Name: Maxsmom (Signed) · Date: Feb 09, 2022 4:32 am · Chapter: Cats, Ramping Up and Playing Doctors and Nurses
You do realize sphinx cats are hairless and thus hypo-allergenic? Thus Michael would have no reaction.

Author's Response:

Yes I do, however, Custard and Rhubarb will be in the store as the story progresses. 

Thanks and happy reading.


Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Jan 11, 2022 3:52 pm · Chapter: He Keeps Trying and Cruising to Their New Lives


Mikey, Mikey... greed lost him his best friend and his family. That must be a lonely feeling... but he deserved EVERYTHING that befell him.

Lindsay and Nancy got their comeuppance. Way go to, Ronald.

Very good story!


Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Jan 10, 2022 10:11 pm · Chapter: Lessons in Timing and in Drag

Boy, oh boy... Michael really has himself in a mess. Unfortunately, the "Michael in drag" photo isn't there any longer ;(

I can hardly wait to  see how it all comes out. Michael thinks it's bad now, wait until he realizes he doesn't get Brian!


Name: cullengirl08 (Signed) · Date: Oct 24, 2021 8:24 am · Chapter: He Keeps Trying and Cruising to Their New Lives
This was a great story!! Its too bad that Michael never learned his lesson. He truly lost out on not only having Brian as a friend, but lost on having his family as well.

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Jul 28, 2021 12:18 pm · Chapter: Hero Worship and Spitting Feathers

Well, Michael equates to having the devil for a friend. Pure evil. And I'm sure we haven't seen the last of his flat ass. He doesn't believe Brian is finished with him. I wonder when he hears Brian and Justin are getting MARRIED, if that will sink into the gray matter that is his brain. I'm just worried what he might do to get Brian's attention.

Gus needs to practice certain constanants, but his five fice fuck pie, sure did have a nice ring to it... and cou;dn't have come at a better time.

And speaking of rings, Brian asking Justin verged on Ridiculously Romantic.



Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Jul 28, 2021 11:20 am · Chapter: A Promise is a Promise...Remember That

HIP, HIP, HURRAY! This chapter deserved having some popcorn. It was a good movie!

The fact that Vic reaffirmed he didn't want him at wedding... was awesome... Brian saying he was DONE... was icing with a cherry on top.

Poor Mikey shed tears. Knowing all he lost, they were probably real, too.

With as sore as Michael was in the nuts, if he got a little turned on in the car with Ray... that should have hurt!

I love Grady and Grace. Good names.



Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Jul 28, 2021 10:38 am · Chapter: It's The End

Oooh, Michael. You are FINISHED. You will be lucky if anyone on the Pitts talks to you, other than saying, 'SHUT THE HEL UP!"

Iloe Cynthia sitting on Brian and Ted puttting his hand over Brian's mouth. He would have blown it if she screeched befpre they got the info.

I really don't think Michael has a prayer of Brian ever forgiving him. He should have hopped on the plane too.

I like that David bought Grady's sister.



Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Jul 28, 2021 10:22 am · Chapter: Still Partying and Someone Puts a Knot in It

Aah, it sounds like Unca Mikey is still sore. I feel so bad for him - NOT. And rude too, isn't he?

Well, Gus' birthday bash sounds like it went over good and all the kiddies had fun. What a huge overnight party!

Poor Mother Taylor - I doubt she was expecting Emmett's answer.

The Golden Girls had fun with story telling,



Name: Frosty70 (Signed) · Date: Jul 24, 2021 8:48 am · Chapter: Thwarting the Stupid...Lindsay
It’s amazing Lindsey isn’t covered with bruises falling down in fake hysterics.

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Jun 13, 2021 11:38 am · Chapter: Let's Party...Part 2

Oh Criiminy sakes! I decided I was up to a little more reading today, and just read this! Then I had to compose myself before leaving the review, as I was laughing so hard! That was pure classic!!! And it was written so well, the whole visual was possible!



Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: May 13, 2021 2:04 pm · Chapter: Happy Birthday Gus! Happy Birthday Randolph! Let's Party...Part 1

Well, SOMEDAY I WILL finish this story! I think I read about ten chapters while I was in the hospital, so I wanted to leave a little update on it.

Can I say I LOL and loved it when Ethan took of with Ray's money? (But I'm curious about his repercussions!) And now Michael and Ray want to try and make everybody believe they are going to be a couple? Maybe Ray can recoup some lost money fom Michael - if he has any!

How funny his store now belongs to Justin!

I like old man Raymond and George making a go of it. Cute.

Michael in his best "Fuck me outfit" - and looks like an accountant was the highlight! And I'm excited for the interior designer and his pooch to connect with David.



Name: coleamber (Signed) · Date: Mar 14, 2021 9:58 pm · Chapter: He Keeps Trying and Cruising to Their New Lives

did read it again


Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Sep 03, 2020 1:18 pm · Chapter: Homecoming

Oh my! This is Classic! Now the three of them can talk their ways out of this mess!

Nancy's so vain! Just like Lindsay - MONEY and CLOUT!!!! Nancy should have taken heed when Lynette said something seemed off with this engagement. She wouldn't been in faint-mode then. Ah, too bad, so sad... Lindsay's engaged to a gay man!

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Sep 02, 2020 4:45 pm · Chapter: Sadness, Meeting and Battle Lines are Drawn

Is it wrong of me to hope Ray does something so he forfeits his six million?

