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The reason I picked Summer Of Sin for my admin pick is partly because it is so well written and the other reason is that the amazing Tagsit invited readers to come watch her write and maybe join in. I was curious, so I started watching her write. Then she would chat with those of us that had joined in getting ideas and suggestions. At one point she asked me why I didn't write my own stories, I said because I couldn't. She gave me the encouragement to try and now I love writing. Through her I have met some really great people. Enjoy the Summer Of Sin - Lorie

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Brian, who’s in need of money with which to start his own ad agency, takes Ted up on a chance to appear as a contestant in a reality show the ‘Internet Porn King’ is producing on his website. The only catch is that all the participants will be naked for the duration of the competition. Brian Kinney doesn’t think being confined to a house full of naked, horny men for the Summer will be difficult, but is he really ready for the challenges he’ll face in this lustful and raunchy game? What if one of the challenges is a very young and very inexperienced Justin Taylor? Let the games begin!


Rated: M
Categories: QAF US, Admin Pick Characters: Brian Kinney, Justin Taylor, Original Character, Original Male Character, Other Cast Regulars, Ted Schmidt
Tags: 100k+ Word Count, Anal Sex (Lots of it!), Anti-Michael, BDSM, Bottom Brian, Crossdressing, Fetish (Don't judge!), Kink, M/M, Rimming, Toppy Justin
Genres: Alternate Universe, Porny, Romance
Pairings: Brian/Justin, Brian/Justin/Other, Justin/Other
Challenges: None
Series: Sin Series
Chapters: 61 Completed: Yes
Word count: 308742 Read: 152202
ePub Downloads: 63 Published: May 05, 2016 Updated: Feb 15, 2017
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Disclaimer:  All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners.  The original characters and plot are the property of the author.  No money is being made from this work.  No copyright infringement is intended. AKA - they're not mine. I wish they were mine. I'd promise to play with them nicely and feel - I mean, feed - and water them, but Showtime and Cowlip won't let me have them. Boo Hoo!

*****Extra Special Thanks go to Marny - The Banner Goddess - for this magnificent piece of artwork. It's so beautiful! Thanks*****


1. Chapter 1 - House Rules. by Tagsit [Reviews - 6] half-star (1549 words)


It's summertime, and we all want some light-hearted, sexy reading material, right? Well, here it is! There's no real angst, no pain, no horribly difficult situations that our fave characters have to overcome. There's just a whole hell of a lot of SEX! Lots and lots and lots of sex. In fact, except for the occasionally unavoidable incursion of necessary plot, and a bit of humor added in for fun, it's pretty much all sex. Please notice the NC-18 rating! It's not just for show this time, guys. Did I mention all the sex? And, yes, there will definitely be a fair amount of Brian/other and Justin/other in this fic, but don't worry because I could never write a story where Brian and Justin DON'T end up together in the end. You have to trust me. And now, on with the craziness! TAG

2. Chapter 2 - Meet The Boys. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (2014 words)


Time to get the summer off to a sizzling start! Let's begin by introducing you to a few of the hotties that will be keeping our boys company for the next three months - I think you'll like them and their impressive . . . attributes!



3. Chapter 3 - Meet the Boys Part II by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (2058 words)


Brian gets acquainted with a few more of the contestants . . . WELL acquainted, that is! Hehehehe! Enjoy! TAG



4. Chapter 4 - Let The Sunshine In. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (2240 words)


Our last competitor finally makes an appearance. Just what will Brian Kinney think of the sweet little blond Twink that shows up? Hehehe! Enjoy! TAG



5. Chapter 5 - The Welcome Whackoff! by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (2286 words)


Time for the first Challenge - Who will Win the Welcome Whackoff? Maybe someone you didn't expect? Read on and see! TAG



6. Chapter 6 - Getting to Know You. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (2832 words)


Today's Trial - The Master makes sure the boys HAVE to get to know one another really well . . . Enjoy! TAG



7. Chapter 7 - Getting To Know You REALLY Well. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (2851 words)

The boys are still cuffed together and . . . getting to know one another. *Ahem* But, if you're faint of heart or getting tired of all the heat, neverfear, because I added in some actual plot development as well which should cool you off just a tad. Hope you enjoy! TAG

