Oct 13, 2018

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Stories by Willameana

The PA by Willameana

Rated: E • 12 Reviews

Accidents happen, but some are worse than others. Brian's car gets hit by a blond who doesn't seem to be scared of him.

Eighteen Kids and Counting by Willameana

Rated: A • 39 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A Yours, Mine and Ours story. Brian is a father of ten children and Justin the father of eight when they meet. This is a MPREG so if that isn't your thing I'm sorry. 

Free Falling by Willameana

Rated: A • 34 Reviews starstarstarstarstar


Justin is coming up on his fortieth birthday, not that he cares. He’s lived the life of Riley  since he was seventeen. But now he’s back home, at the request of his father. What he wants after kicking him out all those years ago he doesn’t know.


The Good Fight by Willameana

Rated: A • 136 Reviews starstarstar

AU, Brian and his children go out to dinner and his life is forever changed. 

Friends and Lovers by Willameana

Rated: A • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

AU story. Brian is 21 and Justin is 18, they become roommates in New York with a lot of familiar faces. This story is pretty light-hearted Rated A for lots of cussing and some not very graphic scenes.