Apr 02, 2019

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Stories by PrettyTheWorld

Welcome Home by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: When Justin plans a visit to surprise Brian, nothing goes according to plan, and Brian is acting weird and avoidant. When Justin tries to figure out what's going on, signs point to all the wrong places ??” or do they?

Still We Believe by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: “Can you really think of a reason that Peter would suddenly turn on how he feels about you?” Justin asked, trying to begin the conversation pragmatically. “He knows how your sister is, and she knows, at least to some extent, that the two of you are acquainted now. Don’t you think she’d have tried every weapon she had if she was running a smear campaign against you?”

“I don’t know,” Brian said tiredly, rubbing his eyes. “I wouldn’t put anything past her.”


When Brian's nephew Peter and his girlfriend Alexis come to spend Christmas in New York, things are off to a great start -- until they're not. Soon, it becomes apparent to everyone that old Kinney family scars run deep.

Until My Heart is Black and Blue by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: When Justin and Ethan end up unexpectedly working the same event at a New York City art gallery nearly two decades after their break-up, Brian insists he can handle it. But sometimes, the past can be a cruel mistress...

Illusions by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Justin felt like being stuck at home alone with Brian had been a blissful blessing in disguise.

Several months into it? Not so much.

Goodbye Again by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Brian contemplated what he wanted to say next; how personal he wanted to get. He still wasn’t sure whether or not Joan would hear a word of what he said -- she hadn’t reacted to anything thus far -- so maybe it was better to lay it all on the line. His lifelong mantra creeped back into his brain, and he scooted his chair a little closer to the bed. No apologies, no regrets.


Against his original plans (and, perhaps, better judgment), Brian makes his way back to Pittsburgh to see his mother one final time.

Every Storm Makes Us Stronger by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: “I’m sorry,” Brian repeated, his tone serious and deliberate. “For a lot of things over the last two days. I… I didn’t know what to do with what happened before I left Pittsburgh, and I wasn’t ready to talk.” He paused, sighing. “And I don’t know how to lie to you. I haven’t for a long time, and you know that. So sometimes, it’s easier to piss you off, so you’ll leave me alone until I find enough of my remaining ball to face you -- as irrational as I know that sounds.”

“Or,” Justin said, a small smile playing on his lips, “you could say, ‘Hey Justin, I’ve got something on my mind that I’m not ready to talk about, and I need a little space.’” He gave his husband a meaningful look before continuing. “Brian, I know what you’re doing when you do it now… But what I don’t understand is why, almost two decades into our relationship, you still think the solution to anything is to push me away -- if for no reason other than it won’t fucking work.”


Brian gets some unexpected and difficult news and turns to his usual coping strategies. Justin knows better.

A Christmas (Cookie) Story by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: “Baking cookies shouldn’t take that long if we both do it,” Justin countered. “Or you can stand there all night, holding the things I need, because then we’ll both be fucked, and--”

“--not in a positive, life-affirming way,” Brian finished in a deadpan, then sighed and brought the bags to the counter. “Fine. What do I do?”


A semi-forced Christmas assignment gives Brian a little more satisfaction than he originally imagined...

All I Want for Christmas Is You by TrueIllusion, PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 42 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

No one had been more shocked than Brian when Melanie, of all people, had suggested that, since she didn't really celebrate Christmas, but J.R. was heading to Pittsburgh to be with her dads, perhaps Brian and Justin would rather come to Toronto to have a more subdued celebration with Lindsay and Gus.

"Lindsay never really gets to enjoy the decorations she puts up, since we're rushing around and then traveling during this time," Mel had explained. "I just thought it would be nice if you and Justin wanted to come to our place instead… You know, let Linds and Gus go all out, and then have a nice quiet holiday at home." 

"Quiet" was all Brian needed to hear before he agreed. 


Brian and Justin travel to Toronto to spend Christmas with a small part of their chosen family.

Wastin' Away In Margaritaville by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 8 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: “Let’s play ‘Never Have I Ever,’” Emmett exclaimed, clapping his hands excitedly. “We’re all drunk enough to be brutally honest.”


A Fourth of July party hosted by the Novotny-Bruckner's, numerous pitchers of margaritas, and a bonfire -- the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable night between longtime friends

10 Things... by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 10 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: “Oh,” Brian stuttered, and Justin could have sworn he was blushing a little. “I was bored earlier, killing time while I was waiting for the mock-ups, and it showed up on some web page, so I started reading it.”

“And? The verdict?” Justin prompted, his tone teasing.

“I didn’t get far,” Brian muttered. “I’m sure it’s a bunch of bullshit.”

Justin’s smile grew wider. “Well, why don’t we find out?”


Inspired by an article called "10 Signs You're Going to Marry Your Boyfriend Someday"

Lows and Highs by TrueIllusion, PrettyTheWorld

Rated: A • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Gus’ lips rolled inward, a carbon copy of Brian’s signature contemplative look. “I just like…” he sighed again, more heavily this time. “I just wish I could forget about this for, like, an hour or something.” 

Brian made a small noise of realization that made Justin look toward him, and as soon as he registered the intention on his husband’s face, he moved closer to Brian and hissed, “No. Brian, you can’t.” 

Brian gave Justin his most charming smile and said, “Oh, but I can!”


A heartbroken Gus spends a weekend in New York with Brian and Justin. In an effort to help his son, Brian turns to a tried-and-true method.

The Great Indoors by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: E • Feature 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: “Why don’t you let me do the dishes,” Brian offered, which was more normal -- Justin would cook and they would both clean together afterward, just to expedite the task. “You can go take a hot shower,” he added.

“It’s okay,” Justin said, rinsing a plate. “We can get it done faster, and then you can join me in the shower.”

Brian smirked, clearly interested in that idea. “Thought you might be too tired,” he admitted, starting to dry what Justin had already washed.

“An hour ago, I probably was… But seems the sight of you in the kitchen has restored my motivation.”

Convalescent Contemplation by TrueIllusion, PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Leaning back against the leather headrest, Brian let out a shaky breath, already feeling sweaty and a little disoriented. He realized he had two choices here, both potentially impacting his dignity in a major way. As much as he wanted to try to tough it out the additional half hour, to endure whatever happened next in the comfort of a Four Seasons Hotel suite, the reality of the situation was that Lindsay and Melanie’s neighborhood was much closer. And it was absolutely inevitable that Brian's body was going to revolt sooner than later.

Well, fuck.


Brian's planned trip to Toronto to spend time with Gus is interrupted by a very-much-unplanned illness, which gives him a lot of time to think, and leads to some unexpected revelations.

Rites of Passage by TrueIllusion, PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 10 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

“Sonny Boy--” Brian began, intentionally ignoring Justin’s question.

“--You had no idea why she sent me down,” Gus interrupted, his words more of a statement.

Brian shook his head. “Your mother neglected to inform me of her intentions.”


Lindsay has ulterior motives when she sends Gus for an unscheduled weekend visit with Brian and Justin.

Anything Like Me by TrueIllusion, PrettyTheWorld

Rated: A • 11 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

When Justin came home from his studio and found Brian in the kitchen making dinner, he knew something was wrong.

Brian didn’t cook. Even after 15 years of knowing the man and spending most of them in a relationship with him, Justin could count the times Brian had made them dinner on one hand. Apparently, tonight he was adding one more to the tally.


Fifteen-year-old Gus is spending the summer with Brian and Justin in New York. He decides to test the limits of Brian's relatively lenient parenting style, with unintended consequences.