8. Chapter 8 - Kiss And Tell by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (1972 words)


The second day's Challenge - A Kissing Contest judged by our very own celebrity, Mr. Fetch Dixon! Hope you enjoy it as much as Emmett did . . . TAG


*****Chapter dedicated to LibertySun - Thank you SO much for the hot fan art I'm using in this chapter. This is just what I imagine Ted's website to look like! *****



9. Chapter 9 - Queen Brian! by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (2647 words)


The reward for Brian's valiant efforts at the Kissing Contest is that he's appointed Queen For A Day. So, how does Queen Brian spend his time as royalty? How else, by having lots and lots of . . . massages. He he he! Enjoy! TAG



10. Chapter 10 - This Sucks! by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (2297 words)


Time for another Challenge - this one really sucks too! Hehehe! It might surprise you who wins this one. Oh, and then there's another surprise AFTER the Challenge. Although, by the end of the chapter I think you'll all be screaming at me that THIS SUCKS! Go read and enjoy! TAG



11. Chapter 11 - Twinkie Troubles. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (4651 words)

You have all been good little readers - I didn't even get that many angry comments despite leaving you all with a very naughty cliff hanger - so, to reward you, here's your resolution and it's a darn good one, if I do say so myself. Prepare to learn Justin's secret! Enjoy! TAG

12. Chapter 12 - Sexcapades and Strategies by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (3858 words)

Who's ready for the Saturday Sexcapades? Me. Me! ME! Enjoy! TAG


*****Chapter Dedicated to my wonderful friends and online editors, Jazzepoet and Samcdee - They've been online with me almost every night helping me write this and catching all my typos. Without their support this wouldn't be as good. Thanks!*****



13. Chapter 13 - The Topping Twink That Could by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (3655 words)


See Justin! See Justin f**k! See Justin top all the guys he can! Go, Justin, go! Way to go, Justin! Hehehehe! Enjoy! TAG


*****Chapter dedicated to reader Nichelle Wellesly who just couldn’t wait to see little kitten Justin go after the big bulldog*****



14. Chapter 14 - Twisted Twister. by Tagsit [Reviews - 3] (3117 words)

Who wants to play Twisted Twister with me? Nobody? What about if I get my eight hunky naked buddies to play with us? Then you'll play, right? Oh, yeah! Enjoy! TAG

15. Chapter 15 - Sunday in the Sun by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (3162 words)

How much fun CAN you have with eight naked hotties in a pool on a Sunday afternoon? Well, let me tell you, I can think up dozens of ways to have fun with them! Here, for your reading pleasure are just a few. Enjoy!

16. Chapter 16 - Sunday In The Sun Part II by Tagsit [Reviews - 2] (4099 words)

Even more fun in the sun for our boys and for you readers. Who will come out 'On Top' in this competition? You'll have to read on and see! Enjoy! TAG

*****Humor Warning - You're going to want to make sure you're not drinking any hot beverages or eating any food that might spill and damage your computer when you get to the middle of the chapter . . . Don't want anyone laughing so hard they choke or anything. *****

17. Chapter 17 - Masturbation Monday. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (4791 words)

As if Sunday in the Sun wasn't enough fun for you, today you get to read about Masturbation Monday! Yep, I've got all the boys whacking off for your pleasure for the whole day. Plus, to crown off the day, there's the Masturbation Karaoke Challenge. Go! Read! Enjoy! And don't forget to watch the videos that go with the songs. TAG


*****Humor Warning - This is probably another chapter where you wanna make sure not to have any spillable beverages near your computer while you're reading *****



18. Chapter 18 - Tickle Me Twink by Tagsit [Reviews - 2] half-star (3816 words)


Brian's starting to fall into a routine and thinks he's got this Summer of Sin game down pat, but then something happens to stir up trouble. What's going through the normally in-control stud's brain? Could it have anything to do with that too-tempting blond twink? Read on and see! TAG



19. Chapter 19 - Blind Man’s Cock by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (3990 words)


Just how in 'touch' with himself is Brian? You'll have to read on to see. But do any of you really doubt that he's really very kind and sensitive? Hehehe. Enjoy! TAG



20. Chapter 20 - Feel Me. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (4702 words)


More blindfold fun . . . but first, a little plottiness just to move the story along. Hope you enjoy! TAG



