May 30, 2016

I've been a fan of Queer as Folk since 2004 and never looked back.  I wrote a few stories which I will post soon, but mainly I'm an enthusiastic reader of the wonderful fanfic written by the many, many talented authors in this fandom.

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Favorite Stories

The Anti-Couple by Nichelle Wellesly

Rated: M • 111 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star



Flip a coin... any coin! But what happens when two sides of the same coin meet? Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor are about to find out. And what happens when the two aloof men find themselves breaking all of their self-imposed rules? Guaranteed mayhem!    

Somewhere Only We Know Part 1 by Nichelle Wellesly

Rated: M • 262 Reviews starstarhalf-star


Seasons 1& 2 Hybrid with emphasis on the bashing and the recovery from it as I think it could have/ should have happened. 

Initial Plot Bunny from Deb Tanner: What if Michael had tried to stop Brian from going into the prom and had witnessed the attack?

Eye in the Sky by SLHR

Rated: M • 34 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

stories/66/images/EITS.jpgPost-series, 6 months later. Justin goes on a reality TV show. There is hidden danger and shocking surprises around ever corner.

I Was A Male Order Bride by Tagsit, Lorie

Rated: M • 101 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Justin mistakenly gets sent to Brian by one of Brian‘s Eastern European clients as his ‘mail order bride’. 

Intersect by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 116 Reviews star

As Justin makes his way through the crowd in Herald Square, he sees a man who is almost a stranger to him now. *Officially up to date*


THE LION AND THE STUD by Nichelle Wellesly

Rated: M • 124 Reviews star




Wants versus Needs.... That's what Justin Taylor's life has come down to. Having traveled the world as a dancer, Justin now faces the choice between continuing his lucrative career or rebuilding the tumultuous life he'd left behind in Pittsburgh. Enter Brian Kinney with an offer he may not want to refuse. 

Class in Session by dchewey

Rated: M • 34 Reviews starhalf-star

Justin is found with his high school lover and is sent away to boarding school. What happens when more buttfucking actually does go on in boarding school than in the backroom of Babylon?

Best Laid Plans by 4depthoflove

Rated: A • 55 Reviews half-star

Brian and Justin live in different worlds. Brian is still based out of Pittsburgh, while Justin is in New York. Yet, they still have a great deal in common. Both are successful...both are respected in their fields...both are wealthy...both feel like they should feel on top the world….and...both feel like there is something missing in their life. It’s been five years since they have seen each other. Will a chance meeting bring them together, or will they remain as far apart as ever?

Surrogate Story by XMadamX

Rated: M • 32 Reviews star

Justin has to pick a surrogate in order to produce an heir and carry on the family line. The problem is, Craig isn't gonna be very happy with the one Justin actually does pick. Sort of post apocalyptic. Sort of weird. Totally AU. You’ll like it anyway, even if you won’t admit you like it.


Rated: M • Feature 244 Reviews star

Even though they have their ups and downs, Brian and Justin always find their way back to each other. They are ready to take on the world! -mamaduck

Sequel to Time's Up Volume I: It's Only Time

After ten years, Brian and Justin are still meeting in secret. Now one is ready to make things permanent while the other...Hmm- not so much. It will ultimately come down to hard choices, sacrifices and what's more important: everlasting love or freedom? And how will secret and not-so-secret enemies affect their decision? 


Kindred Souls by Tagsit

Rated: M • 76 Reviews half-star

Brian Kinney had a terrible childhood and a difficult, lonely life as an adult. Before the age of thirty he's already become so jaded that he doesn't believe in love or even in true happiness. After years of dealing with a dysfunctional family and an uncaring world, it seems like he's just about ready to give up completely. But, the guardian spirit that's been watching over him since Brian was a baby decides to save him, teaching him that true love does exist and that it can even transcend the laws of space and time.

***Thanks for the beautiful Banner to the Incomparable Marny!***


Pain Management by sfscarlet

Rated: M • Feature 178 Reviews half-star

Love this long and angsty series. It's a great post-513 read from an author that deserves a lot more attention - Tagsit


Brian uses his pain management techniques, but do they still work?   


