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The Call New! by MissMerlot

Rated: M • 32 Reviews starstarstarstarstar


It’s now 2019, and Brian Kinney is back in Pittsburgh. He left eight years ago on the eve of his 30th birthday for New York; all that remained in his loft were his clothes, mobile, and a video making his feelings for his family and friends clear. They couldn’t understand where this had come from, all efforts to contact him were rebuffed. Lindsay and Michael were especially devastated, Lindsay wanted to tell him about their baby and Michael was going to take his heart and courage in both hands and profess his love for Brian. 


So why is he back and what does Vic’s nursing assistant Justin Taylor have to do with it? .

Still We Believe by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: “Can you really think of a reason that Peter would suddenly turn on how he feels about you?” Justin asked, trying to begin the conversation pragmatically. “He knows how your sister is, and she knows, at least to some extent, that the two of you are acquainted now. Don’t you think she’d have tried every weapon she had if she was running a smear campaign against you?”

“I don’t know,” Brian said tiredly, rubbing his eyes. “I wouldn’t put anything past her.”


When Brian's nephew Peter and his girlfriend Alexis come to spend Christmas in New York, things are off to a great start -- until they're not. Soon, it becomes apparent to everyone that old Kinney family scars run deep.

Bashed by the Best Friend by MissMerlot

Rated: M • 148 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

It is 2015, Brian and Justin have been together for 15 years, some of the years happier than most. But now they are finally at peace and ready to move onto the next stage of their lives...yes the Stud and Sunshine are getting married! However, the spectre of the prom still haunts them. Brian has never stopped searching for whoever attacked his Sunshine, the police never bothered after Brian couldn't identify the attacker. But now they can finally close that horrible chapter, as they now know who tried to kill Justin. 

So can Michael talk his way out of this?


Banner credit goes to Midgardsnake

Goodbye Again by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Brian contemplated what he wanted to say next; how personal he wanted to get. He still wasn’t sure whether or not Joan would hear a word of what he said -- she hadn’t reacted to anything thus far -- so maybe it was better to lay it all on the line. His lifelong mantra creeped back into his brain, and he scooted his chair a little closer to the bed. No apologies, no regrets.


Against his original plans (and, perhaps, better judgment), Brian makes his way back to Pittsburgh to see his mother one final time.

Every Storm Makes Us Stronger by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: “I’m sorry,” Brian repeated, his tone serious and deliberate. “For a lot of things over the last two days. I… I didn’t know what to do with what happened before I left Pittsburgh, and I wasn’t ready to talk.” He paused, sighing. “And I don’t know how to lie to you. I haven’t for a long time, and you know that. So sometimes, it’s easier to piss you off, so you’ll leave me alone until I find enough of my remaining ball to face you -- as irrational as I know that sounds.”

“Or,” Justin said, a small smile playing on his lips, “you could say, ‘Hey Justin, I’ve got something on my mind that I’m not ready to talk about, and I need a little space.’” He gave his husband a meaningful look before continuing. “Brian, I know what you’re doing when you do it now… But what I don’t understand is why, almost two decades into our relationship, you still think the solution to anything is to push me away -- if for no reason other than it won’t fucking work.”


Brian gets some unexpected and difficult news and turns to his usual coping strategies. Justin knows better.

Not Like You by TrueIllusion

Rated: M • 87 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

It’s funny how life works sometimes -- in cycles, repeating the same themes in different ways with different situations. Leaving it up to us to recognize a familiar situation and call on our past experience to get through it. But sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.


Justin decides to make a huge transition in his career, but things are not always what they seem.

The Butterfly Effect by kerri240879

Rated: M • 339 Reviews starhalf-star

Brian told Justin to get some friends his age – what if the kiss Michael saw was misconstrued? What if miscommunication was only the start of it all? Just how far does the butterfly effect go? 