21. Chapter 21 - Three’s a Crowd by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (3949 words)


Brian's experiencing a lot of personal challenges that have nothing to do with sex . . . Will he be able to rise to the occasion or will he run and hide. Read on to see! Enjoy! TAG



22. Chapter 22 - Clusterfuck! by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (4010 words)


More of Threesome Thursday for your reading pleasure! Enjoy! TAG


*****Chapter dedicated to Sgt. Fobbs' Campfire Buddies - what better way to get the boys and girls better acquainted at the start of your camping trip than with a rousing game of Clusterfuck!? Shooting people is easy, but are they brave enough to take on THIS challenge?*****



23. Chapter 23 - Soaring. by Tagsit [Reviews - 2] (6141 words)


So . . . Um, yeah . . . Fetish Friday. What else can I say about this chapter other than that I wrote most of it in bed last night and got just a tad carried away . . . guess you can tell from the 6k word length that I was . . . enjoying myself as I wrote . . . *ahem* . . . yeah . . . Hope you have as much fun reading as I did while writing. Enjoy! TAG



24. Chapter 24 - Fetishes, Faith and Fear. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (2498 words)


As Fetish Friday continues, there's considerable fallout. Boy, is this story starting to heat up, or is it just me? Enjoy! TAG



25. Chapter 25 - Friends or Enemies. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (3205 words)

The aftermath of Fetish Friday . . . Enjoy! TAG

26. Chapter 26 - Wages of Sin. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (4570 words)


The aftermath of Fetish Friday and the start of a new Sexcapades Saturday - lots of stuff going on here, but it's mostly all just plot. Sorry about the decided lack of sex in this chapter. I'll try to make the next one even sexier to make up for it. I just hate it when there's too much plot, but what can an author do? Enjoy! TAG



27. Chapter 27 - Bitch Slapping. by Tagsit [Reviews - 2] (5156 words)

Our Summer of Sin continues with more of the Saturday Sexcapades. Unfortunately, the randomly chosen couple this time is really NOT to Brian's liking. Of course, our Stud makes the best of a bad situation - as always when it comes to f**king. Enjoy! TAG


**** Chapter dedicated to Alnwick - Thanks for inspiring the final scene of this chapter and for coining Brian's new nickname, 'The Sex Whisperer'*****



28. Chapter 28 - Slip Sliding Away. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (3593 words)

I'm getting worried that Brian's going soft. He's actually enjoying foreplay now? What IS this world coming to? Well . . . you'll just have to read and see. Hope you enjoy! TAG


*****Extreme Humor Warning - Before you begin reading this chapter, make sure no food or beverages are going to spill on your computer when you start laughing *****



29. Chapter 29 - The Novotny Factor. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (4727 words)


Oh, my! Look at all that annoying plot! I'm so sorry, but these things do happen when you're trying to move along a story line. Oh well. Read. Enjoy! Don't get too mad at me. TAG



30. Chapter 30 - Everything Is Fine by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (4151 words)


Time for Brian to learn a little life lesson about exactly how 'relationships' work. I'm sorry, but this might be a bit painful for our favorite Stud. He's got to learn sometime though. I just hope he's not taken out by the angry Cupcake before he learns his lessons. Enjoy! TAG



31. Chapter 31 - Go Figger! by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (5664 words)


The Sunday in the Sun goes on . . . and on . . . and on . . . I guess I'm just having too much fun thinking up all these challenge games. Hope you enjoy! TAG



32. Chapter 32 - How To Argue 101. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (4954 words)


Who wants Brian and Justin to continue to argue and act like a**es? Anybody? No? Well, fine, then. I guess I'll let them make up. But, in the process they'll have to learn some relationship basics - How To Argue 101. Enjoy! TAG



33. Chapter 33 - Moving On. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (5589 words)


Let's get this Summer moving! Brian and Justin have made up but they still need to get through the whole tedious make up sex part - you don't mind reading about the sex parts do you?  I didn't think so. Well, and then they have to move on  . . . Enjoy! TAG



34. Chapter 34 - Blow The Man Down. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (6819 words)

Ready for another exciting chapter? This one has action, smut, humor and tons of plot development - there's something for everyone! Plus, you get to meet the newest House Boy - The MAGNIFICENT Mr. Pokey! Enjoy! TAG


