Feb 04, 2020

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THE LION AND THE STUD by Nichelle Wellesly

Rated: M • 124 Reviews star




Wants versus Needs.... That's what Justin Taylor's life has come down to. Having traveled the world as a dancer, Justin now faces the choice between continuing his lucrative career or rebuilding the tumultuous life he'd left behind in Pittsburgh. Enter Brian Kinney with an offer he may not want to refuse. 

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed

Please please please post more chapters

Commencement by Lorie

Rated: M • 6 Reviews half-star

A happier ending to the prom

Lorie - Banner with Border.jpg


Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Feb 14, 2020 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I just love your stories... just wish they were longer!

Needing To Be Filled by Lorie

Rated: M • 27 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

Gapfiller for 4-11 Brian's conversation with Lindsay after she slept with Sam

Filled Banner.gif

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Jan 23, 2021 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Thanks for finishing another great story!

Author's Response:



Thank you. This was fun to write. I love to see people get what they deserve.



Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Jan 04, 2021 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Love a good Michael/Lindsay smackdown!!! The petulant twosome need a good kick n the pants....don’t let the story end here please!!

Author's Response:



They will get what they deserve by the end of the story.



I Care About Him by Lorie

Rated: M • Feature 10 Reviews half-star

Brian and Justin's relationship after the bashing.

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: May 13, 2020 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Any chance you would continue thus story? I just reread it for like the 12th time.

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Feb 14, 2020 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This is my favorite favorite story!!! I don’t even know how many times I’ve read it...

Author's Response:



Thanks for the sweet review. I'm glad you enjoy this story so much. It's one of my favorites. The cat 'Patches' in the story is my cat. She doesn't have any heart problems though, I got that part from one of my dogs. Devil was a Pomeranian that I got from the shelter, he had a heart murmur and was going to be put down, I took him anyway and he lived for 3 more years, being loved and cared for, he was a sweetheart.




Oddest Couple by Tagsit

Rated: M • 49 Reviews starstarstar

Justin is living in NYC with his boyfriend, Connor James, who is an actor. He comes home from a trip to Pittsburgh to find a 'Dear John' letter from Connor who's gone to LA for a movie part. The next morning Justin wakes to find Brian Kinney pounding on his door, apparently thinking he's sublet the apartment. Brian is just starting a new job in NYC. Justin has nowhere to go either. It seems like the best solution is to just share the apartment, at least for a while. It pretty quickly becomes apparent though that these two men aren't exactly compatible roomies. But there's a definite attraction between them too. How are these two very different men going to handle cohabiting in a small apartment? A QAF Fanfic Novella very loosely based on the classic movie, The Odd Couple.

***All Hail Marny, The Banner Goddess, for my wonderful Banner!***

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Sep 29, 2020 Title: Chapter 41: Chapter 41 - Odd Bedfellows Make for Happy Beds.

I need more...it can’t end there!

Author's Response:

I'm sorry, but that's all there is. Please feel free to imagine the boys living happily ever after. Thanks for reading. TAG

Do You Hear What I Hear? by 4depthoflove

Rated: A • 16 Reviews star

You'd think it was a Christmas fic wouldn't you? If that's what you're looking for - best to just move on - ‘cause there is no Santa here...

...instead, what we really have is a series of snippets in which our favorite QAF characters happen to overhear the boys in the throes of passion - and can hardly believe their ears...

Some canon - some definitely not - some that could be - with timelines that work  for this story - all showing a ‘depth of love' that is only Brian/Justin - and for me, will always be!

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Mar 31, 2020 Title: Chapter 6: 6 - All We Could Imagine...More Than We Knew We Wanted

I love this story...but then I love all your stories!

Author's Response:

What a lovely  comment. and made  me feel  great  in a  time  when there  is not  much of  that. Thanks.  I'm thrilled  you enjoy my writing. 


Spontaneous Combustion by 4depthoflove

Rated: A • 18 Reviews half-star

Ad man Brian Kinney meets talented young artist Justin Taylor at the gallery where the younger man lives...and works. Sparks fly leaving both men shocked and uncertain about their newfound working relationship. How will they ever be able to get any work done?

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Mar 31, 2020 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

What the hell? Michael and Brian...it would never happen!

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Oct 29, 2021 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

There was an “other character death” tag…did I miss it?

Hot for Teacher by charming1

Rated: M • 68 Reviews half-star

High school senior Justin Taylor has two passions in life: literature and Brian Kinney. Unfortunately for Justin, Mr. Kinney happens to be his English teacher at St. James Academy, making their relationship even more forbidden than Romeo and Juliet’s. After signing up as stage manager for the school’s holiday play, which Mr. Kinney is directing, Justin learns that his teacher’s life is more tragic than anything Shakespeare ever wrote. 

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Oct 13, 2020 Title: Chapter 1: No One Like You

Can’t believe I’ve never read this before...sequel please!

Prego Stud by Tagsit

Rated: M • 35 Reviews starstarstar


Set mid season one. Brian lets Justin top him as an 18th Birthday present . . . dire consequences unfold as a result. Can Brian handle the 'exposure' of his secret self? Probably not.

*****Warning: Mpreg & Toppy!Justin - At the SAME time - Don't read if you don't like. You've been Warned!*****


*** Marny, The Banner Goddess, has Struck again! Isn't the banner gorgeous! Thanks!***


Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: May 11, 2020 Title: Chapter 25: Chapter 25 - A Pretty Amusing Day

Nope...no Michael fans! Feel free to stomp his ass

New York State of Mind by addict_writer

Rated: M • 127 Reviews half-star


Justin moves to New York. He runs into an old acquaintance of Brian's, who is going to play a big role in their relationship, testing its strength. It's one of the most emotional stories I've written so far.

