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As I returned from my second time in the backroom, I noticed Ted had joined Emmett and Michael. They were all in god awful relationships. Ted with the twink that almost killed him. Michael with the professor and Emmett with some secret athlete. If I cared I would be curious. Babylon really wasn’t that great tonight, mostly trolls roaming around. Maybe it was because I couldn’t get an annoying blond twink out of my head. Wondering what the blond’s boyfriend looked like. Was he a shaggy-haired blond that couldn’t drive too?

“Did you really hire a kid that hit your car?” Ted asked, probably getting the story from Michael.

“Yes, he didn’t have a job, he can’t pay me back without employment Theodore.”

Michael rolled his eyes. “I told him it was a stupid thing to do. He could be a thief and rob you blind.”

“His job will to be to pick up my coffee and dry cleaning. What do you think he will steal?”

“I don’t know but I wouldn’t trust him with anything more than ten dollars,” Michael snipped.


“Oh my god. Would you look at the little Angel twink that just walked onto the dancefloor,” Emmett gushed. “Times like this I wish my type wasn’t bigger and taller.”

Brian turned to see where Emmett was looking and almost cursed. There was his brand-new personal assistant, practically leading a leather daddy by his nipple ring. Was that Justin’s boyfriend? He had said he’d been with him since he was fifteen. That man had to be at least forty.

It didn’t take long for my new PA’s eyes to land on me. Stay there you fucking twat. The blond apparently didn’t heed my unspoken demands because he started walking towards me, Mr. Leather Daddy following, I could practically see the cartoon hearts over the older man.

“Hi, fancy seeing you here,” Justin said.

“Could say the same to you. Thought you would be home sleeping and preparing for your first day.”

“Introduce us to your friend,” Emmett said, pushing me out of the way a little.

“This is my new Personal Assistant, Justin Taylor.”

“You’re just scrumptious,” Emmett squealed. “And who is this big, beautiful man?”

Justin looked confused until he turned around and saw the leather daddy who was leaning on the younger man’s back.

“Oh, this is Daddy.”

“I didn’t know your high school boyfriend was the principal,” Brian ground out.

“Daddy isn’t my boyfriend.” The blond laughed and so did the mountain of a man in leather chaps behind him. “Got home tonight to find my boyfriend moved out. I haven’t been with anyone else…ever. I was fixing that tonight. Went to Poppers, but some creep wouldn’t leave me alone, so I went to the Meat Hook. The freak followed me, but Daddy came to my rescue. I wanted to try here next, and Daddy was so kind to walk me here and use his membership card to get me in. My real-life hero,” Justin gushed. I wanted to vomit with how thick he was laying it on.

It was a good thing the kid had been locked down for most of his teenage and young adulthood. He was disgustingly cheerful. The kid’s boyfriend just broke up with him and he’s acting like it’s the best day ever. Goldilocks seemed to want to try all different types of men on to find the right porridge.

“Kirky! What are you doing here? You never stray too far from the Meat Hook,” a tall, thin man of about thirty in only jeans said the leather daddy.

The older man seemed to blush, but it was hard to see with all the hair on his face.

“Just doing a favor,” he said just loud enough to hear. The daddy nodded in Justin’s direction before talking to him. “Are you good now?”

“Yes, Daddy. Thanks for helping me out. I’ll be fine now; this is my boss.”

When had I volunteered to be his bodyguard? Once the leather daddy and his friend had wandered off, there was an awkward silence between them. But before long, Justin spoke up and I wish he hadn’t.

“Have you ever blown a guy with a Prince Albert? It was weird. He seemed to like it; Ethan had always complimented my skills there. But Daddy’s piercing kind of tasted like my mom’s sterling silver.”

It was hard not to laugh at that. Cock piercings were pretty normal, but I had never heard them described like that. Even Michael who had looked suspicious laughed.

“So, for payment the man wanted head? Sounds right,” I told him.

Justin smiled. “No, he was just one of the many blowjobs I’ve given tonight. My jaw’s a little stiff now to be honest.”

The boy wasn’t sticking his toe in the in the casual sex pool, he was jumping in with no lifejacket. It would be a miracle if he didn’t have a line of drooling middle-aged men following after him at the end of the day.

“A tip, use mouthwash, a lot of it,” I told him before I went off to find my next conquest.

The gorgeous hard body that I had in the backroom was awful. Where had to learned to take a dick in his mouth? After the third time his teeth connected with my dick I told him to fuck off. With any hope my new employee would be gone when I got back to the bar. Luckily, he had gone somewhere else because my friends were alone.

“Did the twink go home? He should he has work in the morning and I won’t go easy on him because it’s his first day.”

Ted smirked before Emmett broke out laughing but it was Michael’s worried expression that really caught my attention.

“What did I miss?” I demanded.

“He went to the backroom with two guys,” Ted said, smirk still on his face.

“No, he didn’t,” I told them.

