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Forever in Darkness: A New Enemy by confused_bliss

Rated: M • 14 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Summary: Six months later a new enemy arrives with an evil plan to separate Brian and Justin. Can they survive sacrifices and deception to save their future together?




Forever in Darkness by confused_bliss

Rated: M • 26 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Summary: Brian is a cursed three hundred year old vampire. As the owner of Babylon, he uses that as his stage for seduction and feeding. No man can resist him. Justin Taylor is about to enter his world and slowly change his reality. How will primal Brian respond?



Addiction by confused_bliss

Rated: M • 31 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

 photo addiction.jpg

Summary: Brian is the owner of Babylon and he is a vampire. He has kept his secret and his primal hunger away from his friends’ notice. That is all challenged when he meets a young man that he hungers to taste like no other, the innocent Justin Taylor. The more he resists the more he is called to totally possessing him. Brian soon realizes succumbing to his desire for Justin will lead to an addiction. Can he resist the call to make Justin his for an eternity?


Dante's Cove by confused_bliss

Rated: M • 13 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Summary: Brian is a warlock that has been cursed to an imprisonment in chains by the witch that sought to possess both his love and his powers. After one-hundred plus years of his captivity the circumstances of his release arrive. Once free from the chains that bind him, how far will Brian go to possess the one man that is destined to be with him... one that seems equally determined to resist him?


Bloodlust by confused_bliss

Rated: M • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Summary: Brian has just talked Justin into a visit to the 'wild side'. What will happen when Brian and Justin enter the world of Fangtasia, and more importantly - Eric Northman? Queer as Folk/True Blood crossover.


Beguiled by confused_bliss

Rated: M • 19 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Summary: Brian Kinney is the owner of Babylon, not only in Pittsburgh... but in cities all over the world. He visits and plays in all of them, but frequents none for long. That is all about to change when he visits his Pittsburgh club to find the new dancer that has his club soaring to new heights. Not only is he an international playboy and club owner, but he's also immortal. What happens when the young blond that beguiles him so, is immune to his brand of magic?


Vampires: Being One and Loving One by MissMerlot

Rated: M • 115 Reviews starstarstarstarstar



It’s 2017 and the Pittsburgh covens of Liberty-Pitts, ruled by King Craig and Queen Jennifer with their adopted daughter Lindsay, and Le Mont Washington, ruled by brother and sister, Lord Victor and Lady Deborah and her adopted sons Michael and Christopher, have kept a relatively low profile integrating into society. They source their blood from blood banks and no longer feeding from humans. But now the Taylors and the Grassis want to abdicate, leaving the way for their children to ascend.

One problem, neither Michael nor Lindsay are pure vamps, so would need to rule with another half-blood. The Chief Aldermen have, once more, ruled against them ascending, but now think it's time for the Kings to Rule. Enter Master Lieutenants Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor to train the spoilt children how to be rulers and vampires, without suspecting that it is them that will rule and rule together. However, one refuses to accept that Vampires can love and the other refuses to accept his Vampire side...will true love prevail?


Banner credit goes to Midgardsnake

Ghosts of the Past by Simply written

Rated: M • 17 Reviews starstarstarstarstar



Brian and Justin have come to the agreement that they are not boyfriends but Justin is the man he wants to wake up with more than once.   When Daphne asks Justin to join her in NYC investigating the apartment James Dean lived in, he joined her. There were rumors the place was haunted and they were getting a chance to work with a team that had a TV show. 

Brian thinks it is silly and tries to get Justin to stay and isn’t happy when Justin chooses time with Daphne over a weekend with him and two other guys he lined up.


I hope you enjoy this short story that moves from Pittsburgh to NYC and back again in a handful of chapters.

Devilish Liaision by confused_bliss

Rated: M • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar


During a business trip in LA, Brian takes a walk on the wild side when he encounters the Devil. What happens when they meet? 


Under the Veil of Darkness by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: A • 8 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Brian’s lost in a downward spiral since Justin’s bashing left him in a coma. But they share a love that refuses to die. Now they just need to find their way back to one another.

