May 01, 2016

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Stories by Annie-Eliza

Intersect by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 116 Reviews star

As Justin makes his way through the crowd in Herald Square, he sees a man who is almost a stranger to him now. *Officially up to date*


LAX PIT by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 34 Reviews starstarstarstar


Molly Taylor doesn't expect to fall into bed with Hunter Novotny-Bruckner, but when it does happen, she expects it to be a one time thing. With 2,500 miles between them and completely separate lives, the odds are stacked against them. Yet here they are, still talking and trying to make this work. They should have tied this up on New Year's Eve, at the absolute latest, even though it makes Molly's chest hurt to even think that. It would have been better for both of them. They could have avoided all of this pining.

Who's Your Daddy? by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 7 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Justin just wanted to try a night out at a different club. He didn't expect it to make him question his whole relationship with Brian.

Intersect Interactive: One-shots, deleted scenes, and drabbles by Annie-Eliza

Rated: A • 7 Reviews starstar


These are one-shots, deleted scenes, and drabbles from stories in the Intersect Universe.

Smokescreen by SunshineSally, Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 25 Reviews half-star

When Brian hears over the radio that Babylon was subjected to a bombing, all he can concentrate on is racing to his club to make sure the people he loves are alive and safe. He doesn't expect to be irreversibly injured himself. As Brian faces a slow recovery and a permanent disability, he must learn to accept the support of his friends and the love of his partner.

Cracked by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 4 Reviews starstarhalf-star

The name 'Nathan Ash' was only one piece of the puzzle that made up his life.

 photo rsz_cracked_banner_zpsnr20ndix.jpg

Heartbeats by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 2 Reviews half-star

Sometimes Hunter felt like he was dead, sent to some version of Hell for stealing, for tricking, for ditching school, or for just being born. But his heart beating in his chest, sometimes at a slow and steady beat, sometimes at a rapid and panicked pace...It was that alone that made him realize he wasn't in Hell after all. This city, as shitty as it was to him, was his reality.


A Few Miles Back by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 3 Reviews half-star


Emmett Honeycutt never thought having kids was in the cards for him. So when Drew brings it up, genuinely and honestly, his response isn't an immediate yes or no.

A post-canon but pre-Intersect tale on how Emmett and Drew come to terms with their worries and concerns in order to start a family.

Schmidt's the Shit by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 6 Reviews half-star


There's a new king of Babylon and, honey, he's not getting overthrown any time soon!

Happiness by Annie-Eliza

Rated: E • 6 Reviews half-star

In the wake of not having a date for Valentine's Day, Emmett and Brian have a movie night at the loft. Set one year after season 5.

Fleeting by Annie-Eliza

Rated: A • 5 Reviews starstarhalf-star

Brian realizes that Justin doesn't have enough room for him in his new life in L.A. He just needs to figure out how to accept that.

My Name is Brian Kinney by Annie-Eliza

Rated: A • 3 Reviews half-star

My name is Brian Kinney. I am 6 years old and in the 1st grade.

Nose to Bill by Annie-Eliza

Rated: A • 18 Reviews star

When Michael falls deathly ill, Ben has never been more afraid in his life. No, scratch that. When Michael falls deathly ill and disappears out of thin air minutes before the ambulance arrives, Ben has never been more afraid in his life. All he wants to do is find his husband, alive and well, and to feel like he's not going crazy. He'd also love it if this duck would stop stalking him and breaking into his house. It's the last thing he needs right now.

Idiosyncrasies by Annie-Eliza

Rated: A • 4 Reviews starstar

Justin notices a change in Brian's morning routine. Set in early season 2. Semi AU.

Clearly by Annie-Eliza

Rated: YA • 12 Reviews starhalf-star

Brian hates his glasses. They're the one thing that reminds him he's 55 years old and not getting any younger.

Just Fine by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 4 Reviews starstarhalf-star

Sometimes Todd says he's fine but he really isn't. A pre-series fic revolving around Todd and his life.