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Strawberry Fields New! by MissMerlot

Rated: M • 138 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

In 2015 Justin Taylor, acclaimed artist had a horse riding accident, he has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. He felt so guilt ridden about the injuries he caused to Zeus that he sent him away and hasn't seen him for 18 months. But that is about to change as Zeus is coming back into his life and bringing, amongst other things, Brian Kinney.What happens when the two very stubborn men meet? Can Brian persuade him to get back on the horse?


Disclaimer: I own nothing, not a damn thing, no copyright infringement is intended whatsoever.


Rated: M • 15 Reviews starstarstarstarstar


Everyone has been placed in charge of their own lives. As Brian and Justin begin to design theirs, Michael and Lindsay are having to deal with what they wanted... just not the way they wanted it.

Again, a special THANK YOU goes out to Lorie, who I find an AMAZING person to know. I seriously couldn't do what I do without you. Love you!

How Was Your Weekend? by UnusualMe

Rated: YA • 1 Reviews
Summary: Just a short story, Justin and Brian have separate bachelor parties. Things go right and very wrong. It's a light read so not very wrong.

I Just Want You to Know by Astrid

Rated: YA • 0 Reviews

What if Brian wasn't so stubborn about expressing his feelings in a tough time when Ethan came along?

Before it's too late by Astrid

Rated: YA • 1 Reviews

Is Brian going to come to his senses before it's too late? The last episode of Season 2 rewritten.

Still We Believe by PrettyTheWorld

Rated: M • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: “Can you really think of a reason that Peter would suddenly turn on how he feels about you?” Justin asked, trying to begin the conversation pragmatically. “He knows how your sister is, and she knows, at least to some extent, that the two of you are acquainted now. Don’t you think she’d have tried every weapon she had if she was running a smear campaign against you?”

“I don’t know,” Brian said tiredly, rubbing his eyes. “I wouldn’t put anything past her.”


When Brian's nephew Peter and his girlfriend Alexis come to spend Christmas in New York, things are off to a great start -- until they're not. Soon, it becomes apparent to everyone that old Kinney family scars run deep.

Contortions by eureka1

Rated: M • 23 Reviews starstarstarstarstar


With Halloween approaching, the boys and girls are up to tricks, new and old. Who gets the tricks, and who gets the treats?    

At First Glance by confused_bliss

Rated: A • 8 Reviews starstarstarstarstar


Brian's first glance of Justin that turned into something more special than anyone could have realized. Based on their canon meeting, but expanded further.

On My Way by confused_bliss

Rated: A • 9 Reviews starstarstarstarstar


Brian is going through the motions at re-opened Babylon yearning for only one thing - Justin. Will he continue to live with his torment or will he do something to change things?


Basis For Comparison by confused_bliss

Rated: M • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Summary: Justin returns Brian's bracelet to him (3.04) and for the first time since they split Brian catches a glimpse that Justin still wants him. Brian decides to give Justin a reminder.    

Ever After by loriblair

Rated: E • 90 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

When Brian wakes up the morning after the good bye fuck, he finds Justin having breakfast in the loft kitchen.

Don't be fooled by the reunions that followed the bombing. Karma is my middle name!


Like You Want to Be Loved by Ashita

Rated: M • 38 Reviews star

A series of vignettes based on prompts given to me by my betas (and others if they so choose) for our Wednesday Hump Day challenge. Each Wednesday we have decided to challenge each other with a set of prompts to make the week flow faster.


Rated: M • 99 Reviews starstarstarstarstar






Michael returns from Portland as a man on a mission. How is he going to respond when he finds out just how much things have changed? And will he finally figure out that it’s time to design his own life, instead of trying to plan Brian’s?


It’s decision time… and not only for Michael.


Again, a MAJOR shoutout goes to Lorie, who is helping me to endure the Committee of Whine and Coo at constant war in my head. And also to Cathy Sunderland (BritinManor) and Deb Tanner for the bunnies that is inspiring the continuation of this series. All of you ladies are AAAAaaa-MAZING!









Special Delivery For Christmas by mandagrammy

Rated: E • 7 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Happy Holidays everyone.  I have an early Christmas gift for you, and I hope you will enjoy it.  This story is set a little over ten years after Justin headed off for New York City, leaving Pittsburgh behind.  It seems that his plan didn't last long, and a decade later he is happily married to Brian.  The only fly in the ointment of their happiness is how much Brian misses seeing his son, Gus far more often than the occasional visits back and forth to Canada.  Justin's dearest wish is to arrange for Brian to receive the best Christmas gift ever, and he is willing to do whatever he can to make that happen

Another Story of Queer As Folk by loriblair

Rated: YA • 58 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

I am writing this story, my first attempt at fanfiction, to avenge my voice for I have used it too many times to shout at my screen every time CowLip managed to screw their own story. In my opinion, for this is what it is, just my opinion, CowLip came up with great characters but failed in their development. I can't deny that their work was avant garde but I always wondered what would have happened if Brian wasn't so afraid of showing emotions. I changed a lot of things because I want to give the basic story a twist of my own and I hope you will like it.

For one of the twists, I got loosely inspired by "Can I come back home to you" and "And now we start on married life" by SammyScaDoo

I don't like Michael and Lindsay. They are the embodiment of parasites and I make it a duty to verbally beat down the Michael and Lindsay in the real world. 

Some parts might remind you of something you have already read. As I can't remember every story I have ever read, and while I hope to limit myself to orginal ideas, apart from my disclosed inspiration, if I inadvertently borrow a storyline from anyone in the fandom, feel free to mentiion in the comments section and I'll make sure to give credit to the original author.

That's life... isn't it? by eureka1

Rated: M • 18 Reviews starstarstarstarstar


Early in season two, after a row with Justin, Brian mulls over their relationship and considers what to do to keep the boy around. A subsequent conversation with Debbie, which goes a little differently than in canon, propels him to act immediately. Steaminess ensues.    

Shower Confession by addict_writer

Rated: M • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarstar


An alternate ending to season two and how Justin and Brian could have avoided the break-up.

Taking a chance by eureka1

Rated: M • 17 Reviews starhalf-star

Taking a chance banner


Midway through season five, Brian decides to go after what he wants, putting a multi-step plan into motion. Will it work or is it too late?   

Eager Reunion by Pedro1984

Rated: M • 12 Reviews half-star

It has been 2 years since Justin left Pittsburgh to become a successful artist in NYC. What will Brian do once he succeeds?

Daphne Gets To The Truth by Lorie

Rated: E • 14 Reviews starhalf-star


Daphne finds out why Brian refuses to see Justin and gives someone a piece of her mind.


Thanks to Nichelle for her editing and her inspiration for Daphne's rant. You're the best.

It's Not Over Yet by addict_writer

Rated: M • 54 Reviews half-star



Mystic is a small village near the ocean, which makes it the perfect romantic getaway. Justin takes Brian on a holiday where they have an appointment with a couple therapist to rekindle the fire. Brian is all against it. Justin is at the end of his patience. Their marriage is in shambles. Their therapist does his best to salvage their relationship and remind them all the reasons they fell in love with each other.

This is love by eureka1

Rated: M • 14 Reviews half-star


A pivotal scene between Justin and Brian early in season five plays out differently, changing their relationship.