“Yeah he did,” Emmett agreed.

“I just came from there; I can tell you he did not go there. Spill Mikey, why do you look like you just lost your comic book collection.”

“It’s just the men he left with; I know them. They aren’t creeps or anything, but they are hardcore into the BDSM scene. I just worry that because he’s newly single he might do things he would regret.”

“Fuck, they’ll either take him home or back to the Meat Hook.”

“They have a sex dungeon at home,” Michael said, looking uncomfortable.

That made me look at Michael more carefully. I could see both Emmett or Ted go along with two men to their sex dungeon but not Michael. Hell, I had to go with him to get tested the first three times. Mikey didn’t even like getting a shot at the doctor.

“That idiot kid is going to get himself killed. Do you know where they live?” I asked Michael not liking where this night was going. Just because they didn’t do permanently damage Michael didn’t mean they wouldn’t hurt Justin; Michael has been on the scene as long as I have been. The boy had very pale skin, a man with a whip’s wet dream. That boyish face with those innocent big blue eyes didn’t help.”

“Yeah, I know where.”

The place wasn’t too far but I still worried about what had happened to the kid in that time. I would never forgive myself if these men hurt him. I should have told him to go home, I’m his boss he would have to listen.

“This is it,” Michael said in a whisper. All four of them were standing outside a metal door. “This door leads to the dungeon. They don’t lock it, well they didn’t when I was there. They wanted whoever they were playing with to know they could leave if they wanted.”

“Isn’t that darling, doesn’t helped if they are tied down,” Ted muttered.

“Just shut up, all of you,” I told them. I reached out for the doorknob. Michael had been right it was unlocked.

Quietly as we could, we descended the steps to where the dungeon was. I could hear the sound of a whip hitting skin but there was no yell or even a grunt. There was a red curtain that cut off the steps from the dungeon. Moving it to the side, we walked in.

I was not expecting what I saw. There were two completely naked men. A big, muscle-bound man was hooked to a St. Andrew’s cross. A smaller man but not by much was holding a whip and by the look at the other one’s back he had just been whipped.

“Just like that, stay there, don’t move,” a voice from the other side of the dungeon said.

I didn’t even have to look to know who it was, but I did look. There sitting on some bondage bench was his new PA, he was fully clothed and had his legs crossed while drawing in a sketch pad.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” I couldn’t help but shout.

Three sets of eyes landed on me. I could feel how tense Michael and Ted was behind me.

Justin smiled and it looked so pure and innocent, which was a contrast to the devices of torture he was surrounded by. Looking around I saw devices I didn’t even know what they were, and I was far from a novice in the lifestyle. It wasn’t something I really went for, but everyone was young once.

“What are you doing here?” the one with the whip asked.

“I was looking for him,” I said, pointing at Justin.

“Why?” Justin asked, getting up from the sex bench he had been sitting. “I was dancing with Bill and Phil, and we got to talking. Phil is a PIFA alumni, he’s also on the board. I didn’t have anything thing to show him because my ex threw away my portfolio and said it was a mistake. Since they didn’t look good he thought they were trash. But Phil said if I sketched them using that thingy, he would use it as a submission. Not only would I get reaccepted, but he thinks he can get me a scholarship. They’re sex club gives one away every year.”

“And he knew you were a great artist, how? Must have been one hell of a dance,” I snapped. The little twat stupidly went to someone’s house because this crazy offer. He was too naive to be left alone. Did his ex ever let him out of the house?

“No, I blew Bill for the chance while Phil stood over us and jacked off. It’s on video if you want to see.”

“Get your stuff, we’re leaving,” I told him.

“I can’t I’m not done with the sketch.”

That’s how all of us ended up watching a live BDSM show while Justin sketched. There was times Justin had them stand still for way too long to not be awkward. It was already nearing morning when we left. Tomorrow the boy was going to be a zombie.

The next morning, I was greeted by an excited rabbit in my office. I had only gotten two hours of sleep. There was no way he had more than I had.

“How are you so chipper?” I said, irritated.

“Oh, Phil took me to a very nice diner this morning. The waitress was so nice. She kept bringing me food and coffee. I had four cups. I can’t understand why my mom was against me ever having any. I’m going to have it every day but not without the sugar and creamer, which was disgusting. I was tired until I had it but I’m not tired anymore. Ethan said coffee was for people without personalities. Next time I see him I’ll tell him how wrong he was. He was also wrong to say he was average size in the cock department. After all the ones I saw last night, he’s on the small side. I should have known better when he said wouldn’t bottom because mine was weird. I just guess weird means just bigger than him. Oh, you wanted coffee, what kind do you want? I wouldn’t mind getting myself another cup.”

“I don’t need coffee and you sure as hell don’t need anymore. Go the art department and get the boards for Rexin account. I have a meeting with them today.”

The boy practically skipped out of the door. Nope, there was not way I can keep him around. I would strangle him before the week was out.





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