*****Humor warning - put down all liquids before reading or you might spill them on your computer and regret it*****



35. Chapter 35 - Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (6387 words)


I'm sorta desperate to finish this story by the end of the summer so I've skipped ahead a few days . . . don't think it's going to help much though since I got a little distracted by the content and didn't get much plot development done. . .  Oh well. I hope you like it anyway! TAG


*****PWP Warning - Three-way sex and Double Penetration - please don't read if this might offend you.*****



36. Chapter 36 - Hear Me. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (5639 words)


Brian Kinney, 'Protector of Twinks and All-around Nice Guy'! That has a really nice ring to it, don't you think? Better than 'A**hole', at least! Enjoy! TAG



37. Chapter 37 - Real Life Invasion. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (5781 words)


Get ready for an action filled chapter - There's so much plot here you might go blind from reading it all. Unfortunately, though, even in the idyllic setting of the Summer of Sin, some reality does leak through. Enjoy! TAG



38. Chapter 38 - Dealing With The Doldrums. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (5064 words)

Did Kerek finally decide that dealing with Daniel was too much and give up? Did Dane kick the crap out of Daniel for daring to attack his sweetie, Kerek, and get tossed out for breaking the rules? Will Brian cave to the Muncher's demands and drop out of the competiton? Who will be the next House Boy to fall? Are you ready to find out? Do you dare read on? Have I strung you along long enough? Hehehehe. Enjoy! TAG

39. Chapter 39 - The Quarrelsome Cupcake. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (4285 words)

Oh my! Action and Smut combined to create a perfect storm of a chapter. And a big splashy ending, to boot. What more can you ask for, gentle readers? Enjoy! TAG


*****Warning - Non-Consensual Sexual Experience - This is very brief and limited to fingering only but still, if this is a trigger for you, please be aware and skip this chapter.*****

40. Chapter 40 - A Bright Sunshiney Day. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (4656 words)

Well, I've done my best to resolve the Kerek/Daniel/Justin matter . . . for the time being. I know we ALL want Daniel gone, but . . . (Trust me - I have a much more fitting end planned for our bad guy, but you'll have to hold on for a bit longer.) In the meantime, please enjoy another Sunday in the Sun! TAG

41. Chapter 41 - Fireworks. by Tagsit [Reviews - 2] (9089 words)


This chapter has EVERYTHING! Really. It's got plot development out the ying, yang. It's got fun porny parts. It's got gay boys playing with really BIG toys. It's got a little conflict to make it zing and it's all about a fun holiday to boot. What more could you ask for? You WILL enjoy this chapter! TAG

42. Chapter 42 - Sling-capades. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (9208 words)

Did somebody say they wanted to see more of protective!Brian? I'm pretty sure you said that. Hope so, cause that's what you're getting . . . Enjoy! TAG

43. Chapter 43 - Welcome To Fantasy Island. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (8081 words)

It's Fantasy Friday. Be prepared for Just about anything to happen. You just never know . . . Enjoy! TAG


*****Extreme Silliness Warning - this chapter contains discussion of some very frightening kink, so be warned . . . I'm still shuddering at the idea of Pony Play! *Author Runs And Hides*****

44. Chapter 44 - Butt Plug It Up! by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (6592 words)

*****While I've tried to keep this story light-hearted and easy to read, this chapter is, of necessity, a little heavier. There are some unintended repercussions to Kerek leaving that need to be dealt with. The trouble with Daniel is also coming to a head. So, sorry, but there's no way to avoid a little toil and trouble here. Hope you still enjoy the chapter. TAG


*****Warning - References to abusive sex and/or non-consensual sex.*****

45. Chapter 45 - It's All About Trust. by Tagsit [Reviews - 2] (7856 words)

This is a HUGE chapter! Just HUGE. Get ready! That's all I can say . . . Hope you enjoy! TAG

46. Chapter 46 - You're Glowing. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (6830 words)

********Lot's of fall out from the last few chapters - Will Brian be able to deal with Justin's big disclosure or will he run for the hills? What's going to happen about Paal? Do you think Justin can reconcile with his mother now that she's kicked Craig out? What's with the glow-in-the-dark stuff on the table? Read on and see. TAG

