momentarily by bright white light and I’m blinded for a second. Then, the headlights of the car that had just turned into the convenience store parking lot are shut off and I can see again to drive.


I put the Jeep back into drive and start to pull out of the parking area. As I pass the car that interrupted our last kiss, I feel that eerie feeling you get when someone is staring at you. I turn to see a group of teenage boys getting out of a beat up old wreck of a muscle car. There is one tall, sandy-haired, well muscled boy who is leaning back against the side of the car and looking at the Jeep with an intent glare. He’s looking straight at me and our eyes meet for a brief moment, but it’s long enough to scare the shit out of me. The look of hatred I see in his eyes is only slightly tempered by the glint of lust and something else that I can only think of as jealousy.


Fuck! Why is it that no matter what Justin and I do, we can’t ever escape from the hatred of one Chris Hobbs?



Chapter End Notes:


Yes, I know - ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER. Don't hate me, please. I had to put that in there in order to give myself a little hook for where I need to take the story. You'll see. Trust Me! It's harder than you'd think to continually torture poor Brian and still not drive him completely over the edge into permanent insanity. Now, I have to go spend at least an hour studying for my Microbiology midterm and then I'll be back at the computer writing again so I can rescue you all from the cliff. Just hang on till then. Stay alive! I will save you! TAG



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