Blank Page by Kurenohikari88

Rated: E • 120 Reviews half-star



It's been a year, a year full of pain and sorrow. A year in which nothing meant anything for Brian. After losing Justin at the bombing in Babylon everything was white and black.


However... what will happen if one day suddenly everything changed? What if he had never really met Justin? Then why does he remember everything they had gone through while the rest of the gang doesn't even know who Justin is?

Goodbye My Lover by SLHR

Rated: A • 7 Reviews half-star

The morning after Justin leaves for New York. One-shot. Give it a shot.


Rated: M • 90 Reviews half-star

Rage in Comic form...

Holy Dickens by SLHR

Rated: A • 16 Reviews half-star

It's a Christmas Carol. I'm sure it's been done tons of times, but I wanted to give it a go. Hope you like it. 

Time and Time Again by Tagsit

Rated: A • Feature 86 Reviews half-star

Did you ever wish you could go back in time and change just one thing you’d done - just one - thinking that you could change your whole life for the better? Well, Brian Kinney did. He was sure that all his problems stemmed from that first time he broke his first rule about sex - never let a trick stay the whole night. If he had never let Justin Taylor insinuate himself into his life, he would still be the top Stud of Liberty Avenue, free from the heartache and headaches of a relationship, with his friendships and family intact. At least that was what Brian was thinking the night after Justin left him and went to live with the stepford fags, Michael & Ben. But, every action has some direct or indirect consequence and Brian may not necessarily like the results that he gets when he wishes he could go back in time and change his life. This story begins after Episode 5.07 but flashes back to episode 1.02 & 1.03.

Switch by charming1, SLHR

Rated: M • 123 Reviews half-star

Before Justin and Brian met, they both wanted something else: Justin wanted to be older and Brian wanted to be younger. They both get their wish, sort of. Brian wakes up in Justin's body and Justin wakes up in Brian's body.

This story was adopted by charming1. Original plot and Chapter 1 by SLHR.

My Night With A Merman by FreeSpirit15

Rated: YA • 7 Reviews half-star

My Life Banner.jpg

After Brian scores a major contract with an up and coming movie studio, he celebrates at the biggest gay club in Los Angeles. He ends up taking the celebration to the beach where a blonde swimming in the ocean catches his attention. The same can be said of the blonde who will reveal to Brian that merman and mermaids are not just in the movies. What will happen when they come face to face in the water...

Shifting by Julesmonster

Rated: A • 29 Reviews half-star

Brian finds Justin under a streetlamp, but something about the kid is special: he's a shifter, just like Brian.

Forever Young by addict_writer

Rated: M • 47 Reviews half-star


In this AU, vampire Justin meets human Brian. Justin's past follows him to the city, where he decides to make his home for a while. Can these two men learn to accept and trust each other? What kind of obstacles will they have to overcome to be together?

Seeing is Believing by NoChaser

Rated: YA • 5 Reviews half-star

AU: In a (not quite) parallel reality far, far away...

A little paranormal help for the boys over the holidays.

(Written and gifted to lego-4ever at LJ for the 2013 qafgiftxchange!)


This should have been posted before Christmas, but I was distracted by real life angst and lingering election depression. ::Sigh:: 

Justin's Christmas Carol by Wren

Rated: A • 4 Reviews half-star

Justin has dreams of Christmas

Christmas Fairies by Wren

Rated: M • 5 Reviews half-star

Brian gets a Christmas Wish

Miracle on Tremont St. by Wren

Rated: M • 5 Reviews starstarstar

A Christmas story about what can happen if you believe.

A Lad 'an his Wonderful Lamp by Britin4ever71

Rated: YA • 17 Reviews half-star



As you might have guessed it's my fractured fairy tale take on Aladdin QAF style. I'm keeping to the original version and not the Disney version although aspects may trickle through.

Out of the Shadows by Soul1essharpy

Rated: M • 3 Reviews half-star

Jack has the misfortune of being sent to 'Hell' by a man wielding an artifact that has come through the Rift. However, Ianto and the team manage to save the day, and Jack, but all is not well upon his return and secrets abound. Is honesty truly always the best policy?