Near Life Experience by TrueIllusion

Rated: A • 24 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

I was in Atlanta when I first started noticing the strange, intermittent numbness and tingling in the fingers of my right hand. I was finishing up some paperwork, and I was having a hard time holding onto the pen, though at the time I thought it was just because I couldn't feel my fingers in the way that I was used to. I knew I'd been pushing myself too hard, spending too much time working on my laptop and not enough time doing yoga, so I thought it was probably just stress. I needed a break, although I wasn't sure when I was going to get one, because I was only scheduled to have two days at home before I had to leave again to travel to Dallas.


Rob has a health scare that leads him to reevaluate his life. Brian helps support him along the way.

Familiarity by TrueIllusion

Rated: M • 205 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star

Brian asked Justin a very important question when the "Changed" series concluded. What will his answer be? Where will they go from here?

I'll See You in My Dreams by TrueIllusion

Rated: A • 12 Reviews starhalf-star

One shot. Set 25 years post-series. Standalone fic.

How do you feel your way through the darkness once the sun has gone out?

Brian's journey into the light.

Major character death. You'll want some tissues.

When is enough, enough? by meganeileen

Rated: A • 25 Reviews half-star

When is enough, enough for Justin and Brian? 

It seems like it’s one thing after another for Brian and Justin.

After the attack they receive news that will change their lives, but will it be for the better? Are they strong enough, not only individually, but together to battle the latest fight? 

Follow their story to see. 

Aftermath by mandagrammy

Rated: YA • 5 Reviews half-star

In Aftershock, we see how Justin's bashing at the end of Season One affected Brian. It ended without revealing how the bashing affected everyone else who loved and cared about Justin. The series skipped from that iconic scene of Brian sitting in the hospital right after Justin was admitted to a month later at the beginning of Season Two, so we have to use our imagination about what went on at the hospital after Michael joined Brian. I hope you will find my perspective interesting.

Many thanks to my beta, Judy, for her help and my darling Granddaughter, Marika, for the evocative banner. And also thanks to those who asked me 'what about the others' when they read 'Aftershock'. Their questions led to this sequel.

Three Days by TrueIllusion

Rated: A • 6 Reviews half-star

An account of the three days Michael and Brian spent at the hospital, after Justin was bashed. Takes place right at the end of episode 122 and moves forward from there.

The Lost Boy by TrueIllusion

Rated: YA • 5 Reviews half-star

The first time Debbie Novotny heard about Brian Kinney, Michael was in the eighth grade. It was just after spring break. He’d come home from school chattering away excitedly about the new boy in his class who’d just moved to Pittsburgh from some town she couldn’t remember. All through dinner it was Brian this, and Brian that. Michael was clearly enamored with this Brian kid.

Changed by TrueIllusion

Rated: A • 133 Reviews starstarhalf-star

“All I’m saying is, someone should have called Justin.”

The blond young man standing outside the door to the diner was surprised to hear his name in a conversation coming from inside.

“Brian told me not to. What was I supposed to do, go against his wishes and do it anyway?” Justin recognized this voice -- Michael.

“I know he told you not to. I was there.” Ben. “I said it then, and I’ll say it again now: It’s disrespectful to Justin to not tell him, or at least warn him ahead of time. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like Justin walks in and sees him?”

Constant Presence by addict_writer

Rated: M • 8 Reviews half-star




Daphne catches Brian on one of his nights playing vigil at Justin's hospital door. Feelings are revealed.

Raise You Up by charming1, Lorie

Rated: M • 65 Reviews half-star

When Ted and Blake make some impulsive decisions, which of their friends will stand beside them?

****NOW COMPLETE!!!!****

Too Deep For Healing by deviant_queen

Rated: M • 81 Reviews half-star

Ten years post-513. Justin returns to Pittsburgh after a decade of absence due to a death in the family, only to receive some disturbing news.

You Are Not Alone by addict_writer

Rated: M • 14 Reviews starstar


You Are Not Alone, inspired by Michael Jackson's song, shows the way Brian copes with missing Justin while he's away.

What Do You Say? by Saje

Rated: E • 10 Reviews starstarstar

A Special Day. You will need tissues.