47. Chapter 47 - Sexavenger Sunday. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (5003 words)

Ready for a little plottiness? Lots of foreshadowing here. There's bunches of exciting things coming soon but they all need set up first . . . Trust me, you'll like where this is going. In the meantime, please enjoy the Sexavenger Hunt! TAG

48. Chapter 48 - Safety Dance. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (5829 words)

So, remember back at the beginning when I told you there'd be no real angst in this story . . . well, I lied . . . a little bit. There's a smidgen of angst in this chapter, I'm afraid. But its the good kind and I promise it will be wrapped up in really good stuff. So, please don't be too worried. Now, all you fangirls and fanboys get ready to 'Squeeeeeeeeeeeee'.  TAG


*****Warning - Toppy!Justin ahead. Don't read if you don't like cause I'll just delete any negative comments*****

49. Chapter 49 - Couples Craze. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (6066 words)

*******We've got a short break in the action here while Introspective!Brian works through his feelings about the whole 'couple' thing. He needs to get his mind straight about his strange new situation before we can move on. So, read on, hope you enjoy and that I haven't driven Brian too OOC! TAG

50. Chapter 50 - Topsy Turvy. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (8178 words)

Big happenings at the Residence . . . please don't come after me with virtual pitchforks and torches . . . It had to happen . . . TAG


*****Warning - Bottom!Brian . . . 'Nuff said.*****

51. Chapter 51 - All Dicks, All The Time! by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (6812 words)

Well, since summer is officially over here in the Northern Hemisphere, I guess I won't be able to finish the Summer of Sin. Sorry. I tried. But, I guess I'll have to just wait and maybe get back to it next summer. Bye, everyone . . . .


Hah! Just kidding! Don't freak out. I wouldn't do that to you. Hehehehe. TAG

52. Chapter 52 - Honey, You Suck! by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (7603 words)

The Sundae in the Sun continues . . . but while the boys are having fun there are big doings going on. Daniel's really getting out of hand. Something will have to be done . . . Bet Brian will enjoy that! Happy reading. TAG

53. Chapter 53 - Eat Me! by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (6759 words)

Ooooooo - more sex and challenges and plotty goodness! This chapter's so chock full of good stuff you'll probably need smelling salts to revive you after reading it! Enjoy, folks! TAG

54. Chapter 54 - Sex, Drugs and Heartache. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (8986 words)

*****Chapter dedicated to my Online Posse - Jazzepoet, Samcdee, Lorie and Nichelle - These guys stayed with me for the better part of the last 36 hours helping to write this chapter. If it turned out great, it's because of their assistance and support!*****

****Warning - Don't hate me! This had to happen . . .*****


55. Chapter 55 - Discoveries. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (4855 words)

Sorry for this brief interlude of plot development, folks. I did manage to get some porn in there for you, but mostly this is about Brian and Justin working out some key elements in what happened to Mal. Hope you enjoy! TAG

56. Chapter 56 - Poker, What a Drag. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (5997 words)

Everybody ready to scream? You've all been asking for this . . . well, not for a Drag Queen Strip Poker game, but you'll see . . . Enjoy! TAG

57. Chapter 57 - The End. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (5884 words)

What happens now that Daniel's gone and it's only Brian and Justin? With only two weeks left in the Summer of Sin, we're running out of time . . . TAG


***** Warning - Emotional Roller Coaster Ahead - Be prepared for liquid-spewing hilarity at the beginning of the chapter and have tissues ready for the end just in case.*****

58. Chapter 58 - The Beginning. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (7630 words)


Brian and Justin finally have that talk . . . How will they work this 'love thing' after the SOS is over? Read on and see. Enjoy! TAG

59. Chapter 59 - Loose Ends. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (5115 words)

The Summer of Sin is all but over. Just need to gather together all those loose ends . . . Enjoy! TAG

60. Chapter 60 - More Loose Ends. by Tagsit [Reviews - 1] (6377 words)

More loose ends that needed tying up here . . . Brian and Justin are finally confronted by all those family issues they've been avoiding all summer. But they handled it beautifully, of course. Enjoy! TAG

61. Chapter 61 - All Tied Up. by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] half-star (10567 words)

Yes, I'm sorry to say that our Summer of Sin has finally come to an end. A wonderful, erotic, sexy, fun end too . . . It's been a silce of summer fun, my friends. Go. Read. Enjoy! TAG