Well, Lindsay always did want a rich gay man... no wonder she wants her claws in Ray. But, if Ray doesn't lose the money, one of the troublesome twosome, are going to get wealthy... and that just won't do...

I'm surprised Michael is still allergic to the Sphynx cats... that's usually one they aren't... they're ugly little devils though. So, he must have it bad... oh, so sad! LOL.

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Sep 02, 2020 11:31 am · Chapter: Dumb Gets Dumber, Memories and Reading the Riot Act

Well, that's about the stupidest and funniest thing to happen in a long while... It just definitely goes to show how delusional Mikey really is... if he thinks Brian is going to get jealous that he's getting married... yeah, not happening! I can already hear Brian, "Good riddance. I hope you're happy in hell!"

Besides, nobody would care enough to even turn up!!!! Haha!

And just HOW could Lindsay think she has any claim on Ruby? That's so asinine! Put aside the fact she gave up Gus, who was her actual child, there is no third parent adoption in place, so Ruby is solely Brian and Mel's. Lindsay couldn't do diddly squat! It could be fun watching her try though!

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Sep 01, 2020 9:16 pm · Chapter: Sam's Back in Town and Ray Fails to Follow Through and Read

Alrighty... I'm a tad bit confused... How is it that Ethan Gold feels he can't live with six miliion dollars? I really do hope there's this thing called Karma where he's concerned. It would be funny if Porsche is somehow not really his. I almost thought he had another guy hiding in the bathroom while he was playing naked. Weirdo!

Sam's arrival doesn't seem to be what Lindsay was hoping for. I really hope Sam tells her just where to go and how fast to get there! And if he doesn't give her anymore money, that car rental really ate up what he did send her.

Good story!

HUGS  ~Cathy

Author's Response:

Hello my sweet, of course there is a thing called karma for Ethan and when it comes, it comes...ahem...hard! And indeed Sam's arrival is not at all what Lindsay hopes for, she is in for one heck of a shock. Or should that be shocks?

Happy reading

Hughs - Nicole 

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Sep 01, 2020 9:13 am · Chapter: Listen You Might Not Learn But You Must Listen

Ooooh... this just got interesting! Mikey's not only lost the man he wanted... but now it will be his store! And both (more or less) to JUSTIN!!!

Now, do we need to worry about the Wicked With of the West? Somehow though, I don't see Sam agreeing with her plans. I don't understand why he sent her money though. That has me confused.

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Aug 31, 2020 11:24 pm · Chapter: Dinner

Well, it looks like both Lindsay and Michael just made fools of themselves. So sad. And stupid Michael: I know I went about it wrong... actually thinking Brian wanted a relationship with HIM! Mr. Delusional.

It's too bad Lindsay missed out on the toe-curling kiss...

I think Michael may know he's been whipped (although I think he suffers from short-term memory loss) but I have a feeling Lindsay is just getting started. Look out, Pittsburgh! Like I said: You can't keep a bad dog gone!

I've also been meaning to mention, I love when a young Gus is a prominent character, and you have really written him so sweet.

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Aug 31, 2020 7:47 pm · Chapter: Gus Asks A Question

Oooh, I anticipate fun times ahead... Justin in Pittsburgh... oh, poor Mikey won't get his man... and my, oh my, Mikey's about to get his ass handed to him in a not-so-nice way. And then him going to Vanguard? How stupid is that?! BTW, I'm curious, how much money is he down regarding this trip? Seeing as he was paying his own way.

And if Lindsay comes back to town (can't keep a bad dog gone) - sparks will fly when she hears Gus call Leda mommy. 

Speaking of which, I sure hope Gus spills his guts about Mikey wanting him to call him papa! I mean, how sick is that!

Looking forward to the fireworks!

HUGS ~Cathy

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Aug 31, 2020 3:54 pm · Chapter: Storm and Calm

Okay, so I have the giggles from reading this...

Michael said: I can’t believe it! Gold and I are both being shepherded down the gangplank.

Alrighty... I think I have my laughter under control to finish this. Shepherded down the gangplank... All I can see in my head is them out-to-sea, the two of them blindfolded, hands roped together, swords at their backs, and made to 'Walk the Plank'... LMFAO!

Sorry, so sorry. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!

Anyway, I absolutely loved Brian waking up to the weight of his two favorite boys.

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Aug 31, 2020 1:38 am · Chapter: A Little More Conversation

I started reading this today. I can't believe I never read it yet. I'm thoroughly loving it!!!

All I can say is I REALLY hope Unca Mikey screws up again, so he can be reunited with his comic books!

And I loved the last part of this chapter... the negotiations and the resigning.

That was classic!

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: lizw102 (Signed) · Date: Jul 26, 2020 1:52 am · Chapter: Let's Party...Part 2

Is it awful that I love the pinata part everytime I read this story?  Ha Ha!!




Author's Response:

Nope...I was in hysterics whilst typing!


Name: Maxsmom (Signed) · Date: Jun 07, 2020 9:07 pm · Chapter: Sadness, Meeting and Battle Lines are Drawn
Uh spinx cats are hairless..which Michael wouldn’t be allergic!!!

Author's Response:

Thank you for mentioning this; but Rhubarb and Custard visit the shop often, so their dander remained.


Name: coleamber (Signed) · Date: Sep 25, 2019 8:31 pm · Chapter: He Keeps Trying and Cruising to Their New Lives

Love it, keep reading it again and agein

Name: coleamber (Signed) · Date: Sep 24, 2019 1:32 am · Chapter: Gus Asks A Question

Gus is so sweet he makes my dentures hurt

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