May 29, 2016

An Aussie.  Old enough to know better.  Got into QAF when S1 first aired here (2001).  Was hooked from the "unless you're Brian Kinney" moment.

The show has been one of the joys of my life ever since.

As someone who's always had gay friends and has lived through the days when gay dances were at risk of being raided by the police, has patched up my friends when they've been victims of gay bashings and lived through the early days of AIDS (which took way too many of those friends including my best friend, my soul brother, whose name ironically was Michael) the show struck chords with me on many levels.  But mainly because I know how much they would have loved it.  My lovely Michael and I would have argued endlessly over the show and the characters but he and all those others who died too soon would have loved to have seen this show which so bravely portrayed a range of gay characters, on network TV.  I've always tried to appreciate it a little more on their behalf.

I've been lucky enough to see both Gale Harold and Randy Harrison on stage and to have met a number of the cast.  I think they're an amazingly talented group. 

But I will say here what will be plain to anyone who's ever read just about anything I've ever written ...

I do not like Mikey. 

I have written diatribes on why I dislike him so much, but the short version is that I think he's totally self-absorbed and that his relationship with Brian is a toxic, not to say abusive, one.  (And I don't mean, as so many seem to think, that sweet little Mikey is Brian's victim, quite the contrary.)

If you are a  Mikey fan you will almost certainly not like the way I portray him and the way I interpret his canon actions.

I will place anti-Mikey warnings on my fics, and you should take them seriously.


I started writing back in 2002, and have been doing so more or less constantly ever since.  My stories are posted on my live journal, and on the Moonshadow Tribe website.

And I will gradually be posting them here.

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Stories by Wren

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champagne and candles


Post S3 Justin gives himself a birthday present.


Experiment by Wren

Rated: M • Feature 53 Reviews star

I thought this story was very different from anything I'd read before. Very well written and could have easily been in the show. -SunshineSally

This was written immediately after S3 ended. It's canon friendly and deals with the aftermath of Stockwell's defeat and Brian's financial situation.

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'Twas The Month Before Christmas by Wren

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Post S5 in an AU where there is no JR (just purely because it simplified the plot).  Something has happened in Toronto and Brian gets a phone call that sends him into action.


Miracle on Tremont St. by Wren

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A Christmas story about what can happen if you believe.