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Summary: Gale's in pain and worried about the future of his relationship with Randy. RPS sequel to Life is a Cabaret and Go Get Him, Peter Pan. Although this one-shot can be read on its own, you'll probably enjoy it more if you read the other two stories first. Final one-shot in the Cabaret trilogy inspired by the Zarata Events convention in Bilbao, Spain, where Randy and Gale meet again.

Rated: M
Categories: QAF US Characters: Gale, Hal, Michelle, Peter, Randy, Robert, Scott, Thea
Tags: 10k+ Word Count, One-Shot, Oral Sex, RPS (Real Person Slash)
Genres: Humor, Porny, Romance
Pairings: Gale/Randy
Challenges: None
Series: Cabaret
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 12658 Read: 1096 ePub Downloads: 8
Published: Dec 17, 2016 Updated: Dec 17, 2016 ePub eBook
Story Notes:


Banner by the amazing samcdee.

Credit to bibiherz for the incredible video.

Many, many thanks to my three wonderful betas: Brynn_Jones, TAGSIT, and samcdee. As always, they helped improve this story immeasurably.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story for entertainment purposes. I am not claiming that the main characters are in any kind of relationship or that this story is a reflection of their friendship.


1. Chapter 1 by eureka1 [Reviews - 5] half-star (12658 words)

Dedication: Soirsagrey, this one’s for you. Here’s hoping it makes you laugh and speeds your healing and recovery.