Summer of Sin by Tagsit

Rated: M • Feature 77 Reviews half-star

The reason I picked Summer Of Sin for my admin pick is partly because it is so well written and the other reason is that the amazing Tagsit invited readers to come watch her write and maybe join in. I was curious, so I started watching her write. Then she would chat with those of us that had joined in getting ideas and suggestions. At one point she asked me why I didn't write my own stories, I said because I couldn't. She gave me the encouragement to try and now I love writing. Through her I have met some really great people. Enjoy the Summer Of Sin - Lorie

Summer of sin - tekst.png

Brian, who’s in need of money with which to start his own ad agency, takes Ted up on a chance to appear as a contestant in a reality show the ‘Internet Porn King’ is producing on his website. The only catch is that all the participants will be naked for the duration of the competition. Brian Kinney doesn’t think being confined to a house full of naked, horny men for the Summer will be difficult, but is he really ready for the challenges he’ll face in this lustful and raunchy game? What if one of the challenges is a very young and very inexperienced Justin Taylor? Let the games begin!


Be Good to Him by SLHR

Rated: M • 136 Reviews half-star


AU after Brian breaks Justin's heart in episode 2. This is Mpreg, but I really like Mpreg. Craig marries Justin off to an abusive man after finding out Justin is pregnant.

Why Not Me. by starlight

Rated: E • Feature 186 Reviews half-star

I chose this story as it is a "what if" that continues the story of Brian and Justin after Season 5. Starlight is an author that pulls you into a story by the third paragraph and takes you on a wild ride. There's angst, humor and drama that has you cheering and yelling in disgust in the same chapter. She has this writing style that keeps you wanting more every chapter she writes - mamaduck

Brian and Justin decide it's time to have kids.

Just Kiss Me… by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: M • 132 Reviews half-star


Brian and Justin’s journey of love…

Negation by LadyJane_BBJFE

Rated: M • 44 Reviews half-star

Brian is sexually assaulted. This is the story of the aftermath.

New York State of Mind by addict_writer

Rated: M • 127 Reviews half-star


Justin moves to New York. He runs into an old acquaintance of Brian's, who is going to play a big role in their relationship, testing its strength. It's one of the most emotional stories I've written so far.

The Devil's Snare by addict_writer

Rated: M • 12 Reviews half-star


This spin-off from New York State of Mind is about discovering and understanding Evan Steele. Is he really the Devil? Is there more to him than his cunning nature? What are his feelings about the trip to Miami?  If you didn't read New York State of Mind, this might not make sense.

Fiery Nights by Tagsit, Saje

Rated: M • 419 Reviews half-star

Fiery Nights Banner S&T.jpg

Brian Kinney has rented a summer house on Fire Island for his first vacation in years. His plan is to spend the summer experiencing all the various delights - and men - this Gay Mecca has to offer. His first night there, though, he’s confronted by a hot little blond townie with an agenda who refuses to accept Brian’s rule that he doesn’t do repeats. The two men make a bet - If Justin can keep Brian amused and entertained all summer, then Brian will give him a job come fall. Little did Brian know just how determined and inventive Justin really was.


Curious Gus by charming1

Rated: YA • 15 Reviews half-star

Brian receives a phone call from his Sonny Boy asking about "boy stuffs"...

It's Our Life by starlight

Rated: M • 234 Reviews half-star

Brian and Justin want to raise their family without help.

Deep Down by YumYumPM

Rated: M • 11 Reviews half-star

Deep down Brian was certain he was not meant to be happy. What if after Justin leaves something happens in New York. Suspend your imagination as I change the timeline.

Lockup My Heart by Techgirl, later2nite

Rated: M • 36 Reviews half-star


Justin does time in the Pittsburgh County Jail, where Brian is working as a correctional officer.

A Captivating Coupling. by ForeverFolked

Rated: M • 64 Reviews half-star

Justin is kidnapped and later Brian is kidnapped.