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Sep 17, 2020 Title: Chapter 24: Chapter 24: The Mystery is Killing Me

So what is this companion piece you keep referencing? I can’t seem to find it

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Sep 17, 2020 Title: Chapter 26: Chapter 26: The Reunion pt. 1

Where do I find The Devils Snare?

Author's Response:

Go to my profile page and you'll find both companion stories there :)


Thank you for reading!

Just Kiss Me… by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: M • 132 Reviews half-star


Brian and Justin’s journey of love…

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Mar 16, 2020 Title: Chapter 28: Chapter 28 ~ Butterfly Kisses

Please finish the story!

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Sep 07, 2021 Title: Chapter 25: Chapter 25 ~ Blindsided Kisses

My eyes...my eyes!! I don’t like think about Mikey dressed much less undressed! Puking now????????????????????

Falling Out of the Sky by SLHR

Rated: M • 48 Reviews half-star


Sequel to Detective's Son. This follows Justin and Brian having a really rough time.

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed starstarstarstar
Date: Mar 29, 2022 Title: Chapter 15: Epilogue

Whatever happened to the sequel? Please write it.

No More Mio Amore by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 69 Reviews half-star

(Brian & Justin do not 'meet' in this story. This is the story of why they didn't meet in 101.)

Brian suddenly becomes a father to Gus when Lindsay and Melanie die in a car accident. Because Brian was not there to meet him, Justin goes home, but later, in different circumstances he is bashed by Chris Hobbes. This is their story prior to their 'official' meeting which happens in the sequel.

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Sep 21, 2021 Title: Chapter 22: Chapter 22 - Amore.

In the last chapter Brian had a logo for Kinnetik....in this chapter it’s now KinCyn??

Whispers are as Loud as a Shout by MissMerlot

Rated: M • Past Featured Story 207 Reviews half-star

How Michael's machinations finally left him all alone.

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Feb 19, 2020 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12


Only You by Nadine

Rated: M • 76 Reviews half-star

only you.gif

Justin comes back to Pittsburgh after disappearing for six years. No one heard anything from him and no one knows why he chooses to go away after his break-up with Ethan. Will Justin and Brian find their way back to each other after being away for so long? Or is it better to leave the past where it belongs, in the past.

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Mar 31, 2020 Title: Chapter 9: My one and only you

So beautiful....no other words!

AMBIGUSWEETIE and a Dirty Little Secret by Nichelle Wellesly

Rated: M • 426 Reviews starstar


Several months after Brian and Justin part ways, a private airing of their dirty laundry results in a night of passion that neither one can forget or stop. But what happens when Brian is tired of playing second 'fiddle' to the fiddler? And how the hell do they keep the Gurus of Gossip aka the 'family' from finding out about their affair?
Based on the plot bunny from TAG!

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: May 14, 2020 Title: Chapter 50: CHAPTER 47: BARELY BREATHING

You’ve been updating your other stories...so what about this one???

Author's Response:

Hello Becky,

I haven't forgotten about it, but I don't believe in putting out just anything simply for the sake of saying it's been updated. It wouldn't be fair to you as the audience, myself as the author, nor the story itself which deserves to be told authentically. Unfortunately, that means that I have to wait for the next chapter to reveal itself in its entirety. I will say that it's half done, but there are some more things that need to happen within it. So as I wait, I write.... and write... and write.

Please keep in mind that I'm also a Mom of 2 with special needs,  a parent advocate for parents of children of special needs within my school district, a daughter who is medically trained to take care of everyone and everything (myself excluded, most of the time), and a writer in real life whose manuscripts are also in progress and demand my attention as well. So during this quarantine, I'm exceptionally busy due to conference calls and other situations that take me away from KD. Also, my blessing is also my curse in that I believe wholeheartedly in producing a quality story that you as my audience can get lost in for a little while. Believe me when I say that as impatient as you might feel for the story, is even moreso for me since I also want to know how it all unfolds. I'm not one to write simply for shock value or reviews, which are definitely appreciated and extremely validating that I'm doing my job.

Simply put: I do it because I can't NOT write. It's as natural as breathing to me, and just as vital. Without it, I would go crazy. And you all might be reading ABOUT me, instead of falling into my fictional worlds. Actually, it's been touch and go for the last few weeks LOL

I hope I made you smile a little bit there, and thank you so much for your continued support of my work and vision. It certainly doesn't go unnoticed or is taken for granted in the least!

Be well, safe and HAPPY!



Bound By Fate. by Lorie , Nichelle Wellesly

Rated: M • Feature 142 Reviews starhalf-star

Brian and Justin meet when Brian hires him as an errand boy for Kinnetik. What does fate have in store for these two?

A Special and Heartfelt THANK YOU to TAG for the amazing banner!

Happy Reading! ~Lorie and Nichelle 

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Apr 02, 2021 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Love that you named the bank manager Clarke Morgan after Randy and Gale!!

Author's Response:



You are the first one to notice that. It was done intentionally to see if anyone would realize that it was their names. Good catch.

~Nichelle and Lorie


Interruptions by cookiebun

Rated: M • 14 Reviews starstar


Michael keeps coming by the loft at the most inopportune times... is it a coincidence?

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Mar 20, 2020 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Now that’s better!

Author's Response:

lol... thanks :)  glad you liked it and thanks for reading

Bad As New by SabinaThymeSunshine

Rated: M • 52 Reviews half-star


Brian has an idea that disturbs him, and it leads to a series of even more disturbing rumors.

Story #13 of The Sunshine Files

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Feb 26, 2020 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11

Michael is a moron!!,

Reviewer: Maxsmom Signed
Date: Feb 26, 2020 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9

Yes....hate those bitchy jerks!!