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Plot Bunny Madness by Vic1

Rated: E • 90 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Round robin

New Plot Bunny Thread - Please post all your exciting plot bunny and story ideas here! Writers, feel free to adopt any bunnies that strike your fancy, just make sure to give the author credit! Happy Writing, all!

What Happens After? by Jinney

Rated: A • 18 Reviews half-star

The end of Season 2 party gets wild. What happens when Gale and Randy are alone?

Waking Up With You by Techgirl

Rated: A • 1 Reviews half-star

The morning after an impromptu party. 

This is a Gale/Randy RPF story. I'm NOT saying they are in a relationship! This is fiction. 

Walking on Sunshine by eureka1

Rated: M • 5 Reviews half-star


Summary: Gale's in pain and worried about the future of his relationship with Randy. RPS sequel to Life is a Cabaret and Go Get Him, Peter Pan. Although this one-shot can be read on its own, you'll probably enjoy it more if you read the other two stories first. Final one-shot in the Cabaret trilogy inspired by the Zarata Events convention in Bilbao, Spain, where Randy and Gale meet again.

The Wedding Satire by LadyJane_BBJFE

Rated: YA • 1 Reviews half-star

Um. This is hard to describe. Pure, unadulterated crack, told in alternating narratives between the author and her alter-ego, a 14-year old clueless bad!fic writer. The narrative also switches from inside BBJFE's head to Jane's cracky interpretation of the QAF!verse, to a behind-the-scenes cracky interpretation of Gale losing his mind and Randy's resignation while CowLip manifests as a fascist monstrosity. Basically, Brian proposes in alternating romantic and cynicism depending on which story you're reading, and CowLip exploits the politics of gay marriage for their own infernal end game.

Movement by Triciaqaf

Rated: M • 24 Reviews half-star

A gapfiller (if you can call RPS that) for ep. 107 – that v. lovely scene where Craig realizes Justin is gay, and we get to watch Brian fuck the shit out of him. It’s just about the smut, really. Or it will be, anyway . . .


Remember How To by lennongirl

Rated: M • 4 Reviews half-star

Try as you might, some things aren't meant to be forgotten.

Constant Craving by lennongirl

Rated: M • 2 Reviews half-star

Gale needs a break. (Timeline: filming of episode 1x15)

Randy's Not As Innocent As He Looks by Triciaqaf

Rated: M • 16 Reviews half-star

"The first time I noticed it was when we were filming episode 110 . . ." 

Wanting by Triciaqaf

Rated: M • 6 Reviews half-star

G/R RPS. Set early S1 – pre-airing of the show

Go Get Him, Peter Pan by eureka1

Rated: M • 5 Reviews half-star


Summary: RPS sequel to Life is a Cabaret. Although this one-shot can be read on its own, you'll probably enjoy it more if you read Life is a Cabaret first. Sequel inspired by Robert Gant's Instagram post of 15 August 2016 and by the Rise ‘n Shine Back to the Roots 2016 convention in Toronto. Gale and Randy are again besieged by adoring fans, but this time even more of their Queer as Folk family are watching their backs...

Life is a Cabaret by eureka1

Rated: M • 12 Reviews half-star



Summary:  RPS inspired by the fake Instagram message, purportedly from Gale, on 20 July 2016. Beleaguered Gale is besieged by fans while trying to reach Randy. Read on to see what transpires.